Winter Visitor #2: Mentor

27 November 2012 | No Comments

In the final version of Viticulture, there are very few things that frustrate players. There is scarcity, of course–that’s what makes the worker-placement interesting–but there are always plenty of good choices.

One element that we discovered could slightly frustrate players is crushing grapes. You can leave grapes on your crush pad as long as possible, and they’ll continue to age until you decide to crush them. But because you can only crush grapes into one type of wine when you use the “crush grapes” action, sometimes you’re be in a position of wanting to crush more than once per turn, which is very difficult.

So there are a number of winter visitor cards that allow for interesting ways to crush grapes. The mentor falls into that category, and it’s one of the cards that presents all other players with a key choice, keeping everyone engaged during your turn.

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