Winter Visitors #8 and #9: Harvester and Harvest Expert

2 December 2012 | 2 Comments

Harvesting is a scarce commodity in Viticulture, and when you can’t harvest, it can be quite frustrating. So frustrating, in fact, that fairly late into the playtesting process we added the ability for players to build a Yoke, which allows you to use one worker to harvest a field in the winter (or uproot a vine in the spring).

Despite that, we found that the game plays more smoothly when there are a few other outlets for harvesting. Thus we have the harvester card and the the harvest expert:


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2 Comments on “Winter Visitors #8 and #9: Harvester and Harvest Expert

  1. For the Harvest Expert – what happens if you already have the fields harvested? Can you still play the card (ignore the harvest) so that you can draw the card/or build a Yoke for 1?

    1. Sorry Stephen, I was sleeping when you needed this answer! It looks like Josh helped you on FAcebook: “One must be able to resolve all actions on a played card, in the order of the player’s choosing.”

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