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We’re often approached by people asking for game donations. We’re a small company, so we must be very intentional about what we give away. While we cheer on content creators, we don’t contribute to giveaways, raffles, or contests.


If you coordinate a charity, library, convention, event, or fundraiser, we will contribute free games only if you have a play-and-win section. To read about what that is and how to sign up, please read this.


We focus our charitable giving on our annual charity auction, like this one in 2018this one in 2017this one in 2016this one in 2015this one in 2014, or this one in 2013. While we wish the best for the charity you’re passionate about, we do not accept charitable solicitations.

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  1. Jamey,

    I am working on setting up a retailer option for my Kickstarter and like the structure you have set up. I am wondering how you handle the actual backing? Do you have retailers pledge to the level they want and pledge for the number of copies they want at 50% off MSRP? I am thinking for retailers in the U.S. they would pledge at the $35 level for a U.S. copy, but would pledge $112.50 (the value of 5 games at 50% of MSRP).

    Also, what is your verification process for retailers? And as far as shipping it looks like you just charge shipping once for retail orders? Or once for each 5 copies? Thanks so much for your response and all the great information. My project is off to a strong start, thanks in large part to your fantastic blog.

    1. Thanks for your question, Tim. If you look at the Tuscany campaign, you can see exactly how I handled it. Retailers were directed to back the $1 level and manually enter the pledge total, and there was a note further down on the page pointing them to this page on the website and to contact me directly.

      As for verification, a quick Google search can reveal information about their store. I don’t charge any shipping for retail orders, as retailers don’t pay shipping when they buy games from distributors (it’s included in the 50%-off-MSRP price they get from distributors.

      I hope that helps, and congrats on the strong start to your project!

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