Discounted and Free Game Policy

We’re often approached by people asking for free or discounted games. We’re a really small company, so we have to be very intentional about what we give away or discount.

We like to be transparent about what we do, so we’ve compiled this list of various types of people/groups and if discounted/free games apply to them. If your category isn’t listed here or if you would like to request a discounted or free game based on the categories mentioned below, please contact Jamey at


We love it when retailers support our Kickstarter campaigns–it means a lot to us that they have confidence in our products. The Kickstarter versions of our games include special component upgrades, so they offer a FLGS a unique product to differentiate themselves from other retailers.

Please contact Jamey directly ( with information to verify your retail status if you are interested in a retail package–by that we mean that you either run a brick-and-mortar store or you own a website that sells games.

If you would like to buy the retail versions of our games after the Kickstarter campaign is over, you can either buy individual games through our website or contact our distribution broker, Greater Than Games (, when the games are in stock.

Advisory Board

Each member of the Stonemaier Games advisory board will receive one free basic Kickstarter copy of each of our games as long as they remain on the advisory board.


Active Stonemaier Games ambassadors may receive $5 off retail copies of our games. This discount may be combined with the e-newsletter discount. It is not applicable on a Kickstarter campaign, and it may be negated in the future if we implement a points system. Ambassadors can also run authorized tournaments and receive a copy of one of our games to give to the winner of the tournament.

Charity Auctions

Our primary focus for charitable giving is the annual charity auction we host, like this one in 2016this one in 2015this one in 2014, or this one in 2013, and sometimes we contribute to other auctions on BGG like the 2014 JVMF. We will sometimes consider donating games to charitable events if there is a teaching element or play-and-win aspect to them (not a straight-up giveaway or raffle).


We are open to donating copies of our games to game conventions (one or two retail games) if the convention has a play-to-win section. Please submit your information on this public spreadsheet so Stonemaier and other publishers can submit games to you. Here’s more info about why we focus solely on play-and-win.

E-newsletter Subscribers

Anyone can sign up for our e-newsletter to receive $5 off the retail version of some of our games purchased through the Stonemaier Games website. This discount may not be combined with other discounts unless explicitly stated.

Gaming Groups

We love to hear from gaming groups across the world. Sometimes, if we have them on hand, we’re willing to sell ding-and-dent copies of our games to big gaming groups at a discount.


While we want to direct customers to us for gaming accessories like the Treasure Chest, we’re open to working out deals with publishers whose games use a lot of those resources so they can obtain promo codes for their customers. This would likely amount to a Kickstarter, pre-order, or special offer from the publisher where if customers buy the game from them, they’ll get $5 off a purchase of the Treasure Chest from us. Contact Jamey at for more details.


We love it when people review our games. We’re still a very small company and have a very limited allotment of free review games available, especially given the production cost of our games. So even if we’re not able to send you a free review copy, we’re happy to share your review with our fans if you’re able to get a copy of our games through other means. You can read more about our reviewer policies and perspectives here.

4 Comments on “Discounted and Free Game Policy

  1. Jamey,

    I am working on setting up a retailer option for my Kickstarter and like the structure you have set up. I am wondering how you handle the actual backing? Do you have retailers pledge to the level they want and pledge for the number of copies they want at 50% off MSRP? I am thinking for retailers in the U.S. they would pledge at the $35 level for a U.S. copy, but would pledge $112.50 (the value of 5 games at 50% of MSRP).

    Also, what is your verification process for retailers? And as far as shipping it looks like you just charge shipping once for retail orders? Or once for each 5 copies? Thanks so much for your response and all the great information. My project is off to a strong start, thanks in large part to your fantastic blog.

    1. Thanks for your question, Tim. If you look at the Tuscany campaign, you can see exactly how I handled it. Retailers were directed to back the $1 level and manually enter the pledge total, and there was a note further down on the page pointing them to this page on the website and to contact me directly.

      As for verification, a quick Google search can reveal information about their store. I don’t charge any shipping for retail orders, as retailers don’t pay shipping when they buy games from distributors (it’s included in the 50%-off-MSRP price they get from distributors.

      I hope that helps, and congrats on the strong start to your project!

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