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Although our main focus at Stonemaier Games is to design and publish memorable gaming experiences, it’s also really important to us to be a positive contributor to the crowdfunding ecosystem. We want to show creators that it’s possible to achieve their dreams through crowdfunding in a way that is fulfilling for them and exciting, fair, and engaging for backers.

That’s our focus. Promoting crowdfunding projects just for the sake of promoting them isn’t part of our mission, nor do we do cross-promotion or paid promotions. We post interviews with project creators or highlight projects if (a) we philosophically like the way they structure and run their campaigns and (b) we think they have insights and innovations that will benefit other project creators.

99% of our interviews and mentions are initiated by us. If we really like what you’re doing and it fits the above requirements, we’ve probably already contacted you. Do not solicit us to promote your project.

However, there are tons of crowdfunding projects in over a dozen categories, so I’m going to miss out on a lot of cool stuff. Thus if you are a project creator who has actively engaged on this blog for a while and you think an interview or guest post will benefit the Kickstarter ecosystem as a whole, please contact and tell me (in brief) at least 3 unique insights and/or innovations you’ve implemented on your crowdfunding campaign or learned during the campaign.

It will benefit you greatly to have read my Kickstarter Lessons to avoid redundancy on those 3 insights/innovations when presenting your interview proposal to me. I’m looking for aspects of Kickstarter I haven’t already covered that will be interesting and helpful to other project creators.

Thanks, and I ask for your understanding if I don’t accept your interview proposal. I’m honored that you would approach me with a request in the first place, and I sincerely hope that you achieve your dreams on crowdfunding.

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  1. I have a children’s store and am looking to expand the products offered to expand to new customers. How could I go about carrying games you have for sale? Thank you, Russell Sherman

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