Rolling Realms

Rolling Realms

game design by Jamey Stegmaier | box art Miles Bensky

An infinitely scaling roll-and-write game inspired by all other Stonemaier games.

infinite players | 20-30 minutes | ages 8+

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In the middle of the coronavirus, a time of self-isolation for many people, Jamey decided to create an infinitely scaling roll-and-write game to teach and play with people around the world via Facebook Live. Originally called Nine Worlds (until Jamey learned that there’s already a game with that name), Rolling Realms features 9 minigames, each inspired by a different Stonemaier Game. You use 3 of these realms per round over 3 rounds.

Rolling Realms is free to download and play, whether it’s with Jamey live, against Jamey in the past (see playthroughs on YouTube), or against your friends (in person or remotely). It’s a living game with Jamey’s rudimentary graphic design that will continue to evolve, and it wasn’t created with the intent of mass production.

Feel free to share your feedback in the comments (here or on BoardGameGeek).

Past and present versions are found in this folder.

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135 Comments on “Rolling Realms

  1. On the v7 Viticulture, once we have grapes, when we combine the sum of a die and a grape to fill a wine order, do we then cross off that grape, and are unable to use it again?

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I’m Simon from the Youtube Channel Le Passe Temps. I’ll be glad to play the game with my french community. i’ve sheduled a Youtube/Twitch live tomorrow afternoon.(+ / -700 viewers)
    Do you allow me to translate the paper sheet ? I’ve already translated the rules in french (for 7th version)
    I will work tonight on a tabletop simulator adaptation also. First for myself to broadcast a clearer view of my paper sheet. I’ll send you the link after that if you’d like to make suggestions, improvment and why not, release it on the steam workshop.
    Waiting for you feed back :)§
    Thanks – Simon

  3. Is it a rule that you MUST use both the dice that turn? Or can you chose not to use one or both for that turn?

  4. Hi !
    During a turn with Euphoria, I got a double 6.
    Can I use 2 pumpkins to adjust a die to 5, and mark two 5s ?
    Thank you !

  5. For the record I figured it out how to complete all the squares in the least amount which happens to be 9. (2 6s,1 5, 2 3s, 3 2s, and 1 1)

    And to be clear on viticulture if my first turn I take grape number 1. And then on my second turn I can use that grape and any number (even another 1) then take wine glass, 10,11 or 12. If so why do the wine glasses need to be number 10,11,12. I haven’t played Viticulture (want to real bad though) does it have to do with the game?

    1. I think the number on the dice plus the sum of the numbers on grapes you use has to equal 10. 11 or 12 to claim the glass

  6. In Version 7 a few questions:

    1: Is it possible to get 6 stars in Tapestry? (I feel there needs to be some different sizes for 4,5,6 like the L in Tetris or the long 4)
    2:Do the dice need to be that exact combination for Scyth to get the good and Star? Or can you get the good and later get the Star?
    3: For Viticulture does the grape and the dice need to add to the wine glass? If so the only way to get 6 stars means you has to have had the 4,5,6 and later roll 3 more 6s.

    1. Yes, it’s possible! Just difficult. :) I’m open to changing the shapes (only 1 per number, though).

      You can get the resource now in Scythe and later get the star.

      Yes, it’s *at least* 1 grape plus 1 die.

      1. I’m still a little confused on Scythe. Do you need both numbers in a column to gain the star? Meaning….if I roll a 4, could I put it in the bottom of the first column and take the coin, and then later if I roll a one, I place it above the 4 to take the star? I guess I’m a little confused on the use of “bonus” in the explanation.

        Thanks for putting this together Jamey–my wife and I had a great time with our first play through tonight :)

  7. Wow! Miles did phenomenal on that box art! And Jamey, well done creating a game like this for times like this and making it available for free. I hope you continue to do the playthroughs for a while. Thank you for what you do for us.

  8. Quick question on v6 : scythe, the +1 and +3, do we add that value to the dice or it means the next dice must be +1 or +3 than the previous one?

  9. The new V7 Viticulture looks great. Seems like it will be a lot fun.

    If you are doing a new Scythe it would be awesome if you can come up with a nice way to include a mech. I just had them at the end of the hex path at which time you had to compare power (dice values and bottom power bonuses if chosen) to gain stars.

    +1 vote for a mech :)

  10. Jamey had an idea
    Have you thought of having the 9 realms as standard size cards you could sleeve and shuffle
    Then draw at random and have 3 slots on a scoresheet you place them on. Which also has all the rules and extras on.

    You could then have the variants of each realm or add new games as and when you think them up


      1. For what it’s worth…I’m a big fan of roll-and-write games as well as Stonemaier Games, and I would totally purchase a printed version of this game! :-)

      1. I have. It’s key to save up resources when playing it so you have to make the decision to use them for scythe or as other bonuses elsewhere. It’s also nice that the produce action effectively gives you pumpkin bonuses within scythe.


    Adding the bonuses in little squares was a great idea but it made the board look a bit cluttered.

    How about putting the bonus symbols in the place of the dots? Bonus symbols would be in little squares which count as filled squares.

    When you fill up a big square, you get the bonus based on the symbol within that square.


    How about a totally different approach that links more closely to Wingspan the game:

    Two rows with five squares each:

    Fill squares from left to right. Numbers in a row must all be the same. Eg. if you start a row with a 5, all numbers in that row must be five.

    Each square has one symbol: hearts, pumpkins, coins and stars.

    The big idea is that when you gain a bonus, you also gain all bonuses left to it – just like in Wingspan the game! :)

    Example: One row has symbols in this order:
    Pumpkin – coin – heart – star – star

    First you mark a 3, gain a pumpkin. Then you mark another 3, gain a coin and a pumpkin, etc.

    If you fill the whole row, you gain 5 pumpkins, 4 coins, 3 hearts and 3 stars in total for that row.

    Example 2: Second row has symbols in this order:
    Heart – pumpkin – star – coin – pumpkin

    By filling the whole row, you’ll gain 5 hearts, 5 pumpkins, 3 stars and 2 coins in total.

    This gives you a lot of bonuses but is difficult to fill because of the same-number-in-one-row requirement.


    Before you made the castles smaller, I was thinking something like this:

    Instead of gaining stars for completed rows, you could gain a star for each filled square in the castle that has less.

    This would fit nicely in the theme on Between Two Castled the game (you must make both castles good). This requires that both castles have at least six squares.


    Instead of earned-but-unused resources being 0.1 points, why not make stars worth of 10 points and unused resources worth of 1 point.

    If you gain 9 stars and have 11 unused resources, your score is simply 90 + 11 = 101.

  12. Hi !
    Question about Viticulture V7 :
    “use the sum of 1 die and at least 1 grape”. 1 allready circled grape, right ?
    Thank you !

  13. @Jamey – The new rule for Euphoria (if doubles, mark both)… it’s not clear in the text, does that count as using both dice for the turn? I suspect you don’t mean it to (i.e. if you roll double 4’s, you could use one “4” die to mark both 4’s in Euphoria, and use the other “4” die in another realm). Is that correct?

    Also, a quick question about the new Viticulture (apologies, you probably explained this in the video, but I haven’t had a chance to watch that yet):
    Is each gray box an action? So you can use a “3” die to EITHER:
    (a) mark off 3 grapes OR
    (b) Cross out 5, 6, or 7 grapes to fill a cup (only 1 per action) OR
    (c) Cross off a wine cup to gain a coin and 2 stars

    Then, if my other die is a “6,” I can use it as well to repeat that same action (a, b, or c), right?

    If I repeat (a), I guess I get 6 grapes?
    If I only have 1 wine glass, and I choose to sell it with my “3” die, then I guess I just don’t bother repeating an action with my “6” die (I can use it in a different realm)?

    So to max out Viticulture’s Stars, you need at least 9 actions (3 or more to get 18 grapes, 3 to fill wine, and 3 to sell wine), and this should be doable since you get 9+ actions (9 turns, plus sometimes you can use both dice in one turn)… I’ll note that if you don’t roll at least one 6, then you cannot max it out, and if you roll exactly 1 six and it’s early (you don’t have enough grapes yet), you maybe still can’t.

    1. Seth: In Euphoria, you’re only using 1 die, but you can potentially cross of 2 numbers with it if the rolled dice show doubles.

      Each of the 3 gray boxes in Viticulture is an action in v6. Let’s revisit it in v7, though, as I think the current version is a bit confusing (it was a fan-created realm…not that many of my realms haven’t been confusing too!)

      1. Good idea. I like the idea of it (grapes->make wine->sell wine), but it didn’t sound quite as elegant as some of the other ones to me

      2. Does the note at the bottom mean you can’t use pumpkins to make a 5-6 into a 5-5 to mark off two 5’s in Euphoria? if not, why the extra restriction?

        1. That’s right, you can’t do that. You just look at the rolled dice. My thinking is that you only actually need 6 dice to get all 6 stars in Euphoria–anything else is a bonus, so I don’t want to make it too easy.

          1. Hmm… interesting.

            It’s true, only 6 dice are needed, though they are pretty specific (need 1-2-4, 1-2-5 or 1-3-5 on each side)

            Irrespective of that, I might suggest that the rules might be cleaner or easier to grok if pumpkins actually change the die face altogether, but that might just be me :)

          2. You said before : “If, say, a 1 and 5 are rolled, you could spend a pumpkin to write down a 6 instead of a 5. However, doing so would not create a sum of 7 that you could use coins for.”
            So, I was thinking : you can use pumpkin to make a pair or a sum = 7, but can’t use the bonus that need that condition.
            Am I wrong ?

  14. I really like the feel of the new sections, especially Viticulture as it feels like the game. I also like the changes to Tapestry with the alternate bonuses for the different squares.

    One suggestion would be to maybe have an order to fill in the bottom instead of just any die. You could have it be a 2, 3, and 4 order so using a 2, 3 or 4 die would allow you to cross off one of the filled glasses (or it could be any combination of 3 dice, I just thought using 3 that weren’t used for the wine glass fill up. Maybe change the glasses to be 4, 5, and 6 and the orders could be 1, 2 and 3.

    For Scythe I like change as you have to work for the stars a little more. What if you have the top row be lower numbers for the total and the bottom row be higher numbers? Have the top be 14+ for 1 star, 10+ for 2 stars and 6+ for 3 stars. You’d have to complete all 4 boxes still but the goal would be different for each row kind of showing you have to be more efficient to get the stars on the bottom. Just a thought.

    Thanks again, this game is very fun!

  15. Just for sure, if i use both dice in Between two castles(left+right), and then i pay 3 pumpkins, i can mark # in any of these castles again, right? So analogically, if i use 1 die in the left castle, second die in another realm, i can spend 3 pumpkins and mark # in the left castle again. Playing well? TY

  16. Can you fill more than one wine glass per roll
    For example I have 4 grapes crossed out. Then roll a 5 + 6., so put the 5 in grapes twice meaning I have 14 so enough to cross out 2 glasses

    1. I tried printing the v6 Rolling Realms in black and white just now and I don’t see any “ghosting.” Sorry I can’t be of much help.

      1. No problem, Thank you. It’s weird. The the icons have a weird ghosting – like the images were cut out and pasted on but the whites around the images are not an exact match for the background so you can see it. Another example is, in Viticulture, I can see the instructions for Between Two Castles behind it. It’s like there’s a layer behind it that’s not properly hidden or something. ¯\(ツ)/¯

  17. Hi Jamey,
    Thanks for giving this to us.
    A small question, not sure if you can help.
    I’m planning to play this with a few friends on Zoom or Skype. Sadly they do not have printers. I do have a printer, but the coloured ink ran out and I can’t get a new cartridge for it at the moment. So I was thinking about either building up a google sheet or bash up a quick website that can function as a sheet. Would you have any objection if I were to share this?

    1. Robbert: You could do that, though please know that it will continue to evolve. I think an easier way is to just have people use Adobe Acrobat to play along–you can write on top of a PDF in Acrobat.

  18. Hi !
    Thank you again for this awesome game :)
    4 questions on viticulture 6.1 :
    1) can a die gained with X coins can be use to mark a Grape for each die pipe ?
    2) can I adjust a die with 2 pumpkins and then mark a Grape with this adjusted die ?
    3) the second die must be a 6 to repeat an action. Can I adjust a 5 to a 6 to repeat an action ?
    4) “repeat an action this round” means that if I get a 6, I can perform 2 different actions ? 2 identical actions ? or 1 action and an other one that I made earlyer this round ?
    A big thank you !

  19. I noticed some bad grammar on my part last time! I’ll repost your answer to my questions here. Thanks for the answer!!!

    1) can i pay to adjust a die more than just 1 if i have enough pumpkins to do so (pay 6 to +/- 3).


    2) If i create a die to place in charterstone can i choose either rolled die to place in the crate?

    You may! :)

  20. Euforia, pair rolled. If i choose to use a die in one area, do i have to or can mark identical # in second area? Text indicate that i should, but in video you say you can. How is it? Thank you.

  21. If i understand well, i can for example cheaply buy 1# for 1 coin, then spend 3 pumpkins to elevate to 2# and then use this gained and adjusted die in a realm where another die was used, e.g. in Tapestry. Am i well?

  22. Thanks for this game. I will definitely try it soon :). Could you publish here or on BCG a change log to track what changes from one version to another?

  23. Hey Jamey, Thanks for making this fun game to play during this time! It’s fun and an easy game to play with friends over video chat. I have a couple questions for you though after playing (forgive me if you’ve already answered them)

    1) Do I have to play both dice or can I choose to not play one

    2) Related to that, can I place the dice and use resources in any order? For example, say I roll a 3 and 5 and by placing the 3 in a realm I unlock a coin that will let me get a 1 in Euphoria, which would give me a star, but the only realm I can legally put the 5 is Euphoria. Can I choose to make a 1 to get a star and not place the 5 at all?

    3) Can I use a die I created in a realm that allows multiple dice per round? If I place 1 die in between 2 castles and 1 in Wingspan can I create a third die and place it in the other castle? Or in Euphoria create a die that matches 1 of the 2 I rolled and place 2 of the 3 dice there?

    4) Can I pay 3 pumpkin to adjust a die 0 and place it in the same realm I already have this turn or do I have to adjust it +/- 1 in be eligible to be placed?

    5) The last one is a suggestion and not a question, but I saw a user state they think the Between Two Cities realm should only be eligible for stars equal to or less than the amount of numbers placed in that round. I really like that suggestion because without it that realm tends to get ignored even though the bonuses are there. At least those at our house tend to ignore it. We only place there if the die has no where else to go.

    Thanks again for creating this fun roll and write! We really like it here.

    1. Thanks Rob!

      1. If you’re able, you must play both dice.
      2. Yes, in any order.
      3. Mostly yes, but Euphoria looks specifically at the rolled dice, so no on that part.
      4. There is no 0 face on a d6, so you can’t adjust a die to a 0. :)
      5. Thanks!

      1. 3: In version 5 you declare that reused or gained die cannot be used in the same realm as rolled dice. So this answer should be NO in my opinion

        1. Jorge: The answer is yes, as some realms allow you to combine dice or use more than 1 die in that realm. But if a realm only allows 1 die, you can’t use another die there in the same turn.

          1. Thanks for the response Jamey. I have a couple more for you:

            1) Can i pay pumpkin to adjust the number that is being place in the crate below my chosen die in the Charterstone realm. Ex. Say i roll a 1 and 5 and place 5 there, but need the number below to be a 2 can i pay to do that?

            2) If i pay 3 pumpkin to place a die in the same realm i did before could i place it on the same side in Between Two Castles or Euphoria as the first die?

            Thanks again!

          2. Rob: (1) No, you’re just looking at the other die and noting it–it can’t be adjusted; (2) yes, it’s placed as if you haven’t already done something in that realm.

          3. If i pay 3 hearts to reuse a dice, can i then pay 3 pumpkins to +-1 and then play it in a realm in witch i already played ?

          4. Sorry 2 more for you:
            1) can i pay to adjust a die more than just 1 if i have enough pumpkins to do so (pay 6 to +/- 3).
            2) If i create a die to and place it in charterstone can i choose either die to place in the crate?

          5. No worries! Comments don’t nest well this deep, though, so can you post the new comment at the top instead of in this thread? :)

            1) can i pay to adjust a die more than just 1 if i have enough pumpkins to do so (pay 6 to +/- 3).


            2) If i create a die to and place it in charterstone can i choose either die to place in the crate?

            You may! :)

  24. Can I reuse dice multiple times in a turn when i have hearts for that? If yes, can it be applied on the same die, or i can reuse each die only once? Thank you.

  25. Second game, v5. Everything fine now, rules are clear.

    Just one thing – I am wonder if anyone else have it: We experiences sore eyes in the end and we think it is because of graphics in scoring area. To be clear, it is something with dots around pumpkins. They are unpleasant for our eyes.
    Just 5 cents. :) We will play it anyway

    1. Thanks! The reason for that is that it’s a guide for you to circle the pumpkins you earn (then cross them out when you spend them).

      That said, I’m not a graphic designer–I did my best to make this in a way that functions, but I know it doesn’t look good. :)

  26. For Between Two Castles, “those below” means in the same column directly below or all columns in the levels below?

  27. I made lengthy post on Youtube and I don’t want to overwhelm this page. I would suggest checking it out. I hope my thoughts may help improve the game. Even if I appear harsh, it’s all because I wanna help make the best game possible. Good luck!

  28. You said you wanted to add pumpkins into tapestry somehow. How about for completing the big diagonals. Or 1 for each of the big corner squares 🤔

  29. Add pumpkin bonus to Tapestry by gaining hearts for filled BIG squares with dots and pumpkins for those without. Could be represented graphically by placing the icon in the center of each square.

      1. Text could resemble that of BTC “Gain bonus for completing each BIG square” and then just rely on the icon in the center of the square to dictate the type of bonus gained.

  30. I introduced this game to my roommates and at first they were intimidated, they said the sheet felt cluttered. After walking through with them the first game, they felt better with it. Overall, it’s a extremely fun game, great for our stay-at-home order. I guess the feedback would be to move the rules, instructions for each world, and pay bonuses to a different sheet, leaving just the play area, resources, and scoring on the second page. It does make it two-sheets, but if rules are revised, they only need to print off the rules sheet.

  31. If this is a repeat question I apologise, can gained resources be used throughout the game or only in the round in which they were gained?

  32. Hi Jamey, are those two dots in last column of Tapestry by design? There is none in penultimate column, so it looks like a little bug to me :)
    I play it that every dot is a star if it is covered by full row or column. I hope that’s right.

    1. There are 2 dots in each of the 3 big columns of Tapestry, which is correct. I’m not sure how you’re playing, but the correct way is to fill in all of the non-dot spaces in a big row or column to score a star. If you watch my playthrough on YouTube, I explain it there.

      1. A-ha! I didn’t get that I should not draw over the dots! It is much clearer now, thank you!
        I think it is the same for Between two castles – one should not draw number over gates, I hope :)

        Anyway, really nice game!

      1. Hmm, is it good for player’s freedom to choose own strategy? Because if all players have the same three realms, and use the same dice result in each turn, maybe then they haven’t enough flexibility in game. My opinion. All players then can play exactly the same decision and put die result on exactly same realms. Or I misunderstand something??

        1. It’s like any other infinitely scaling roll-and-write game: Yes, all players *could* do the exact same thing. But that’s not what happens, as there are so many choices regarding how you use the dice and the bonuses you earned. The balance of the game hinges on all players using the same 3 realms at the same time.

          1. OK, so the game works just like That’s Pretty Clever. I’ve just translate it in Croatian for our quarantined people. Stay good and make many good games. :)

  33. On your YouTube feed you seem to be using 2 earned pumpkin for a Star. Is this correct as cannot see that ruling on the printed version(4)?

      1. Quick question, in charterstone, can you mark a bonus with a dice, and pay 1 coin to use a 1 value die on the crate ? Or can you just write “real” die on the crates ?

  34. In the Charterstone square, can I score multiple stars on one die if the number matches multiple crates that have the number on the die but have not yet been scored?

  35. Hi, many thanks for this game. Could you send me an editable format (I prefer the PDF) to translate it into Italian? Thanks, I’m waiting for feedback.

    1. Because it’s a living game, I’m just providing the same English PDF for everyone. But I think there might be an Italian translation already available on the Stonemaier Games Facebook page (look in the comments).

    2. Hi! Thank you for a new game to play with my game group via video chat this weekend! Have one rules questions. As of now, and I understand this could change, am I allowed to adjust a die into a sum 7 or double as long as I don’t spend coins or pumpkins to take advantage of them being a sum 7 or a double? Or can I never under any circumstance adjust the dice into a sum 7 or a double? Thank you again, looking forward to playing with you today on Facebook.

      1. Thanks Perry! If, say, a 1 and 5 are rolled, you could spend a pumpkin to write down a 6 instead of a 5. However, doing so would not create a sum of 7 that you could use coins for.

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