Game Designer Contracts and Stonemaier Games

16 August 2018

By my count, Stonemaier Games currently has contracts with 7 game designers. While I’m not going to delve into the specifics of those contracts due to confidentiality, I’m happy to share the overarching details about what these contracts entail in the hopes of giving other designers and creators one perspective. It’s important to note that […]

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7 Insights that First-Time Kickstarter Creators May Not Know

13 August 2018

At Gen Con this year, John Wrot of Gate Keeper Games stopped by our conference room to say hi. John takes time out of each of his Gen Cons to organize and host a panel about Kickstarter. It features an array of panelists (creators and other industry folks) each year, including me a few years […]

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10 Ratings for Gen Con 2018

6 August 2018

I returned to my home/office yesterday evening after spending Wednesday-Sunday in Indianapolis at the Gen Con gaming convention. Overall, it was a productive, profitable, and enriching experience. I realized as I started writing this blog post that it was turning out almost identical to last year’s article. Really, the only significant differences this year were […]

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A Work Day in the Life of Jamey Stegmaier

30 July 2018

I’ve been asked a few times to post what an average day looks like for me. But I struggled to figure out how that information might be useful to you…until now. I recently realized something that has improved my work life, and I wanted to share it with you in case it’s helpful. From a […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #251: Why I Sometimes Use the Guest Bathroom

26 July 2018

Once a month, I use my guest bathroom. When I recently did this, I realized that it ties directly into something I’ve been trying to do at Stonemaier Games. This will make more sense in a moment. I have 2 bathrooms in my home/office. I have a “master bath” that I primarily use, while guests […]

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What Business Are You In?

23 July 2018

This weekend I watched a movie called The Founder, which is about the start and growth of McDonald’s. It’s a fascinating film, and I would highly recommend it to any entrepreneur. There’s a pivotal moment in the movie that I knew I had to share with you. It’s about midway through the story when Bruce […]

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Third-Party Accessories and Stonemaier Games

19 July 2018

For me, perhaps the most surprising aspect of Scythe’s success has been the sheer amount of complementary accessories other companies have created for it. There are custom meeples and inserts and 3D printed tokens and promo coins and t-shirts and digital apps…the list goes on and on. I love that Scythe has inspired this level […]

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3 Crowdfunding Videos About Exclusives, Timing, and Trust

16 July 2018

Last spring, the Dice Tower invited me to contribute a short segment about Kickstarter to their “Crowd Surfing” series of videos. So every week for the last 54 weeks, I’ve created a 3-minute video that focuses on a specific facet of tabletop game crowdfunding. Why 54? That’s approximately the number of different categories in my […]

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Why So Many Tuesday Launches?

12 July 2018

A few days ago, like on many Tuesdays this year, there were 4 huge Kickstarter tabletop game launches (by my count): Jetpack Joyride Rurik: Dawn of Kiev Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy Cthulhu: Death May Die I’ve noticed this pattern for a while now: A disproportionate number of splashy game projects seem to launch […]

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The Future of Online Sales Tax Is Coming Soon to a State Near (or Far) from You

9 July 2018

Recently you may have heard about a Supreme Court ruling regarding online sales tax. I consulted my accountant (Anders CPA) and our contract lawyer (Zachary Strebeck) about it, and while there isn’t a conclusive answer yet due to each state having different laws, I have some information you might want to consider. Let’s start with […]

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