The Danger of Accepting Pre-Orders via PayPal

20 July 2017

Have you ever accepted pre-orders via PayPal? Are you currently doing so? You may be at risk for a funding freeze. Over the last year, there have been several notable instances in the gaming industry where a publisher accepted a significant number of pre-orders via PayPal, only to see those funds frozen until after they […]

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Casting a Wide Net Post-Kickstarter with InDemand

17 July 2017

A few months ago I saw an interesting thread on a tabletop game Kickstarter Facebook group about a service called InDemand. One of the commenters,¬†Vojkan Krstevski at Final Frontier Games, had experience using InDemand to collect pre-orders after both of his Kickstarter campaigns. He had some interesting data to share, so I invited him to […]

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10 Ways I Market Stonemaier Games Post-Kickstarter

13 July 2017

The publisher of my crowdfunding book is having a big sale this week, and it got me thinking about marketing. My techniques for marketing Stonemaier Games have changed over times, so what do they look like now, particularly since we no longer use Kickstarter? I remembered that I had touched up on this topic in […]

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Kickstarter Lesson 231: Cult of the You

10 July 2017

“Jamey Stegmaier is an asshole. I’ll never buy anything from Stonemaier Games.” I’ve seen a few people say this over the years on social media, and it stings every time. It stings that someone perceives me that way or that I may have acted in such a way to deserve those harsh words. It’s not […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #230: Is Your Crowd Big Enough?

6 July 2017

I was recently surprised by a Kickstarter project that failed to fund. The project was a board game called Epoch: The Awakening. You might recall seeing it mentioned here, as the creator wrote a guest post about authenticity. The campaign surprised me because it failed despite doing so many things well: The entire project page […]

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A Crowdfunding Fulfillment Shipping Partner in Mexico

3 July 2017

One of the great benefits of crowdfunding is that it creates an opportunity to optimize shipping for the vast majority of backers. Instead of having a bunch of products in your garage, warehouse, a single fulfillment center in your area, you know exactly how many games to freight ship to fulfillment centers around the world. […]

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One Easy Way to Be a Better Emailer

29 June 2017

This is a typical occurrence for my inbox: One minute it’ll be empty, and the next it’ll have a dozen emails from my project manager at Panda (my manufacturer). For a while I thought this was because Chris was reserving a certain time every few days to reply to my emails and catch me up […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #229: When a Company Wants to Acquire You

26 June 2017

I’m writing this article now because the timing should leave no room for confusion: To my knowledge, Stonemaier Games is currently not being pursued for acquisition. However, there was a time in the past year that a company expressed interest in buying my company. It wasn’t something I was seeking or interested in, but I […]

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10 Things I’ve Learned About Social Media This Year

22 June 2017

I’ve always spent a fair amount of time representing Stonemaier Games on Facebook, Twitter, BoardGameGeek, YouTube, Kickstarter comments, and various blogs (including this one). But with my move away from Kickstarter and the growth of our game-specific Facebook groups, I’ve learned a lot about social media this year through observations, tests, and experiments. Here’s what […]

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