Replacement Parts: Why Would (or Wouldn’t) a Company Offer This Service?

20 February 2020 | 103 Comments

In a move that surprised the game industry, earlier this week, Asmodee North America announced that they would no longer offer replacement parts for their games. (they’re still offering replacements, just not individual parts). Today I’m going to share my thoughts on this topic, including how Stonemaier Games handles replacement parts, and some things for […]

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What Can Kickstarter Project Videos Learn from Facebook Videos?

17 February 2020 | No Comments

Every night, Megan spends 10 minutes or so scrolling through Facebook on her phone while we’re cozying up with the cats. I glance over from time to time, and I’ve noticed that most of what she’s looking at are videos. Some are ads, and some are just for fun. They’re all different lengths and feature […]

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The Astounding Payday Effect on Kickstarter

13 February 2020 | 13 Comments

Does your paycheck impact your spending habits? This is a question I posed to researcher Jun Yang a few months ago. Jun and her coauthors have been studying millions of data points from Kickstarter as they prepare a paper focusing on some statistical anomalies. Jun works at Indiana University, but she’s visiting Washington University in […]

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The Starbucks-Inspired Star Stretch Goal System in Practice

10 February 2020 | 12 Comments

Last month I wrote about how much I like Starbuck’s reward system, and I proposed a Kickstarter stretch-goal method inspired by it. If any creators wanted to try it, I asked them to share their experiences with me so I could share them with you. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait very long, as Carlos […]

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7 Quick Links and Observations About Kickstarter, Games, and More

3 February 2020 | 5 Comments

Largely thanks to notes from an array of astute readers, I’ve accumulated a batch of links and observations that are best shared in potpourri format. They’re noted below in no particular order. Are Kickstarted Games Less Likely to Get to the Table? On a recent episode of the Five Games for Doomsday podcast, we talked […]

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Quick Kickstarter Lesson Recaps: #11-15

30 January 2020 | No Comments

I continue to revisit the Kickstarter Lesson posts I’ve written over the last 7 years in numerical order, highlighting the core elements of each.   Stretch Goals (#11): Most successful Kickstarters include stretch goals for a couple reasons, (a) they encourage backers to pledge more and (b) they encourage backers to share your project with […]

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Could a Designer Use Kickstarter to Demonstrate Proof of Concept?

27 January 2020 | 15 Comments

Let’s say that you have a product; in this example, we’ll say it’s a board game. You’ve worked on it for a few years, and while you’d prefer for someone else to publish it–you love designing games, but you don’t want to start and run a game company–you want to demonstrate to a publisher that […]

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The 5-Minute Business Plan (and a Confession About Ours)

23 January 2020 | 16 Comments

Way back in 2011, I sat down at my desk with a vision that had been forming over the last few months: I wanted to design a game and try to launch it on Kickstarter. This is the point when many entrepreneurs compose their business plan. But I’m glad I didn’t, because I had no […]

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The Wingspansion Charity Scramble and BackerKit Launch

20 January 2020 | 14 Comments

For several weeks now, wildfires have ravaged certain parts of Australia. The most recent report I’ve seen is that 15.4 million acres have burned, 1400 homes have been destroyed, and an estimated 1 billion animals have been killed. At Stonemaier Games, we typically don’t reveal information about new products until we’ve already made them and […]

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