An Open Letter to Distributors and Retailers from Stonemaier Games

17 January 2019 | 104 Comments

Distributors and retailers, we need to talk. First, though, let’s bring everyone else up to speed, because most of my readers aren’t distributors or retailers. Here’s a quick summary of how the system works in the board game world: A publisher (like Stonemaier) creates a game and pays a manufacturer (like Panda) to produce it. […]

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Backer Poll: Does Your Tax Refund Impact Your Kickstarter Decisions?

14 January 2019 | 6 Comments

I fondly look back on the days when I received an annual tax refund from the IRS thanks to the interest paid on my condo. Logically I know that it was money I had already paid being returned to me, but it felt like a bonus every year. With my income now tied to Stonemaier […]

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The Wingspan Preorder: Stats, Mistakes, and Lessons Learned

7 January 2019 | 74 Comments

Well, this went better than expected! The last time we accepted preorders for a new game, Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig, it was a bit of a surprise announcement. The game was well received, and we sold around 600 copies directly to consumers within a 1-week span. The experience set my expectations for […]

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A Lesson in Focus from Tainted Grail (KS Lesson #261)

4 January 2019 | 19 Comments

Recently there was a massively successful tabletop game project on Kickstarter called Tainted Grail. While I wasn’t a backer, I kept an eye on the project, and I admire the vast majority of their methods. Congrats to Awaken Realms! However, they did one thing that I think can be a cautionary tale for other creators. […]

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2018 Year in Review

1 January 2019 | 2 Comments

In a few months, I’ll post my annual stakeholder report, which delves deep into the numbers for Stonemaier Games. Today’s post is much more about the content I discuss on this blog: Kickstarter, crowdfunding, and entrepreneurship. Let’s start with the 3 most popular articles I wrote this year: The Truth About Digital Board Games: Here […]

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The Teaser Trailer (KS Lesson #260)

27 December 2018 | 17 Comments

One of the first things I learned as a Kickstarter creator was the importance of having a project video. Since then I honestly haven’t questioned it all that much–while there have been successful projects without videos, and there’s a lack of A/B tests to really show if they’re necessary, it just seems to make sense […]

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The Art of the Buffer (KS Lesson #259)

17 December 2018 | 13 Comments

Throughout my time running Stonemaier Games, I’ve really come to appreciate the utility of buffers. Having a padded budget or schedule has saved me a number of times. And when things go well–like recently when Wingspan arrived at our warehouse in early December–it’s reassuring to know that sometimes things go as planned. I’ve talked about […]

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3 Crowdfunding Videos About Project Updates, Cancellations, and Leadership

13 December 2018 | No Comments

Today I have a few videos to share from my Dice Tower crowdfunding series. These short videos summarize the key points from my blog about project updates, cancellations, and leadership. You can find the previous videos on this website or mixed in with my game design videos on YouTube. What ideas in these videos do you agree or […]

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Make a Sale Every Day (KS Lesson #258)

10 December 2018 | 9 Comments

I try to make one sale every day. When I first heard about this methodology, it felt a weird. I don’t think of myself as a salesman. I simply like to add value to people. Sometimes that involves providing information about our products, and people might see something that might bring a little joy to […]

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How Wingspan Took Flight in the First Week

6 December 2018 | 29 Comments

Last Wednesday, I mentioned in our e-newsletter that we had a new game and that I’d be revealing information about it on Facebook, our website, and BoardGameGeek, even though we wouldn’t officially announce the game or accept pre-orders until January 2. The game is Wingspan. In the last 8 days, nearly 1900 people have joined […]

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