Kickstarter Lesson #228: Incentives and Strategies to Boost Day 1 Backers

19 June 2017

You’re a first-time Kickstarter creator, and one of your biggest concerns is how to make a splash on Day 1. You’re not alone–we’ve all been there. I believe that the first few days of a campaign are hugely important. If a project starts off strong, the perception from subsequent backers is that the project is […]

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Authenticity, Passion, and a Squishy Red Ladle

15 June 2017

I’m pretty sure this is how I met Marc: He posted some insightful comments on this blog in the fall, and I was curious about the game he mentioned. So I checked out the Orange Nebula website and found a really beautiful home base for a game that instantly captured my imagination. I signed up […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #227: Click Me! Share Me! Like Me!

8 June 2017

Three digits. That’s all it took last week for me to see a 81% decrease in click-throughs. Last week when I was writing the Stonemaier monthly e-newsletter (here’s the web version of the June edition), I made a mistake. Somehow I added “%20” to the beginning of an important URL linking our readers to our […]

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What Do Retailers Really Want?

5 June 2017

The breaking news last week was that one of the giants in the gaming industry, CMON, is instituting a MAP policy (minimum advertised pricing) in the US. For them, this means that the listed price of all CMON products through retailers may not be less than 80% of the MSRP. This is similar to an […]

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Everything Crowdfunders Need to Know About Advertising

1 June 2017

I’ve known Chad Krizan at BoardGameGeek for years–I think my first interaction with him was during the original Viticulture Kickstarter campaign when I reached out to ask about banner ads. I’ve learned a lot from him, so when he extended an offer to share his wealth of advertising knowledge with my readers as a guest post, […]

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10 Things Kickstarter Creators Can Learn from Street Performers

29 May 2017

Recently I’ve been fascinated by a series of “day in the life” videos from a street performing/YouTuber magician named Steven Bridges. In each 9-minute video, he takes the audience through the experience of busking (street performing) in the UK. As I watched the fourth video in this series (all four are highly recommended viewing, though […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #226: When a Backer Threatens You

25 May 2017

Has a Kickstarter backer ever threatened you? I’ve seen this quite a few times, both on and off of Kickstarter. In fact, just a few weeks ago a creator wrote to me to say that a few backers were threatening to cancel their pledges if he didn’t improve his stretch goals. Now, let’s be clear […]

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The ROI of Geeking Out

22 May 2017

I actively seek opportunities that create a direct return on investment. Kickstarter was great for this: Invest X amount of time and Y amount of money to gain Z backers and funds. Clean, simple ROI. Conventions provide a more difficult calculation. Sure, if you bring games to sell at a convention, you can determine the amount you […]

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5 Lessons from a Kickstarter Expert

18 May 2017

I’m at a convention today, so this guest post is brought to you by Daniel Zayas. I’ve been in contact with Daniel through various Kickstarter communities on Facebook for a while now, and I thought he’d have some helpful insights for my fellow creators. *** My name is Daniel Zayas, and I am a Kickstarter Expert. […]

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2016 Behind-the-Scenes Stakeholder Report for Stonemaier Games

15 May 2017

The most popular option on my recent poll about upcoming blog posts was for “the current state of Stonemaier Games.” This idea was inspired both by the Tasty Minstrel Games equity crowdfunding project and the Steve Jackson Games stakeholder report. I particularly like how Steve defines stakeholders as anyone who has an impact on his […]

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