A Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Stuff Done

18 September 2017

“I’d love to read ways that you have dealt with procrastination, wanting to give up, productivity tips, what held you back from making your first commercial board game or writing an novel until you were in your 30’s.” –Anthony G. in the comments of this blog entry This comment hit home with me because I’m […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #232: Everything You Need to Know About Liability Insurance

14 September 2017

“Wait, is that something I need for Stonemaier Games?” This is a question I’ve asked dozens of times since founding Stonemaier Games 5 years ago. I have an undergraduate degree in international business, but so much of what I’ve learned about running a company has come from actually running a company. My most recent deep dive […]

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You Decide: Should Kickstarter Test This Idea?

11 September 2017

I’ve come to believe that the most powerful alert on Kickstarter is the message you receive when someone you follow pledges to a project. I didn’t always feel this way. In fact, when Kickstarter originally launched the option to follow creators and other backers, I was more worried about the implications than I was enthused […]

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5 Surprises from Our Demographic Survey

7 September 2017

Last week on the Stonemaier Games monthly e-newsletter, I shared a demographic survey with our 30k subscribers. The intent was to learn more about the people who follow Stonemaier Games beyond those who engage with us on social media. I focused on questions with actionable results. I learned a lot from the survey, the results […]

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A Short Note About Wages for Labor Day

4 September 2017

A few hours ago, I got an email from my business partner, Alan, about fair wages in St. Louis. As reported in the Riverfront Times, St. Louis City had a $10/hour minimum wage law set to go into effect in July. However, a new Missouri state law superseded it, causing minimum-wage employees in St. Louis […]

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3 New Crowdfunding Videos

31 August 2017

It’s video day on the blog! Just like earlier this month, I’ve added three new short videos about Kickstarter, crowdfunding, and entrepreneurship to my YouTube channel. You can find the previous videos on our website or mixed in with my game design videos on YouTube. What do you agree or disagree with in these videos? […]

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Board Game Supply Chain Basics

28 August 2017

I tried to think of a sexier name for this post, but I didn’t want to mislead anyone into thinking this is more exciting than it actually is. A few days ago, someone wrote to me with a question about the basics of the board game supply chain. As it turns out, even though I […]

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Fulfilling Kickstarter Rewards with Quartermaster Logistics

24 August 2017

Recently I’ve heard a lot of great things about the fulfillment service in the US called Quartermaster Logistics. I had the opportunity to meet their director, Seth, at Gen Con, and from our brief interactions, I can tell that he’s someone worth working with. But for Kickstarter backers looking for fulfillment solutions (in addition to […]

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Top 10 Highlights and Lessons Learned from Gen Con 2017

22 August 2017

Just 2 weeks before Gen Con, my business partner, Alan, badly broke his ankle playing ultimate frisbee. As I reflect on this year’s convention, it’s still hard to tell how this act of fate impacted our approach to Gen Con (Alan is currently recovering from surgery and will be fine). Sure, it was just me […]

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Top 10 Things You Should Know About Gen Con

14 August 2017

In a few days I’ll embark upon my 5th Gen Con, a huge gaming convention in Indianapolis. Just in case you’re attending for the first time, I thought I’d revisit and update a post I wrote back in 2013 about what you should know about Gen Con if you–like 2013 Jamey–know nothing about Gen Con. […]

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