How to Post a Facebook Live Video on YouTube

15 July 2019 | 4 Comments

For 18 months now, I’ve been hosting weekly, one-hour Facebook Live sessions on the Stonemaier Games FB page. It’s my preferred method of live video. However, not everyone wants to watch videos on Facebook (live or otherwise). Plus, there’s an element of permanent discoverability on YouTube that Facebook just doesn’t replicate (it’s why I’ll only […]

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Overcoming the Sunk Cost Fallacy (KS Lesson #268)

11 July 2019 | 19 Comments

Have you ever succumbed to the sunk cost fallacy? I have, and I just barely escaped from it. If you’re not familiar with the concept, here are two excellent definitions: “Individuals commit the sunk cost fallacy when they continue a behavior or endeavor as a result of previously invested resources (time, money or effort) (Arkes & […]

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What’s Your Hit-by-a-Bus Plan? (KS Lesson #267)

8 July 2019 | 13 Comments

I think this is going to be a bit of a weird (and slightly morbid) post, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m writing this because there are tons of companies (crowdfunding and otherwise) who are run by one person. That person is responsible for their backers, customers, clients, and independent contractors. They alone have […]

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3 Post-Kickstarter Crowdfunding Videos

4 July 2019 | No Comments

Today I have a few videos to share from my Dice Tower crowdfunding series. These short videos summarize the key points from my blog about post-campaign communication, the backer survey, and scheduling/timelines. You can find the previous videos on this website or mixed in with my game design videos on YouTube. What ideas in these videos do you […]

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5 Interesting Strategies in 5 Minutes

1 July 2019 | 5 Comments

Here’s the latest collection of business-related strategies and observations I’ve noticed. Some are related to Kickstarter and board games; others have no direct connection to those categories. Magic the Gathering Previews Whenever there is a new Magic set, Wizards of the Coast reveals a few preview cards every day. For the last few years, they’ve […]

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Highlighting a Few New Kickstarter Guidelines

27 June 2019 | 61 Comments

Recently I noticed that Kickstarter has updated some of their creator guidelines, and I thought I’d share a few notable highlights with you today. The guidelines I’ll discuss are found on a page titled “Honest and Clear Presentation in Projects.” The consequences for not following these guidelines range from “your project being ineligible for promotion […]

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10 Ways That Climbing Is Making Me a Better Creator

24 June 2019 | 17 Comments

For most of my life, my main athletic outlet was on land: mostly soccer, with some ultimate frisbee, pickup football, and track & field. Lately, however, I’ve shifted from horizontal to vertical as I’ve entered the realm of indoor rock climbing. I’m still very much a novice, as yesterday was only the fourth-ever time I’ve […]

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10 Ways to Be a Better Conversationalist

20 June 2019 | 16 Comments

I often find myself in situations–both online and offline, often related to my business–that require something that introverts like me dread: small talk. To me, small talk feels like filling time instead of actually making a connection with someone. Over the years I’ve tried to learn how to turn small talk into something more substantial. […]

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Stay the Course: The Power of Customer Affirmation

17 June 2019 | 17 Comments

Most of my articles are geared towards creators, but today I’d like to talk to customers, as you have a special power you may not know about. Before I get into this, I want to be clear in saying that when consumers criticize or complain about creators, products, entrepreneurs, and companies, it can have a […]

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An Ode to James Mathe

13 June 2019 | 11 Comments

James Mathe, one of the most generous people in the tabletop game industry, passed away this weekend. I’m sad to say that I’ve never met James or spoken to him, but we’ve interacted quite a bit over the years over e-mail and on social media, where he founded the Tabletop Game Kickstarter Advice Facebook group. […]

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