Are You Now Allowed to Use Kickstarter as a Preorder Store?

15 November 2018 | 60 Comments

Have you noticed that a few creators have started using Kickstarter for true preorder campaigns? But let’s be clear about what a true preorder is (in my opinion). It’s when a creator completes the manufacturing of a product, and then they start to accept orders for it. In that case, customers are simply ordering something that already […]

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Kickstarter Lesson #254: Fried Chicken and Proactive Post-Delivery Service

12 November 2018 | 8 Comments

Last week I overheard something inspiring at a restaurant. I was enjoyed fried chicken and a biscuit at Grace Meat + Three here in St. Louis. While I was eating, I heard someone approach the table behind me and say to the guests there, “Hey guys, I noticed that your meal may have taken longer […]

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3 Crowdfunding Videos About Launch Day, Engagement, and Hearing Backer Feedback

8 November 2018 | No Comments

Today I have a few videos to share from my Dice Tower crowdfunding series. These short videos summarize the key points from my blog about some launch-day strategies, treating your backers as individuals (not numbers), and how to respond to feedback without sacrificing your vision (or the feasibility of the product). You can find the […]

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3 New Kickstarter Features

5 November 2018 | 12 Comments

Today is November 5, the third anniversary of my last day on Kickstarter. Kickstarter has evolved quite a bit since then: They added a way to itemize rewards in pledge levels and add official collaborators to your project. (read more) They created an amazing organic sharing system by allowing backers to follow creators and other […]

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A Charitable Solution

1 November 2018 | 3 Comments

Yesterday I launched the Stonemaier Games annual charity auction. I created 10 separate auctions–each featuring 4 special edition sets of Scythe metal mechs–and pair each set of rewards with 10 different tabletop bloggers, podcasters, and video creators whom I admire and follow. The winning bid for each auction item (say, $400) is doubled by Stonemaier (total […]

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Top 10 Most-Viewed Articles on This Blog

29 October 2018 | 7 Comments

Nearly 6 years ago I started writing this blog on a consistent basis. Out of the 1000+ articles I’ve posted during that time, today I thought I’d feature those that people seem to return to the most. I’ll highlight the key takeaway from each of them and mention if my perspective on these topics has […]

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Is This a Solution for Kickstarter Backer “Loans”?

25 October 2018 | 40 Comments

After Monday’s post in which I discussed how some backers view their pledge as an interest-free loan–an opinion with which I respectfully disagree–I had an unexpected idea. The idea stemmed from a comment I read on the corresponding thread on the Stonemaier Games Facebook page. The comment was about how it’s quite common for Kickstarter projects […]

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Is Kickstarter an Interest-Free Loan from Backers?

22 October 2018 | 65 Comments

Recently I stumbled upon an opinion of Kickstarter that, despite being completely new to me, seemed to be fairly widespread (at least among people who talk about things on the internet). The sentiment, which I first read in the comments of this article and then saw again on Reddit a few days ago, is that Kickstarter […]

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If I Returned to Kickstarter, Here’s How I’d Do It

18 October 2018 | 59 Comments

Let’s pretend for a day that I decided to launch a new project on Kickstarter for the first time in 3+ years. Here’s how I’d do it. (For context of why I’m even writing about this hypothetical situation, please read Tuesday’s article.) I’ll start with the core project specs, then I’ll delve into how I […]

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If I Returned to Kickstarter…

15 October 2018 | 54 Comments

3 years ago, I was in the middle of my final Kickstarter project (Scythe). I didn’t know at the time that it would be my final campaign; that was a decision we made the following summer, and then I formally addressed it on this blog a few months later. Since then, Stonemaier Games has published […]

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