KS Lessons Full List – Chronological

This is a compilation of all of Jamey’s posts on creating and running a successful crowdfunding campaign. These are roughly in the chronological order that you’ll need to reference them, starting 6-12 months before you plan on launching your project.

If you don’t have time to read each of these entries, the best advice from each of the items list is condensed down to a few pages in a special section at the end of Jamey’s crowdfunding book!

Before You Launch

Start Here

Research and Development

Build a Crowd

Define the Scope of Your Project

Art and Graphic Design

Legal and Accounting


Create the Perfect Project Page

Film the Project Video

The Funding Goal and Budgeting

Reward Strategies

Early Birds and Exclusives

Timing Strategies

Establishing Trust

Stretch Goals and Achievements

Shipping and Worldwide Accessibility

Behavioral Psychology

Final-Week Preparations and Tasks

During Your Campaign

Thrive on Launch Day

Logistics, Stats, and Project Management

Interact with Backers

Improve the Product

Project Updates

Maintain Emotional Health

Lead the Way to Trust and Passion

Build Community

Customer Service

Relationship-Driven Marketing

Leverage Backers to Boost Your Project

External Marketing and Advertising

The Final Week

After Your Project

The Aftermath

Post-Campaign Communication

Continue to Sell the Product

Gather Information from Backers

Scheduling and Timelines

Release the Product and Move Forward

Entrepreneurship and Working for Yourself

Growing and Sustaining a Business

25 Comments on “KS Lessons Full List – Chronological

  1. We’ve been following all your posts about Kickstarter projects since March as we prepare for our own Kickstarter in the fall. And we’ve gone back and read all the previous ones. Extremely helpful information.

    This list in topical order I think will be a great help to the community.

    Thank you.

    1. Games Afoot: Hi, thanks for your comment. I always love to hear when a creator has been preparing for a project for many months–that’s indicative of your commitment and passion for the project. Good luck when you launch!

  2. I love the concept behind your blog, but I’m finding it quite difficult to navigate. Right now I’m in the mood for reading anything that answers the question, “How do I make more people aware that my page exists?” and have been struggling to sort the articles that answer this question from the ones that don’t. I was about to click away and never read the blog again, though I figured you’d appreciate it more if I left you some feedback first.

    1. Thanks Jon! I’m always trying to improve the structure for the blog, as it’s a lot of information. I would suggest going to the KS Lessons drop-down menu and selecting “Run Your Campaign” and “Level Up Your Campaign.” That’s where you’ll find the information you’re looking for.

  3. Wow there is so much info here. Thanks so much for making all of these blog posts available. After creating a board game and playing it with family for some time now I’ve been thinking about making a kickstarter campaign. Now after seeing this page I’m not sure if I’m more scared or more excited. There’s just so much to take in. At any rate, thanks!!

  4. Hi Jamey!
    Amazing blog and I just can’t get enough…even though I’m a bit stressed out…you certainly know the feeling of literally not having any time for yourself or for just plain “not doing anything”! It’s been months on the prep of our upcoming Kickstarter. But,
    I have two questions for you:
    1.- What do you think about launching during summer time vacations? Mid July through mid August.
    2.- Been trying to find where is any post or lesson that relates to running multiple crowdfunding campaigns. At the same time or after one has ended. Any insight you could share?
    Matt from HoliPlay Games

  5. Would you ever market something as a stretch goal that you would include anyway?
    For example you have a certain card as a stretch goal, but you would include even if it wasn’t made?

    1. I wouldn’t market something as a stretch goal that I planned to include anyway. However, I might come to that decision after the campaign if I felt it was the right thing to do (and within budget). Most likely, though, if we didn’t meet a stretch goal, I would save that content for an expansion or promo pack.

      On the same note, I wouldn’t launch a Kickstarter without offering a fully functional, complete game.

  6. Hello

    How goes it? I hope all is well :) and congrats on your successful campaigns.

    My partners and I are planning on launching our first game and Kickstarter campaign in June.
    We are using Panda Games as our manufacturer.
    We are planning on using Amazon fullfimnet centers in different regions along with other centers in other regions.
    The only outstanding issue is freighting the pallets to those centers. We’re thinking of using Panda Games DDP service. Is that what you used, or another one? If so how does it help with customs fees and keeping the end price down?

    Best wishes


  7. Hello. I want to say I am sorry if this is the wrong place to post something like this, I am still kind of new around here. Is there a place to view new articles/ post that have just been released?
    Aswell, I have also seen Jamey post articles about things that non-tabletop kickstarters do that might work in the tabletop kickstarter realm. Does anyone know if there is an article about friendily advertising? By this I mean one project releasing an update advertising for a different game, not made by them, and then that project realsong an update advertising your project? I have just recently backed projects in fashion and technology and both of these categories seem to do it a lot. Thank you for the help.

  8. John: If you go to the following link, you can see the most recent blog entry (and all that preceded it). You can also enter your e-mail on the right of this page to get an e-mail whenever a new blog entry goes live: https://stonemaiergames.com/e-newsletter/blog/

    I think you’re talking about cross-promotion, right? Here’s my post about that technique: https://stonemaiergames.com/kickstarter-lesson-51-cross-promotion-between-kickstarter-projects/

    Also check out the entire External Marketing and Advertising section on the current page (the one this comment is on).

  9. Hi Jamey,

    I hope to launch my own kickstarter for a boardgame. I’ve made prototypes game through several playtests but now I find myself trying to figure out kickstarter and getting something going. I just borrowed your book from the library. Would you recommend that I read your book first or go through your wonderful kickstarter lessons first?

    Thanks in advance

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