Wingspan European Expansion

Wingspan European Expansion

Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave | Art by Natalia Rojas, Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, and Beth Sobel

This first expansion to Wingspan focuses on European birds.

1-5 players | 40-70 minutes | ages 10+

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In this first expansion to Wingspan, we increase the scope of the world to include the regal, beautiful, and varied birds of Europe. These birds feature a variety of new abilities, including a number of birds with round end abilities, abilities that increase interaction between players, and birds that benefit from excess cards/food. Along with the new bonus cards, they’re designed to be shuffled into the original decks of cards (and cards from future expansions).

The European Expansion also includes an additional tray for storing the growing collection of birds (past, present, and future), as well as 15 purple eggs, extra food tokens, and a colorful new scorepad designed for both multi-player and single-player scoring.

Featured Components

  • 81 bird cards (all unique, all new)
  • 15 egg miniatures (purple)
  • 5 bonus cards
  • 4 Automa cards (2 of which are bonus cards)
  • 1 custom tray with lid
  • 1 scorepad (multi-player on one side, solo on the other)
  • 1 rulebook
  • 5 goal tiles
  • 38 food tokens
  • 1 reference tile
  • 1 box (296x144x80mm; 0.7 kg)


Release Details


Can I play this expansion without Wingspan?

You need Wingspan to play this expansion. At lower player counts, it is feasible to only use the new bird cards, though the official way to play is to shuffle all bird cards together (same with the bonus cards and goal tiles).

Are the percentages on the core-game bonus cards now incorrect?

Nope! Elizabeth designed the expansion so the percentages remain almost exactly the same. We’ll continue doing this for all expansions.

Does the Green Woodpecker (“ROUND END: This bird counts double toward the end-of-round goal, if it qualifies for the goal.”) count double towards the “birds in hand” end-of-round goal?

No, you can only use abilities of birds you’ve played on your player mat.

How would I play a bird on top of a sideways bird?

Some birds like the European Roller allow you to place the card sideways on your player mat, filling two spots. If you then play a bird like the Common Buzzard on top of a sideways bird, the Common Buzzard would also be placed sideways, completely covering the sideways bird.

Can I play the Montagu’s Harrier (“WHEN PLAYED: Instead of paying this bird’s cost, you may play it on top of another bird on your player mat. Discard any eggs from that bird. It becomes a tucked card.”) in a habitat other than the grassland?

No, the Montagu’s Harrier must be played in the grassland. Its power may seem to indicate otherwise, but to use a “when played” power you must follow all the rules of playing the bird. The power expressly allows you to change the cost of the bird, but nothing else.

Design Diary

October 7: Rules Rule!

The first Wingspan expansion integrates seamlessly with the original game–you just shuffle in the bird cards, bonus cards, and goal tiles and proceed to play as normal. The explanatory rules are thus very short, with the Appendix taking up the most space in the full document.

Due to how well the expansion integrates with the core game, if you have both, I think you can easily use both when sharing the game with new Wingspanners. At low player counts, you could also play the first game with only the new expansion components (I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but there’s nothing mechanically wrong with trying it).

I’ll include the “rules” portion of the rulebook as images here; just click on the link to view the full document.

Tomorrow you’ll start to see reviewers share their thoughts on the Wingspan European Expansion.

October 6: A Few More Birds

I don’t want to spoil too much of the first Wingspan expansion for you, as part of the fun is discovering new birds as you play. But before I post the rulebook tomorrow, I wanted to share a few more abilities Elizabeth created that I thought were particularly interesting. Also, huge thanks to Natalia and Ana for returning to illustrate the birds in this expansion!

October 5: Too Many Eggs?

While strategies in Wingspan can vary vastly from game to game based on which cards you play, the order in which you play them, your bonus cards, and the round-end goals, one commonly discussed approach is to play a lot of birds in your grassland habitat and activate it as much as possible in the final round. If played correctly, this can be even more lucrative than playing a high-value bird in the final round.

Elizabeth and I (Jamey) discussed whether or not this was a problem, and for the most part we decided it wasn’t–as with any strategy, you need to work towards the egg strategy for it to benefit you.

However, we wanted to widen the spectrum of final-round strategies, so Elizabeth designed some birds and goal tiles that direct players towards other options. Some of these options actively discourage players from laying eggs, while others enable players to stock up on cards or food and then convert them to points.

In the game of Wingspan I played on Thursday with the expansion, the impact was so dramatic that the winning player had exactly 1 egg at the end of the game, as did I! I made sure it was a purple egg, though. :)

Here are a few of the birds and new goal tiles that–if chosen and pursued–could steer players away from a heavy egg-laying strategy in the final round:

October 4: Round-End Abilities

While there are a ton of new abilities on the European birds, we wanted to include one new featured mechanism that spanned across a number of birds. This new mechanism is on 20 bird cards via a teal background.

These round-end abilities trigger at the end of each of the 4 rounds in Wingspan. We’ve included a little round-end reminder tile so it’s clear that these abilities trigger before you do anything else at the end of the round (in player order).

Because these abilities trigger at most 4 times per game, Elizabeth designed them to be very powerful. The earlier you play them, the better, but I’ve found that they’re still quite good even if they only trigger once or twice.

I actually just played the Wingspansion last night, and I ended up with two birds with these abilities:

I’ll leave you today with a few images of round-end birds, and there are many more for you to discover when you try out this expansion!

October 3: The Components Leak

You’ve seen the Wingspan European Expansion box–what’s inside of it? Everything shown in this photo:

It might be hard to see exactly what’s here, so I’ll list everything below with some brief explanations:

  • 81 bird cards (all unique, all new): Yes, these are marked with “EE” so you can sort them from the cards in the base game…though you’ll never need to, as they’re intended to all be shuffled together. You *could* play a 1-3 player game with only the European birds if you’d like. All of the new mechanisms in the expansion are integrated into the birds themselves–I’ll showcase them later this week.
  • 15 egg miniatures (purple): You probably won’t need these unless you play Wingspan with 5 players; mainly we just thought it would be fun to include a new egg color in the game. The egg colors don’t mean anything (out of respect for those with colorblindness issues, we don’t plan for the egg colors to ever have mechanical meaning in the game).
  • 5 bonus cards: These just get shuffled in with the original bonus cards. Elizabeth designed the expansion so the percentages on the original bonus cards are still applicable.
  • 4 Automa cards (2 of which are bonus cards): The expansion fully integrates with the solo mode of the base game.
  • 1 custom tray with lid: You need a place to store all of these new birds, right? And birds from future expansions. For this reason, the expansion will not fit into the original game box.
  • 1 scorepad: This new version of the scorepad has a splash of color on it and includes double-sided sheets (multi-player on one side, solo on the other). Other than the solo side, it’s functionally the same as the original scorepad.
  • 1 rulebook: The rules themselves are very short–most of the rulebook is an appendix. Oh, and the paper is the same fancy material we used in the base game.
  • 5 goal tiles: These tiles are to be shuffled into the original goal tiles.
  • 38 food tokens: I haven’t heard of many people running out of food tokens, but since we needed a punchboard in the expansion, we figured we’d maximize the utility of it.
  • 1 reference tile: This is included to remind players of the end-of-round steps…which now include a new step that I’ll discuss tomorrow!
  • 1 box (296x144x80mm; 0.7 kg)

While I don’t mention it on the official components list because they’re not a component we “officially” include (because they’re not necessary, and if they arrive broken, it’s extremely inefficient to ship replacements) are the 2 plastic resource containers shown in the photo.

I look forward to sharing the new mechanisms with you over the next few days!

Copyright 2019 Stonemaier LLC. Wingspan is a trademark of Stonemaier LLC. All Rights Reserved. This content is not authorized for posting on Steam.

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152 Comments on “Wingspan European Expansion

  1. Hi I have the Wingspan game. Can you use the European bird cards and play the game without shuffling them into the deck of the other bird card? Thanks

  2. Would the “T’RUMP’eter Swan” Bird count towards the bonus card “Anatomist” because it has the word ‘rump’ in it.?

    1. Following the rules strictly, only the words listed on the Anatomist card count. But you’re free to make your own house rules. :)

  3. Hi, Can you mix wingspan swedish version (upcomning) with this expansion in english? Are they compatible with each other? Will there be a swedish version of this expansion?

      1. Ok i thought it would be some issue with bonus cards that involves bird names if you mix different languages.

        What company is your partner in Sweden? :)

  4. A fantastic game! It is a pity that there is no hoopoe (Upupa epops) in the Wingspan European Expansion. But other birds are also fascinating!

  5. Hi! I got the Romanian version of the base game – my language – and I have to say I was very impressed, great job! Will there be any translations for the European and Oceania expansions into Romanian as well? I would like to play with my young daughter, it’s a great way of teaching about birds, and I think it would be a pitty not to be able to have the birds from our region or other parts of the world. Cheers!

  6. Hey Jamey, my family and I absolutely love Wingspan! During this quarantine we’ve been playing it almost daily.

    My family and I have an ongoing (friendly) debate that occurs when the bird “European Goldfish” is played. This is a bird with a pink power that reads, “Once Between Turns: When another player a card for any reason, tuck one card from the deck behind this card”

    We understand the ‘once between turns’ part meaning when everyone is playing their cubes and taking their turn.
    Where the debate occurs is when we are in the “Round End” phase activating the blue powers. The question we have is, If someone has played the bird, European Goldfish, do they get to tuck a card when another player tucks because of their blue power? In other words they are tucking with their pink power because someone else tucked using their blue power.

    Some people say yes because it’s in between turns in the since that it’s after the last players turn and right before the first players turn, but me and some others say no because it’s an entirely different phase of the game. It’s no longer in between turns because the turns are over, it’s now the end of the round.

    Will you help us with the correct answer. Are they allowed to tuck or not?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Here’s what the rulebook says about Round End (Teal) powers: “Round end powers do NOT activate “once between turns” (pink) powers.”

      So no, tucking during the Round End phase would not activate a pink power. Think of it this way: pink powers are activated during other players’ turns, and the Round End phase is no one’s turn.

  7. when we played eurasion magpie(exp card(
    it said, we can cache 1 food from the supply on any of your birds. is it mean we gain 1 food depend on our birds card are on our hand or birds are in the player mat?

        1. As mentioned in the Appendix for the Eurasian Magpie: “These powers can be used to cache food on birds that otherwise do not have caching powers.”

  8. Hi Jamey,

    Me and my parents love playing Wingspan!
    In one of our last games we got into an arguement about the pink ability of the Oriole (when another player takes the ‘gain food’ action, gain either one invertebrate or one fruit from the bird feeder at the end of their turn):

    I got the Oriole on my board.

    After my dad finished his ‘gain food’ action, I tossed all five dice again (every dice was the same before). But after that the dice still didn’t match with the ability of my Oriole. So I didn’t get any food out of the birdfeeder and my dads’ turn was over.

    After that (same round) my mom also gained food. Now there’s my question:
    Am I allowed to try another time activating the pink ability of my Oriole?

    My Opinion: Since I didn’t actually gain food once between turns, I did not activate the pink ability the first time. Even though I tossed the dice trying to activate it at my dad’s turn right before.

    Thank you very much! Any guidance would be helpful!

    Greetings from Germany!


    1. That’s a question I haven’t seen asked before, Alex! But I’m afraid I can’t rule in your favor. Choosing to reroll the dice is choosing to activate the Oriole’s pink power, and that can only be done once between turns.

  9. Hi Jamey, is there any chance of a condensed version of the expansion? Of the components listed is there a way to just get the:
    -81 bird cards
    -5 bonus cards
    -5 goal tiles
    We haven’t played single player in our house, have never come close to running out of eggs or food and already have the tray + lid. I’d be happy to pay the exact same price but feel as though the 3 necessary components could fit neatly in a small deck. If not, I will most likely still buy this just thought I’d check. Cheers

    1. I appreciate you asking, Matt, but that’s not an option we offer. We won’t be including a tray in every expansion, so it will become particularly helpful for storage when we release the Oceania expansion.

  10. Hi Jamey,

    I’m sure there is a very good reason for this, but after a quick google nothing has come up… How come the expansion box is slightly taller than the base game box? The expansion fits perfectly into the base game box anyway, so I merely ask out of curiosity.

    Also, in your recent video about games that play remotely you didn’t give a shout out to Wingspan? I know you don’t pick Stonemaier games for the top 10 but I was listening out for an honourable mention. We just played Wingspan with friends this evening over FaceTime and it worked brilliantly! :-)

    1. Benjamin: That was the height we determined was necessary to fit everything into the expansion box. As for playing Wingspan and our other games remotely, I applaud people who are doing it, but it doesn’t meet several of the guidelines I outlined in my video.

      1. Hi Jamey, very true, the player interaction when using the green side of the goal board is a great part of Wingspan, but naturally requires being able to see everyone’s boards. We used the blue side of the goal board so that it was less necessary to know what other players were doing. We shared the same goal tiles and food dice. We just did our own bonus and bird cards, but because there are so many different bonus and bird cards in the game we didn’t have any crossover.
        Thanks for all the suggestions in your video btw, we tried Quacks at the weekend and it worked really well.

  11. Hello Jamey, My wife and I have been playing even more WINGSPAN while being self-quarantined. In one game we ran into two situations with the European Expansion bird “Eurasian Green Woodpecker” (Blue Power – Round End: This bird counts double toward the end-of-round goal, if it qualifies for the goal.).

    1) Our first round end-of-round goal was “Bird Cards in Hand”. Our interpretation was this bird cannot count as double for this goal since it wouldn’t “qualify” (i.e., it cannot be “in hand” and have been played). The Blue Power is only applicable once that bird is played on the mat. Is this interpretation correct?

    2) Our fourth round end-of-round goal was “Birds with Cavity Nest with at least one Egg”. Our interpretation was the Eurasian Green Woodpecker would count as two birds with a cavity nest since it had at least one egg on it. The OTHER POWERS (Page 10 of the European Expansion Rule Book) for the Eurasian Green Woodpecker states “Eggs on these cards are not doubled, if the goal is counting the number of eggs.” In our case we were counting the number of BIRDS with a cavity nest with an egg. Is this interpretation correct?

    Thank you. Any guidance you provide will be appreciated.


    1. 1. That’s correct! No power has effect until it’s played.

      2. Correct! It’s counting the bird, so it counts as two for that end round goal.

  12. On behalf of my BF, who LOVES the bird and was very bummed not to find it in the European expansion… Why is the common pheasant (phasianus colchicus) absent? :)
    Apart from that, we absolutely adore everything Wingspan, and can’t wait to see more expansions coming our way.

    1. The common pheasant’s original range extended across Asia and only barely overlapped with Europe: The common pheasant populations further west into Europe have been introduced by humans. It stands to reason that they’d be more likely to show up in an Asian expansion than a European one anyway. Judging by the bird selections we’ve seen so far, such a well-known species probably has a good chance of being included.

  13. Question about teal powers – do they activate
    e y round after the bird is played, or only the 1st round end after it is played?

  14. Hi Jamie, My 8-year-old loves this game and studies these cards intensely. He’s memorized many of the cards and noticed a few mistakes on the expansion cards: Mute Swan (no flocking power symbol), Greater Flamingo (colored brown rather than blue), and possibly Common Swift and House Sparrow (rulebook indicates should be “any food” rather than the specific food indicated?). We were curious if new cards would be issued through the website. Thanks!

    1. Your son is correct about Mute Swan, but the others are correct as printed. The appendix uses examples to explain concepts–it doesn’t use the exact text of every card. And no, a replacement card for the Mute Swan isn’t necessary.

  15. Plz clarify the difference (for brown powers to cache food) between “the supply” vs “your supply”. Specifically the Eurasian Nutcracker states ….”cache 1 grain from YOUR supply”….
    One player thinks the grain should be taken from food tokens in that player’s hand. Another player thinks they should come out of the general supply of food tokens. Which is correct?
    Tks much and we’re loving the European Expansion!

    1. Hi Janis! “Your supply” is the food you have personally gathered. “The supply” is the general supply. The Eurasian Nutcracker’s seeds do come from your supply as written, not the general supply.

  16. Is a new expansion planned covering birds of Australia, or Australia plus New Zealand, or even Oceania as a whole?

  17. How do birds that are played on top of other birds (Common Buzzard) interact with birds that are played sideways Common Blackbird)? Does the top bird count as covering both spaces, as if it were played sideways?

  18. Absolutely love it that your preorder system flows so smoothly. I have never had any trouble getting online with your servers and getting my order in. Even when ordering in the first 10-15 minutes of going LIVE when servers are usually swamped with people trying to order. Thanks for making such great games and helping to produce and promote games by others like Elizabeth Hargrave. Your game design abilities and the way that you run your company are things that other designers and game manufacturers/distributors should strive to be like.

  19. Question: Will Stonemaier Champions receive the game any earlier than Nov 22nd when pre-ordering on the 6th? I’m trying to decide what the difference/benefit is between ordering direct from Stonemaier versus ordering from Amazon Prime.

    Excited to play!

    1. We’ll ship out our orders starting on the 6th and Champion orders will go out first. Assuming no problems arise, you should get the expansion before the 22nd. :)

  20. I know I am probably very late, but I’d really love if you could include an additional player board in the box. With the additional bird cards, egg and resource tokens, I believe the game can easily handle six players, rather than five.

    1. You could purchase one of the play mats to accommodate another player. However, this would likely make the game last longer than most would be interested in for this weight of a game. Of course, if that is not an issue for your group the play mat would be an easy option for you.

      1. Thank you for your answer. Do you have any recommendations where can I get a player mat in the UK or Germany? Nothing came up from my search, which is why I ask. I don’t live in either country, but I use a freight forwarding service that maintains shipping locations in both countries. A French retailer would also do fine.

        Thanks a lot in advance,

  21. Hi! I’m so excited for this expansion and eagerly awaiting the opening of the pre-order. Will the swift-start promo pack of cards also be available for purchase? (not the neoprene mats)

    1. Yes! I’m happy to say the Swift Start promo will be available at the same time as the European Expansion. :)

      -Joe at Stonemaier

  22. Can I add the Wingspan Update Pack together with the European Expansion (on Nov 6th) without any delivery delays? I live in Europe by the way.

  23. Hi Jamey, in your newsletter, you mention that preorders for the expansion will begin on November 6 at 9:30am CDT. Won’t we be switching to CST by then? Can you clarify, so that we’ll calculate our local times appropriately? Thanks!

    1. Indeed, that was just a typo. It will be at 9:30am Central (local St. Louis time). Thanks for checking!

      -Joe at Stonemaier

  24. Glad to see a European Portuguese version from Diver. Thinking of swap my English version, to support this amazing initiative.

    Hope to see the expansion translated too.
    An amazing game. Congratulations.

    1. Just contact divercentro, who release the main game in Portugal, and they not promise the release! If so, only in 2020, depending on sales of wingspan. So I think I am gonna buy the English version instead.

  25. Hello Jamey,

    My wife and I are looking forward to the European Expansion of Wingspan. We think this great game will be even better. Based on our initial review of the additional rules and Appendix, we have a question on one of the End-of-Round Goal Tiles:

    Food Cost of Played Birds – Count the food cost on your birds, remembering to count only 1 food for birds that have a choice in their food cost.

    We think there are two different categories of “choices” in relation to food costs. For example: Would the “count only 1 food for birds that have a choice” apply to birds with a ” / ” in their food cost (like the SONG SPARROW: INVERTEBRATE / SEED / FRUIT), birds with a “WILD symbol” in their food cost (like the FISH CROW: FISH + WILD) or both types of bird food costs?

    In this example, we thought the SONG SPARROW would count as “1” when counting the food costs for this End-of-Round Goal Tile, and the FISH CROW would count as “2”.

    Thank you.

    1. Stan: Thanks for your comment. That goal tile’s clarification is referring to the “/” in food costs. You’re correct about Song Sparrow counting as 1 and Fish Crow counting as 2.

  26. We actually did run out of seeds tokens recently in a four-player game when multiple players were caching lots of them on their birds. I can imagine it’s quite rare, but it’s good we’ll have more!

  27. Hi, so, just to be clear, does the neoprene mat will ship from regional fulfillment during the preorder period (like the swift-start promo pack), and if it’s the case, witch one ?

    It seem like a must have to me, but I would like to avoid custom fees and as the preorder is past the brexit deadline, also avoid UK fulfillment center.

  28. Would it be playable with just the expansion cards, or would it throw off the bonus card % or something ? I usually play either solo or 2 player, so card quantity should not be an issue.

      1. Unfortunately there is no Flamingo in the basegame I have purchased … Should there always be? Is there a possibility to get hold this bird, would love to add it to the basegame!

  29. Is there a specific order you have to activate end of round abilities, or is it in an order of player choice? e.g. If I had a bird with a predator ability in hand would I be able to use the Lesser Whitethroat to play it before activating the Griffon Vulture reguardless of where they were on my player mat, or is there something specific in layout they’d need to be to combo them in that way?

  30. As one of the people who occasionally runs out of food tokens (usually in 4-5 player games when someone has a bird who piles lots of grain on its card) the extra tokens are much appreciated :)

  31. Any chance there will be some kind of discount if buying the new version of Wingspan along with the European bird expansion – something less than $85?

  32. I am so delighted that the expansion is coming out! Is it possible that game and expansion could be made in Serbian? Thanks!

  33. Does the expansion add any new rules/mechanics or is it just additional cards? I have pre-ordered the expansion either way at my FLGS, as I’m ok getting it a few weeks later (too busy playing Tapestry at the moment!)

      1. Hey Stephen, thanks for the question! Here’s a quote from Jamey when someone recently asked the same question:
        “We might sell them separately in 2020–we’ll see! :)”

        -Joe at Stonemaier

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