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project progress April 29


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  1. Hi Jamey
    I’m a champion member and just order pendulum with free shipping. Then I made a second order for My Little Sythe plus expansion but got charged shipping.
    Is there any chance of combiining both orders with no shipping ?

  2. Jamey, when will you inform us more about the Tapestry expansion? It is now on the same timeline as Pendulum, but no news/info about it.

    Kind regards, Peet

  3. Given the COVID19 situation, is there a chance that Design Day will switch to virtual format? If so, then what is your anticipated “go/no-go” date (i.e., when you’ll be able to say with very high confidence whether it will switch to virtual)?


    1. Chris: We’ve been sending updates about this to Design Day attendees. If you’ve signed up as an attendee and haven’t received those updates, please contact Joe at If you haven’t already signed up, stay tuned to our e-newsletter for news about next year’s Design Day (we’ll start talking about it in March)! :)

      1. Thanks for letting me know. The tickets apparently sold out very fast, so I have none, and I’d hoped that virtualizing the event would make it more accessible/inclusive to permit more participation.

        I’ll watch for next year.

        1. If we switch to a virtual version, we’ll try to retain the feel of the original event in terms of letting each designer present their game to small groups of playtesters to get feedback. While the virtual format does scale up, our primary focus is to serve the attendees who were able to sign up for this year.

  4. Hi!

    Do you know if the Tapestry expansion is coming in Hungarian language at the release?

    Or is it coming like a year ( or more) later after the English release?

    Thank you in advance,

      1. Hi, Jamey,
        and what about Albi, the Czech partner? Did they join the first print run?
        Thank you and have a nice day

  5. Hello all,

    Looking at the Work in Progress chart I was wondering what the difference is between the “Components” and “Print” phase..
    Just out of curiosity :)


    1. Thanks for your question! By “components,” I’m referring to non-printed components like plastic and wooden pieces. They take longer to make they printing cards and rulebooks.

  6. Jamey, I saw you have a “weird stuff” guest designed die on a Kickstarter that is Rolling Realms themed. Is this related in any way to the idea you were having about making something (like a die) for those who own all 9 (or 10 later when Sand is released) SM games? I’m interested in getting a die like this but the KS isn’t really clear on how to guarantee I’d get your die design. (It seems like I would pledge for a set, at a reasonable price, but then add $24 for ONE weird die, of which I don’t know which one I’d get, it would be pure chance that it’s yours?) or should I just wait until you announce your plan for what you are making for those who have all the SM games (if you are still thinking of doing this)?

    1. Daniel: Good question, but no, it’s unrelated. I just sent John a few colors that I thought would look cool in a die (and that people could use when playing Rolling Realms). There’s really no direct connection to Stonemaier Games or any of our products.

  7. Dear Jamey, is there a translation planned for the Complete Scythe Rulebook ?
    If so, which languages ?
    Thanks a lot !

  8. Dear Jamey, I am a heavy fan for scythe and viticulture, I have collected the games with their expansions as well and I just wonder will there be another expansion for both in the future?

  9. Always great to read your monthly newsletter Jamey. Noticed that Viticulture Digital didn’t launch in May and was not mentioned in the June newsletter. Did you receive any updates from Digidiced?

  10. Scythe Complete Rulebook (poll) doesn’t seem to point to a poll, but to the page for the rulebook iteslf. Should we leave a reply on the item to gauge our interest? Also, when I click “Notify me when it’s ready” it opens up a page to register for the mailing list, but I’m already on the mailing list so it gives me an error and asks me to update my preferences.

  11. Mmm, do you guys actual update the “Work in Progress’ status each time something occurs or change? For example, My Little Scythe, they are already being distributed — shouldn’t it be green? What does yellow status mean? Green Status mean? Sometime it doesn’t make any sense to me. I already got the My Little Scythe expansion, shouldn’t that be already green even before I got it?

    1. I update it once a month (see the top of the page for the last time it was updated). My Little Scythe isn’t being distributed yet–the retail release date isn’t until June. Preorders have been accepted and fulfilled (that’s a category not tracked on this chart). Yellow means “in progress.” Green means “complete.”

  12. Hi Jamey.

    You recently asked about good tie breakers (I can’t remember from where). I’ve just tried Potion Explosion which gets players to draw marbles from the board to cause explosions by clinking the same colours together. Whichever player gets the most marbles wins the tie. I thought this was a very unique example.

    All the best,

  13. Hello Jamey,

    The Coronavirus crisis is quite tough on everybody. My family and I got into board gaming because of it for reasons you can imagine. With your games Viticulture and Wingspan, you and your colleagues have made these last 6 weeks bearable for us! Thanks a ton!

    We are a family of four. We are deeply involved in the scout movement here in Quebec, canada. My spirit totem is great horned owl and wife’s is stripped owl (unsure of the translation, we play with the french version). Do I need to tell you how our two daughters react when one of our bird card become available? So funny. lol

    My bird card is more valuable than my wife’s! :-)

    Thanks a ton!


  14. Wow. I applaud you. I’ve been following your newsletters for a long time, and I think you’ve outdone yourself with this one. I am proud to have your games in my collection. Thank you for all you’re doing.

  15. Quick question: I know that buying your games is supporting you and your company. But in the newsletter (as noted below), you guys are reaching out to provide direct aid to those who have been severely impacted by the pandemic. The relevant section reads:

    “If your income has been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and you’re struggling to cover the costs of basic necessities, please fill out this form any time before April 5 so we can provide direct aid. You’ve supported us in the past, and we want to support you now in this time of need.”

    I am fortunate enough to have a steady job from which I can work from home (and have been working from home for almost 4 years). Is there a way that I can donate to this cause, and help you help those who need it most? Thanks in advance.

    1. Thanks for the thought, David. But we’re not looking to become a charity. The best way to add money to this pool would be to buy more of the April Fools products and potentially give them as gifts.

  16. Newsletter for April 1, 2020 — A few things to say about this one…

    * My Little Scythe – congratulations on getting this one complete!

    * April Fools Products – just ordered both of these! My girlfriend will get a kick out of the magnifying glass! She keeps one near the game table for just such an emergency!

    * Charterstone Digital – playing this one already. I have a campaign game going, but I am going slow, as I have not yet completed the over-the-board campaign. We played Game #9 last night, will get Game #10 played tonight… and will have the campaign completed this week. We look forward to this game every night since we got it.

    * Rolling Realms – have not tried this yet. I have two sheets printed so my girlfriend and I can try this, but we have been playing Legendary with my sons, Charterstone, Wingspan, Tapestry, and Everdell with each other… so…

    * Tapestry Expansion – excited to see that this has reached the Graphic Design stage. Looking forward to checking it out.

    * Wingspan Expansion (Oceana) – Whoot! Design is done!

    * Five ‘code name’ games in development – you, sir, are a busy man! Keep it up!

    Thanks for everything you guys do. Love you all!

  17. Have just seen the newsletter section regarding the April fools product proceeds.

    I am never one to normally comment on anything but just wanted to post to say that it is a wonderful thing to do! I am very lucky to be secure in my job but I know the impact the current circumstances has had on a huge number of people.

    Thank you!

  18. Just to confirm, Codenames Sand & Cape are each standalone-main event games that are coming out in 2020, correct? (Happily earmarking gaming budget…)

  19. I’m curious about what ideas you’re having for the tapestry expansion.
    Can you give us some “maybe we’ll do this or that”

  20. As an Australian Stonemaier champion I was thinking about the pre order system this morning, after setting an alarm for 1:20am to wake up and pre order the wingspan expansion (stock didn’t immediately sell out but I wasn’t keen to risk it after what happened with the base game supply) And I was thinking wouldn’t it be nice if there was some sort of guaranteed window, say even six or twelve hours, where if you were a champion and you tried to pre order you would be sure you’d get a copy that just adjusted the amount of stock you offered to non champions after that time elapsed. I feel like with the current number of champions that wouldn’t eat into supply very much but I could see how it would make it look like you were attempting to bully people into joining up.

    I had also thought, what if you allowed champions to pre order products far in advance, say a few months even, and then adjust your print runs to ensure those pre orders could be met without interfering with the numbers that went for non champion orders/to retail stores. Say your plan was to release 25000 into the wild, but you collect champion pre orders first and then end up making 27000, or just offering 23000 (I’m spitballing I have no idea about volumes of orders or if manufacturing is done in batches of even thousands or what)

    If I haven’t made it clear, I’m not a businessman, and I know next to nothing about the issues that any of these things cause. I’m happy enough to continue waking up in the middle of the night but I wondered if these were things you’d considered over the months. Anyway keen for the expansion. Probably will take a nap after work :S

  21. Someone on Amazon says Wingspan Expansion release on 11/1… yours says 11/6. Is this correct? I thought Champion gets first, then non-Champion gets second, then retailers gets third? Unless I am confused about how the Champion & retailers works?

  22. P.S. I realized after posting the prior comment that this thread is not specific to Wingspan, but that’s the game I was referencing.

  23. Hey Jamey. I love this game and am looking forward to this and future expansion. I know one gamer’s preferences don’t carry much weight, and I’m sure others will have different preferences, but for what it’s worth I hope that you prioritize the remaining continental expansions over any zany (e.g., fantasy) expansions or promo packs. That said, I think an expansion or promo pack for critically endangered and/or (recently) extinct species is a great idea. By contrast, even as a self-identified fantasy nerd, I don’t see a fantasy-themed expansion or promo pack as being a good fit for this game. Thanks again!

    1. Davis: Thanks for your comment! We’ll probably proceed with a mix of the two. Most of the work goes into the expansion, but it’s fun for the designer and the artists to sometimes take a break from those bigger commitments and just work on something small.

  24. Two questions: so as a Champion I’m assuming it makes more sense to order through the Stonemaier website on Nov 6, is that right? It’ll ship out even sooner than retail?

    Also, is it at all possible to feed on the comments on this page so that new do,Mehta we on the top, not the bottom?

    Looking forward to the expansion. This game is the biggest hit in my game group.

    (Also thanks Jamey for your patience with my email issues.)

  25. If you become a champion are you billed each calendar year. If bought now would it expire 12/31/2019. Or one year from date of purchase. Is it automatically charged again at end of year. Can you buy more than one copy of games.

  26. Now that I have the set of metal mechs not having metal leaders makes me feel some sort of way. I would love to have them as well

  27. I am frustrated to a new level. I got Stonemaier Champion level in hope of trying to get ahead and get wingspan expansion. Saw the email this morning as it was sent and in less than a minute it is sold out. No local game shops are listed as retailers and this just became a crazy hunt to preorder. I hate this system.

      1. My apologizes guys. I just rushed from the email since this is typically how preorders in the inventory have been in the industry. The link did say sold out on the website though which helped incite my panic. Sorry.

        1. Nathan: I was confused too when I first saw the Scythe Metal Mechs the day it became available for pre-order… and the first thing I saw was “Sold Out” icon on the picture. That was before the online store opened. I was like, “WHAT?!?! SOLD OUT ALREADY?!?” Perhaps Jamey should look into this and change the “Sold Out” icon when new item comes out before they become available for pre-order. Something like “New Item,” “Pre-Order,” “Sale.” Less confusing only use the “Sold Out” icon. Right? I cannot imagine how many time this happens to someone who is new to Stonemarier’s website.

  28. I see prices went up… guess it has to go with Trump’s Tariffs. Instead of passing the cost to us, which I disagree we should be paying for. You are the one decided to do “Made in China.” Any plan to switch to “Made in USA?” So we don’t pay the Tariffs.

  29. Hey Jamie, I realized just after I ordered, I would actually like two copies of Tapestry, is it possibly to edit my order so I get the discounted shipping, please?

  30. Jamey, your work ethic is inspiring. Thanks for setting a bar to measure myself by. Keep up the good work, you represent yourself extremely well in my opinion.

  31. Looking forward to Tapestry. I also enjoy looking at your progress on other projects, along with the codenames. What were the codenames for Tapestry and Wingspan? Keep up the great work. Love your communication!

    1. Tapestry was “Clay” after the medium that the miniature designer works in. Wingspan was Peregrine, after Jamey’s favorite bird.

  32. My husband and I purchased 4 sets of the Scythe metal mechs today with the Tapestry pre-order. We also ordered 4 sets of the silicon base snaps, but now we’re noticing that we may have purchased too many. Were we only supposed to order 1 set and, if so, how do we adjust our order? We’re very sorry, we were in such a rush this morning to make sure our order went through before the Tapestry pre-order traffic!

        1. Never mind, we saw that you just fixed it. You must hear this often enough, but it needs repeating…You’re awesome! Thank you! :-)

  33. I have been eagerly awaiting the expansion for Wingspan. I know that other expansions are being considered, but I see no hint of them in either 2020 or 2021. Are we going to have to wait until 2022 to see the next expansion?

  34. When can we expect details about Clay? If it’s due to be released this quarter, will preorders open up this summer? Really eager to see your take on a civ game!

    1. Our typical method of talking about games is that about 3-4 weeks before the preorder, I reveal the name of a game and start talking about what it is. Before that, though, I don’t say anything about the codenames.

      1. There’s not a lot of time left, if
        * The retail release is in Q3
        * Preorders open at least a month before release
        * The game is announced 3-4 weeks before preorders.

        I’m a recent convert to boardgames, and having played Viticulture, and ordered Scythe, I eagerly await your next game.

  35. Your previous newsletter had info about a “revision deck” to correct some typos in Wingspan. The newsletter recommended contacting FLGS to get them. I’ve contacted my two FLGS to no avail with regards to getting the replacement. Recommendation?

    1. Larry: Here’s what I said in the previous newsletter:

      “If you already have a copy of Wingspan in your possession, it is a first-run copy, and it has a few typos in it (see details here). We’ve partnered with a few retailers around the world to make it easy for you to get a copy of the updated cards: Meeplesource (US), 401 Games (Canada), Board Game Extras (Europe), and Guf (Australia/NZ). Your local store can also order from those other retailers for you.”

      Just look on the corresponding retailer’s website and you’ll see the update pack.

  36. So amazing that the templates for cards was shared. Is it possible to get the template for Viticulture Mama and Papa cards? A friend would love to have a custom Mama card to give to her Viticulture-loving mother on Mother’s Day.

  37. Are rules like banned combo mats in Scythe official?
    Is there a place where post-release rules for the sake of evening things out are collated?

  38. Thank you for providing a timeline that shows what to look forward to from Stonemaier. I am excited to see the first Wingspan expansion already in the playtesting stage. Also very intrigued by what “Clay” and “Sand” will prove to be. I hope you use a similar approach as you did with Wingspan in revealing things gradually about them as they approach their release date. I just signed up as an ambassador yesterday. I would love to be of help with proofreading or playtesting if you ever have a need.

    Thank you also for providing these various ways to connect with your company, hear your thoughts about gaming, and feel a part things, even if it is just to be part of the cheering section. I am gaining a much deeper appreciation for what is involved to be a publisher or designer.

  39. Hi Jamey!

    I’m a software developer by day and independent game designer and publisher by night. In an effort to improve my game project management skills, I’d like to ask some questions regarding your approach to project management. My apologies if you have answered this question already (I couldn’t find it).

    In your Newsletter’s Work In Progress section, you mention various stages of progress represented by green, yellow, and red. I assume green is “complete”, yellow is “in-progress”, and red is “not started”. The graph is pretty straight forward and each project seems to flow from left to right.

    My questions:

    1). Do all of your games follow this process flow?

    2). Could you provide some simple definitions for each step in the process so that I can better understand its context?

    Thank you and have a Happy New Year!

    Martin Stack


  40. Is this the correct place for discussing the January 2, 2019 Newsletter? This is where the link took me, but it doesn’t look like the Newsletter I received in my email, just now.

    Also, the link for the Demographic Survey takes me to one from 2017 about Gender, etc. Shouldn’t there be one from last month?

  41. When can we expect to see some of the expansion content available for Scythe Digital? Really enjoying it so far, but really want to get some reps in with the Invader factions and run the gambit of Wind Gambit content.

  42. Hi Jamey!
    Is there by change for a lower shipping costs for Canada for Wingspan since you mentioned the games are already in Canada awaiting fulfillment?
    Thanks, and keep up the amazing work!

          1. Thank you. I have just become a Champion ($12) and ordered Wingspan(-$10). It looks fantastic! Congratulations to you and all of the design team.

            The Champion membership is a great idea. You must be getting ~$30k each year. (I don’t know if other publishers are doing this yet). It is well deserved due to everything you do. I received a book for Christmas written by Gabe Barrett, which led me to his podcast, and he had many great things to say about you!

            I love my copy of Scythe and I’m sure Wingspan will be awesome too! Keep up the hard work. It is greatly appreciated.

          2. Thanks Tom! I appreciate all the support people have shown for the content we create, and hopefully they’re benefiting from the perks provided by the Champion program. And Gabe is great! It’s an honor to have a chapter in his book.

  43. I am interested in becoming a Stonemaier Champion. If I sign up today, is it good until 12/7/19 or just until the end of 2018?


  44. On this month’s survey, the last question (which Stonemaier game we don’t own, but wish we did) should allow for multiple response or be rewritten to signify which game we don’t own, but MOST want.

  45. Hey Jamey,

    First of all i wanted to thank you for the great work you have done. I have been a fan for a long time and now finally decided to post on the site.

    I wanna say im quite excited about the possibility of having another kickstarter run by you.

    For me the whole kickstarter is about the experience, with communication being a great part of it.
    I love the amount of communication shown in for example the tidal blades kickstarter. What do you think about using this type of heavy communication as a type of extra selling point for the project?

    Keep up the great work,



    1. Thanks Jean-Carlo! I liked to run my projects with updates every 2-3 days during the campaign and every 1-2 weeks after the campaign, with an hourly active presence in the comments. My personal preference is for a creator not to post more than 1 update every couple of days–if I’m getting daily updates (or more than 1 update a day), it’s too much for me, and I tend to unsubscribe to them.

  46. Hey Jamey! I find that this new (is it new?) addition to the news page where the production schedules appear is a very cool and useful idea. Jordan Draper just did this recently too, on his newly-updated site and I find it to be quite refreshing.

    I had a few questions regarding that information and I also had one comment, if I may. The comment is just that even though I had seen the page before, I had to Google your website and the word “timelines” before I found it again. This is because it’s hidden under the “News” section, and while that makes perfect sense, it is a bit unintuitive for me. I realize that you get unsolicited advice all time, so I’m not advising it to be moved, simply providing you with some data from my user experience.

    My comment aside I was wonder a few things, if you were comfortable to answer them. Not only am I curious, but running my own startup publishing company I am learning a lot about the process and I’m always eager to learn more. So here goes my Q’s:

    1) After reading your article about your designer contracts, I’m surprised to see that “Art” comes before “Blind Playtesting”. In the process of things, I totally get this order, but it would seem that your contracts allow you to take a big financial risk if you are having art done at a time when the contract can still be canceled for any reason. Could you shine some light on why you’ve set it up this way? I have some assumptions but I’d rather not lean on them.

    2) I noticed that after “Blind Playtesting” you then proceed with “Graphic Design”. Is part is quite confusing for me. I would assume that the graphic design is even more crucial to the blind playtesting than the art is. Perhaps the timeline sections are not super strict, but I would love to know more about precisely what is included in each of these steps.

    That’s it from me, thanks for any answer you are able to provide and no worries if any of the above is a bit of a trade secret and can’t be shared. Keep up the great content and awesome games!

    -Dylan (from Quality Beast)

    1. Thanks for your note, Dylan! I appreciate your advice. One quick note–if you click on “News”, it’ll take you here (the link is the same as “e-newsletter.” My hope is that it makes this page easier to find. :)

      I’ll do my best to answer your questions! Also, I should say up front that many of these things happen in different orders and simultaneously. There’s lots of overlap.

      1. Honestly, I’ve never felt at risk of a designer pulling a game from us after we’ve already started to invest time and money in it. I think those red flags would have shown up earlier in the process.

      2. Graphic design definitely follows blind playtesting. Like, imagine a game that you’re currently working on. You haven’t blind playtested it, but you proceed to send it to your graphic designer to lay out the board, tiles, etc, create icons, populate text, etc. Then you blind playtest it for several months, resulting in significant changes. How is your graphic designer going to feel when you tell them to redo 90% of the work they already completed? Sure, you need to have a playable prototype, and sometimes I enlist the help of my graphic designer for a few icons at that point, but I’ve learned to wait until the game is very close to being complete before I bring in my graphic designer.

  47. Two totally unrelated comments.

    First, is there any way these comments could be reverse-time ordered (i.e. newest to oldest) so that one doesn’t have to scroll down an increasingly longer list of comments to get to the recent comments (as well as add one)?

    Second, in your newsletter today you mentioned one of the games you’ve been playing recently is Root. I know its not one of yours – care to comment on what you think of this game?

  48. I just got Rise of Fenris and I wanted to give a major shout out to you for using the nice coil binding on the episode book. It may seem small to some, but proper binding for a book you will need to flip through a lot is really important. There is really nothing better and I have seen plenty of games with a campaign book of some kind that falls apart and has to be re-bound. The rest of the components are of excellent quality as well.

    1. Thanks Nick! I like it when people notice the little details. It was an extra expense, but due to the way we structured the scenarios (read the left page before you play and reveal the right page at end of game), I deemed the spiral binding necessary for the expansion.

  49. I notice that the in dev game “Combo” is inching ever closer to production and launch. Since it doesn’t appear to have applicable Solo design and testing, would this be the cooperative game you’ve hinted at? When can we expect more details? Inquiring minds (including my wife) want to know!

  50. Just out of curiosity, if you published a game from another designer based in Europe, would you want to have them represent Stonemaier games at their local conventions like Essen or UKGE?

  51. Thanks for the update, looking forward to rise of Fenris. Which brings me to my question: As pre-ordering the expansion in the US is rather costly and little scythe is also sold out at my end of the world (Germany): Will you be attending the Spiel 2018 in Germany and will you bring along the rise of fenris expansion and my little scythe for us to buy it from your own hands?
    Ok, more than one question. :)

    1. Thorsten: Stonemaier Games won’t be at Spiel 2018, but it’s possible our German partners will have the German versions of our games there (they might be saving some copies just for Essen).

  52. My Little Scythe getting a full release? That is tremendous news! That art work is lush. A new game for my little spud to play alongside stuffed fables? Heck Yes. Congratulations everyone, especially Hoby and Vienna. I love that they’re credited on the box. This is the sort of event that makes this industry so fantastic.

  53. Are you announcing “Eat A SHOE” to next Wednesday early to Stonemaier Champions or to the world at the same time?

    Have you ever considered making a contest game out of your codenames the week before announcing them? Whoever can guess the theme correctly enters a draw to win free shipping to anywhere and a 25% discount.

      1. True, that could easily happen.

        Plus, If people enjoy the guessing game too much they might request for an announcement extension :) Well, my guess goes to a cooperative dog-placement game. Dogs like shoes and working together in packs. Oh no, I only have 6 days left to figure it out! :)

  54. Are you enjoying Anachrony? It is one of my favorite games, but it is hard for me to get to the table. I really like how it mechanically integrated time travel!

  55. Thanks for the latest Stonemaier Champion Update. I’m not color blind but I find it very difficult to read sky blue colored links on a white background. I’ll go out on a limb and say probably most people do too. Stonemaier orange might be a better choice.

    P.S. Looking forward to hearing about the Puppy Dog euro-game next month, aka “EAT A SHOE”.

    P.P.S. I thought distributors frown upon publishers giving a discount.

  56. I’m a retailer, and I’d like to order some copies of Visit from the Rhine Valley. Should I set up a retail account on your website, or is it better to place the order through email?

  57. Hi Jamey,
    Can you give us any update regarding the Euphoria expansion? Really looking forward for some time for this one and would like to see if there are any plans for when it might be done.
    I want more stuff and that solo mode :)

        1. Thank you Gerald and Jamey for the update :)
          Subscribed the post on BGG. I see you (Jamey) mentioned a FB page for Euphoria, can’t find it, can you link it :)

  58. I signed up as a Champion and then went to pre-order the viticulture expansion as noted in the newsletter. While applying the promo code did give me free shipping, I did not notice a pre-order discount as mentioned in the newsletter. I haven’t ordered yet as I wanted to make sure I want missing something.

      1. I also was having a problem applying the preorder discount for the expansion. I went to the link you posted and still only see the one option. Is there a problem with the Champions listing?

      2. Thanks for the response and link! Like Derek though, I’m only seeing the one option for $20, which you mentioned was MSRP. Am I wrong in assuming that is not the Champion discounted version?

        Also, to clarify, when you said the listing is pre-discounted, did you mean it has already been discounted? Or did you mean the listing is pre-discounted, as in the discount has not yet been applied and should be discounted after the promo code is entered? If it’s the latter, the promo code still isn’t adding a discount.

        1. Scott: You may not be signed in to Shopify. If you’re signed in under the e-mail you used to become a Champion, you’ll see the discounted version. You won’t need any promo code other than the free shipping code.

          1. When I clicked your link, I wasn’t logged in. I then logged in but still didn’t see it in the shop. After closing the tab and clicking on your link again, it showed up as a separate entry for $16. I guess I needed to be logged in before entering the store at all. Thanks for the help!

  59. Pre-production to ship is 4 months on average if you’ve already finalized all of the non-printed components. Otherwise it can take much longer.

    For combo, we just couldn’t get a solo mode to work. If we figure it out, we’ll put it in an expansion.

    1. Sounds like an interesting challenge.

      Seems combo will have to be in pre-production in June to avoid the crazy December shipping. And eat a shoe in April to meet it’s release deadline. If you meet your goals eat a shoe will be at retail by September at the latest and combo by November, and peregrine may have a photo finish for November too.

      1. Yes, it looks very interesting. For color blind people it would probably help them if red has diagonal lines in it, or was black, or white with a black outline.

        How many months does it take from pre-production until it is on the ship? 4 months?

        Combo doesn’t have a solo mode, interesting. Does this mean its a party game (can’t be) , or a 2 player only game, or has a mechanism that doesn’t work well in solo mode (like deduction, auctions, etc)?

  60. My goodness that Euphoria expansion seems to be taking forever! It was Euphoria that introduced me to the Stonemaier brand – the first time we played just blew me away! Can’t wait to see what the expansion holds!

  61. As I was putting Viticulture away Sunday night it occurred to me that this would be easier and faster with the Game Fit box insert. Is there any way to get a U.S. distributor to pick that up?

          1. Yeah. It’s like Broken Token making stuff for Lords of Waterdeep. They’re just accessories and not official products.

  62. Hi, I bought Charterstone for a Christmas present for friends so we could play together, and “discover the game” as we built our friendship. It has worked beautifully, all involved are very impressed and it achieves what a good game is meant to do, inspire better human relations- thanks for the hard work- looking forward to more “reveals” as as we continue our journey in this interesting game-world!

  63. Weirdly exciting to see Combo enter Art/graphic design on your chart, even though we have no context yet as to how long between things entering that and you actually announcing them you’re going to be leaving things in general on account that the only thing you’ve announced since entering this new system is The Rise of Fenris (Still nearly getting that name wrong – Another ‘rise of the’ rather than ‘the rise of’ nearly happened, though I got the monstrous wolf’s name right this time at least…)

    This system you’ve got now feels much better than announcements of announcements, which often irritate me, somewhat because it’s more tangible, which makes it interesting rather than eye rolling.

      1. It will be a honor for me. You make me so happy with Chartersone. We are reviewers group and we have a problem go play one game more then once-twice and … we order a recharge pack after 6th game of Campaign :)

  64. Need more help with the transcribing now or in the future? I assume you probably had more willing volunteers than you needed, but if that changes, I’m game.
    Thanks for providing this service. Captions /transcription is so useful.

  65. Jamie, saw in your newsletter that you sent out via Email that you are playing Time Stories (Estrella Drive)! Love it. What run are you on? I still haven’t finished it. I decided to go back and replay some older episodes to to get some completion rewards to contribute to helping finish Estrella. The game is so good, but never enough time!!!! :)

    Love that you are playing this game.

      1. 6 or 7? Okay I don’t feel so bad. We were starting to think we were doing something wrong… still haven’t beat it, but we will. Oh yes we will! :)

  66. I am happy to see the Airships minatures for purchase in the website, any plans to do the same with the Mech’s of each faction. I see a bundle of Mech’s and Leader’s but i already have a extra set of Leader’s. An option to purchase just the Mech’s of all factions as a bundle would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  67. The last(?) Scythe expansion sounds awesome. And the name is extremely intriguing (Even if I expect to accidentally call it Curse of the Fenris or Rise of the Fenric at some point due to the existence of a Doctor Who serial called Curse of the Fenric which is just similar enough that I’m probably going to brainfart on it)

  68. Sooo excited about the final Scythe expansion! It sounds exactly like what I would have wanted for this fabulous game. 11 modules, and a resettable campaign!! Amazing. Board game news is off to a great start in 2018! Can’t wait to hear more about this.

      1. Good to hear.
        I had looked there, but they are out of the stone.
        I need ore and stone as separate resources for Archipelago.

  69. I would like Matagot to post an official response too–I’ve asked them if they will do that.

    I’d like to know more about the typos on the tiles in the game. The rules are one thing, but that’s an easy fix with a digital download. The tiles present a bigger issue because they’re on the table throughout the game. Can you tell me more about that when you wake up tomorrow?

  70. As I said, I’m a true fan of Scythe, spent quite a bit of money acquiring everything you release since I missed the KS.
    However it kinda ruins it, when gameplay component are riddled with translation issues, some of which clearly show there was no proofread at all.

    I personnaly bought my exp pack at my local game store, hence why I paid extra, so I did not put 1 star, even though I kinda understand them, only way to make a point really.
    I’m not even sure if Matagot made an official reply on the issues ?

    I don’t really care about rule with typing mistakes (it’s poor job but it doesn’t impact my game).
    But I would have really liked that Matagot bite the bullet and offer to reprint the gameplay content.

    Either way, always impressed by the speed at which you reply on here, thanks for taking the time to aknowledge the issue.

    1. Sorry for double post, thought I canceled the previous reply in time.
      You can delete one of the message.

      Off to sleep, thanks for taking the time to reply.

  71. Meek: : Well, we all make typos, even in short batches of text. We expect our international partners to both translate and proofread properly, but we also put our partners under a lot of pressure to do all of this on a tight schedule so the international releases can be at the same time as the English release, so I understand that mistakes can be made. When I see people complaining about an extra “s” in “resources” (on a different thread), I wonder if they’re just stirring up trouble for the sake of drama.

    So in my opinion, the current translation is “normally translated.” However, I know that Matagot has heard the complaints and are updating the rules. If I were them, I would just post a revised PDF on their website. However, they may choose to print extra rules to appease their fans.

    1. Hum so you feel it’s normal that there are so many translating mistakes?
      You make it sound like it’s just some letter not doubled in a word or two.

      It’s much more than that, it’s missing words altogether, it’s sentences that just make no sense it’s multiple typing or french errors: this is not possible with proofread, especialy when there is so little to translate for something that’s quite expensive (half the base game).

      I’m a bit surprised you are down playing it like that tbh …

      1. I’ve seen the mistakes, and some of them are indeed a problem. I’m talking to Matagot about it. But it seems that the people reporting the mistakes are lumping very minor errors in with bigger errors–they’re not the same thing.

        It’s really unfortunate that people are rating the quality of a game based on a subpar translation. Of course I’m frustrated that it wasn’t a perfect translation, but I’m disappointed that fans of Scythe would act this way. You have the right to demand excellence, but how do translation mistakes translate into a 1-star rating?

        1. I bought it at my local game shop, hence why I paid more, so I didn’t leave a feedback, but even as fan of scythe, who paid premium to get all the bonus (missed the KS), I was highly disapointed to say the least when I saw it.

          Trying to get an aswesome looking game to end up with stuff that is not even proofread really.

          I don’t really care about the rule as people don’t read those once explained, but at the printed material used in game.
          I was really hoping for Matagot to bit the bullet, and offer replacement but it doesn’t look like you think that’s even a possibility.

  72. Hey there

    First Huge French fan of Scythe, so I pre-ordered the Wind gambit as soon as it was possible.
    I also have every bit of “extra” available for Scythe, so this has became quite an expensive game for me but I really love the awesome edition.

    However upon recevin the expansion and opening the box, I as really disapointed, not to say kinda furious, to see that there were already errata on what looked like a really small and simple translation job.

    The expansion is quite expensive here in France (35€, about half of the base game price), so I was expecting regular translation job, not something riddled with faults, missing words, or sentences that make no sense whatsoever.
    The errata in the expansion doesn’t even list all the mistakes.

    Seems a lot of your fan are really disapointed about the french translation as you can see the rating of the expansion on the biggest french retailer :

    Do you know if anything is planned to fix it? Or maybe you have some way of getting in touch with matagot about it?
    Real shame that such a great game is getting so poor review because of that …

    1. Fel: Thanks for your interest in all of the Scythe things. We prefer to let people pick and choose the things they want instead of making them buy all of the things for a very high price. There are several bundles on this page that make it easy for you to buy everything Scythe related.

  73. Hello! I recently deactivated my FB for the holidays (I do it every year), so I’ve been out of the loop on all things Stonemaier! :) Any news on the eagerly anticipated Viticulture iOS version? Can’t wait!

  74. Hey Jamey – was going over the November newsletter and remembered about a game you talked about with the Dukes of Dice seems like forever ago now. I relistened to that episode because I had meant to reach out to you at the time and never did. Is the “bird game” you talked about still in the works? I could take a stab based on the codenames above that it is ;) I am a huge lover of both birds and board games. I wish I would have reached out to you earlier, but if there’s a way that I could help in any fashion (play testing, the “science” behind the theme, etc) please let me know. There are very few games that fit so snug into both my hobbies that I felt it imperative to reach out.

  75. Hi, Jamey! Just read the newsletter, and a couple of questions:

    1) I’m in love with the world of Scythe, and I am also very proud of my Scottish heritage. While I appreciate the integrity of what you have chosen to release as merch with Scythe content on it, I would love an Albion Shirt with the faction logo on it…are there any plans to release faction specific shirts? Bumper stickers?

    2) I see you’re playing Ulm…what do you think of it? It has been on the short-list for a while, and lost out this year to Orleans. I would welcome your thoughts.


    1. Clint: Thanks for your questions While we don’t have faction-themed shirts in the works, we do offer the emblems for personal use (see Scythe’s art gallery page)–you could make a shirt with it! :)

      I’ve only played Ulm once, and it’s been a while, so I can’t speak about it with much knowledge at this point.

  76. Hey Jamey, Just wanted to know what you think of Archon: Glory and Machination. I used to own that game and adored it, but alas, couldn’t ever get it played enough to warrant keeping it in my collection. Personally, I love the theme/artwork, don’t find the board to be too busy, and like the different worker abilities. What are some of your thoughts? Or maybe you should just do a short video on it. :)

  77. Ah, at first when I saw so many Codenames I thought you were making spin-offs of the game Codenames. Silly me. Can’t wait to try Charterstone :)

  78. Two distributors I know of are out of the Scythe base game, and one is out of Invaders from Afar. Any chance there’s a reprint of those two coming with Wind Gambit?

    Also, has there been a decision on whether to reprint the board extension?


    1. Of course! If we sell out of something, we’re reprinting it. :) We have large print runs of all of those items wrapping up production now, and they should reach stores by early December at the latest.

  79. That ‘combo’ codename seems interesting. Are you teaming up with another designer for a game, Jamey? Like maybe Isaac Childres? Or maybe Ryan Laukat? How about both! Hahaha! That would be amazing!

  80. I notice you’ve started putting codenames for these various unannounced projects rather than ‘submitted game’ or ‘Jamey design’ – Quite often people and companies have methodologies they use for codenames, like Magic R&D at one point were doing triplets with unambiguous orders for the three sets in each block, e.g. one of the blocks had codenames of lights, camera, and action. I’m curious if you’ve got a methodolgoy for coming up with codenames.

  81. Your survey needs a comments section. I’m kind of color deficient, not color blind, but many of the ways to adapt for color blind work for me, but not all. And something I look at when buying a game is the solo-ability of it, something missing in your style question.

  82. To further articulate on my survey response: though I chose online purchases as what I do most, i would still say I do about 35 to 40% of my purchases at flgs. Also I like competitive and co-op games almost the same amount. Just trying to be clear.

    1. To further iterate on mine – I do 95% of my board game purchases via my FLGS, and 100% of my accessory (e.g. Stonemaier resin tokens) purchases online. The 5% usually being when I wind up buying a board game at the same time as accessories.

      That’s discounting convention purchases.

      1. Another clarification for my survey while I remember – I prefer competitive as long as there’s a two player version, for co-op games I usually wind up playing them solo – which is a form of play I enjoy anyway, but for co-op gaming I need the game to be able to be played solo for me to consider picking up, for competitive two player games I don’t necessarily need a solo mode, it just helps if I’m unsure if my husband will enjoy the game or not. I put on the survey that I prefer competitive.

  83. I got into board gaming in the last few years and with saying that have only been following you the last few months (since I’ve heard about Charterstone). I must say, you are by far my favorite developer. The mass of content you put out, the outreach you have in so many forms on social sites and the like is purely outstanding. I’m working on a game myself (super slowly) and again, you are the example that I believe everybody should follow. Keep up the great work and thanks for being always present.

  84. bonjour, est ce que l’extension Scythe invaders from Afar sera traduite en français merci pour votre réponse. Cordialement

  85. Hi Jamey. There were a couple of mentions in the last newsletter that you have been posting information about Charterstone & the new expansion for Between Two Cities on Facebook. For people who don’t use Facebook & use Board Game Geek to keep up to date with the gaming world… just wondering why you seem to be favouring Facebook & not really giving that much info on BGG?

    1. Steve: I like the visual element, organization, and interface on Facebook. BGG is great, but I don’t get a sense of community built around specific games there. The community is there, to be sure, but it’s not centralized in the same way that a game-specific Facebook group is.

      I’m very active on BGG, though–I’m always happy to answer questions there.

  86. Hi Jamey, the survey was a nice initiative. I was actually really surprised with the “exclusives” responses. It might be however that the sample (SMGames friends and followers) is not representative of the general gamers population. I also felt that the questions didn’t fully capture my sentiments about such incentives therefore I decided to share my views below.

    For starters I do believe that there should be incentives (we do risk investing our money on something we haven’t really seen or experienced yet at the end of the day). Someone on the other hand might say that KS is all about helping to bring to life a game that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Sure, but there are so many great games out there, enough to keep us busy us for 5 lifetimes. Maybe that was more true in the early KS days.

    Given the proliferation of excellent releases from established (and new) companies it almost feels crazy that people don’t buy the countless tried and true, and decide to invest in oftentimes half-baked ideas. Still there is something exciting in all this…

    Second, I despise scalping practices on games with exclusives in the form of extra content (see CMON), however exclusives could also exist in an aesthetic form. E.g. a special limited KS box cover would be an attractive enough reason for me to back a game, something which wouldn’t reduce the utility of the game for the retail buyer. The same as with a signed copy, or a special thank you card. These things have primarily emotional/personal value and its a memory that we were part of something.

    I also pretty much dislike early birds.
    If we assume that the KS and retail versions are identical, I can’t accept paying retail price + shipping on a game that 1 month post-release will be bought for less (and without shipping) from all major online retailers. Especially after taking the big risk of investing on a prototype. Under this light a universal guaranteed lower price (compared to the online retailer’s MSRP) would also be a good incentive to risk my money and much more preferable than the early bird practice (many of us have better things to do than waiting for the countdown of every KS campaign in order to grab a $5 dollar discount).

    These are only a few thoughts that maybe other people share but the survey didn’t capture entirely (namely, non content based exclusivity & universal discounts).

    As always, thanks for the awesome content!

  87. Your email newsletter and level of communication are almost as impressive as the components in your games. Thanks for making such awesome stuff! Just one point of errata. Your latest newsletter’s progress bar for Charterstone lists it as releasing on Mar 3, 2017 directly underneath the bar. You mention earlier in the newsletter that it will be releasing “much later” in 2017. The progress bar on this site is missing that bit of detail. I am assuming the March 3rd date is way off? I’m cool with that. Take whatever time you need to make more awesome stuff.

  88. Hey Jamey!

    I was wondering if those dates on the image you have for the retail releases are accurate? That seems a lot sooner than I thought for Charterstone and the Scythe Expansion.

    Thank you very much! :)

      1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Oh *phew* Ok I thought I had to be wrong somewhere. In the image the ‘Q’s look a lot like ‘O’s so it kind of looks like “March/04 2017” or “03/April 2017”. Sorry about that Jamey. I think I’m just way too excited for your games. Have a great day! :)

  89. Hi Jamey, i’m from Spain and i’m waiting to play Scythe for the first time when i receive the realistic resources.
    I have a pre-order on boardgame extras UK and they say will be avaliable in February but in others stores say the date for Europe is in June.
    Do you know when will be avaliable in Europe?
    I’ve read the rules a few times and i’m looking forward to playing.
    Sorry for my english

  90. Hello Jamey,

    I have a copy of the Adventure Atlas preordered at an OLGS (Cardhaus). Is there a time frame that those will be restocked at the distributor level? I saw above that Top Shelf Gamer got individual parts, but there was no mention of the boxes themselves.

    Thank you for your time and talent,
    Paul Soukup

  91. Hey Jamey,

    I assume ‘Tuscany:EE More Coming in February’ is into the USA?

    Are some of these likely to make it to UK? and do you have an idea when they would arrive here?

    Many thanks.

    1. Ian: Yes, that’s in the US. It actually should arrive in Europe a little earlier than that, as a few distributors in Europe bought copies directly from us before they left the factory in China.

  92. Hi, in the newsletter before the last one you wrote all retailers should had the scythe expansion, coins, extended board… but no german retailer has none of them in stock. When would that be? :/

  93. Hi Jamey – just recently received by Token Trilogy pre-order and… yeah, fantastic as always! Well done.

    I seem to remember reading a post somewhere about the next set containing reed. Is there a discussion thread about the next set or any hints yet about what that set will consist of? Also, any target timeline on when the next set might come out (recognizing that any answer you give might be pure speculation at this point)?

    Lastly, are the Animal Components being offered as a complete set or just individually through specific retail sites? Or is that each site’s choice?

    1. Mark: Thanks for your questions. The tokens we were considering for a farming chest were reed, wheat, cheese, fruit, vegetable, and mushroom: I’m not 100% sure we’ll actually be making those tokens, though, and if we do make them, we may sell them individually instead of as a complete chest.

      As for the animals, they’re available in various forms from Top Shelf Gamer, but there is no complete boxed set of them (it would be over $100, which is just too much–the animals are really expensive to make). There are some bundled deals for specific games, though.

      1. Since the document is no longer editable, the actual tools you went for don’t really work for Stone Age… But the axes do – Single headed for 1, double headed for 2, Single and double for 3, two double for 4, and are actually easier to remember to ‘untap’ for some reason than the cardboard squares included. Yes, they’re medieval style axes rather than stone age style axes, but it works…

  94. Jamey, my sons and i picked up scythe and we are addicted, this game is brilliant! We have been suggesting it to everyone we know as well as having game nights at the house with all my son’s friends who are all in the military as officers (4 of them) and as a former marine myself its crazy entertaining to watch all the different tactics produced by military minds.

    Thanks for creating and sharing this game with us and we will be purchasing and backing games from you now that i know these are kickstarted.

    I was also curious if you plan to continue having more of the premium coins and resources made for sell as most preorders are sold out or if this is the last time, thanks!

  95. Looks like the Automa deck is already sold out :-( Should have bought it while I was at work! Do you plan to restock again, and if so, when? Thanks!

  96. Ala cart animals. That’s… Going to take some thinking about before I pre-order (If I pre-order, since I don’t seem to be able to mix in the $50 metal Scythe coins since both are pre-orders, might wait for both to be available at once. Then work out if the combo I want is cheaper than what 2 sets of 60 mixed animals would come to for 20 each… Hm… The 10 dogs should be sufficient, for example, but the rest… Hm.)

  97. Wow – super disappointed with the pricing on the upcoming animal premium tokens!! There doesn’t appear to be a “chest” available for them, and if I purchase 20 of each (and let’s be honest, there were usually a few more than 20 in the chests), it will cost $127, and that’s with no storage box!

    1. Kristi: They’re big tokens, and the level of painting makes them more than twice the cost of our other tokens. 2x cost = 2x price. (Though you’re still welcome to be disappointed, of course!). As you noted, a chest with 20 of each animal would have cost over $100, which did not seem like a good idea.

      1. Do you have any pictures of this next to wooden counterparts for comparison? If they are so big, I wonder how they will fit on games like Agricola and ACBS.

      2. Twice the price I could stomach. Quadruple the price not so much. When you sold realistic tokens directly I believe they worked out to roughly $30-$35 per chest? And that was with counts in the mid-to-high 20s for each resource. Now only 20 of each animal would be about 4x that, not double, due to going through a retailer. I don’t begrudge you the right to sell however you want or for the retailer to make money, but after all the input we realistic resource KS backers gave you during the design process it’s beyond disappointing to be left flapping in the wind.

        1. You received a significant discount on previous chests. Their MSRP was $60, and even that was deflated from what it should have been based on manufacturing cost (the Terror Tome, for example, should have had an MSRP of $80).

          I’m sorry you feel like your input isn’t valued, but that’s simply not true. I highly value it. I hope in return you value the significant discounts I’ve given you in the past by supporting the animal tokens at a fair-market price.

    1. Ah, I see. They should be able to continue to accept pre-orders–maybe not for the stock arriving the first week of November, but definitely for the stock arriving a few weeks later (we made a bunch of copies that will arrive in waves throughout November).

  98. The Scythe expansion will arrive at retailers (only through retailers) in November. We haven’t designed power wheels for the expansion yet, but we’ll sell them through Meeplesource sometime in 2017.

  99. So, when is the Scythe expansion due? Preorder? And would it be possible to get matching combat wheels for the two new factions?

  100. Did I hear you correctly in some podcast that the Euphoria expansion will include the Automa system for solo play? I could be mis-remembering. I do not currently own Euphoria, but am certainly interest in the game for my group and for solo play.

    Also, now that I finally have Scythe, it is beautiful and I am giddy in thinking about finally playing it this weekend. I am also looking forward to throwing more money at Stonemaeir for upgraded components. I have seen them in person and they are wonderful.

  101. Exciting news about the Scythe expansion. Please ensure that in your doing that non-kickstarter method that you maintain a good shipping cost for all us fans in Australia :)

  102. Hi Jamey

    Just a point to maybe take on board for the future … the in progress colour bar showing the various projects and current expected releases etc shows “Winter” for the Scythe expansion. Now I appreciate that the (vast) majority of those likely to buy that expansion are in the northern hemisphere and this makes perfect sense to them, but I looked at it and initially thought “what! another 12 months (sigh)” before i realised the context.

    So maybe it might be possible to change it to “late 2016” or “early 2017” or something equally all-encompassing, just for those of us in the antipodes. Just a thought.

    Also, is it at all possible to order comments on this page to “most recent first”? Is that a user-end thing?

  103. Hey Jamey,
    Scythe is amazing. My bro Jaye Power brought it over last Friday. He is one of your play testers. After 15 years of friendship he would not leak any inside info on up coming games…

    Now he is locked in my shed.

    Love your games sir.

  104. Hi Jamey, I just heard some info on a new game spinning off from the Euphoria universe. Can you tell us a little more about it? Thanks.

  105. Have you posted news about the limited supply of components for Scythe and other games in their appropriate forums on BGG? Not too hard to find a BGG’er who thinks a company has an infinite number of games in stock, or has somehow missed your KS or retail release news, despite all your hard work and advertising.

  106. …I am far more excited than I should be, especially considering the lack of any actual information – Viticulture card game? Viticulture dice game? Standalone game about running a high class wine bar with the Viticulture brand? Standalone game that takes many of the mechanisms of Viticulture and applies them to brewing Whisky in the Scottish highlands using the Viticulture brand? Standalone expansion about delivering wine? All of those could be covered by that phrase – for that Viticulture spinoff…

  107. …A Secret Project that’s going straight to retail? Are you allowed to give teasing hints, for example saying if that relates to the e-mail conversation that lead to Viticulture EE?

      1. Thought not. Not enough info about it to get excited yet (Unlike Scythe and Euphoria Expansion), but certainly the most intriguing thing on that list of five things that have a timeline for release. :)

  108. Hey Jamey, I’m seeing Tuscany and Tuscany Prima out of stock at coolstuffinc and miniature market. In stock at Amazon but marked up. Will Coolstuff or Miniature Market get them back again or are you saying it’s done?

    1. Gabe: Tuscany Prima is out of stock for good, but as far as I know, we still have Tuscany in stock (and the coins are at Meeplesource for those who want to upgrade their copy to Prima). Hopefully Coolstuff and MM will buy more copies!

  109. A bit off-topic, but I noticed Pay Dirt in your list of recently played. I have a friend who “dreams” gold mining (she’ll never do it in reality). She also likes strategy games and economic-sim type games. Do you think there’s enough “theme” in Pay Dirt to interest a would-be gold miner?

    BTW, missed Viticulture the first time around but will definitely pick up the reprint through my FLGS. Glad it’s doing well!

    1. James: There’s plenty of theme in Pay Dirt! The theme is well integrated in the game, and there’s a nice engine-building element to it.

      Viticulture should still be available at your store–it’s just that your store won’t be able to restock for awhile.

  110. A shame about the need to split the Tuscanny expansion into multiple parts, but the fact the expansion is more than the base game makes this not particularly a surprise… And, lets face it, any other publisher would have likely released the 12 modules of the Tuscany Expansion between either 3-4 large box expansions with 3-4 modules in each, or 6-12 small box expansions with 1-2 modules in each (Maybe combining New and Advanced visitors into a single module) originally, so even if you split it into two boxes, it would still feel like two huge expansions.

    Loving the presence of metal coins in Deluxe Scythe – Will you be selling these seperately like you do with the Tuscany coins? And, if so, how easy for you would it be for you to sell additional sets as an addon so people who want to can keep one in Scythe where they thematically belong, and one outside of it because these coins look gorgeous based on that art and not every game has a quantity of money that suits Tuscany’s 1 2 5 combo – Though not sure how big a market there’d be for that.

    On a practical point of view will the cardboard coins be pre-punched or punchboard? the 1 denomination from the Crimean Khanate’s hole might be awkward to punch, though probably that will just be a brief annoyance to people getting the retail version while they punch it and they won’t ever have to think about it again – I think tokens with holes in have tended to be worth the pain to punch, even if the hole is purely aesthetic.

    At some point, it would be interesting to get a guest post – either on the campaign itself or on the blog – from Jakub Rozalski on the world building for this project, and how he’s approached the art for it. Particularly for these coins, I’d be very interesting to know more about the process of designing them since they’re based on real historic coins but translated into the alternate history world he’s been building.

  111. Oh let me get this straight, you mean we could get the chest ressources as an add-on during the KS campaign? THAT would be awesome..

  112. HI SM Games and Jamey,
    Quick question: new treasure chests are they going to work with forecoming ‘Scythe’ boardgame? Thanks

    1. Lionel: The resources in Scythe are grain, metal, wood, and oil, so by sheer coincidence one of those resources is in one of each of our first four treasure chests. We will probably offer those resources as part of Scythe for those who don’t have them and only want them (at a price).

  113. For the next two treasure chests I think there should be separate polls on which euro(s) get chosen and which thematic ones get chosen. For example, I would like the Animal and Sci-Fi chests…but that’s not an option…

  114. Hi Jamey, just got your newsletter. Fantastic progress as usual :)
    Do you know if your crowdfunding book will be available in the UK? I’m refering to the paperback version. I work as a shop level bookseller for Waterstones (the UK’s book chain) and would love to see it in store over here so was thinking that if it had distribution in the UK then I could bring it to the attention of our buyers at head office as something well worth them considering. Sometimes it just helps to bring things like this to their attention, they see so many products come through.

    1. Lloyd: Thanks for asking about this! I don’t think it has international distribution yet. If there’s anything I can do from my end (i.e., introduce you to BK or send you a galley), please let me know.

      1. That’s a shame about international distribution. I expect it will come in due course! I will do a little digging on this end; I know some things we can order through Baker & Taylor (book wholesalers Waterstones use to source American authors) for customers by request, if the book is on our internal stock database. I’ll find out how it can be added at least.

      2. According to Nielsen bookdata it has UK distriubution via McGraw-Hill Publishing (they do business and computing books and are pretty well known). The ‘release’ date for the UK is 20 December, as last updated on 19th jun. I shall pursue putting it to the attention of a buyer.

  115. I’m curious if you will be making more euphoria wooden stars sets available on Currently there are none available.

  116. Just saw the newsletter that there might be some Stonemaier tournaments at GenCon…which games are we thinking?

    1. Paul: We’re not really sure yet. We’re trying to keep things pretty casual, so it might be something we think of on the fly or a few weeks before the event. We’ll send out a notice about it if we have one. :)

  117. I found one question on your survey (sent out Jan 1) confusing, and probably didn’t end up answering the question I thought I was answering. When you asked how much I’d be willing to pay for a “Viticulture app,” I interpreted it as an app that supports the game in some way, like the apps that have been developed for various games to keep track of resources, rounds, or other pertinent game information. Without knowing what such an app would entail, I picked “not interested.”

    It wasn’t until afterward that I realized the question might have been asking if I would pay for being able to play Viticulture the game as an IOS app, which I would indeed find interesting. Maybe I’m the only one too slow to pick up on what you meant, but in case I’m not the only one who thought that, maybe the question could be worded in some way to specify that it would be the game as an app, rather than simply an app about the game.

    Keep up the great work! The tokens and landmarks have piqued my interest about Between Two Cities.

    1. Oh, and the inclusion of the Power Grid elements in the next Treasure Chest would be amazing! I held off on the last one despite liking the concept because I didn’t own many games with perfect overlap between the offerings and items in the game; I’d hate to have great tokens for Caylus’s gold, stone, and wood and still use little blue and pink cubes for cloth and food. But a chest that covers oil, coal, trash, and uranium would be great.

  118. Jamey, have you heard if Tuscany for US backers has arrived at Amazon yet from the Panda warehouse? I see you have an estimated delivery date for Tuscany at Dec. 21, but also show an arrival date to Amazon for the treasurer chests, stars, etc.

    I picked up the CE since I had never played Viticulture before. I may have made a mistake yesterday by watching a bunch of the reviews and run through videos. Now I am incredibly jacked to play, and hoping that I can take it with me on my Christmas vacation to play with the family. I am praying Christmas will come early and I will have the incredible wine crate of goodness to open soon!

  119. Hi Jamey,
    On the box art for Scythe, you’ve got a stylized “C”…but it’s shaped like a sickle. A scythe is shaped more like a 7–it’s what the Grim Reaper carries. The idea still comes across if you’re just going for tone, but I thought you should know (if you didn’t already) that it’s factually inaccurate :)

  120. Hi Jamey. I couldn’t find anything specific on the collector’s edition with the wine box, etc. Is this grouped with the Tuscany delivery?


    1. I would recommend getting the second edition, as we currently have no plans for a Euphoria Kickstarter in 2015. Even if we end up doing one, there’s a good chance it would only be for the expansion, not the core game.

  121. Still thinking about buying lewis & clark. did you like it? And do you like belfort? have it here but not played yet. Did my first round of the newly released La Granja – nice heavy eurogame.

  122. Hi! Is there any chance for the revised recruit cards to be available at Essen please ? As EU backer, it would be awesome! If not, is there a file we can print soon?



  123. Regarding the Updated Recruit cards… will they be the color faces or the line faces? We really like playing with the line faces deck and would pay extra to get those updated to 2nd edition.

    1. Noah: They’ll be the recruits with faces. We have to print minimum quantities of 1500 sets, so it’s not feasible for us to print two different versions of the cards, especially since we’re including them in the Treasure Chest for free.

  124. Sorry I was a bit vague but you’ve answered my question. I have travel for work scheduled in August. However I’d like to get Viticulture then. If your shipping is handled through Amazon I should be able to get a notification of shipment, along with a tracking number and then be able hold the shipment if its delivery doesn’t sync with my availability. Yes…Yes…I know I could be patient and wait until November for both…..well…no I can’t.

  125. Doug: I’m not sure I understand your question…we’ll use Amazon fulfillment to deliver Viticulture and Tuscany, and you’ll be able to choose through Kickstarter if you want to deliver the two games together in November or separately (so you can get Viticulture in August).

  126. Jamey – it’s may be too early for you to know, but would the Viticulture delivery carrier be one who would allow me to schedule my August delivery?

  127. Have been wanting this game for a long time I am so excited. Some people from my gaming group enjoyed Euphoria quite a bit. I myself, Have not played yet. It appears that you are becoming an established board game designer . I am a Stefan Feld fan and now I am becoming a Stegmaier fan

  128. I’m so excited about this surprise game! I will try to set aside a bit to make sure I can back it :)

    And EU languages… Neat! Are the using the ks translations, or their own?

    1. They have their own in-house translators, but they said they were really impressed by the quality of work our backers produced on the translated pages!

  129. Is there any chance that eu backers can buy only parts of euphoria that are translated? I am thinking about getting translated cards for euphoria while play with the base game from KS. Or do you guys only plan to to sell the full translated game? Would be great to have that part selling for friends who don’t speak that much English like my dad. Else it is hard to play that that game with him…
    Thanks in advance

    1. That’s a neat idea–I’ll mention it to Morning Players. That aspect of the game (printed European language components) is completely in their hands now.

      1. I hope that means you’re planning to not stop there, and also introduce an Android version – being able to play across the two platforms would be an important feature in my household, as I just invested in a Samsung Galaxy S4 for me, and a iPhone 5c for my wife.

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