Scythe Complete Rulebook

Scythe Complete Rulebook

game design by Jamey Stegmaier | compilation by Matt and Brittany Griepp

A 136-page compilation of all Scythe rules and clarifications.

worldbuilding and art by Jakub Rozalski

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(preorder August 5)

The Scythe Complete Rulebook is 136 pages (printed on the fancy paper we’ve used in other recent rulebooks). An initial print run will be available on our webstore (fulfilled from the US, CA, UK, and AU) in the summer of 2020 for $20.

We’ll also offer a low-res, black-and-white PDF version for free (there is a robust index in the printed version, but searching a PDF is handy as well), followed later in 2020 by a hardcover version for $25. This product will only be available directly from Stonemaier Games.


Over the last few years, particularly as the number of Scythe expansions, accessories, and promos grew, a number of people asked me if I would consider printing a single book containing all of the rules. My response has been that it’s actually a big project if done well, and it wasn’t something I wanted to devote my graphic designer’s time to (we keep Christine very busy). A few people have even reached out to me to say they would compile the full rulebook, but then they realize how much work it is.

But then something unexpected happened. Not only did Scythe fans Matt and Brittany reach out to me last year to say they were interested in taking the time to compile, organize, and index a complete Scythe rulebook…they actually did it! I was amazed by what they pulled off. In addition to compiling all Scythe rules in one place (including, for example, all of the mech abilities on consecutive pages, while still providing spoiler warnings when applicable, as well as all Automa content), they also included frequently asked questions and answers on a card-by-card basis. This isn’t just a rulebook–it’s the internet of Scythe, all in one place.

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132 Comments on “Scythe Complete Rulebook

    1. I don’t have that insert, but I don’t think the complete rulebook will be any thicker than all the other rulebooks combined (which you can remove from the box after you replace them with the complete rulebook).

  1. Is there any update as to when this will be released? I’m really looking forward to picking this up along with the modular board!

  2. Sadly currently there is no hope for polish version so I guess I’ll stick with english one… Spiral bound in the box and hardcover on the shelf next to artbook ;)

      1. That won’t help – there is official polish edition of Scythe already, however polish publisher is not interested in printing complete rulebook. For digital version – I don’t have copyrights to polish translation and I’m fine with english one.

  3. Ooooh I am excited to hear this news! I too will be buying both. Spiral for the table, and hardcover for gloating. I can honestly say that out of all the games I own (and I own quite a few now), this is THE one game my friends keep asking me to bring over so they can play.

  4. I will be getting both, spiral for at the game table, and a hardcover for the bookshelf.
    Does becoming a Stonemaier champion only benefit US residents, or does the free shipping and pre orders work for Canada as well ? I am in Manitoba. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for considering becoming a Champion, Michael! The Champion Membership gives a $10 discount on international shipping cost. :)

  5. Hi Jamey,

    I would love to get the hardcover, however, when will we know if you intend on printing it or not? I’d rather not miss out the spiral version if you’re not printing the hardcover, however, I’d rather not buy both.

  6. The hardcover version sounds nicer and I would opt for that in most cases, but since this is a rule book, the spiralbound version sounds more functional for during game play.
    Art book = hard cover
    Rule Book = spiral
    But in general I would like an updated all in one. I have not been keeping up with any updates since whatever version all of my stuff is. That and of course there’s a different rule book from each expansion.
    So, I’d certainly buy something just to update and clean it up.

  7. Will be the cherry on top to our completed Scythe collection. My main concern is hole wear and just hope for the best paper choice to hold up to repeated use. I just picture my kids tattered school agendas and hope for the best.

  8. How about one version with spiral bound and a hard cover? The spiral is slightly heavier than a soft cover and the only difference is the covers have a cardboard base underneath the print. I have a couple other books like this.

  9. Spiral bound for me. Very practical, though I would end up buying a hardcover version as well if it were made.

  10. I voted Hardcover, but if it is not ready to purchase by the time spiral bound it I might opt to get a spiral bound to have this sooner.

  11. I voted “spiralbound,” but what I really want to vote is, “Will buy spiralbound unless I know for sure hardcover is coming out soon.” :)

  12. Jamey, please consider the interest in this rulebook in any format a great start, but perhaps push the idea further. Scythe is a premium format game deserving of premium format accessories. Personally I would be much more engaged and willing to invest — at a much higher level — if this were a Scythe Compendium, with complete collected rulebook, history of the game development, and art book. Like a Scythe Definitive Edition. It would be a GREAT way to bookend this chapter of Stonemaier Games. Thank you for reading this!

  13. …and just to be sure… there is no “vote here with check boxes or radio buttons”, it’s just responding in this comment section…right? I’m not missing the actual question – multiple response webform somewhere?

  14. In the survey there isn’t an option to purchase both the spiral bound and hardcover versions. I for one would be keen for both.

  15. the hardcover books that came with Arena and Cloudspire lay flat on every page. I would prefer hardcover, but will buy spiral if that is all there is.

      1. There are some quality options for a flat-lay hardback binding, but it might increase the cost for the hardback. Honestly I’m in for both anyways and will happily give you my money. I have a custom “travel edition” of Scythe that the spiral bound would be perfect for, and it would be nice to have a high-quality flat-lay hardback for when I pull out all the painted pieces and metal mechs. Thanks to all involved with this massive undertaking to compile everything!

  16. This is a tough one, but the primary answer is I’d like to buy one. Spiral-bound is fine, but if hardcover were available I’d probably go for that.

    However, if I buy the spiral-bound now I probably won’t ALSO buy a hardcover later.

  17. I’ll have one of each. Spiral to keep in box for use during gameplay. Hardcover to keep on the shelf for reference to brush up on the rules prior to game day.

  18. As I have every expansion, thus all the rulebooks I’d ever need as references, I’d prefer the hardback as a collector’s item.

    1. Our fulfillment center in the UK will have these for you to order! In fact, they have all of our products and if you order from our store to a UK address, it will ship from within the UK. :)

          1. Yay! Great news :) Publisher of polish version apparently abandoned Scythe-relate products so I’ll buy english ones to complete my collection :D

  19. Spiral is the way to go! I had FedEx replace the binding on my DnD books for a couple bucks and it’s the envy of every group I’ve played with since. Hardbound is fine for a picture book, but a rules compendium needs function.

  20. I would like one (Softcover), but in german ;-)
    So I miss the option “yes, in a localized Version”.
    But I think, that it would be too expansive for Feuerland to translate.

  21. I will buy both of these! Just when I thought this game collection couldn’t get any better, this shows up…awesome!!

  22. Spiral bound would be my preference for the reason you mentioned regarding having it open to a particular rule

  23. I’d buy the spiral bound version if that’s the only one that comes out soon, but I would prefer hardcorver if I had the option.

  24. I’m going to agree with quite a few people here. I would by the hardcover version if available however if theirs not enough traction I would settle for the spiral bound version.

  25. I’ll buy the spiral bound version if that’s the only one that comes out soon, but honestly a hardcover version would be nice and I would buy that first if I had the option.

  26. As nice as the hardcover would look, I suspect I will just buy the spiral bound version.

    However, please add me to the list of people that really want a color PDF copy. That is even more useful when searching during play of the game, often times. I understand you don’t want to make it available in as high a resolution as possible, but having the PDF in color would be much nicer than just a black and white version.

  27. I’ll get a spiral bound, but would probably also like a hardbound in the future. The spiral bound would be great for gaming sessions and the hardback for my private collection.

  28. for the poll an option to buy both now the spiral version an the hardcover in the future would have been nice. As I would support and buy both.

  29. i will get the spiral bound, but would love to see a hardcover as well.
    this may be a silly question, apologies, but is there any chance this book will fit in the legendary box outfitted with the complete broken token inserts and all available content❓taking out the original rules to make space would be the obvious move.
    if it will not fit in the legendary box, a folio style sleeve printed with scythe art would be an interesting option to keep the book intact during storage/downtime, transporting/moving and or sticky kid fingers playing with my scythe game🤣🤣…god i love my boy‼️😎

  30. Wow! It looks like there’s a lot of interest in this. What’s the betting Jamie underestimates the print run and it sells out almost immediately? Not that that has ever happened before… 😉

  31. I would like the spiral-bound. I know the book is 136 pages thick, but I wonder how wide the book will be. Very wide books are difficult to handle at the table, at least for me.

  32. Hi Jamie! I think this book will really add to the Scythe experience, but I didn’t vote in the poll above and I’ll tell you why.

    As an international customer (Canada), my concerns are always shipping costs, the horrific CAD to USD conversion rates, and availability in my market. I’d like to order a physical book, but it may cost too much for too little once everything is converted and shipped.

    I tend to use digital rules for a lot of my games, and a low-res black-and-white version doesn’t sound that exciting to me. (But I do appreciate that it will be free!)

    My preferred version would be high-res full-colour digital (with index!), but I understand the risks to your business that come with that offering.

    If I did buy a physical version someday, I have concerns with both options:

    First, in my experience, coil books tend to degrade even faster than regular books, and heaven forbid you get a tear. I’m worried about the book deteriorating too quickly; particularly if I’m playing different expansions here and there and need to flip back and forth often.

    Second, a hardcover book sounds like a good idea for a collector’s item, but I think it would be very difficult to use in play unless the cover and pages lay perfectly flat. Nothing’s worse than that “page bubble” you get when you’re near the front or back of an open book.

    All that aside, though: very excited to see this kind of content come out. Thanks for keeping things fresh in the industry :)

      1. Right, but still sold and shipped in US dollars, right? Depending on shipping costs, ~$40 CAD is just too much for a rulebook.

  33. Hardcovers are nice collector pieces, but it would just sit on the shelf. The point of having all of this reference material in one place is for actual play, so spiral is a practical choice that I appreciate.

  34. I am also in the “want a hardcover, but will but the spiral-bound right now, just in case the hardcover doesn’t happen” crew.

  35. I’d buy one spiral bound. Came here from the June 2020 email update. Is there supposed to be a poll somewhere besides the comments?

  36. I’ll add my voice to the “I’d buy both” camp – especially if it is going to be a small print run and the existence of a hardcover isn’t assured, I want to be sure I have at least something, though I’d prefer the hardcover. If I do end up with both, I’d put the spiral in the box for use in play and put the hardcover on the shelf for the beauty shot. :)

  37. Jus to echo — I will get the spiral bound version (SB); that was my vote. If a hard cover version (HC) is made available in the future, I will be getting that.

    The issue is this: If both were available right now, I would likely only get the HC. However, I have no idea if the HC will happen, so I will get the SB on the chance that the HC never happens.

    It is a tough position to be in, as someone who loves Scythe and this company. :) But it is a tough I can deal with and respect. :)

  38. I’ll buy the spiral option now with no indication of a hardbound, but would likely buy, and prefer, that too.

  39. The poll doesn’t give me enough options. I would buy TWO copies of the Spiralbound rulebook, definitely. In addition, I would buy a hardcover version if it’s offered in the future.

  40. I would go with the spiralbound, as that would work better while playing (lay flat, flip through quickly). Will definitely buy that as soon as available!

  41. I already learned a little tid bit I wasn’t aware of in the first sample picture. I’m sold! I also think that 1 condensed book will fit better into the Legendary Box then having multiple sheets and books.

  42. I would buy a hardcover in addition to the spiralbound. Thanks to the dedicated gamers who undertook this colossal work!

  43. I voted that I would buy the spiral bound notebook, however, I would very much prefer it to come to retail so that I can support my friendly local game store.

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