Each player in Scythe can deploy up 4 mechs to assert force over the uncharted lands surrounding the Factory and to protect their workers and territories. Each mech is linked to a special ability, most of which are unique to each faction. When a player deploys a mech, that player’s mechs and character all gain the ability.


Republic of Polania (white): The Polanian mech is inspired by the streamlined look of airplanes and submarines. It has the ability to submerge into a lake and–by using the underground river system–surface on any other lake. It’s also people-friendly, as the Polanian player can use the mech to gently push opponent’s workers off of territories without losing popularity.

Saxony Empire (black): The Saxon mech is built for tunneling through narrow passages in the mountains of Saxony and beyond. You don’t want to face a Saxon mech in combat in the dark depths of a tunnel.

Crimean Khanate (yellow): The Crimean mech is pieced together from the scrapyard, as the Crimeans rejected the idea mech technology until it was too late. It specializes in traveling long distances and can allow a player to scout and steal an opponent’s combat card before combat begins.

Nordic Kingdoms (blue): The Nordic mech is inspired by Viking longships. It has the ability to both walk on land and sail on lakes, and it comes with long-range artillery to damage the opponent before combat even begins.

Rusviet Union (red): The Rusviet mech, with its war scythes, is a formidable figure on the battlefield. It has access to a secret network leading from villages to the Factory. It also becomes more powerful in combat when accompanied by workers.

Clan Albion (green): The Albion mech, inspired by Scottish bagpipes, has a rotating array of weapons that can be used for attack or defense. It also has the ability to use tunnel territories as a guide to cross rivers, and they can quickly cross great expanses to rally to help endangered workers.

Togawa Shogunate (purple): The Togawa mechs are built to sustain even the harshest elements, particularly water. They’re built for solo combat and adventures, not pack hunting. And they include several devious contraptions that allow them to rearm traps laid by Akiko and Jiro.


These mechs and illustrations were created by Jakub Rozalski. Carsten Biernat & Jozsef Szollosi of Unique Voodoo Studio are the 3D modelers for Scythe’s miniatures. 

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31 Comments on “Mechs

  1. I love the “additional trivia” in this section! Can you add a spoiler section that gives similar information for Rise of Fenris?

    1. I briefly considered it, but they I looked into what it would entail (dozens of new moulds, a significantly higher cost per unit, and a struggle to fit them on the board), and I decided against it. We are making metal mechs, though!

  2. Hi Jamey,

    as an alternative to the metal mechs, I would much rather have painted mechs of a reasonable quality. What are the numbers on that?


  3. Hey Jamey!

    Regarding the metal mechs; would it be possible to color the bases their faction color leaving the actual mechs uncolored?

    Thanks Jamey!

  4. This has probably been beat to death, but I can’t find it on BBG, so…I’m confused by the Speed ability. Is that +1 hex each time you take the Movement action (meaning that when you take the movement action, one of your mechs/character could move one additional space) or for each movement icon you get an additional hex (meaning that if you have 2 movement icons, two of your mechs/character could move one additional hex each)? Thanks!

  5. Sounds like the perfect fit for Kickstarter! Hahaha! Just kidding. Look who I’m talking to. :) Thanks Jamey! You rock!

  6. Hey Jamey!

    I was just wondering where your thoughts currently sit on the possibility of metal mechs? Thank yout very much! :)

    1. Good question. There has been enough interest in it that normally I would proceed to make them. The challenge in this case is that there’s a significant up-front investment, as we can’t use the same moulds that we use for the plastic mechs. Also, even though people have indicated on the form that they would pay upwards of $80 for those mechs, clicking a button on a poll is quite different than actually authorizing such a big purchase. I’ll continue to keep an eye on the poll numbers to see if it’s something we could try.

  7. Oh my gosh . . . the possibility of more factions with correspondingly unique player boards for even more game variability . . . blows my mind! Don’t think you’d have any problem selling those. Would also be a great excuse for Jakub to come out with another art book so we could purchase even more of his beautiful work! :)

      1. The only issue with more factions (which I would LOVE to see) would be a different board. However, if you have, say, the French, you could give them a faction home base that is made out of the cardboard the coins are made out of to cover up any unused faction being replaced by the French. This would work well (at least I think). One more thing. Can you please give the airships some variety? Because I read on a post that the models will be the same. I feel this would make them rather bland. So I’m just saying that you could maybe change the hull a little bit per faction. I feel it would help in the long run. Anyway, scythe is my favorite board game so far, and would love to see waht great ideas can be added to it.

        1. Here’s an update I posted in the Scythe Facebook group a few days ago:

          With today’s announcement that pre-orders for Scythe: The Wind Gambit are now available through retailers, I thought I’d share a behind-the-scenes look into the process of designing and refining the airship miniature.

          Each of the 7 factions has 1 airship miniature in their faction color, but the sculpts are identical. There are three reasons for this: One, thematically, all airships have the same abilities (the abilities are randomized at the beginning of each game). We tested it both ways, and it worked best this way.

          Two, the cost to make a high-quality mould for a miniature this size is about $10,000. Expansions like this are a low-margin product, so adding an additional $60,000 for six more moulds is a significant expense.

          Three–and this is really important–when we get the original sculpt from a 3D modeler, it’s not like we instantly start making miniatures. Rather, it’s the beginning of an extensive process to maximize the durability and aesthetics, as well as exactly how different parts of the mini will fit into the mould (big miniatures like this are often comprised of multiple pieces).

          For the Wind Gambit, this process took 2 months for a single miniature. At the end of that process, I actually sent the updated digital model to the original sculptor so he could do some final touch-ups to the updated design. This was particularly important because Panda was in charge of ensuring that workers and resource tokens could fit onto the miniature.

          That’s right–airships in The Wind Gambit physically carry workers and resources. That might give you a sense of scale when looking at the image below. The airships are 104mm long, bigger than 3 mechs placed side to side. They’re elevated 40mm above the table on a clear plastic stand (the position and height of which we had to carefully calibrate to ensure good balance).

          With this final model in hand, Panda will make the mould next week and start making the 41,000 sets of miniatures for the first print run of The Wind Gambit!

  8. Will there be an option for Diecast metal Mechs or Wooden Mechs after the release?
    It would be great to have a more solid feel and look (not that actual minis/figures don’t give that impression).

    I will also be looking forward to paint these, leaving the base faction colour of course.

    1. Travis: That’s a neat idea! It’s not something we’ve considered, and I’m hesitant to make more special editions of Scythe after already selling special editions of it on Kickstarter. But if there’s demand for it in the future, we could consider it.

      1. Instead of an additional special addition original game you could offer the metal mechs as a limited edition expansion package in one of the future expansions you possibly release. This way people can still get the items they want in a limited edition capacity without those on kickstarter getting upset.

        The pieces themselves could also be sold separately for anyone who wants to just get better looking mech pieces.

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