Scythe Modular Board

Scythe Modular Board

designed by Jamey Stegmaier | art and worldbuilding by Jakub Rozalski | graphic design and layout by Christine Santana

The modular board changes the landscape of Eastern Europa every time you play Scythe.

1-7 players | 115 minutes | $25

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The Scythe modular board adds a new level of variability to Scythe, with the map (double-sided board and 4 big double-sided tiles) and the faction locations (home base tiles) changing every time you play. The modular board adds a drafting element to setup, along with a variant for a tighter map at low player counts.

This is a completely new board designed specifically for the tiles (which are designed specifically for the new board). Both the board and the tiles are double-sided to maximize variability. When you play Scythe with the modular board, you will not play with any other version of the Scythe board.

Featured Components

• 1 double-sided board (624x818mm, same size as the standard Scythe board)
• 4 double-sided tiles (7 hexes per tile)
• 8 home base tiles
• 8 structure bonus tiles
1 rulebook (11 languages)
• Automa rules for solo play

Between the double-sided board, double sided tiles, and home base tiles, the modular board creates millions of possible board layouts.


Release Details

  • Worldwide retail release date on July 26, 2019 (MSRP: $25; SKU: STM638)
  • Available for preorder from Meeplesource for Gen Con pickup.
  • The modular board weighs 1.4kg and measures 272x312x26mm.


Is the modular board compatible with other Scythe expansions?

Yes, technically all of them. However, thematically we would not recommend using it with The Rise of Fenris–it creates some weird interactions with the ongoing campaign and some of the episodic elements.

Will the modular board fit into the Legendary Box?

Yes, the board is the same length and width as the original board, so it fits perfect. The tiles just add height.

Won’t the random setup result in some factions being more or less constrained by rivers?

Yes. We’ve implemented measures to ensure that each faction has at least a few easily accessible territories, but they may be more or less conducive to riverwalk abilities than in the standard game. Players may need to build mines more often than usual. Our overarching method for addressing this is that players will draft their starting position after the board is set up.

Will there be a version of the modular board with bigger hexes (like the board extension)?

We explored this idea, but in terms of length and width, the tiles–which are groups of 7 hexes) would not fit into the Scythe box if they were the size of the hexes on the board extension. There’s also the issue of cost (it would be significantly more expensive). This is the only version of the modular board we will ever make.

When using the modular board do you randomly choose the structure bonus before or after the players chose their factions?

Randomly select and reveal the structure bonus tile after placing the board on the table (after step 1 of the modular board setup).

What languages does the rulebook include?

Design Diary

May 8: Structure Bonus Tiles

One of my greatest surprises and pleasures that has emerged from Scythe and Stonemaier Games is seeing fans create modules and expansions. You have created things that are far beyond my imagination.

When I was designing the modular board, by sheer coincidence a few different fans posted ideas for new structure bonus tiles. I liked some of the ideas and proceeded to tweak and playtest them.

At first I thought I’d offer them as a separate promo, but I know it can be a bit arduous to try to track down every Scythe promo. Simply including them in the modular board pack seemed like a better way to serve you.

So that’s what we did! In addition to the game board and the 4 punchboards, there’s a 5th punchboard featuring 8 new structure bonus tiles. The structure tiles are to be shuffled in with the original tiles even when you’re not using the modular board.

Big thanks to Patrice Piron, Jeremy Ellis, and Mihir Shah for inspiring these designs! Which tiles are you the most curious to try?

May 7: Issues Discovered and Solved During the Design Process

Yesterday I discussed how the Scythe modular board went from being inconceivable to a possibility. However, I still discovered a number of potential issues during the design process, and today I’d like to share those problems and our solutions.

Also, before I begin, I should note that we’ve already made the modular board. Production is complete, and it’s on the boat to the US (and other fulfillment centers).

  • Lake location: To ensure that a lake didn’t end up next to a home base, we could have only put lakes in the middle territory of each 7-hex tile, but that would have limited the variability and organic nature of the board. So instead I designed the tiles so that if you end up with a lake next to a home base, you simply flip over the tile during setup, and the other side is guaranteed to not have a lake next to the home base.
  • Size preference: I know there are quite a few people who use bigger versions of the Scythe board, whether it’s the board extension or the neoprene playmat. So originally I discussed the possibility with our manufacturer of making a modular board the size of a standard board and another that is bigger. However, the main issue we ran into is the bigger versions of the tiles don’t fit into the box (nor does the board, unless it’s broken into multiple sections). For that reason, this will be the only version of the modular board.
  • Expansion compatibility: I wanted to make sure the modular board worked with all of the various Scythe expansions. The only expansion where it’s not exactly recommended is the Rise of Fenris campaign, as a few of the episodes have specific setup rules that rely on the original board. Also, thematically, if you’re playing through the campaign, the terrain and layout of Eastern Europe shouldn’t shift from one game to another. There’s also a spoiler I could mention here in relation to The Rise of Fenris, but I’ll just say that the home base tiles we designed for the modular board are compatible with The Rise of Fenris.
  • Tile stability: It was important to me that the terrain tiles, once placed on the board, remain in place throughout the game without spinning or moving. I explored the possibility of magnets or a multi-layered board, but unfortunately both turned out to be cost-prohibitive. The solution I decided to implement is to use ultra high-density cardboard for the tiles. This greatly increases the chance that the tiles will remain perfectly flat on the board.
  • Player count scaling: Given that the setup for the modular board involves placing specific tiles on a special board, it gave us the opportunity to allow players NOT to place all of the tiles if they want a tighter board for fewer players. However, my original design philosophy for the Scythe board–particularly for 2 players) is that it offers a flexible interface for interacting as much or as little as you’d like. So with the removable tiles, I didn’t want to depart from that philosophy and impose a tighter board on couples who like having more room to roam. As a result, removing tiles is an optional variant in the modular board rulebook.
  • Language and localization: There aren’t many rules necessary for the modular board–basically just 1 page of setup rules and a few clarifications. The board and tiles themselves are language-independent. So rather than print different rulebooks for each of the localization partners who offer Scythe, I just included 11 different languages in the rulebook. That way we have a single product we can print and sell at scale, rather than 11 different versions. The packaging for the board is minimal–it’s just the board, 5 punchboards, and the rulebook in shrinkwrap, with the bar code printed on the rulebook.
  • Balance: I touched upon this a bit yesterday, but one of my biggest concerns as I designed the board was ensuring that the board’s layout didn’t determine who would win the game–each faction should have a fair chance from any location on the board. I mostly addressed this through the design of the board and tiles themselves, but I also added a level of agency via a draft at the beginning of the game (after the tiles and home bases are on the board, randomly deal a player mat to each player, then have them each pick their faction, starting with the highest-numbered mat).
  • Tile alignment: Working digitally, it’s hard to tell if the final diecut tiles would be seamless additions to the special board, so I tested this specifically when I received the pre-production copy. Indeed, they weren’t quite as seamless as I’d hoped, so we made some adjustments, and I’m pleased with the result.
  • Automa: Automa is largely unaffected by the modular board, but for clarity, Morten added this note to the rulebook: “On the normal board, the Automa is restrained by water for the early part of the game. The modular setup will not always provide that boundary between factions. Choose the starting home bases carefully or you may find yourself drowning in a sea of hostile Automa units. Expert players may actually wish to challenge themselves this way.”

Did I miss anything? If so, I’m happy to clarify and respond.

May 6: Why the Board Wasn’t Possible (Until It Was Possible)

This week I’ll be discussing the design process of the modular board and exactly how it works, culminating in a Watch It Played video on Thursday and a full rulebook reveal on Friday.

Today I’m going to talk about why I originally thought a modular board for Scythe wasn’t possible and what changed. There are 5 reasons on the Scythe FAQ about why a modular board wasn’t possible, so I’ll list each of those reasons and address them from my current perspective.

1. The rivers are biggest challenge in creating a modular board. If the board were a random set of hexagonal tiles, you would have rivers that only run along a single edge between tiles, which doesn’t really serve a mechanical purpose (nor does it work aesthetically or thematically).

This was by far the biggest hurdle in even conceiving the possibility of a modular board. If Scythe didn’t have rivers, it would be much easier. But rivers are quite important in Scythe, both to give each player the security of their own little patch of land and to give players a barrier to overcome as they venture out into the world. With individual hex tiles, a cohesive river structure isn’t possible, and encounters and tunnels could end up extremely unbalanced.

But then I played Clans of Caledonia, and I realized that I was being shortsighted in limiting myself to individual hex tiles. Caledonia uses 4 double-sided tiles consisting of big groups of hexes, rivers running through each group. That’s when the idea of 7-hex tiles clicked for me, and that’s what I ended up testing, balancing, and using.

The loss here is that the tiles removed the possibility of having a “fog of exploration” where you only discover certain parts of the board when your unit arrives there. However, with the way riverwalk and other terrain-specific movement works in Scythe, this never really would have worked anyway.

2. The art simply wouldn’t be nearly as cohesive if it were made of modular tiles. The Scythe board tells a story; modular hexes do not. The world of Scythe isn’t modular–this is a specific world we’ve built that’s based on an alternate-history 1920s Eastern Europe, not a random one generated by the players.

This is still partly true, though we figured out the art portion thanks to the efforts of Jakub and Christine (our graphic designer). As for the world of Scythe, the official Scythe storyline ended with The Rise of Fenris, so after consulting with Jakub, we decided it was fine to make a few products that are mechanically consistent with the game but venture beyond the core storyline (the other product being Scythe Encounters).

3. The map is one of the biggest aspects of the faction-based asymmetry in the game. We’ve designed the Nordic faction’s abilities based on them starting in the north with limited access to certain resources, for example, and all factions have a mech “riverwalk” ability that correlates precisely to their homeland. Same with all the other factions.

I agree that a core part of the asymmetry of Scythe is related to your faction’s starting position (both their seating position and the territories to which they have immediate access). For that reason, the original board will always remain important and relevant.

My biggest concern was probably each faction’s ability to riverwalk out of their starting area and not be able to riverwalk directly into another faction’s area. With a randomized board, that balance becomes much more difficult to control.

However, I figured it out due to a combination of careful tile design, careful board design, knowledge that a landlocked player could still build a Mine, and the addition of a draft at the beginning of the game after the faction tiles have been randomly placed on 1 of the 8 home bases on the board. The result is one of my favorite aspects of the game–you’ll be seeing a new board from a new perspective every time you play.

4. The board includes three tracks and several places to put cards, which allows for better organization than if these items were floating around the table.

I previously mentioned how Clans of Caledonia helped me think of the grouped hex tiles. However, I was still stumped for a while about how Scythe would work without a board–at the very least, I would need to provide other tiles for the triumph, power, and popularity tracks. Also, I was concerned about the potentially odd (and even game-breaking) layouts that could occur with interlocking tiles.

Then I realized that just because I was using modular tiles didn’t mean I couldn’t also use a board to solve those issues. Not only that, but a board could add even more variability (it’s double sided) and it makes setup and cleanup much easier than dealing with 40 individual hex tiles.

5. There’s already a lot of variability in the Scythe setup (namely, 25 different combinations of faction and player mats and tons of different objective and encounter cards).

I’m still happy with the sheer about of variability and replayability in Scythe, even just the core game. But I’ve been overjoyed to learn over the last few years that there are quite a few people who have played Scythe dozens of times. This board is for you. And even if you’ve only played a few times, you might still give this a try. :)

Those are all of the reasons I thought the modular board would never be possible. It took me a while to figure it out, and I appreciate your patience. I look forward to hearing stories of your adventures on the new board in June (or later this summer if you wait to buy from a retailer)!

If you have any questions about anything I mentioned above, please ask in the comments. :)

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186 Comments on “Scythe Modular Board

  1. Something a bit odd. Why the Crimea/Patriotic combination is only forbidden in the English rules? All other rules only mention the Rusviet/Industrial combination. Since there is only 1 multi language rulebook I thought every language would have to be consistent.

  2. The modular board is great and it adds so much freshness to the game (after playing dozens of games on standard board)!! But please explain me why did you skip the red border of tunnel hexes??? :) It would have been so much easier with it when tunnels are placed in different places in each game now…
    But other than that it is a really good piece of work!! Thanks very much.

  3. As others have said, I just got my board, and two corners are REALLY banged up. I am going to fill out a replacement parts form. When whatever did the banging was able to bend SIX LAYERS of cardboard on two corners, something is definitely out of the ordinary. I totally agree with the other posters, damage in shipping happens. There’s no bad blood.

      1. I don’t know about shipment practices in the US but my board arrived in a cardboard box, filled with those styrofoam Cheetos. :) No damage whatsoever. Shipped from the UK to Croatia.

      2. Thanks, Jamey! I just thought maybe I was special since TWO corners were damaged. Everyone else has only been saying just one. HA HA HA HA. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, THANK YOU for engaging with the community the way you do!!! You spend so much time with us, I have to wonder if you ever get any work done.

        1. Just got the replacement board. This one was dinged on one corner, too. No visible damage to the outer packaging like last time. However, the damage is minimal, and the board is playable. It just won’t last as long, as it was in interior corner, and the paper separates slightly from that corner when the board is unfolded. NEVERTHELESS, it’s awesome. Will play it multiple times over the 4th of July weekend. I’m happy.

          1. Will let you know, Jamey. It’s certainly playable. The first one, I wish I could send you pictures, it was…ahem….not…playable. :-) This entire board, the modules….the board itself…is almost as much a piece of artwork as the cards themselves. Just gorgeous!

  4. Just got my modular board today! It’s very cool, but, like others have mentioned…it arrived pretty beaten up. The board is usable, if no longer nice to look at, and I still can’t wait to try it out with my game group. Maybe copies that arrive in stores will be less damaged? After collecting all the game’s upgrades, maps, and expansions, I definitely want a modular board in good condition to complete my set!

    1. I should probably add this is nothing against stonemeier games…damage in transit happens. Just my OCD completionist streak showing. Also, thanks for the Euphoria expansion, it’s worth the wait!

        1. Thank you so much, but I’m happy to play and use this board and eventually pay for another to keep nice. Scythe is worth it, and keep up the good work! Any new SG release is an event in my group!

  5. I got my Modular Board today! I’m very excited to play it, once I get the gang together.

    I did want to mention that I had issues with the shipping packaging as well, such that one corner of the board got crumpled in transit. I don’t think I need a replacement board, as this will still function fine and I can tape it up a bit. I mention it just so you know and can look into whether there might be a better way to package the product for shipping.

    Thanks for the great games!

  6. Great thanks a lot for the my info. My concern is if I preferer manufacturer A for as the maker of mass production for the collectible in my case but rather go with manufacturer B for package probably because of better pack,better price or efficiency, one or all the above to name a few. Did that ever happenened to you ? Or you stay pretty much a to z with 1 and only manufacturer of a board game?

  7. I just received my Modular Board as a Stonemaier Champion. The padded envelope was not enough to handle FedEx then USPS, and one corner took a bad beating. I just submitted a Replacement Parts request and hope that I am in the minority with respect to shipping concerns as this is a great product.

      1. Thank you Jamey. Hoping to get this onto my table real soon to see the challenges it will open up during Automa play.

  8. It’s official, I’ve now spent more on Scythe than Kingdom Death Monster. Well worth it. 3 more sets of metal mechs and I’ll be tapped out.

  9. Submitted my order today. My first transaction directly with your online store Jamey. I acquired all my other Scythe paraphernalia through a mix of physical premises and online stores. Not all methods were equally satisfactory. I get the impression you prefer to reward good behaviour rather than punishing bad. Your online store works really well and I love how your pre-orders actually ship from various centres throughout the world. The shipping rates card you have posted here is incredibly reasonable as a result. I’m very excited about this modular board. Thank you.

      1. I really did. It arrived today. Looks stunning. Communication throughout was great. Arrived even sooner than I expected. I can’t wait to get playing. Thanks again Jamey.

  10. Will it be cheaper to preorder than purchase later? I’m rather new to the board game purchasing business.

  11. Really looking forward to this, I think some modules from RoF would really come into their own with this expansion!
    Though sadly I think I’ll have to wait until my local games store can sell it, as they can make a larger bulk order.
    Shipping a shrink-wrapped cardboard product from the US to the north of Sweden (considering the current state of our postal service) is probably a great way of getting a wet lump of damaged cardboard in the mail.
    I remember reading a post about a customer who got a board damaged in shipping multiple times, which was no fun for anyone involved.
    Thanks for making a great game, looking forward to this expansion! :)

    1. Per: Sorry for the confusion, but as noted on this page, we ship pre-ordered copies from fulfillment centers worldwide. Your board would be shipped from the UK, not the US. This is standard for Stonemaier Games.

  12. Jamey – If we preorder Scythe Modular Board through SM Games, do you have an estimate of when the preorders will be shipped? Thanks!

  13. This looks very cool, loved all the expansions and how you’re keeping this game fresh. Now if only I could find more people to play with…

  14. Oh yas! Seriously cannot wait for this! Such an amazing game we’ll done lads!
    Mike Connell from Scotland.

  15. The legendary organizer by tower rex should be able to fit everything this is adding without pushing the box top up.

  16. More Scythe? Yes, please. This was one of my only concerns when I first played the game – that without a modular board it could get stale. But because of the changing factions, and the industry board, I have never felt like the board got stale. and NOW, I have so many new ways to play. I totally didn’t NEED it, but I totally WANTED it. Thanks, Jamey!

  17. Hey Jamey!

    Any chance we’ll see a bundle including the base game and maybe some expansions with the start of the pre-order for the modular board, similar to how you ran the Ignorance Is Bliss pre-order?

    I ask because I haven’t invested in Scythe yet and would prefer to do all my purchases through the SM site all at once with my Modular Board order!

    Thanks for everything!


  18. Scythe has joined a very limited selection of my my shelf which I decided to pimp up as far as it goes. I’m slowly getting everything there is for Scythe. That being said, I’m still holding off on Fenris. Why? Because my gaming group dissipated and I don’t want to waste the wow effect on just the two of us at home. :( But soon, hopefully, I’ll form a new group and get Fenris. Anyway, this modular board will be preordered! I just hope the shipping won’t kill me. It’s exactly what I was missing in Scythe: a way of not seeing the same layout over and over again. I look forward to using airships on this board. I think they will help dramatically with overcoming some of the more unfortunate layouts (my house rule is going to be: don’t whine, find a way!)

    1. I played the Rise of Fenris with just two players and it was a great experience. I have heard from others as well that two players was the way they enjoyed it. I am going to be trying it with four players in a few weeks and see how that goes, but two players was actually a lot of fun. I understand what you’re saying about the shared ‘wow’ factor, it would be fun to experience that with a larger group. It’ll be fun to know what is coming and see how others react.

    2. 2nding Kevin: Fenris is *totally* worth it, at any player count.

      My first play through was solo, and then two more at two players. If anything, the “wow effect” is even greater, as you get to enjoy your own experience AND can later be fully present to curate and witness your friends’ experiences.

      As awesome as the modular board is, the amount of new content / variety added by Fenris is at least an order of magnitude beyond it.

  19. It’s sad to know there will not be a board with bigger hexes (really, it so comfortable to play with bigger board – it ), but the only one reason why it is this way, it’s just because hexes dont fit in scythe box? For example, I dont have that big scythe box, and hold all pieces of game in all 4 boxes of game and expansions (they are so beautiful, just cant throw them away). Hence, another box would not be a problem for me (may be not only for me). Hope, big board will be released someday.

  20. When playing on the modular board, are the banned faction-mat combinations eligible for play again?

    The main reason behind the strength of Rusviet/Industrial and Crimea/Patriotic was due to how those combinations took advantage of the faction’s homeland, right? So with the variance of the homelands and board layout, those combinations shouldn’t have such reliable performance.

  21. Is it dual layered so the tiles fit/sink into the board so they won’t accidentally get knocked/moved around?

  22. I’m kinda thinking that 8th faction marker would be perfect for those of us who want to make up our own factions?

    1. the whole board would be great for that; any home brew faction can use any starting location.

      adding an eighth player requires an eighth player mat though, and is not intended. the eighth base is most useful as a way to keep good options open throughout the day, as an enhancement to Crimea’s faction move, and maybe an encounter cards or two.

  23. Jamey. This looks great. Scythe was starting to stagnate for me for the same problems this board resolves. Thanks for keeping it fresh and for making this Stonemaier Champion a happy guy!

  24. Just curious… How often do you get a suggestion / request about a new product that would have affected the final product if it had been a backer comment on Kickstarter, or otherwise prior to production?

    1. Ian: We playtest our products extensively, so it’s exceptionally rare that a non-playtester thinks of something truly worth implementing that no playtesters mentioned. The last time I can think of this happening was 2 years ago with Charterstone (before we started production) when a non-playtester suggested that the board be double sided and that we make a recharge pack for the game.

      1. well, here’s one:

        if you do the lake mulligan tile flip AFTER dealing out the bases, you end up with 244 possible combinations per side vs only 84 otherwise.

  25. Greeting Mr. Stegmaier.

    I often read BGG. Thanks for the great support on that site (I wonder with such fanatism towards answering questions, how you have time to develop any games ;) )

    If I’m not too late: one questions/request:
    Could the new tiles for bonus-building placement (which I really like) get a subtle marking on the front side? This way we can take them out easily when we wish to revert to the old game. Please keep the backsides the same so picking one random does not become any more difficult.

    Thanks and keep up the great support work.

    1. hench: Thanks for your question. We started production on the modular board in January, and it’s already fully manufactured and on the boat. All of the tiles are described in detail in their respective rulebooks (core game and the modular board rulebook) in case you want to separate them in the future.

    1. Hey Jamey!

      Any chance we’ll see a bundle including the base game and maybe some expansions with the start of the pre-order for the modular board, similar to how you ran the Ignorance Is Bliss pre-order?

      I ask because I haven’t invested in Scythe yet and would prefer to do all my purchases through the SM site all at once with my Modular Board order!

      Thanks for everything!


      1. Mike: Thanks for asking! We recently started offering bundled options on an ongoing basis–if you click on various Scythe products on our webstore, you’ll see the bundle options. :)

  26. Hi Jamey,
    is there any reason why you put 7 hex together in a tile? Why not make it flexible and have it one by one? In that case also a bigger board could be supported :)

  27. I realise that you don’t do Kickstarters anymore but it would be a great way of gauging interest for the larger modular board. You’d have a sale here! Love playing on the big board! :-)

  28. Any chance you include some dice (4d12 should be sufficient), to generate an arbitrary random map (including side and orientation)?

  29. Is there an orientation on the tiles (north)? Just asking about the number of different maps you could do. If they must be placed with a specific orientation into the modular board, there will be 8*6*4*2 = 384 different maps. When you can place the 7-hex-tiles in any orientation into the board, you got far more different maps (364 * 6^4 = ) 497664 (assuming the tiles are all different).

        1. There are 40320 different home base configurations, giving a total of 40320 * 768 = 30965760 possible maps.

          The average person would need to play Scythe about 1074 times a day from the moment they were born in order to play all combinations.

          1. Outstanding mathematics sir! If anyone reading is wondering where the number 40328 came from, it’s 8 × 7 × 6 × 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 (× 1). Think of choosing the first faction in 8 ways, the second in 5 and so on…
            This would be for a 7 or 8 player game, the combinations reduce if the number of players is 2 to 6 (I think a pencil and calculator are in order)

            BTW, I am a maths teacher in the UK!

      1. Yeah, 40320 is the number of fixed-layout boards you would have to print if you wanted to support all permutations of home bases for up to 7 players. If you only wanted to support a lower player maximum, then you would need less boards.

        Here are the number of boards you would have to print for each player maximum:

        2 | 56 = 8 * 7
        3 | 336 = 8 * 7 * 6
        4 | 1680 = 8 * 7 * 6 * 5
        5 | 6720 = 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4
        6 | 20160 = 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3
        7 | 40320 = 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2

        (Note: “players” in this case includes A.I.-controlled factions.)

        That’s not the whole story regarding variability, however.

        Consider, for example, the original Scythe board. For 7 players, there is only one possible starting arrangement. However, for 6 players there are 7. Which starting arrangement is used depends on which faction is left unused.

        For any given board, you have the following combinations of factions for each number of players

        2 | 21 = (7 * 6) / (2 * 1)
        3 | 35 = (7 * 6 * 5) / (3 * 2 * 1)
        4 | 35 = (7 * 6 * 5 * 4) / (4 * 3 * 2 * 1)
        5 | 21 = (7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3) / (5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1)
        6 | 7 = (7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2) / (6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1)
        7 | 1 = (7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1) / (7 * 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1)

        So the total number of starting layouts is the number of boards multiplied by the combinations of factions, giving a total of:

        2 | 1176 = 56 * 21
        3 | 11760 = 336 * 35
        4 | 58800 = 1680 * 35
        5 | 141120 = 6720 * 21
        6 | 141120 = 20160 * 7
        7 | 40320 = 40320 * 1

        It turns out, then, that 5 and 6 player counts actually have the most possible starting layouts with the modular board. Having 7 players comes in 4th in terms of variability.

        Taking into account the 768 different hex arrangements, we have the following total possible layouts per player count:

        2 | 903168 = 1176 * 768
        3 | 9031680 = 11760 * 768
        4 | 45158400 = 58800 * 768
        5 | 108380160 = 141120 * 768
        6 | 108380160 = 141120 * 768
        7 | 30965760 = 40320 * 768

        And the grand total of all possible layouts across all player counts is 302819328.

        1. Joe: Does that account for how certain tile orientations don’t work? If a lake ends up next to a home base during setup, you must flip the tile over to the other side.

  30. So maybe this was answered before and I just missed it, but I see there are 8 home base tiles and in the earlier comments I believe you said it only plays up to seven factions at one given time. Is there a reason why you couldn’t play 8 people on this map? Would it have to be like a home rules situation. Our group is usually more inclined to play with as much of the game as possible and as many people as possible over keeping the game balanced and fitting everything easily onto the map. Aka if we were able to play with 8 we would definitely want to try it. Thoughts?

    1. Phill: There are only 7 player mats in Scythe, so you can only play up to 7 players. Plus, I originally designed Scythe to play with up to 5 players. We added 6 and 7 in Invaders, and I think it’s worked out, but 8 would be a real stretch. Of course, I can’t actually stop someone from trying it if they print out a homemade 8th player mat.

      1. I completely spaced on the fact that there were only 7 player mats. That makes a lot more sense in my mind now. Thanks for the update Sir! Still looking forward to the new Board possibilities =).


      1. just that i see “Automa rules for solo play” being included (is that different from the one included in the standard game btw?) so wondering if the fenris co-op version might be affected as well

        1. Ah, I see. There’s just a note in the rules about solo play and how it relates to water. The fully cooperative mode described in the Rise of Fenris rules isn’t impacted by it.

  31. Hello Jamey, glad you have finished this modular board !! Just disapointed about the size because I only play on Big Map it’s so much fun !!

    Will you provide scenari for this expantion?


    1. Julien: In terms of scenarios, the Scythe storyline officially ended with The Rise of Fenris. The accessories we released after that (the metal mechs, encounters, and modular board) exist outside of the storyline, so they’re just ways to enhance and add variability to the game.

  32. This is an amazing idea! I will love being able to change everything up with every single game. It will definitely make things more interesting, especially since everyone that I play with has a fairly consistent play strategy every game. This will hopefully force us to step outside our comfort zones. 😁

  33. Any plans for a playmat double-sided board to put the tiles on?

    I need to find more opportunities to play this. I’ve only had two attempts so far and got my butt neatly handed to me. It’s a really cool game though!

      1. Does the “blank” home base have anything to do with the structure bonus tile that shows a home base and the Factory?

          1. Does Crimea’s ability to travel to inactive home bases extend to the unassigned base?

  34. Can i make it in the legendary box with 2 broken tokens? and ist this with all other expensions playable?

  35. Hi Jamey – Quick question – will there ever be a release of all scythe content in one box? I haven’t picked up Scythe yet, but when I do go for new games I tend to jump in head first.

    1. While we appreciate the interest that some people might have in an all-in-one version of Scythe (the game, all expansions, all accessories, and all promos), there are a few reasons why we won’t be doing that. First, it would be prohibitively expensive for customers (around $300), which also makes it very difficult to sell via distribution channels. Second, it would be a 180 reversal for us, as we’ve said for years that we wouldn’t make such a product, and many people have bought into Scythe’s ala-carte style system–it wouldn’t be fair to them. Third, the ala carte system allows people to pick and choose exactly which elements of Scythe they want, which ensures that everyone pays for exactly what they want, nothing more. For those reasons, we won’t be making an all-in-one version of Scythe.

  36. I am curious how this will effect the riverwalk abilities of each faction. I am sure it has been well vetted. Very intrigued finger poised over the buy now button.

  37. Hi Jamey! How much text is on here? Doesn’t look like much, so the localised versions should match nicely with the English copy.

  38. This looks seriously great Jamey. Presumably it’s still finely balanced so no one will have a clear advantage at the start regardless of layout? Looks perfect for adding more variety to a much loved and much played game!

    1. It’s balanced to ensure that nothing is broken, but there are certainly instances where certain factions will be in better positions than others. That’s balanced by the draft at the beginning of the game (when playing with the modular board).

  39. How can you improve an already amazing game, I didn’t think it was possible ……… well you did! Looking forward to the 29th and the timer is counting down.

    Jamey, can you give any more info on the new games Clay, Sand, Cape, and Wild?

        1. You can, though you’ll probably want to keep the same configuration for the entire campaign. It’s possible there are some weird interactions during the campaign when you may need to revert to the standard board.

  40. THat is a DEFINITE. Is it as large as the Extended Board? We find that using the upgraded resources, the extra room is really necessary!!!!

    1. No, it’s the size of the standard board. We explored this idea, but in terms of length and width, the tiles–which are groups of 7 hexes) would not fit into the Scythe box if they were the size of the hexes on the board extension. This is the only version of the modular board we plan to make.

      1. That makes me sad. As we generally play with 4-5 plus air ships. Larger hex’s are great.
        So I may have to get this and do my own enlarging of the hexes.

    2. So excited for this, especially the tighter board for lower player counts. Force us to fight, more interaction, I’m pumped. Is it May 29th yet?

  41. Woah Jamey, the design of this looks incredible. If it works how I think it does, this will make Scythe’s replayablility even more insanely good. Can’t wait!!

        1. I have the Legendary Box with both Broken Token sets and most of the upgrades. There’s pretty much no way that any additional large game board material will fit in the box unless you are ok with the box lid sitting higher on the bottom by whatever the total thickness of the new boards will be.

          That box is FULL. New material will unfortunately require modification of an existing broken token set or redesign of the set by Broken Token.

          1. The board itself fits fine. The new structure bonus tiles fit into the slot with the old ones, and the home tiles fit into the box with the faction mats.


            The modular pieces have nowhere to go but on top of everything. Add in the thickness of all the rulebooks, and you’re looking at about a quarter of an inch gap between the box and the lid. Certainly not unmanageable, but there nevertheless.

    1. Maybe it has already been mentioned or perhaps it isn’t public info yet, but what’s the MSRP going to be for this new, shiny addition?

      1. Just some feedback, Add this to the description, as I came here wondering what was on the reverse side, and found it in the comments.

  42. I love it Jamey, and can not wait to add this to my gaming table. Does not show it in the images, but I’m curious is the tiles be recessed in the board so everything is flat?

    1. We explored this idea, but in terms of length and width, the tiles–which are groups of 7 hexes) would not fit into the Scythe box if they were the size of the hexes on the board extension. This is the only version of the modular board we plan to make.

      1. Been scrolling through and haven’t seen this answered. Will the random tiles work with the Scythe neoprene mat? Looking forward to this expansion!

  43. I am super excited for this. I loved how the new encounter cards ‘broke’ the game a little and this feels like it has potential to do the same. Scythe gets played weekly at my house and new content is always welcome!

      1. Unrelated sidenote: I found a copy of Wingspan at my FLGS. It was their last one and they don’t expect more for a while. It looked as though someone may have tucked it away for later. I snagged it and it is excellent. Thanks so much for creating and promoting such great content.

  44. Can’t wait for this! I love how well balanced the standard board is, but with some groups I play with a little more variance in terms of territory position/availability should really spice up our games going forward.

  45. This looks fantastic! I love the additional building bonus tiles and the fact that I could theoretically play with 8 players. This is going to be an amazing final product for a beautiful game.

    1. Even with the 8 start positions and 8 factions there’s still only 7 action mats dp it’s not possible to play with 8. You would need a extra mat

          1. No, but you could always use a set of player mats from a 2nd copy.

            The map is too small and the rounds too long to make that enjoyable, IMHO.

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