Metal Mechs

Metal Mechs

Art and Worldbuilding by Jakub Rozalski

an individually numbered boxed set of 1 metal mech from each faction

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Scythe Metal Mechs is an individually numbered, foil embossed boxed set containing 1 metal mech (inkwashed zinc) from each faction*. The mechs are protected by a felt-lined insert with a clear plastic lid for display.

The first print run is limited to exactly 4000 sets; it is unlikely that we will make more.

Due to the extremely high cost of producing these mechs–compounded with our desire to keep the price down as much as possible for Scythe fans–we are only selling the mechs directly from our webstore and via localization partners (see list below).

These mechs will be the featured reward in our 2018 charity auction (a special edition numbered 1-40 instead of 1-4000).

Release Details

  • Available now!
  • For those looking to replace their normal mechs with metal mechs, we offer faction-specific silicon base snaps on our webstore.

Localization Partner Order List

*Spoilers from The Rise of Fenris

50 Comments on “Metal Mechs

    1. Sean: Thanks for your question. The metal mechs is available to consumers, distributors, and retailers directly from us at the $50 price. Due to the extremely high cost of making them, if we sold the traditional way to distributors, that would be the same price we would need to over, and it would result in the MSRP jumping up to $100, which is much higher than we think consumers should pay for them.

  1. After filling out a previous survey that assessed interest, I was somewhat surprised that I didn’t here about this directly through a heads up email rather than the Dice Tower newsletter.

  2. With the Rise of Fenris out in full release, are there any plans to fill in any gaps that might arise while exploring the campaign?

    1. I don’t like to punish anyone (though keep in mind that there are people in every time zone, so no matter what time I choose, someone is going to be sleeping). I don’t know where you are, but if you’re in Europe, I recommend that you order from our localization partners, not us, as shipping will be much more cost-effective. The US launch will be around 10:00 am CST.

      1. Thanks for the reply, Jamey. I’m in Australia, and I’ve never heard of Let’s Play Games until now. They seem to insist on setting up an account by contacting them first (not simply via the website), and I’m concerned about having problems with that system. Anyway, I’ll wait and see what the time of release is for Champions. Thanks!

  3. Awww man, I really want to replace the whole set of mechs in my copy of Scythe for Metal Mechs… But I can’t afford the $200 tag.

  4. How much will the plastic snaps cost? It’s gonna take some major budgeting to get four of these to play with, so i’m trying to get an exact amount. Thanks for makning these!

  5. Was this at Essen Spiel 2018 or did you mean next year? If it was there, I am starting to feel regrets I am reading this now

  6. For champion orders of 4 mechs…are the plastic snaps added automatically? Or do we have to indicate we want them? I had a set in my cart, but it was charging me the $15 price, and your email from the 25th said they’d be added free of charge for champions that bought 4 sets…so I took them out of my cart and crossed my fingers….lol Now I’m second guessing myself….

      1. I ordered this morning but didn’t see that the snaps are included for champions, so I added and paid for them along with the mechs themselves. Any chance that can be remedied? I don’t want to cancel and re-order in case they’re already sold out! Thanks

          1. I also ordered 4 sets and the bases I got free shiping by putting in my champion code. I paid the $215.

          2. Wow that was Great, Fast service… I got my email saying I got refunded the $15 less than 2 hours after I posted here! Kuddos to your customer service. Thanks Jamey Stegmaier!

          3. I was so hyped I ran through the process too, wothoit reading the Champion perk added to this purchase. I’m in the same Situation as Charlie Collins. Also, let me take this minute to thanks for making this game reach epic levels of detail, and craftsmanship.

          4. I’m also a champion and I did the same and paid the $215. I think I had missed the initial notice about this though.

  7. These do look fantaasric. Can’t wait to get my hands on them! Lol.

    My original comment seems to have poofed into thin air, but I did see the answer to my question first. Thanks Jamey!

    1. Ah well…there’s my response now…you think you’ve updated your page…but nothing like adding a new comment to ‘for realz’ update the page. Haha. Happy Halloween all!

  8. Worldwide released on November 2… I don’t find any European partner in the list above that sells today the metal mechs set on their website :( does anybody have a link to help me ? Thanks

    1. Many of the mechs are still in transit to Europe, so those partners are waiting until they have them in stock. Feuerland’s website is being updated this week, but they should have the mechs there next week.

      1. Don’t mean to be a bother, but I’m just wondering if we’re still on track for the metal mechs to be shipped out by the end of this week? :)

  9. I just ordered a complete set of 4 with the rubber disks. Can’t wait. Any plan on getting metal characters? If so, can you include a rubber disk with each, It’s too bad the disk set is only 4 each, I wouldn’t want to have to pay another $15 for 36 more disks.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. I hope they sell out so quickly that you change your mind.

        I forgot to ask, how are people planning to transport these in their Legendary boxes? I currently use small plastic crayon boxes for the plastic mechs, not sure if putting them in together might scratch the metal ones. Anyone have any thoughts as to the best way to transport?

  10. Are the metal Mechs the same size as the plastic one? I have an organizer and am curious if they would fit in the organizer the same as the plastic ones.

  11. Heyya Jamey, just a quick question: I have ordered 4x metal mechs so that I can use the metal dudes in a game instead of the plastic ones. Are the coloured snaps included automatically on these orders. I’m not sure if I am confusing “champion orders” with a more generic “4x order”. Just want to be able to easily differentiate the little metal folks without painting ’em up and not sure if I need to order them specifically <- hope some of this makes sense

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