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Jamey spends 70 hours a week running Stonemaier Games. Thus he is not available to offer one-on-one consultations, private advice, Kickstarter project page feedback, or prototype playtesting for other creators, nor will he run your Kickstarter campaign for you.

Privately requested feedback only helps one person, but asking for advice on public forums shows a generosity of information–you’re creating a way for others to learn with you.

If you have a specific question, feel free to post it in the comments section of the corresponding Kickstarter Lesson, and there’s a good chance Jamey and other participants will be able to help you (this also helps the other Kickstarter creators who read the comments!). You can also post your questions on Facebook groups herehere, and here.

Before posting your questions, please read this blog entry about how to ask for feedback. Then read this entry about the true value of ideas (versus actual execution).

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34 Comments on “Advice and Consultation

  1. Hi~ jamey.
    I am korean. so I can`t useing english well.

    I want download ‘Achievement Sheet’. thank you.

  2. Hi Jamey,

    Your Kick Starter resources and overall openness to share your experience is invaluable. Thank you. Having combed through your blog, I’m fairly convinced I do not have the time or energy to run a campaign on top of my current life responsibilities. I have a card game fully prototyped and thoroughly play tested that I am planning on submitting to publishers within in the next 2 months after a few more blind tests.

    That being said, I’m a bit lost on next steps. I’d like to pursue the licensing/publishing route but it is a daunting path attempting to identify a publisher that is not only open to submissions but has a library of games that are in a similar vein to my own. Other than the obvious path of identifying games that are similar and tracking down their publishers, how do you recommend I research publishing companies? Are you familiar with any lists or resources that help game creators like myself identify proper publishing targets?

    Thank you in advance!

      1. Good Evening Jamey,
        I am responding on this chain as I find myself in a similar place with Mark above. I appreciate the level of detail you provide in the blogs and the effort you put forth to helping others. I am looking to submit my game to Stonemaier soon, but have not been able to find much about the topic on protecting an idea. Can you please help point me in the right direction? Do I need a patent or a trademark before I submit to you or other companies? Where does the risk of having an idea taken turn into a trusting relationship with the company? Please let me know if you have advice toward this end.

  3. Hey Jamey,
    Our board game project is live on Kickstarter. We will probably need to cancel it tomorrow. I’ve done a lot of research before launching it. I read your blog, plenty of books and pretty much anything, I could find about marketing and Kickstarter. We’ve been building up our crowd but we could have publish more content connected with our project. We’ve made a lot of mistakes which I can see now. Our mailing list was a bit too shy, I’ve kept changing facebook ads, we didn’t have enough reviews and didn’t participate in any conventions, we advertised the game as 3-4 player even though we knew it is playable with 2 (it gives you a bit different feeling) and deluxe edition of the game may not look very attractive. I was curious about your opinion regarding the project. Could you please have a look at it and tell me about one thing you think would make a differenece? Link to the campaign:

    1. I think the game, visuals, and pricing look fine, so my guess is that the one thing that may have made the biggest difference is to make sure more people were aware of and excited about the game before you launched.

      1. Thank you for finding time for looking at the project. I feel a bit more secure now. We will focus on making people aware of it.

  4. Thanks Jamey.

    As a new game designer I have to say your blog is amazing. I recently purchased your book in both PDF and hard copy, as my way of saying thank you for all the great articles.

    I was not disappointed, the book was fantastic and well worth the money, it added a lot of much needed information and has helped us immensely.

  5. Think it might be too long as I get this: “Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!” Will send it in an email and your free to post it on here yourself if you wish to help others out.

  6. Jay: Just so I understand, can you give me specific examples of each of these reward levels? Write out the comment as if you’re writing the reward levels, like:

    £50: One copy of the game with free shipping to the UK.

    £150: One copy of the game with free worldwide shipping.

    And so on.

  7. Hi Jamey,

    Is it inappropriate and will it scare pledgers away if I ask for the following pledge levels:

    Between £10-£100 I will offer people between 10%-70% off with Free delivery in the UK and free delivery in the EU from £50 onwards, then free world wide delivery £150 onwards. The next one after £100 will be £150 and offer the game for free. Each pledge level will have enticements. Is it cheeky me not giving the game away after a £50 pledge? I say this as other compaigns do this but since my game will be made in the UK the components are excellent quality compared to Chinese manufacturers (I’m not saying they are all bad).


  8. Hi Jamey,

    I just wanted to let you know that this blog has been extremely useful to me – I’ve only read about a dozen articles so far but have already learned so much. So, thank you very much for doing this :)

    Steve Venezia
    Tap To Win

  9. I messaged Jamey about a couple issues I was trying to figure out regarding the manufacturing and shipping of my game, and he was a great help! He responded right away and provided some insightful ideas on how to structure my Kickstarter campaign in a way that minimizes manufacturing and shipping costs.

    Thanks again for the help!

    Paul MacKinnon
    Underground Games

  10. Thank you for the quick response Jamey, and I really appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback on our project! Thank you for also clarifying some of the things in your lessons for us. To people who are venturing into Kickstarter for the first time, the amount of information in your lessons can be overwhelming, so it’s nice to know that there’s a person behind it that can help you understant what you’re up against.

    For anyone who is considering talking to Jamey or reading through his Kickstarter lessons, it really should be a no-brainer. As Dave (Capstern) said, Jamey’s advice is helpful, professional, and he really will take the time to help you with not only glaring issues with your project, but also right down to the little things that you would never think of.

    Best regards,
    Chris, Gigaloth Games

  11. I wanted to take a moment and leave a comment. I reached out to Jamey to get some consulting and even though he was too busy to help at that level he took the time to look over my project and fire off some help and comments.

    I replied and he was nice enough to respond one more time. I have to say that I find his information inciteful and helpful and professional. Anyone who works in corporate America will KNOW those 3 things do not always go together.

    I had some concerns about what we were doing and how we were organized and he let me know the loayout was great and the rewards were close. Offered some tweaks and nudges that were awesome and I was doing them while I was reading the email.

    If you want to be successful read the blogs and rules and trust Jamey. Do NOT trust your gut as generally your ego kind of blurs that vision a little and Jamey is clear concise and helpful.

    THANKS Jamey I really appreciate the help.


  12. Jamey was an amazing help in advising me to an extremely successful project. We are currently over 300% funding, and Jamey was a huge part of it. Thanks Jamey!

  13. I reached out to Jamey not knowing what to expect. I read his Kickstarter lessons religiously for months as we worked on our campaign for Black Labyrinth Book II: Joe R. Lansdale. Well, he responded, and it was a thoughtful and in-depth response.

    Based on Jamey’s feedback I completely redid our reward structure, taking his wise advice of eliminating products/items not related to the project itself from almost all reward levels and minimizing the amount of clutter in each contributor package. As a result I think we’ve really tightened up the project and are about 99% ready now for our October 8th campaign launch (whoa, that’s coming up quick… I better get some sleep in while I still can).

    Thank you to Jamey for his invaluable advice on not just our campaign, but his lessons as a whole. I plan on picking up a copy of his Kickstarter book when it is released.

    Let’s work together to keep Kickstarter going as a great vessel for creative and exciting ideas to become reality. I’m so thankful to Kickstarter for being a platform that makes it possible for visionary project creators to make their passion projects a reality without the need to get some ridiculous bank loan or investors. My company, Dark Regions Press, will be launching three new lines of books in 2014 all based on a Kickstarter model. It’s going to be a bit of an experiment, but I feel confident that we can make it a success!

    Thanks again, Jamey, and please keep writing!

  14. The whole website is full of detailed information and practical advice for running a successful Kickstarter campaign. You feel and see that Jamey talks from firsthand experience. I definitely recommend reading all his articles and tips, it’s one of the best resources you find on the internet.
    Jamey gave us a very detailed, high-level expert feedback on our Kickstarter preview site which helped us a lot. A fresh eye view from someone with both a lot of experience and a highly analytical skill set is invaluable. I too was impressed that his response came within hours, I was rather expecting days. I can highly recommend using his services, it helped us be much better prepared for our Kickstarter campaign.

    Markus Land – Hydroflex

  15. Testimonial, SunTzuGames

    I’ve had the pleasure of getting Jamey’s advice on both mail and phone regarding my latest Kickstarter campaign: Burning Suns.

    Jamey is an easygoing and kind person, always driven by a constructive dialog and friendly tone.
    Nobody can guarantee a successful Kickstarter, but Jamey surely knows the finesse behind the big machinery, and he has a lot of inputs on where to optimize your campaign.
    From here on I’ll take the easy route the words that you’ll find in the other comments ;)

    Jamey has my warmest recommendations, and I’m looking forward to working with him again, hopefully being able to contribute with my own experiences!
    Best regards Emil Larsen, SunTzuGames

  16. Many thanks Jamey for your quick response and guidance! It is great to have someone out there prepared to help others get started in their journey!! Your quick starter lessons are also awesome – very clear and well thought out!

    The world would be a better place (and have more board games) if there more like you.

    Jason Allan – Perihelion Games

  17. I believe I found Jamey’s Kickstarter lessons through the Euphoria Kickstarter campaign and I am so thankful I did. I read a few of the “Before You Launch” lessons and suddenly had a dozen questions. I wrote him an email (while Euphoria was still live) with just a few of those questions, and to my surprise he emailed me back the same day. It occurred to me later that had I read all the Kickstarter lessons, I wouldn’t have needed to email him. The lessons covered the subjects I had questions for and then some.

    I felt bad that I emailed him during Euphoria’s run and told him I would finish the lessons and wait till Euphoria ended before emailing him again. In that email, I flippantly said maybe you can check out my project. To my surprise, he said he would.

    When Euphoria finished and after reading all the lessons, I implemented what I had gleaned from them. I then came back to Jamey and asked for some advice on my project page. He looked over the preview of my campaign and gave me some priceless assistance. He’s recommendations helped clean up my reward levels and their verbiage. To my surprise he looked over the project page again. He then helped me reorganize the page so the most important pieces were at the top and the unnecessary clutter was removed.

    If there is one thing I can say about Jamey it would be this, he definitely goes above and beyond the expectation. Thanks Jamey!

    Chris Green
    Game Designer | Menaveth Games

  18. There are lots of really helpful people in the boardgaming community, but Jamey stands out even among them. So far, he previewed my page and gave me invaluable advice about project timing, project length (for first-time projects), and graphic design. He always responded quickly, especially with last minute warnings and advice, really saving my skin. His generousity really shows in his correspondence. And what is more, he asks for very little in return.

    I cannot recommend his Kickstarter Lessons enough (if you haven’t, read them now). But don’t stop there. Send him an email. He will reply. Once you do, I am sure you will be convinced that his consultation is worth the modest promise to pledge to one of his campaigns (I mean, you get something in return!) and provide a free copy of your own Kickstarter reward (which should be a happy thing; you got funded!).

    If you are still in the early stages of your Kickstarter, then I highly recommend even paying the $100 for the extra help. The time saved by doing so will easily pay for itself. It’s like buying a flashlight before heading into a cave. Compared with your other expenses, this is a bargain. Getting a review costs twice as much. Graphic design and illustration will cost you 10 times as much, at least. Do it.

  19. Hey Jamey here is the feedback we left on the BGG forums, our blog from our website, and our Facebook page. If you ever need anything else from us please do not hesitate to ask.

    Subject: Jamey Stegmaier = Class Act

    I just had my first phone call with Jamey Stegmaier @ Stonemaier Games tonight and I must say I am impressed. I felt I had a connection of sorts with Jamey in that I am working on publishing my first game as well with no prior recorded experience in game design nor an established name in the gaming community. I read every blog/post I could find, listened to every podcast, and watched every video with him featured. In everyone of them he stressed that he would be willing help anyone that reached out to him with their projects… so I did. Jamey was fully engaged in the conversation and wanted to know the details of our project and offered some very valuable action plans that we can implement to not only improve our product, but help with the marketing and campaigning aspect as well. Never was there a point in the conversation did I feel as if he was just going through the motions of offering help because he felt committed from his previous offers to help. In fact, I probably would still be on the phone with him now asking him questions but I know he is a busy man and I wanted to fully respect his time (plus it is a Friday night!). If anyone out there has considered talking to him but is still on the fence I can assure you that he genuinely does want to help and improve the gaming community. He is most certainly a value add to our gaming community and I consider myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to speak to him. I hope that one day, with experience under my belt, I can deliver the same insights and advice to future up and coming game designers/self publishers.

  20. Jamey,

    Great job putting this up. A lot of people may see it as hindrance or some other such thing to their plans, but I believe you have the right to respect your own time and to, at times, request payment for your more advanced help/time.

    Good for you.

    John Wrot!
    Gate Keeper Games
    The King’s Armory – Now on Kickstarter (Summer 2013)

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