Wingspan Oceania Expansion

Wingspan Oceania Expansion

Designed by Elizabeth Hargrave | Art by Natalia Rojas, Ana Maria Martinez Jaramillo, and Beth Sobel

This second expansion to Wingspan focuses on birds in Australia and New Zealand.

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(details revealed starting on Sept 30)

Due to the sheer number of birds affected by the Australian wildfires, Stonemaier Games announced early that the next expansion for Wingspan will focus on the region of Oceania. Sign up here to be notified first when the Oceania expansion preorder launches later in 2020; for each email we collected by January 22, Stonemaier Games donated $1 to WIRES, a wildlife rescue organization in Australia. Their total donation was $7,439 USD ($10,834 AUD).

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Release Details: The Wingspan Oceania Expansion will be available to preorder from Stonemaier Games later in 2020, with all preorders being shipped from fulfillment centers in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

Product Details: SKU, MSRP, and retail release date TBA.

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Does the expansion content fit in the original box/insert?

It will be a very tight fit, so we recommend keeping this expansion box until we offer a bigger storage option.

Can I play this expansion without Wingspan?

No, you need Wingspan to play this expansion. At lower player counts, it is feasible to only use the new bird cards, though the official way to play is to shuffle all bird cards together (same with the bonus cards and goal tiles). You can also choose to shuffle together any two decks of cards (e.g., just the European and Oceania expansions, just the core game and Oceania, etc).

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194 Comments on “Wingspan Oceania Expansion

  1. Hi guys,

    I’m from Brazil.
    Me and my wife we love this boardgame. We bought Wingspan and Wingspan: European Expansion on Pre-Order last year and I’ll buy the Oceania Expansion. You are doing a great job.

    Let me ask you something…

    Have you ever thought about expanding on Amazonian birds?

    1. All of our expansions currently include only extant birds, but perhaps we’ll consider an extinct bird expansion in the future. :)

  2. Kia ora from New Zealand,

    My friends and I are really looking forward to seeing our local birds in the game.

    It would be really awesome if you could include the Te Reo Māori names of the New Zealand birds on the cards. Te Reo Māori is one of New Zealand’s official languages, and is the language of Māori, the indigenous people of New Zealand.

    We can’t wait to play the expansion!

  3. I’m excited for this expansion. We love our native birds here in New Zealand. Every year our native birds compete for the very hotly contested title of “Bird of the Year”. Birds have their own social media accounts and backing from NZ celebrities and politicians.

    Wingspan is great fun and is the most requested game at our game nights – a few people have gone out and immediately purchased their own copy after playing. It has enough challenge for those of us who like a more complex game but it’s easy for new players to pick up.

    1. Hi Di! That’s correct. The Oceania Expansion is not playable alone, but all you need is the Wingspan base game to play with the new birds (you don’t need any other expansions).

  4. Hi
    It is almost impossible to get Wingspan at the moment in South Africa. We are lucky to have a copy, but we would really like to get the Europe and then Oceania expansions when it is released, but they are nowhere to be found here. Is there a place we can get them from that ships to South Africa at an affordable rate. Thank you

  5. I just saw the teaser from Meeplesource about the expansion, and while it’s exciting to see the NZ birds represented there it’s a little disappointing to see their colonial names instead of their indigenous ones. Is it too late to have the indigenous Māori names for the little blue penguin / morepork / fantail (kororā / ruru / pīwakawaka) included?
    In light of Stonemaier’s support and commitment to the BLM movement, an acknowledgement of NZ indigenous culture (which has also suffered under colonialism) would be amazing

    1. Hi Mike! Meeplesource does not know the birds that will be released in the Oceania expansion. They simply made educated guesses. They also don’t know what the cards will say about birds that they happened to guess correctly.

      1. I personally hope the birds have the English names in the English version. Maybe a Maori language version would be good for those that prefer the Maori names?

          1. If there’s room on the card they could. But there’s the Latin name too, it might get a bit crowded.

    2. I love this idea! NZers are using the Maori names more and more for many of these birds, it would be amazing to have that represented!

      1. Awesome! We’re using Maori names for NZ birds, including the Tui, Pukeko, Kiwi, Korimako, Kereru, Kea, and Kakapo (my spelling here is missing the icons over some of the letters, which are on the cards).

        1. good to hear, funny I didn’t know the Puketo, Kia etc were the Maouri names as they were the only names I knew for them on out visit 10 years ago

    3. I would soo love that too! Using the Maori names would make the game that much more special and would be the tipping point for me buying the game for sure!

      1. I can confirm that we used Maori names for NZ birds, including the Tui, Pukeko, Kiwi, Korimako, Kereru, Kea, and Kakapo (my spelling here is missing the icons over some of the letters, which are on the cards).

  6. We absolutely love wingspan and are looking forward to up and coming expansions. As a nature lover, one thing that is troubling me is the amount of plastic in games including in the cards themselves. Please can subsequent version be biodegradable and planet friendly? It’s a big challenge for games producers to step up to. Biomimicry can offer plenty of inspiration for how to create durable and practical products that are planet friendly. I’d love to hear what your plans are at stonemaier to create a better footprint on the planet?

  7. We love to play with 3-4 players but where wondering with the ocean expansion of you would increase the players to 5-6

    There are more then sufficient bird in the game to support this.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Sacha! And I’m glad you’re enjoying Wingspan!

      The game already plays 5 players. We don’t have any plans to expand the playercount to 6 players, but we’re open to the idea if we can think of a way to also speed up the game a bit. :)

      1. Just thinking out loud here, and I am fairly sure someone will have though of this but: For 6, players, opposite players play at the same time(1 and 4, 2 and 5, 3 and 6). You’d need to rule on who chooses the card/food first, but this could be possible with a current primary/secondary player counters which get passed around – although if the ‘secondary’ player waited to see what the primary player was doing, it wouldn’t necessarily speed things up that much. Also, once between turns would become less balanced – although more or less power would need testing.

      2. Hey Joe! I know this is an old post – and you’ve probably already thought of this – but I have three humble thoughts on this…

        1. Each player has a total of 26 turns throughout the game. This means 5 players total up to 130 turns to complete the game (5 x 26 = 130).

        What about reducing the starting amount of turn cubes by 1 for 6 players? This would reduce each player by 4 turns over the course of the game (1 turn x 4 rounds) for a total of 22 turns. And – it’s a super easy modification, putting one cube back.

        This means 6 players total up to 132 turns to complete the game (6 x 22 = 132). So, still a pretty equitable amount of game time, overall.

        Is this something you already considered in the original playtesting and it was a no-go?
        Is this why the magic number is 5 and 26? :D

        2. If you do add a 6th player (or not), I was thinking some extra cubes could be white. For folks that cant help but hatch ONLY bird eggs that match their cube color – currently we have Blue Eggs, Green Eggs, Yellow Eggs, (Light) Red Eggs and if you own the expansion, Purple Eggs – but no matching cubes for the White Eggs.

        Seems like it might be a good bonus to get some white cubes in the Oceanic Expansion. However, thematically it might fit better with the Antarctic expansion – especially with some penguins. ;)

        3. One extra thing about 6 player – not being very sure how common 6 players would be for folks – maybe interested folks can just buy an extra cardboard tableau from your store (like the plastic containers) vs including it in a future expansion? Or, you could sell the cubes and an extra tableau together and call it the Wingspan Flock Pack?

        For me personally, I would not normally play 6 player in person very often – but now, due to COVID – I’ve been playing Wingspan remotely online with friends who have their own copy – and it’s really EASY to assemble 6 players – although we don’t need the extra tableau.

        You probably hear this often from people, but I am continuously marveling at the genius of Wingspan. This is truly in a league of it’s own for countless reasons.

        1. Dave: We playtested Wingspan at various lengths, and we found that the current number of rounds and actions per player works best.

          Currently we don’t plan to add a 6th player, but it’s easy to add for those who want to try it (just buy a neoprene playmat and use some spare cubes from another game). :)

  8. My partner and I are constantly saying “Wingspan needs an Australia and NZ expansion set. Imagine if they did that! The magpie-lark would have to be aggressive and tenacious.” And now I’ve just found this!! So excited!

  9. Hi Jamey, probably the best board game my wife Elena and I have played to date, close to Viticulture-Tuscanny .

    We play the game as a 2 player with option to draw from 5 birds— 3 from the tray +the bird deck cards split into 2 in the card holder tray with the top cards upturned to choose from. So there will always be 5 bird cards to choose from. I think this is an excellent variation for a 2 player game.

    An interesting idea for future expansions would be an option to trade cards. Either, a brown power….when activated trade one card from your hand for another bird in the tray…or a teal round end where you could trade say up to 2 cards from your hand for 2 birds from the deck or the tray.

    looking forward to next expansion…. Johnny

  10. Thank you! This is easily the best game I’ve ever played, I really enjoy the fact that there is a lot of birds in the game and hopefully lots of more come.
    But I was wondering if the English version will be shipped to countries where there either is or will be publishers translating it.
    Greetings from Sweden!

  11. One of the greatest games ever made! Being two biologists at home makes it even better :) We usually play with 2 extra action cubes at the start of each game because only then can you really build your own game (the bonus card can’t be used to the fullest because the rounds are too short).

    Perhaps a suggestion for a next expansion: A trade platform for bird cards. For example a player could put one of his/her birds down there and a next player can swap it for one of his/hers. Alternatively actions that allow you to search the deck. When we play we easily try to get a trend going (e.g., birds of prey, birds that let you stock up cards or food, expensive birds, etc.), but as the number of birds increases over time this will become difficult and take some of the fun away.

  12. Hey Jamey,

    Looking forward for this expansion of the game. My wife and I love the base game along with the Euro expansion. I was interested if this or any of the future expansions could include a couple of elements
    1. If there is a way to custom prepare the deck to draw from. There are already about 250 cards in the deck and if we add more from Oceania and then potentially other continents, we might have a huge deck which is not only difficult to manage but also, the probability of drawing a card from all the regions becomes tougher. if there was a way to reduce the number of cards proportionally, then it might improve the game experience
    2. The other thing was, if there was a plan to introduce something which can make it a campaign based game or introduces something which changes the dynamics completely (something like Rise of fenris)

    Curious to know your thoughts on these.


    1. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Srijan! I think both of these are possible. In the Oceania rulebook, we offer the suggestion that players combine 2 decks instead of using both expansions and the core game (though that could result in a lot of sorting).

  13. I was thinking about custom making this expansion for my brother and extended family who love this game. But with just New Zealand native birds. Tell me are there going to be Pukeko, Kiwi, Morpork, The Legendary Moa, Fantails, Tui?

    1. Morpork and Fantail need to be named Ruru and Pīwakawaka per their Māori names, please!
      Moa are totally extinct, so I hope you don’t end up going there. Yet.

  14. Will this expansion (and all subsequent expansions) be ‘stand alone’? ie. playable separate/without the European expansion?
    Will the idea be you can and mix match any combination of expansions into the base game?

    As an NZ local i am really looking forward to this expansion!

    1. Our expansion strategy across all brands is that no expansions are dependent on each other (but they’re also compatible with other expansions). All of our expansions expand the core game (and thus require you to have and use the core game with them).

      1. Hi, Jamey. This is a fabulous game, and I’ve made a spreadsheet of all the birds currently released with their Norwegian names. This so it will be easier to play with my family. I absolutely love it, but I’ve noticed a few minor mistakes in the naming of birds. Feel free to contact me, I you’d like my input before making future print runs.

        As you mention in the rulebook that the bonus card percentages will still be right when including the EE, couldn’t you just play with the birds from this expansion, without using the base game birds (I know we’ll need the base game for the other components)? I’m asking because shuffling 261 birds takes a lot of effort.

        1. If you’re dealing with the English version of the game and you notice any mistakes, feel free to email me: Other versions are published by our publishing-partners and contacting them would be contacting the source.

          And you’re right, with the English version and a lower playercount game, you could conceivably play with the expansion alone. Different language versions deal with some of the “name-related” bonus cards differently, so those particular percentages may be different if playing without the base game.

  15. I was a big fan of Scythe and then Viticulture drew me further into Stonemaier Games with its’ worker placement platform on such a fun premise. Wingspan blows me away! It is such a fun, accessible and beautiful game. I just saw Oceania is in the works and told my wife that there is bad news, we have to wait for more expansions to our favorite game. I love the mechanisms that Euro introduced and am excited for the e-version to be released on Steam and now this! Wingspan could be argued as a top five game of all time in my mind. I would love realistic resources. I look forward to buying Oceania and every other expansion this game releases.

  16. Probably getting ahead of myself here but what are the odds of an Essential edition after all continent expansions are out? If so, will Elizabeth, Uwe and/or yourself be collaborating on it?

    1. Terry: The current version of Wingspan is the essential version. :) If you’re looking for “big box” version that includes all expansions, I think it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever make such a thing. Much more likely is that we make a box with an organizer that people can put all of the various components in (after we know what will be in all of the expansions)–the box itself won’t contain any gameplay components.

      1. Hi Jamey. Will this include Antartica and therefore lots of penguins? (I’m a little bit in love with penguins).

    1. Yes specially now that the amazon is under constant attack with as man-made fires scorch all our biomes. I think the region deserves an expansion too, it would help raise awareness!

      1. Would you be able to give us a bit of a glimps into production proces? Is it developing mechanics? Developing images for cards? Designing bits? Testing?

        Also, what is the main mechanics that will be introduced in this expansion?

        1. Sylvia: The production process begins as soon as we’ve submitted the final files to our manufacturer. They then check the digital files for any potential errors (like if a file is misaligned or a different size than the quote). They then proceed to make the non-printed components, followed by the printed components. At the end of the process, they assemble everything into the box and prepare it for freight shipment.

          We’ll talk about the mechanisms later this year. :)

  17. Excited for the new expansion! I hope the new expansion moderates the overused tucking strategy for the euro expansion.

  18. I’m excited for this. I really hope we will see some new game mechanics as well as new bird mechanics and maybe win conditions.

  19. Howdy from Duvall Washington. My wife and I have really enjoyed playing Wingspan. Her sister played with us recently and loved it !! We have yet to play a four player game and figured out how, my wife I alternate turns and play two boards each on one game.It adds a new dimension to the game and is quite challenging. We can’t wait to get together with three other folks and have a five player game. We really like the European Expansion and can’t wait for Oceania !! Thanks. Kelly

  20. I just want to echo another users comment. It is uncommon especially in modern NZ to use to English names. Te Reo names are considered the most appropriate.
    It may be even safer to include both.
    Very much looking forward to fielding a Ruru or Kereru. Very exciting

  21. One thing that I really hope (and I have a fair bit of trust that you will get this right) is that the names of the NZ birds are given in Te Reo Maori. Although many of these birds have European names as well, these days in NZ it is uncommon to use them. It is usually only as an act of political provocation that people insist on using the European name.

    There are a few that are sometimes ok (eg “fantail” for the Piwakawaka) but using “NZ Wood Pigeon” for Kereru will at the least get some raised eyebrows, and using “woodhen” for Weka would be considered ridiculous.

  22. It would be good to add the wandering albatross, just to see the look on a player’s face when they do a hunt hoping for something with a wingspan of less than 1m.

    They breed on Macquarie Island as well as a few other islands not in Oceania and can be seen year round of NZ South Island.

  23. I hope the takahe and the Chatham Island Oystercatcher are in there. Extremely rare and incredible birds.

  24. I absolutely love Wingspan, and play with all the family here in Melbourne, Australia. We are so looking forward to seeing our favourite bird – the Currawong with their magnificent bird call – in the Oceania expansion.

  25. Hi from Colorado. U.S. Who needs Automa? During this pandemic, I have played Wingspan over and over with 3 of my ghost family members. I am 70 years old and have most of one lung removed so I can not see my two sons. I included my mother in my games because she loved birds and introduced me to our feathered friends when I was in high school. She passed away 34 years ago. I go around my card table and play for each player with no bias! Fascinating playing all the different scenarios. Than I keep a running total who may be the ultimate winner! I knew Automa would be too boring for me. I feel like I have company every evening with my loved ones. Love this game!
    One great suggestion for Oceania – why not eggs hatching and little ones fledging with big success points?
    Thanks, for making this game. It is beautifully done.

    1. Thank you for sharing this, Jean! I think it’s wonderful that you’re able to play from each person’s perspective (though I hope at some point you’ll be able to see your sons and play with them in person). While we’re done with the Oceania design, we’ll certainly consider your idea for future expansions! :)

      1. Hello. You’re *done* with the design! Woop! So we must be nearing release date? Any chance of an update please?

        1. Richard: There’s typically a 7-month gap between when the design is complete and when the game is released. Graphic design, production, and freight shipping take a long time. :)

  26. I really hope that the Kea from New Zealand is included!
    It would be a shame if it wasn’t, as it is such an extraordinary bird.

    1. Where are you playing from? On June 21st, my girlfriend and I in LA just logged our 100th game of Wingspan for 2020.

  27. I really hope the Oceania expansion has Penguins in it. Penguins are birds and do lay eggs and some species are found in Australia. One can hope. Really looking forward to more great content for Wingspan. Take care!

  28. I’ve been playtesting the automa for this, and I can’t wait for this expansion to come out. It’s great!

  29. Wow, I am really excited about your new expansion. I know, that may sound weird, but I am a huge fan of bats. As we all know, bats don’t build nests and don’t lay eggs, but is there any chance to get a bat expansion for Wingspan or even a spin-off with slighly changed mechanics?

  30. Hi! Is the pandemic affecting the timeline of this expansion in any way? Which quarter of 2020 can we expect the expansion to be ready? Getting itchy here (:

  31. As we gain more and more expansions, the deck of birds will become quite large. Hopefully game mechanisms or other setup suggestions will allow us to cycle through more of the large deck or play with various subsets in a recommended way

  32. After sleeving the cards in Wingspan and the European Expansion, both custom trays for cards are full. :) If there’s no custom tray in the Oceania Expansion, can a custom tray be sold separately from Stonemaier Games perhaps? If so, bonus points to you if it has a different color than the custom trays that come with the games. :)

  33. Hi. Can you please pass on my thanks and congratulations for what I would describe as a perfect game. Are there any plans for more premium food tokens or bird tower? I often look elsewhere for accessories but I really want everything I buy for this game to be official as it’s all so wonderfully made.

    Thank you.

  34. Please tell the games creator how much we adore this game !! As avid gamers, we just love it. Please consider allowing the app to traverse borders to Canada so we can play virtually.

  35. Please find a solution to organize all material coming the base game + all expansions in a single box with sleveed cards. Many of us does not have the space for storing two or more boxes for a single game in our houses. In addition the size of the box of European Expansion is totally out of standard and this increase the problem. Thanks.

  36. What are you thinking about after you do the birds of all the continents? My wife got that high pitch noise of excitement when I said we should suggest Rodents. Just think of all the chinchillas, gerbils, hamster, ferrets, flying squirrels, and all the little “miceys”.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, Jacob! We’re taking things one step at a time, and it will be quite a while until we have an expansion for all the continents (and Oceania isn’t even done yet!).

  37. Wingspan is a great game – and has us entertained in this COVID-19 lockdown. Being bird watches in Australia – really looking forward to the Oceania extension.

  38. We have a few penguin species in Australia so it would be a fun set to include them all. We also have a lot of birds that live in close contact with humanity, I have a friend who had his pizza stolen from his hand by a laughing kookaburra, another friend who had an ice cream stolen by the aforementioned ibis “bin chicken”, sea gulls have stolen my fish and chips, and the magpie and plu in Australia swoop you, particularly if your riding a bike! Apparently this is not a common trait in other places of the world. These are just a few common examples. I think the fairy penguin would make an interesting addition too, also known as the little penguin. We have a few penguin species in Australia so it would be a fun set to include them all.

  39. Saw this too late… anyway. I hope it has nice end of round goals, which ware one of the reasons I won’t play Wingspan w/o Europe expansion anymore (or at least not w/o the new round goals). It just gives a lot more variety how people play the game.

    From the comments below, I guess this will be a small box expansion (as Europe has been), is that correct? :)

  40. Please please please please include the Kakapo in the cards!!! I love those green owl parrots so much!!

  41. First of all, I’m late to the party here, but good on you for helping with the rescue effort!

    I’ve been looking forward to this expansion; stoked about frogmouths, kakapos, and all the colorful stuff I don’t recognize from animal videos. I’ll second a request for some birds from Oceania proper; someone suggested birds of paradise, and I’ll throw out those blue footed boobies from the Galapagos. Anyways, I’m not super knowledgeable about birds, and learning about all these birds I’ve never seen has been one of the best parts of this game for me.

  42. Jamey, so looking forward to the Oceania expansion. My family and I would be over the moon if you could please include the extraordinarily beautiful Victoria crowned pigeon (Goura victoria), the largest species of pigeon in the world, with a booming mating call, and the bronzewinged spinifex pigeon (Geophaps plumifera), which we saw on our visit to Kata Tjuta twenty years ago, an encounter we still think of fondly today.

  43. Hi there, Ive been thinking a bit more about the upcoming expansion and have a couple of ideas. I haven’t played the European expansion yet. I have it, but wanted to play the base game a bit more before bringing it out. Anyway these ideas may already be in there, or may be rubbish.
    1) Nest predators. This is not a uniquely Oceania thing, but certainly happens here. Nest predators range from insects (ants) to reptiles and mammals (including the incredibly cute sugar glider), but also include other birds. Perhaps as a brown effect the pied currawong could allow you to predate another nest in your sanctuary and tuck two cards (I’m not sure on balance, so maybe they could be from the deck) or maybe take as many eggs as you want from any nest and tuck that many cards or that many plus one. This card would have to go in forest, otherwise it would be too powerful.
    2) Mimics. Lyrebirds are our most famous mimics and with good reason, they are amazing! However, there are many more mimics and they are a diverse group (see for example this birdlife Australia quiz I’ve already seen the repeat a power from this row. The mimic birds could have powers ranging from mimic the power of any bird in your aviary, mimic a power from the three birds in the blue tray or even mimic the power of a bird in any player’s aviary.

  44. Thanks for choosing to do the Oceania expansion next and for your generous donation to WIRES.

    I am very excited to see which birds you choose as this region (and those still to come) has an amazing diversity of birds. There are many beautiful birds and some very interesting groups. I know the description is very brief, but focussing on Australia and New Zealand seems a mistake. Melanesia has more bird species than Australia and about four times as many as New Zealand. Furthermore, many families of birds endemic to Oceania, such as bowerbirds and fairy wrens, have a strong presence in New Guinea. Additionally most birds of paradise species are in New Guinea.

    I’m hoping for another 170 bird cards.

    There is so much variety and a very high degree of endemic species, genera and families in the regions of Oceania (New Zealand excels here).

    Some other suggestions: Parrots, rosellas and budgerigar, cockatoos and cockateils, lyrebirds and scrub-birds, kingfishers and kookaburras, doves and pigeons (there are some real beauties), honeyeaters, kiwis, rails including weka and takahe, emu, cassowaries, mound builders, cuckoos (koels and the channel billed cuckoos lay multiple eggs in the same nest), frogmouths, finches and penguins.

  45. Suggestion for the Oceania expansion…
    First, I’m super excited for another expansion! My suggestion/question: Is it possible to include a deeper bird card tray to fit all of the cards from the original game + two expansions (that will also fit in the box)? Having the EE tray fits all of the cards, but both trays do not fit in the box. One deeper tray could do the trick!

  46. Can you make bird pairs? Some male look different from female and there can be some plaing rules for pair cards

  47. I have a few questions about the birds that will appear in this expansion.
    1. Will Oceania include birds of paradise?
    2. How will you handle the wingspan of flightless birds?
    3. Will there be any new effect types in the expansion, like we got with the Round End from the European expansion?

    1. +1 for fantail! They are the best bird ever BUT please also include (or use) the Māori name, “pīwakawaka”

      1. I agree, fantails are a good choice. The genus is very well represented in Oceania. I would guess that Australia’s favourite fantail is the Willy wagtail.

  48. Fantastic game for avid board game players, who are also avid birdwatchers! Can hardly wait for a future game which will include birds from all continents. Love the artwork!

  49. They always say don’t wish your life away, but with another expansion to this game on the horizon, that’s hard advice to follow. Keep them coming!! Love the box suggestion, Clifford. And way to go Stonemaier for the contribution to Australia.

    Go CARDS!

  50. I saw a few comments regarding box sizing and components. It does seem like there will likely be several more expansions for this game. I would love to see a box design that would allow for the current game + expansions with room for 2-3 further expansions. I think with the success of Wingspan this would be a reasonable consideration. I have a special appreciation for game boxes that make everything easily sortable and playable out of the box (See Spirit Island as a great example)

    1. As a matter of fact, the current Wingspan box is completely sufficient to accommodate everything in the base game and the European expansion (cards, eggs, manual). There is a guide on this very site how to arrange the components so that everything fits. The only caveat is that food and egg tokens will not be stored separately, but it is something I can live with.

      Still, if there is a box that can include the card tray from the expansion along with the base game, it will be appreciated. As I understand it, the additional tray is designed to accommodate many future expansions.

  51. Thank you for supporting WIRES – they do great work here in Australia.

    I can’t wait for this expansion. Will there be any of amazing Papua New Guinea Birds of Paradise?

  52. Love it – some beautiful birds here in Oz!
    Hopefully the different coloured eggs will be a factor soon; other than looking delicious!

  53. Thank you so much for announcing this. i was waiting for the Oceanic expansion before I bought Wingspan. I know more US presidents, than I do Australian Prime Ministers. So looking forward to learning more about my own backyard. And THANK YOU for supporting WIRES.

  54. Jamey, as an Aussie now living in NZ this is super exciting! Thanks for your support for Australia, it is much appreciated. And I guess this means your trip to NZ last year was a tax deductible business trip for ‘research’, right… ;-)

      1. Of course. Sorry if my comment came across as any kind of criticism or real insinuation. It was meant to be a silly joke – it’s hard to know how these come across online sometimes! Grace and peace to you :-)

  55. Speaking as an Australian, if you include the Australian white ibis, please can the fun fact be that we call them ‘bin chickens’.

    1. I was playing a game yesterday and we were saying how there should be a bin chicken, who’s power lets you draw cards from the discard pile.

  56. I hope this expansion will add more player interaction! The only thing I miss from this fun-game, a bit like multiplayer solitair.

    1. Multiplayer solitaire is when players’ choices don’t impact each other at all. Wingspan has quite a bit of interaction: The dice you choose from the dice tower (and when you choose to reroll them), the bird cards you choose (if you take a face up card, you’re taking it away from your opponents), the end-of-round goals (when playing on the green side of the goal mat), and quite a few bird cards that result in other players gaining food, drawing cards, etc.

      An easy test for player interaction is to ask yourself, “Could all actions be taken simultaneously, scaled to any player count?” If the answer is no, there’s at least some player interaction in the game.

      What I think you’re asking for–and what most people seem to mean when they ask for “more player interaction”–is more *direct conflict*. That simply isn’t what Wingspan is about; it is, after all, a game about managing a bird sanctuary. :)

      1. I love the lack of conflict in this game. The fact that it is peaceful with some player interaction make this game wonderful for me and my husband. I noticed that there is a card that steals food from another player, but at least that player can get something from the bird feeder. I hope we will see some additional creative ways to expand on the game. My biggest fear is that the game will go into the “steal a bid from someone / kill a bird on someone’s tableau / destroy eggs of your opponent / etc” route. Please, don’t make this game a mean game.

        1. We won’t, Sylvia–Wingspan isn’t meant to be a game with conflict. There is tension and many reasons to pay attention to other players, but it’s not a game in which players can hurt each other, and it won’t ever be.

  57. I have only just seen this (as I have just got Wingspan for my birthday – what a fantastic game!), so I have put my name on the list and donated separately. Great to see your support.

    1. house rule to increase interaction: leave your objective cards on display.
      i would love to see a dinosaur reskin of the base game, or dinosaur expansion, sans birds. my sons and i would love it, for both the game and for its educational value. thank you all for bringing more wingspan to the table.

  58. So excited! I got Wingspan this past Christmas and love it. I just got the European expansion a couple days ago, but I can’t wait for Oceania just for the fact that it probably will have budgerigars in it!

  59. Congratulations on the generous donation. I just looked up Oceania on Wikipedia because I was not sure which countries were officially in Oceania. There are so many fascinating birds in that area! You ciuld easily double the number of cards th ine game with all the birds in Oceania! Can’t wait!

  60. Cool stuff Jamey, very chuffed to see a game featuring NZ birds! Question; do you need the European expansion to play with this one or can you buy just the base game and the Oceania expansion?

  61. I was tempted to enter my personal email address, my work address, my alternate address, and that email address I never use but still have. That would have been a bit evil. Instead, I’m going to go find a place where I can donate those dollars myself!

    Thanks for helping in Australia and for leaking the next expansion!

  62. The European really improved upon the game, and I love the new end of round effects along with birds that can be played sideways and eagles that can be paid for with cards. Curious what the Oceania expansion can add at this point. Will there be a new effect/color on birds?

  63. Amazing! I cannot wait!

    I don’t know if I am alone with this opinion, but I could do it without another plastic insert for the cards. A pack of cards would be sufficient for me and it would also reduce shipping volume, plastic waste, etc.

      1. If the Oceania expansion will add as many cards as the European expansion, and a person only buys Wingspan + Oceania, then they will likely have too many cards to fit inside the original tray.

        Now I know you’d never let such a thing happen, so I’m considering this a miniscule clue regarding what kind of content Oceania will add to the game. :)

        Looking forward to it!

        1. Ah no, the european expansion fits completely in the original tray, so you only need the “european” tray for the other expansions

          1. That depends on whether you sleeve cards or not. I’m always sleeving all my games, and the base game and EE fills both trays to the brim. If not for the lids, the top cards wouldn’t even stay in the trays. And I’m not using Fantasy Flight thickness or anything like that. I use Arcane Tinmen, because they’re solid, yet not too thick. Some storing issues will certainly arise with the OE…

  64. Very excited! This is the expansion I wanted most. I am fascinated by the birds in Australia & New Zealand, having taken a couple of business trips there in the past few years.

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