Designed by Jamey Stegmaier | Art by Andrew Bosley | Sculpts by Rom Brown

Tapestry is a competitive, asymmetric, medium-weight civilization-building game.

1-5 players | 90-120 minutes | ages 12+

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Tapestry is a 2-hour civilization game for 1-5 players designed by Jamey Stegmaier.

Create the civilization with the most storied history, starting at the beginning of humankind and reaching into the future. The paths you choose will vary greatly from real-world events or people—your civilization is unique!

In Tapestry, you start from nothing and advance on any of the 4 advancement tracks (science, technology, exploration, and military) to earn progressively better
benefits. You can focus on a specific track or take a more balanced approach. You will also improve your income, build your capital city, leverage your asymmetric abilities, earn victory points, and gain tapestry cards that will tell the story of your civilization.

If you like A Feast for Odin, Mombasa, and Russian Railroads, we think you will enjoy creating your own unique civilization in Tapestry. Please join us in the Tapestry Facebook group to discuss the game!

Featured Components: 

  • 1 box
  • 1 game board (56 x 56cm)
  • 4-page rulebook
  • 2 reference guides (identical)
  • 18 prepainted landmark miniatures (28-70mm tall)
  • 100 income building miniatures
  • 16 asymmetric civilization mats
  • 6 unique capital city mats
  • 5 income mats
  • 43 different tapestry cards
  • 7 trap cards
  • 48 unique territory tiles
  • 15 unique space tiles
  • 33 tech cards
  • 3 custom dice
  • 65 player tokens (cubes)
  • 50 outpost tokens
  • 1 custom insert
  • 28 Automa cards (solo mode)
  • 1 Automa mat
  • 1 Automa rulebook
  • 6 reference cards
  • 1 landmark board

Tapestry includes a total of 117 cards (57x87mm). The box is 296x296x100mm and weights 2.8 kg.

Release Details: The retail release was on November 1, 2019.

Product Details: The MSRP is $99 and the SKU is STM150.

Copyright 2019 Stonemaier LLC. Tapestry is a trademark of Stonemaier LLC. All Rights Reserved. This content is not authorized for posting on Steam.

Civilization Adjustments: Based on the results of the form below and data reported on BGG, please use the following starting adjustments to the civilizations in Tapestry. You can download and print this document here (last update: July 2020).

Log Your Win: Please use this simple form after a multiplayer game of Tapestry to record the winning civilization and their final score. There is also a more complex version of the form here (if you use this one, please also fill out the simpler form).

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358 Comments on “Tapestry

  1. Hiya Jamey – just played our first game of plans & ploys and we don’t seem to be able to enter our data into the google sheet as the new civs aren’t there yet. Any chance that it’ll be updated?

        1. The author of that unofficial database replied to me yesterday on BGG, saying that he was planning to add the 10 expansion civilisations as soon as his copy of Plans & Ploys arrives. I have 3 games with the new civs to enter – two where my wife absolutely wiped the floor with me 😢

  2. Jamey and Craig,

    We had a blast replaying our Tapestry session with the same civs as the last session but with a correct understanding of the Shadow Empire variant. We’re so glad we replayed it! I think we’ll play with that variant from now on because we very much enjoyed it when only two of us can get to the table. Our scores fell right at the averages for the civs when looking at your scores database – we love that online feature, by the way.

    The Shadow Empire adds that extra level of chance that helps attenuate the meta gaming that naturally enters a game when you know your gaming partner very well. Tapestry makes a player feel like they’re consistently stretching for multiple goals without ever overdoing the anticipation of meeting any of them. It’s strange to still walk away satisfied if you weren’t able to hit your early goals, but Tapestry lets you flow from one goal to the next without making you feel devastated when early plans go awry. Many paths at once, and none too hard or too easy that plans B and C become impossible or inevitable.

    Thank you for including that variant and for correcting our mistake so we could play it correctly! We’ve excitedly ordered the expansion, Plans & Ploys, and are now a SM Champion. Thank you for continuing the hard work of bringing people together to share great experiences around a table.

  3. Jamey, please tell us we had an outlier experience with the Shadow Empire Variant! It was a terrible experience. If it was just bad luck, we’ll erase the experience from our minds. With the new expansion coming out, we wanted to get in a few plays of the base game to refresh ourselves.

    Do you have any data about what more experienced players think of the Shadow Variant? I was hoping to see a question about that when we logged our play, but that wasn’t an option to input.

    We’re going to play a 2-player game again tomorrow without the Empire and using the Futurists and the Craftsmen civs to hopefully give us those good feels we got when we first played this game a few months ago!

    Note: we don’t feel like we need the Shadow Variant to enjoy the 2-player game, so feel free to tell us we should pretend that variant doesn’t exist and be on your way :) We only tried it because it said it added more interaction in a 2-player game, and that sounded interesting.

    Session Experience:
    We just ended a 2-player Tapestry game. Tied with 117, so we’re not the best at this game (was our 4th play). To make matters worse, we played the Alchemists vs the Traders. It was only after the game where we logged our play that we saw in the Stonemaier data section that these are the worst scoring Civs in the game. Admittedly, we had a lot going against us to start.

    For the first time tonight, we included the Shadow Variant. I see a lot of threads about which civs are over/under-powered and balancing those, but there’s almost nothing I’ve found about balancing issues with the Shadow Empire variant. Maybe hardly anyone is playing with that, so it’s a non-issue.

    Halfway through the game we realized we couldn’t catch up to get any landmark buildings, so the last half of the game felt like, “let’s just get this over with.”

    The Shadow Empire just had too many turns where it advanced along all 4 tracks at once. (box with S inside it). Yes, we used only the 1-12 decision cards. There was no catching up to it, which meant it took away all but one of the landmark buildings. The Landmark aspect of the game could have been completely eliminated: Shadow Empire = Just remove the Landmark Board from the game.

    The Empire’s “favorite” track didn’t matter because almost all the decision pairs called for advancement on all tracks. We only had a single decision card pair that told us to pick the Empire’s favorite track. There’s no way regular players would be able to not only complete two tracks, but also get into the 4th phase of the other two tracks. Even with us concentrating on two tracks, the Empire was almost always ahead, gobbling up all the landmarks.

    If it wasn’t for the Technology deck, I’d have only had a single Landmark.

    1. Jack, seems you’ve misinterpreted the rules for the Shadow Empire. It only ever moves along one track at a time. The S in a box simply means that all unfinished tracks are viable options, and you should use the arrow and list of possible tracks to decide between multiple options. Hopefully this will make it a bit more reasonable next time!

      1. Craig,
        Oh my. How embarrassing for us! But, we are so relieved it was our own fault. Rereading the rules after seeing your reply makes clear how we misinterpreted the Empire’s movement. We’re going to recreate the exact game setup and replay again today.

        This also means your scoring database now has a flawed datapoint of a 2-player tied 117-117 game entered on Aug 29, 2020. This datapoint should be deleted based on our totally incorrect play of the Empire variant.

    2. In addition to Craig’s important clarification, I need to make it clear that I only design the multiplayer versions of our games, not solo variants or bots. I designed Tapestry to be fun at 2 players without the Shadow Variant, which is, as the name suggests, a variant. :) That said, I have heard great reviews about it from those who don’t mind adding a simple bot to their 2-player games (I completely respect your opinion–I’m just replying to what you asked about how other players feel about it).

      1. Thank you for the quick reply, Jamey. We got into this beautiful boardgame hobby around the time you had half the games you now have. SM games are some of our all-time favorites (Viticulture is our favorite), and we’ve been buying and loving everything you’ve been putting out ever since.

        Thank you for all the work you do in not just creating wonderful games that improve the boardgame space, but also in keeping up with the players after the games are out, even when the players make huge rules mistakes like we just did!

  4. Another great game. Amazing components. I am not listening to any of the haters anymore. I’m not sure why I ever did. Every one of the Stonemaier games I have are great. The components are better then 99% of board games out there. I’ve championed pre-ordered pendulum already should get tomorrow. I’m sure it’ll be great as well. Thanks for the great games!

  5. Hi! At the start of this year, one of my goals was to get myself away from the various Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). I was successful, and have no plant to return to those places.

    it is my understanding, however, that most of the discussion for the expansion to Tapestry is being done there. I was wondering if you could direct me to some other source for information on this expansion, or perhaps start sharing that info here on your own site?

    If I have missed something obvious, please accept my appologies.

    1. Try Board Game Geek – if you register, you can simply browse when you want, and can subscribe to any relevant threads on there, which will then be highlighted when you go back on the website if there is any new content. It *doesn’t* email about new content (unless you want it to)

  6. Hello SM team! I have a question about the tapestry cards. What happen when I need to do my income turn and I need to place a tapestry card for this Era and I have a tapestry card that only says When Played, and no other tapestry card besides this one. Do I get what is written on the card once or I did not gain anything?

    1. Jose: “When Played” tapestry cards are used just like other tapestry cards–the only time you play them is during your income turn. Unlike “This era” tapestry cards, you gain a 1-time instant benefit when you place a “when played” tapestry card on your income mat during the tapestry step of your income turn.

  7. Hello SM team, I just love your games! Scythe and Tapestry my favorites. I have one question about the Historians, I saw a similar question in Bgg but not the same. If I am playing against the Shadow Empire or against the Automas plus the Shadow Empire do I need to give them a token to gain my Civ benefit?

  8. Hi Jamey/Joe, could you clarify am aspect of the traders’ ability please? If you place a token in an empty space adjacent to opponent territories, do you score victory points for the adjacent territories just once, or at every following income turn? I can’t find the answer on other forums.
    My wife and I are addicted already! A fantastic game :)

    1. Hi! me again :)

      I just found the same question below posed by Sylwia (March 22, 2020 at 8:03 am) and answered by Joe (thanks Joe). That said, I wonder why Traders don’t continue to score? It would make sense that once a trade route is opened up, it continues to supply. Additionally, it may redress what feels like a disadvantaged civilisation. Would you ever consider changing this rule?

      I just lost with 241 to my wife (372!!!), but for me the hardest part of losing this one was that I missed out on getting the launchpad when I thought I had it in the bag…

  9. I’ve searched BGG and can’t find an answer to this question. If I have Theocracy active which says I cannot advance on the science track for the era, and someone else plays Age of Discovery and rolls science, the card says all players MUST advance on the track. So which card controls, Theocracy, which says I cannot advance or Age of Discovery which says I must advance? The same would apply if I had Broker of Peace and someone rolled military.

    1. The “cannot” of Theocracy and Broker of Peace takes precedence. So you would not be able to advance on that particular track.

  10. Hi Jamey i got Tapestry as my bday present and played my second game today and i loved it, thank you for bringing us this amazing game! I have a question in regards to the Technician civilization.

    in the text it said during the income turn, i can put a token on my one of my tech cards and it immediately gets upgraded, AND it ignores the top row prerequisites. This prerequisites-ignoring effect, does it only apply during the activation of the civilization’s ability, or does it stay on the card for as long as the token is on there?

    say for example, i placed the token on the tech card on X, it immediately gets upgraded to O, and i gain the benefit. and since you get to upgrade one of your tech cards during the income turn, can i then upgrade this token-marked card onto SQUARE ignoring the prerequisites?

    thank you

  11. I would buy from your site but im Canadian and the conversion rate is horrible, and you charge 14 buck for shipping. I think im done waiting for wingspan, I cant find it anywhere. This is a game my wife and I wanted to enjoy, but its out of reach.

    1. Hello fellow Canadian who’s name is also Dan. Why you complain so much? I think maybe you should buy a more different one of Jameys games… (they are all great) and wait until local stores can get more wingspans in stock. :P. They are all great.

  12. Hello
    Big fan of your games. I just bought TAPESTRY and after my first 2 player game (which I loved) it ocurred to me that a layer of randomness could be avoided with a new “take 2 tapestry cards, keep one” system.
    Would’nt you approve?

    1. In Tapestry, you’re able to easily gain quite a few tapestry cards–you gain one in every income turn, and there are a number of them on the advancement tracks. Thus the decision in tapestry isn’t “which tapestry card should I select”; rather, it’s “which of my several tapestry cards should I play, and when should I play it?” Otherwise you’re playing a different game, one that will result in more downtime every time you draw 2 and discard 1.

  13. Let me start with: Great game!

    2 comments on the Dutch version. On the game board an “IF” has not been translated into “ALS”. The tapestry card ‘Pillage and Plunder’ has been translated to ‘Plunderen’. That’s ok, but it accidentally was converted from “THIS ERA” to “ALS GEPEELD” which means “WHEN PLAYED”.

    Any chance these mistakes will be corrected in a second Dutch print? If so, can you notity me? I would like to try to get these corrected.

    Also, I’m willing to help check the Dutch translations. My wife is very good at language and we are experienced boardgamers. We already noticed some subpar translations. Interested?

    Looking forward to the expansion. although we still need to play the basic version many times before we can claim any experience;)

    Kind regards, Jan & Family.

    1. The civ mats themselves aren’t changing–there’s just the one-page civ adjustment guide, which isn’t available for purchase. It will be available in the expansion, though.

  14. Is there a showcase of the card art specifically? I would like to have something to use for backgrounds in Zoom meetings. :)

    1. Could any of the images on this page work? They’ll embiggen if you click them. The card art is the size of the cards, so they’re far too small to fill a computer screen.

  15. Have there been new adjustments since the civilizations adjustment back in november? I’m afraid I missed out on an update of rules

  16. Tapestry was the first SM game in my collection and it became such a quick favorite that I HAD to get Scythe for my birthday. That came in a little early but we have already played 10(?) games in less than a week. Looking forward to another SM game or two coming in for my ACTUAL birthday next week. Thanks for making such fun and compelling games.

  17. Jamey, I’m impressed beyond belief again. Scythe and Viticulture were already 2 of my favorite games and this is joining them. Not to inflate your ego Too much haha but I do believe you are one of the best designers around and one of the best publishers as well. Just an amazing job, sir can’t wait for more! Gonna have to check out Euphoria one of these days.

  18. Hello Jamey and thank you for giving me tapestry.

    It saves me in the time of isolation.
    I played 3 times and simulated a three-player game each time.

    It is already one of my absolute favorite games.

    Greetings from Germany

  19. So far my girlfriend and I are having a blast with this game. We do remove the civilizations we have used already from the stack before randomly assigning one, so we can attempt to use all of them at least once before we repeat any. :)

    Loving it so far. It is a great game. I just loved it when she was able to get the *Singularity* and had not yet discovered the *Telephone*! :D

  20. Hello,
    I have a question about Traders civilization. If I put a marker in the 2nd round and receive points for each adjacent territory controlled by opponents, then in the 3rd round, when I put the next marker, do I add points from this marker from the 2nd round if nothing has changed in this field?

    1. On a Traders’ income turn (2-5) you are placing one cube and receiving benefits from that single cube placement. All other cubes might still be on the board, but you only gain a benefit according to the single cube placed on that income turn.

  21. Question: my girlfriend is playing the Militants right now. On her turn, she had to do an Income turn. She played the Tapestry card “Militarism.” How do these interact?

    The interaction between this card and her civilization is not entirely clear. At least 4 threads on BGG have discussed this with no official answer given. If I had to guess, I would say that she would get to place Outposts with exploration (per Militarism); this will have to be the leftmost Outpost in a row (per Militants); this is not a conquer action (even though the spaces on her civilization mat will be getting exposed); she will get the benefits of all exposed spaces (per Militants).

    I could be wrong. But as we are in a game right now, this is how we are playing it.

  22. Ok. I got my copy this weekend (FLGS got it in, I picked it up immediately). My girlfriend and I have only played twice (once without the Shadow Empire, and once with). I need several more plays before I could even think to write a review.. but first impressions: holy crap this game is amazing!

    If I have a complaint, it is only a few areas where the rules booklet is not entirely clear. But that could just be me. A video on the BGG page, and we were pretty clear as to what was going on.

    I mean… damn! The game is pretty simple as far as what you can do. It is a freaking jungle trying to figure out what, exactly to do. That is some delicious decision space!

    Awesome job guys… this is becoming a favorite very quickly. Thank you so much!

  23. When you gain nanotechnology do you get points once for the arrow and then again for a separate square benefit? We are in the middle of a game! RSVP soon if you can thanks

    1. Here’s what the reference guide says about Nanotechnology: “In any order, upgrade 1 tech card & gain the square benefit of 1 tech card in your top row. You may then discard 3 tech cards to gain 10 VP.”

      You get to upgrade a card (and take whatever benefits that might give you) AND take a square benefit of 1 tech card in your top row. You can do one or the other first.

  24. Hello and thank you for another great game! After the change/balancing of the civ mats, will there be possible to get a hold of new physical cards or will the changes only be available on the site?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. This is a game I have on order at my friendly local game store. Really looking forward to it.

        I was wondering though… if that civ adjustment guide would be one of those things that could be offered up at some point via the Print and Play service you use for the two small expansions for Viticulture? That way, it could come on a nice, thick, even glossy cardstock.

        Just a thought. :)

  25. An important sentence is missing in the french rulesbook.
    I described the problem on BGG ( https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/2308269/french-translation-error-or-evolution-rules ) expecting Matagot will update their uploaded rulesbook on BGG. They didn’t do yet …
    May be request from the game creator could help :-)

    I also translated the civilisations adjustments and uploaded the file on BGG ( https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/192340/ajustements-des-civilisations-v11 )

    and uploaded a slightly more readable version of the french version of the development tracks guide.
    ( https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/191316/guide-de-reference-des-pistes-de-developpement-ver )

    1. No, second editions are for extensive rules or art changes. The only difference here are a few minor starting tweaks for a small number of factions–it’s just a printable page as noted on this page of our website.

  26. Hey Jamey…finally i got my hands on your masterpiece “TAPESTRY” ..have to say this has become my all time favourite

    Need to ask couple of things
    1. Is Science track weakest? I tried twice going heavy on Science and lost both times..while whenever i prefer the combination of Exploration along with Military..i won every-time

    2. Is 300 points in Tapestry a myth?

    I watched your 5 tips on Tapestry( on Youtube), but unfortunately i lost using those :p

    Feel there is so much to explore in Tapestry.
    Thanks for this game

    Nitin Raj

    1. A friend of a friend played a game that ended 340-219-111. He was Futurists (later Historians) and reached the end of all four tracks and filled up his capital city. He sent my friend pics of the end state of the game. He is a formidable player, and my friend says he is nigh unbeatable at Scythe. This was his fourth game of Tapestry.

      I know, you probably have plenty of reason to dismiss me (as you’re getting this third-hand), but there it is.

      1. We have 3 games logged in which one player has over 500 points. All 2 player games with Heralds as the winner. Heralds are OP. Even with adjustments. -15 Vp is nothing when you get beat by 200 anyway :D

  27. Finally got a chance to dive in last night with friends and had a blast. Really enjoyed the experience, from the gameplay to the feel of the bits & pieces. Looking forward to playing more!

  28. Until I played Tapestry Scythe was my all-time favorite game. Tapestry has easily supplanted that! This game is simply amazing.

    1. Post your question in the Tapestry forum on Board Game Geek. You will get a reply really quickly, and Jamey often lurks there and posts responses.

  29. Hello Jamey! Sorry for my bad English! I didn’t receive my copy of the game yet but I have an idea to improve it.
    When you make a conquer action you roll two conquer dice and can choose, what do you need more – VP or 1 resource (or something else).
    So my suggestion is to add this opportunity to choose to the symbol “hex in bay leaf” (it’s on “Ships” on exploration track for example). On your income turn or when you find this symbol – you can choose:
    1. gain 1 VP for each territory you control.
    2. gain 1 resource (or something else) from territory you control with this resource. I think in your income turn if you have two this symbols – it must be different territories you control. Or you can use one of the symbol for getting resource and second for getting VP.

    I think it will add more need to conquer for territories with good resources (or sources to upgrade techs, receive tapestry cards and etc) (like in real life).
    For balance may be you can gain resources and only resources from this (not upgrade tech and other).
    And It’s not hard to add this to the game.

    What do you think about this?

    1. I think you are misunderstanding the rules, and, with respect, I would suggest you *play* the game before asking the game designer to change it. There is a Variant section on the Board Game Geek Tapestry forum where you could post your suggestion and see what other players think – but I’d strongly suggest you play the game before doing so.

      1. Thanks for your opinion. I will write it on BGG forum too. I understood the rules correctly and I think this changes can be good for the game that’s why I am here. Especially Jamey is thinking about expansion for the game now. And yes, I didn’t play the game but I watched all replays that I can found

        1. There are plenty of other ways to gain resources – primarily by gaining and placing income buildings. Once you have played the game you will realise how this aspect of the game is balanced.

  30. Question: I saw that Tapestry will be sold at Essen Spiel 2019 through Matagot but there was no price in euro’s? Do you know what the price will be at Essen Spiel? What was the pre order price in euro’s through the Stonemaier website?

    I played it yesterday and its such a cool game

  31. Hi, Jamey,

    I know it is still early, but I was curious if there are any initial results/thoughts on the Google doc for the Tapestry scoring balance? So far we have not sensed any kind of serious imbalance–I think people are too quick to blame their bad playing decisions on it. But I just generally love game statistics, so I keep finding myself wondering how things are shaping up!


  32. Hi, I received my copy on Friday but the packaging was not protective enough and the game box is badly damaged (a corner smashed and torn up), I tried contacting the fulfillment center about it but no response so far (granted it was the week-end).

    I know it’s “juste the box” but I thing that contrary to lot of other products, boxes and their arts are a big part of board games, and usually, online board game retailer always use very protective packaging to ensure the respect amazing games deserve.

    Is there a way to get/buy and empty box ?

  33. When you score your capital city (symbol icon), for each row/column where all the income buildings are identical (min 1), that row/column is worth 2pts, not 1pt

  34. I have a question about Architects ability. Do you get 2 points instead of 1 for every symbol you uncover or just the first one? So with all gray houses on the map do they score 4pts per row/column or 6pts?

  35. So my Automa income cards have level 3 & 4 on one card and level 1 on both sides of the other. I’m assuming this is right because level 2 is on the mat.
    Which leads me to the question, why wasn’t the mat left blank and the other card printed with levels 1 & 2 on it.
    It’s not the end of the world but it did give me cause for concern when I opened the game and found a card printed the same on both sides.

  36. Hi, Jamey , I hv tried my 1st game of Tapestry tonight , wonderful mechanism designer ! I love it. Also top notch of components, especially appreciate shiny plastic token instead of wooden tokens (Anti-mold purpose in moist climate of spring and summer season). I think I will play at least 10 games of it before the end of this month.

    THREE questions come up after my 1st play.
    1.Is Player cube unlimited?
    2.Who will get the landmark if both player leading on exploration track and enter Tier III at the same time by another players’ Tapestry card said “everyone advance in my chosen track but no benefits except myself”but he is on the lowest space 0
    Space 11 of military track :Drone Assasins scoring your capital. Is that icon count as one multiples of my income track of my “grey House” so now I hv two rows n three column (2+3)x 4 multipler =20 vp . Correct?

    1. James: Thanks for your questions, and I’m glad you’re enjoying Tapestry!

      1. Player cubes are indeed unlimited.
      2. Advance in clockwise order.
      3. Whenever you see that icon, it means, “Gain 1 VP for each complete row and column in your capital city.” So if you have 6 complete rows and columns, gain 6 VP.

  37. So, the more closer to the release, the more questions about the expanations:)
    Jamey, I still haven`t played tapestry, and actually waiting for that woundering day, when I will take that desired box. But, I`d prefer to make a notes as early as it posssible, how strongly do you really target on the producing expantions for the tapestry?
    Doest it like “Well, i even dont know, maybe, if the idea would`ve hit me…” or you have the clear vision of the Tapesry`s future? And as well, could it be cosmetical expantions (like for the skythe) or they are all a going to be determined on gameplay experience? Of cource if the all that iinformation isn`t secret )
    I`m just need to realise, how much money should I safe and how much place on the rack should I reserve for this masterpiece.
    Really cannot wait to play the Tapestry with my friends and family

  38. I have not played the game yet, but got the game recently and looked through it. I got to say I am impressed with the quality of the game — especially with the pieces where buildings have colors, plastic molded tokens with great details (not plain cheap wood), nice papers felt of characters, playmats, etc. It’s like buying all-in-one deal rather than having to upgrade some of pieces from somewhere else. I like the idea of buying game with nice pieces without having to upgrade anything (well, most of it anyway). TWO THUMBS UP! I cannot wait to play the game with my friends.

    1. Yes, each fulfillment center is dispatching orders in the order in which they were received. But we received thousands of orders in a 32-hour period, and the folks at the fulfillment centers have human limitations on how many they can ship each day.

      1. Thanks Jamey :) No worrie I’m exited to play your game but I’m gonna wait with reading the rules and check some video. Great Job again with Tapestry !!

  39. Hi Jamey – how is your “How to teach Tapestry” video coming along. I’m heading over to the post office to pick up my copy today and am super excited to teach it to my wife.

    1. Yes. I actually just sent an update about this yesterday—perhaps it’s in your spam folder. The fine folks at our fulfillment center are working as hard as possible to ship the many thousands of orders I’ve sent them over the last few days. They’ll get to your order in the next week or so (please see the chart that is on both the Tapestry page of our website and the webstore), and when they do, you’ll get a tracking number from FedEx.

  40. Civ games, to me, seem to lend themselves to a legacy format – perhaps you’ll consider that approach to this one at some point…

  41. I noticed the scoring has a possibility of 400+, is that a reasonably obtainable goal? Do you have an average score for your in-house play throughs? If not no worries just was curious. Game looks amazing! So glad I preordered day one.

  42. Sorry to see the pre-orders have already sold out
    Your games are far too popular for my liking Jamey
    possible to add a few thousand more for pre-order limited to 1 per order
    no harm in asking

  43. Quite disappointed the pre-orders are gone less than 2 days into the 4 day period… Jameys post on BGG said we would have plenty of time to read reviews / watch videos to make a decision about whether to buy… I thought there were supposed to be ample copies available for the 4 days.

    1. I was hoping our allocation would last 4 days, but I also mentioned on social media and on Wednesday’s e-newsletter that there was a limit to the copies we made that were allocated for direct preorders. The reviews went live at 9:30 am on Wednesday, and the game sold out around 5:30 pm the following day (a 32-hour period to watch a review or two).

  44. Hi Jamey! Quick question: I’ve already preorderded the game yesterday but did not know about the “Champion” option. If I become a Champion now, is there anyway to still get the benefits?

    1. von Twitter: Das neu angekündigte Spiel Tapestry von Jamey Stegmaier #stonemaiergames wird es auch auf deutsch geben. Wir werden es 2020 zur Spiel doch in Duisburg oder zur Berlin Brettspiel Con veröffentlichen.

  45. Hi, i would just like to check on something.

    As we know, with the first prints of games, there tend to be slight mistakes (eg scythe board misprint, wingspan card misprint). If there are misprints in tapestry, could i check what are the possible solutions for buyers from asia?

    Just checking to see if its worth getting the first print of the game or should i wait for subsequent printings to reduce the chance of misprints.


  46. Ordered and ready to play! Thanks for making some of my favorite games of all time! I’m hoping that Tapestry will make that list. It’s got a tough job though, not many games on my list that I consider as good as Viticulture…

  47. What is the benefit of the extra dice? Is it more about not having to pass them from player to player or would it speed up gameplay (like players can all go at once?). Thanks!

  48. Just ordered. Really pleased with the price and the large discount on postage (I’m in the UK)

    Thank you.

    Looking forward to playing it.

  49. I just pre-ordered it. I wanted to be sensible and watch some reviews first but who am I kidding, it’s not like I would change my mind. The game looks great Jamey, can’t wait to play it!

  50. Hey Jamey, 2 quick questions:

    I’m trying to imagine the game play (but maybe reviewers will touch on this once the embargo is lifted). Can you expand on how the “era” structure works? I understand each player can progress through the different eras at their own individual pace. So, if a player gets to the end of the 5th era and they’re done with the game they just sit there and wait for everyone else to get to the end of their respective game? They essentially sit out and watch everyone else continue playing for a while? What happens if a player finishes way early before everyone else? This seems very unusual to me. I can see this is influenced by the passing mechanism of The Golden Ages, but I’m having a hard time imagining it in practice.

    Second question is more simple. When leaving a comment on your website (like this one), have you considered making the comment box appear at the TOP of the comments as opposed to the BOTTOM? Sometimes one has to scroll for a very looooooong time to reach the bottom of the comments. Just a thought. Thanks! :)

    1. “So, if a player gets to the end of the 5th era and they’re done with the game they just sit there and wait for everyone else to get to the end of their respective game?”

      Yes, that’s correct. This is similar to the Everdell system. Typically a player only waits a few minutes. See the August 11 design diary post.

      “When leaving a comment on your website (like this one), have you considered making the comment box appear at the TOP of the comments as opposed to the BOTTOM?”

      Yes, I’ve considered it.

  51. Hi Jamie. Really excited about this game. But looking at the dates, this will come a weekend or so before Essen. Is it possible to reserve an english copy to pickup at Essen?

  52. I’m so excited for this, Jamey! I set a calendar alert and figured out the time change between Central and Atlantic. I hope you don’t sell out in the first two minutes :)

  53. Jamey, I’m sorry if this has been asked some other place. But is there a specific hour you plan on opening up pre-orders? Thanks for all your hard work!

  54. Hey Jamey. This looks amazing! Saw the “How to play” on Watch it played and I loved what I saw. I live in Sweden and I just wonder if it´s possible to order directly from here/you or do I have to wait for retails in sweden to order the game?
    Best regards, Christopher

  55. Will all reviews be posted here on the Tapestry page in your video section as soon as the embargo is lifted and pre-orders begin?

  56. Hi,

    Wanted to know if there will be any differences between the version released for preorder vs the retail release in the months to come?


    1. Answer Jamey August 19, 2019 at 2:15 pm: “(…) every copy of Tapestry is the same except for the individually numbered box, which is unique to the first English printing.”

  57. I will only be in the US until September 17. If I signup as Stonemaier Champion and preorder the game will it be able to arrive on time (Sep 16) before I depart?

  58. Hi Jamey
    I have two questions:
    1) Will it be possible to preorder and choose Essen pickup as a delivery option? (If it saves on S&H)
    2) When will the metal mechs for Scythe be available to save on S&H and could the also be picked up at Essen?

  59. Hi Jamey!
    Im traveling to the US from September 13 to the 21 to Orlando Florida.
    If I preorder the 4th will it arrive by then?
    Im from Chile and I would really like to save on shipping and customs

  60. Jamey, I do feel the campaign has lost a lot of its impetus. There’s no new information coming out because you’ve banned reviews being released before it goes on sale. I understand your reasons, but it would have helped maintain interest to have some reviews to watch, instead of being forced to find time to watch multiple reviews in the short pre-order phase. We, the prospective customers, are in limbo, it feels. I still intend to pre-order (and have signed up as a champion to help reduce shipping costs to the UK), but others are being tempted to spend their money elsewhere with the enforced delay – e.g. Merchants Cove.

    1. Laurie: Thanks for sharing your feelings! This is exactly how our campaigns work–we talk about the new product for 1-2 weeks, then there’s a week or so between the preorder, then there’s the preorder, then the game ships a week or so later. It’s all very condensed. Tapestry hasn’t budged from the top of the BGG hotness list since we first announced it.

      You’re welcome to spend your money as you wish–I’m not trying to tempt anyone to do anything they don’t want to do (especially if they’re not able to wait just 6 more days to buy a game that they’ll receive a few weeks later). Here is the explanation I posted on Monday about the review embargo:

      “For our last 7 product releases, we’ve implemented an embargo date for the advance copies we send to reviewers. The primary reason is that we do not want to rush reviewers–we want them to have ample time to play the game, evaluate it, and compose their thoughts so their reviews can best serve potential customers. Without an embargo date, reviewers can feel pressure to be the first to release their review.

      The date I’ve chosen to end the embargo for all 7 of those products is the day that our direct preorder begins. I want someone to be able to watch a review, decide that they want the product, and instantly be able to order that product (there’s no risk of them forgetting). Our preorders last a few days–it’s not like there’s a race to watch/read reviews–and even if some people don’t discover the reviews until after the preorder, our games are constantly reprinted and are available from retailers worldwide.”

      1. Thanks for replying, Jamey. When the pre-order happened for Wingspan, which was longer than for Tapestry, I was too busy to be able to check out the reviews in the short time of the pre-order, and so was unsure whether to buy it. I STILL have not been able to buy a copy of it. If reviews had been released a bit before the pre-order, then I would have had more time to read/watch them, and would now own a first edition of Wingspan.

        1. Jamey, a few people on BGG have just said exactly what I said above – that because of real life commitments (like work) they did not have time to watch reviews in the very short time that this pre-order ran (one and a half days). I really wanted to watch Rahdo’s *review* before buying – but it was not available when the pre-order started (someone said he overslept!). I then had to order without the benefit of the number one reviewer that fits with our situation (mostly 2 player, and not liking too much take that).
          Please could you consider raising the embargo one day before the pre-order starts? This wouldn’t have impacted sales at all (I suspect the pre-order would have sold out faster!) and would have allowed those of us who do not want to watch hour long play throughs to get enough information to inform a purchase in a reasonable amount of time beforehand. No-one is going to forget to order the following day, either – and we have reminders on Smartphones to help with that anyway.

  61. Hi! Just wondering if there will be any multiplayer playthrough videos available before release? Rahdo and BGG both did an automa play, which was great, but I’d love to see a competitive demo…

  62. Just wondering what the shipping costs are to Australia (I believe you mentioned some local distributor out here).

  63. Jamey,
    You have once again gone above and beyond and I can’t wait to get my copy of Tapestry pre-ordered. It just makes me even prouder to be a Stonemaier Champion. Will you be attending Dice Tower West 2020 in Las Vegas (Feb 26 – March 1, 2020)?

  64. Would a Canadian Champion receive their pre order before November 29th ? I leave for the Philippines on Dec 1st for six months and I won’t be able to receive it if it doesn’t come before I leave

  65. This is all well and good, Jamey, but when is the pre-pre-order scheduled? I’d really like to get in on that. (Barring that, will you be sure to be printing enough to fulfill all pre-orders? I guess that’s the point of it, eh?) :-)

    I’ve enjoyed watching ManVsMeeple preview the game. Looks like it’s going to be a great one!

    1. The pre-order, as indicated at the top of this page, is September 4-7. I hope the amount we printed is sufficient, as we started making the games many months ago, and they’re currently on boats headed towards fulfillment centers.

      1. Hi, Jamey,

        I’m aware of the pre-order schedule. I’m asking about the PRE-pre-order time. :D

        OK, fine. I’ll wait.

          1. @Carl and @Jamey, that’s where you make your pre-order PRIOR to the pre-order time. :-D It’s a little proposal I’m working on for the Champions.

  66. Any idea of the shipping cost to France for champion and non-champion ?
    The game look amazing, and as same as Scythe, I would love to play with the original version and not some odd translation.

  67. If I preorder in New Zealand (assume coming from Australia fullfilment center) – and I also add Scythe encounters and modular board to the order – will they all ship together ? Or is inventory different for different items ? Should I make two separate orders ? thanks heaps

  68. Regarding the ‘leaders’ civilization; is each leader only available once, or do you use a single that moves around the different boxes allowing for a single leader to be used multiple times?

  69. Watched Rahdo’s preview for this today. I’m not normally a solo gamer, but I’ve gotta say I’m very interested in trying it. I’m impressed with how well the automa takes varied actions. Can’t wait to get this one.

  70. The Automa not building the income buildings means techs with Lvl 3 advancements that require you or your neighbor reach a certain point of the income track are much weaker.

    Maybe the Automa can be updated to move on those tracks to we don’t lose a big portion of the multiplayer game?

  71. Will the Portuguese version be available in Portugal or will it have to be imported from Brazil?
    Because in that case it will surely be much more expensive than the English version.
    Thank you

  72. Will you be able to build a civilization that plays into Euphoria? Will there be an expansion pack with building shaped like those in Euphoria? I’m looking forward to this.

      1. There is a fan-theory involving Pixar movies that infers that all the movies take place in the same universe. Can this be assumed to be true for the SM universe?

  73. Hi Jamey, the components list above mentions that there are 85 outposts however the screenshot of the back of the box states 50. I take it the box is correct with 50, being 10 per player?

  74. Will the non pre-ordered, non-English retail versions of the game have the same quality components and painted mini’s?

  75. Is there anything else left to reveal component wise? If not, could we get a picture of the back of the box?

  76. Hey Jamey! My fiance and I live in different states and often play games across Skype. This only works when a game has very little important hidden knowledge. For example, she plays Root with me and my friends by playing the Otters, a faction whose hand is public knowledge. We couldn’t however play games like go fish where the whole game is private knowledge. I don’t know if you can answer this yet, but do you think I will be able to play Tapestry with her given this information?

    1. I think you may be misreading that. The direct sales are usually for a short preorder period, then they close so he can allocate the remaining units to distributors. I don’t think the direct sales window will be open more than a week.

  77. Hey Jamey! Can’t wait to pre-order the game. I’ve been trying to pay attention to all the information coming out, but I’m curious about the capital city board and how that works. Is this something that will be discussed in more detail at a later date?

  78. Jamie, I suppose your done your research on the proper way to build hype and anticipation, cause your great at it!

  79. Very nice looking game. I don’t see any worker pieces yet. Is this worker placement style or more of an “action selection” style like Scythe? Keep up the good work and great designs! ;-)

  80. Is the economic/technological/cultural development linear? Or are their setbacks ala the original AH Civ game with calamities (Volcano/Earthquake, Famine, Epidemic,etc.)? My economic history study in college reinforced the significance of these setbacks (“The European Miracle” Chapter 2 Disasters and Capital Accumulation by E.L. Jones 1988 2nd Edition) and further reinforced by modern catastrophism thanks to the work of the comet research group (“Younger Dryas Impact Event ~12.8k years ago – massive impact zone, global conflagration, flood, cooling, etc. ), Holocene Impact Working Group (Burckle Crater ~5k years ago – MegaTsunami) as well as the Desert Research Institution’s study of 238 volcano eruptions in the past 2500 years of which 2 stood out as major impacts to civs: (535-536 AD, 539-540 AD). Unfortunately, I haven’t spotted any setback mechanisms in your teases so far based upon natural forces. I’m sure I’ll order your game regardless and enjoy playing it immensely but knowing that our historical course of civ has been quite non-linear I’ll have to just accept its drawbacks knowing that is one more lost opportunity to tell the real epic story of survival that humankind has faced in the last 15,000 years. Perhaps the game will somehow allow an Expansion that can inject the impacts (literally in case of a Taurid comet event) of catastrophe that it has set humankind back many times (in some cases to essentially a complete reset).

      1. No wonder you have so many friends and fans. Thanks for the consideration. I have 3 favorite mechanisms from AH’s Civ and I’m not sure you’ll hit any one of those. That said, if you manage to create an enjoyable civ game that takes 1/12th the time to play and I get to keep my friends. priceless.

    1. Each player has a different capital city mat (more of a special/abstract minigame) that connects with their territory on the board. But Tapestry isn’t a dudes-on-a-map game–it’s much more macro than that. So on the board, other than for the exploration mechanism, terrain doesn’t matter.

  81. Did Rom Brown hand create all of these mini figures? Did he have a way to speed up the process? Or did he make 18*25000 sculpts?

      1. I recall it being mentioned that there would be a Watch It Played Video coming along. I’m I correct that it will come before preorders open so we can see some actual game play?

  82. Most beautiful miniatures, ever! Thank you for advancing the Pandagm frontier.
    Since you didn’t mention it for Tapestry, I assume it was not done there, but do you think the miniature construction would lend itself to magnetized bottoms on the miniature?
    PS If parents would allow it, Tapestry looks like a great creative kit for kids not yet old enough to play the game.

  83. I’m totally sold after today’s update. I have a lot of faith in your design choices at this point, keep it up =D

  84. I’m excited for this and been a huge fan of you and your games since Euphoria!! I know this is a little far out, but… possibilities for expansions?? Just asking!

  85. This looks awesome. German edition also in the works? But now the most important thing: Only 4 pages of rules?!

    1. Feuerland has tweeted that the game will be available in german in 2020:
      “Das neu angekündigte Spiel Tapestry von Jamey Stegmaier #stonemaiergames wird es auch auf deutsch geben. Wir werden es 2020 zur Spiel doch in Duisburg oder zur Berlin Brettspiel Con veröffentlichen.”

  86. How much will be the shipping to Canada for Champions (and non Champions) ? Shipping from Canada or should I expect to pay duties ?

    1. For all of our preorders, we ship from fulfillment centers within the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe. For Canadian Champions, shipping will be $5 USD. Otherwise it will be $15.

  87. Will there be Polish version? If yes, will it be publushed by Rebel, as Wingspan has been?
    Looking forward to see gameplays. Looks exciting.

  88. Jamey, I really like the addition of the edition numbering you are doing for the first printing. It adds to the game being uniquely your adventure, as a player. Can’t wait to see what more details are to come.

  89. Hello!
    The game looks amazing, looking forward to seeing more :)
    Are you (or any of your distributors) going to demo this game in Essen? :)

  90. Hey Jamey!
    South African fan here. Will international shipping cover us?

    Thank you!
    (The game sounds amazing btw. Well done!)

  91. Now to find a way to time travel 2 weeks from now to when all of the preview/design diaries are out, Looking forward to the slow reveal of the gameplay. Should be a fun couple weeks.

          1. Have you ever shipped to a champion in the Philippines and if so did you get any feedback about customs charges?

  92. Stonemaier games (and Jamey as designer) are a reason for an instant-buy from me, even if it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of this game.

  93. Definitely going to pre-order this one ! It looks amazing and beautiful ! I am a big fan of your company’s games since Charterstone and trust the quality of the design and the dedication of your team.

  94. The game looks awesome and it’s an instant buy for me. If I become a champion, would the game be sent to me with customs charges (I live in Greece) ?

  95. Will these only be available direct or can I order through my FLGS? Should I get on them to preorder if so through you or their usual distributors? I like to support where I play so hoping it will be available locally.

  96. I gotta say this is exciting! I wasn’t super-hyped by what I saw at GenCon, so this announcement is beautifully timed.

  97. The artwork looks fantastic! It already has my imagination racing and wondering what my civilization will look like. I can’t wait to play this!

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