Rules, Translations, & FAQ

The Tapestry rulebooks and the civilization adjustment guide are available for download. There is also a full rules video by Watch It Played.

If you have rule questions, please post them in the comments on this page, create a thread on BoardGameGeek, or ask them in the Tapestry Facebook group.

Rule Questions

A compilation of rule questions about specific cards and civilizations is created and maintained by Jay Nabedian.

Are there any common rules mistakes players are making?

It’s hard to tell, but this post accounts for some possibilities.

Can you play trap cards after your final income turn?

Good try, but nope! Your game is over after your final income turn.

What does this tile mean?

Congrats! You’ve found the one functional (and embarrassing) misprint in the game. That should be the conquer icon, but it’s missing the black outpost token icon on the red hex. So, that tile is saying that you can perform a conquer action, then score 1 VP for each territory you control.

The tile should look like this (clipped from the punchboard file). There is a fix available from a third-party vendor on Etsy.

If a space on the advancement track shows more than one benefit, which order can they be taken?

Unless otherwise specified in the reference guide, the benefits can be taken in either order. If a landmark is gained by advancing, place the landmark first (if it matters–usually it does not, and you might as well wait until you’re done with your turn to place it so the game doesn’t pause for too long).

Do the Marriage of State and Espionage tapestry cards create an infinite loop?

The effect of Marriage of State only triggers from the benefit directly on the board, and not via being copied by another instance of Marriage of State’s effect (through Espionage or any other card’s ability).

What happens if you use a special benefit/ability to play the Technocracy card on top of a “this era” card?

When you play it, if nobody else is in the era, you get the big benefit. Otherwise, get the small benefit.

Shadow Empire Variant for 2 players: What card should we use if a tiebreaker is needed to determine the Shadow Empire’s next favorite track?

In the procedure in the “A Shadow Empire Turn” section, flip the order of steps 1a and 1b (change favorite track, then reshuffle). This means that you’ll use the tiebreaker card from the previous turn.

My level 1 Automa card is the same on both sides. Is something wrong?

Nope! It’s correct. Level 2 is printed on the mat.

General Questions

Have stats for Tapestry been posted yet?

A little bit. Jamey posted the following graphic in early October, and there’s also some visually interesting data presented here from BGG stats.

Why should I preorder from Stonemaier Games instead of waiting a few months for the retail release?

While we will offer a preorder discount, delivery much earlier than the retail release date, a guarantee that you’ll actually get an individually numbered first-run game in a timely manner, and the option to add on extra dice, I absolutely support anyone who wants to order the game from their retailer of choice. Every copy of Tapestry is identical (except for the individual numbering, which is limited to the English first printing).

204 Comments on “Rules, Translations, & FAQ

        1. It means that the first printing of Tapestry–which will be sold directly and through retail–has a slightly “off” icon on 1 rarely used tile. And of course, whenever we are aware of a typo or mistake in a game, we fix it if we print more.

          1. I received my copy of Tapestry yesterday in Germany. It’s a beautiful game! I also had a look at the misprint. It’s really just a very tiny error and doesn’t affect gameplay at all. You can easily remember that the conquer icon is missing. No problem at all :-)

            I read somewhere that there might by an expansion for Tapestry one day. Would it be possible to include a corrected version then for us first edition owners?

        2. I’m finding that the included instructions are one of the worst I’ve encountered for any game with this many moving parts. Any plan in place to bolster the documentation. I’ve been studying the gameplay on YouTube for two days and I still don’t feel up to speed.

          1. It is not a complicated game, Jeremy. My group played a “learning game” after I read the rules one time. We quickly figured it out. I think maybe you are getting too worked up about something that just isn’t the case in reality. Don’t worry about and just play. You’ll figure it out fast. The rules may be lacking a one or two points but “worst” ever? Not by a long shot.

    1. For purposes of the “Tanks” space on the military track, must you successfully topple to get the benefts from both conquer dice? Or do you get both benefits even if your opponent lays a trap?

    2. On the Warships card there is a conquer icon. Are you also allowed to roll the dice, or is that just the case when moving on the military trail?

      1. Whenenver you see the conquer icon, that means the conquer action. Follow all the steps of the conquer action unless told otherwise. So yes, you’ll roll the dice as normal.

      1. Not sure if this got sent, so take two…

        I respect everyone’s opinion. I myself have OCD issues in other areas. However, I find that minor, and sometimes even major mistakes in a first printing add character to my experience as a collector. These unique differences are proof that I have something special, or one of a kind. I have the first print of Wingspan. I didn’t get the replacement cards. I have sleeves, so I simply printed the replacements. I’m proud of those cards. Having a first edition is a way of showing support and appreciation for a company that has already put out good products. For every view or opinion there is a counter or opposite view. Again, I respect people’s opinions. That said, I get real satisfaction from being able to enjoy the little imperfections in life. I find that these things that may bug, irritate, and annoy some, can be quite beautiful when looked at from a different perspective.

        1. I just love your comment. I’m I correct that reading “between the lines” you are just saying “nothing is perfect and there a bigger issues to be more concerned about” ?

      2. I’ll just ask my slightly more artistic spouse to replicate the icon with a marker or do some kind of a heat transfer trick. No problem at all, excited to get the game! :)

    1. If I have played Theocracy and a player plays Age of Discovery and rolls Science, does Theocracy stop me advancing on the Science track?

  1. I respect everyone’s opinion. I myself have OCD issues in other areas. However, I find that minor, and sometimes even major mistakes in a first printing add character to my experience as a collector. These unique differences are proof that I have something special, or one of a kind. I have the first print of Wingspan. I didn’t get the replacement cards. I have sleeves, so I simply printed the replacements. I’m proud of those cards. Having a first edition is a way of showing support and appreciation for a company that has already put out good products. For every view or opinion there is a counter or opposite view. Again, I respect people’s opinions. That said, I get real satisfaction from being able to enjoy the little imperfections in life. I find that these things that may bug, irritate, and annoy some, can be quite beautiful when looked at from a different perspective. Tapestry is beautiful.

    1. I agree, Jesse. I kind of like the idea of this being a unique benefit icon used only for this particular space tile. Distinguishes it thematically from ‘earthly’ Conquer actions!

    2. @ Jesse

      I hear what you’re saying, but I’d hardly call 1 out of 25,000 copies with the same misprint “one-of-a-kind” .

      I’m really not to concerned about it, nothing a Sharpie won’t fix.

      1. Thanks for the response. I’m just wondering whether there is a Korean publisher working on localization. If there isn’t any, I will just buy an English version.

  2. Question on the player marker miscount: I see 65 cubes listed on the back-of-the-box image that was posted here, was that updated? I count 17 cubes per player in the setup image, is that what’s incorrect then?

    1. Matt, yes it looks like the setup image shows 17 cubes. That image is incorrect. The correct count is 13 per player as Jamey stated.

  3. I just finished reading the rules and think the game is amazing!! Players must advance their civilization within four income actions(other than the first income action). In other words, it means that you must use your resources efficiently after every income. Maybe it will come out unexpected results from some cards, but I think how to plan under the condition is the spirit of the game.

  4. Can one explore a hex, when no unexplored territory is available next to a controlled area. If yes, what are the restrictions, i.e. does one again the benefit of the exploration tile and/or the associated victory points with placing the tile?

    1. It is possible to gain a benefit which one is unable to complete (as in your example). In these cases you do not gain the benefit. In your example if you gained the benefit to explore but are unable to (by there being no unexplored hexes adjacent to a hex you control), then you do not explore.

  5. Probably a long stretch, but here goes: any possibility of making the PNG or vector file for the icon available for download? I could laser engrave it to my token that way :)

  6. I have a question about a tapestry card named Mercantilism. I don’t know if there are other similar tapestry cards but it reads. “This Era: when you gain income, you may convert mushrooms to any other resource. For each mushroom you convert gain 2 vp.” Does this mean that when you play this tapestry card you have to do this in the same income turn or in the next income turn?

      1. Follow-up on the Mercantilism card. If I play it and already have a food, can I concert that existing food to something else or does the card imply that I can only convert the food that I collect during this income turn?
        (E.g. I am the first player to play my second income turn, so I collected one resource; in this case, food. I then play Mercantilism. Can I concert that food to gold?)

        1. Emily: Mercantilism says, “This Era: When you gain income, you may convert food to any other resource. For each food you convert, gain 2 VP.”

          This is only referring to food that you gain from income, not food you already have.

  7. If you have all of a type of income building already in your city and you do an action that would gain you one more of that same type do you get the 10 VP that is uncovered on the income mat or no?

  8. I think I found another misprint, possibly. On my copy of the tapestry Exploitation, it says “If you don’t, gain {victory wreath with no inner symbol}”. Is there supposed to be a number of victory points, or a symbol inside the wreath?

  9. Got mine yesterday and I gotta say, the components are top-notch! Can’t wait to get it to the table tonight! Great job SM Games, keep up the fantastic work!

  10. I’ve played it against the Automa twice so far, and, boy, can they be brutal! I’ve lost both games, although the second one I got a bit closer. Love the components (textured boards?? More please!), the feel of the miniatures, the capital city “mini-game”, how varied the civilizations are, and, of course, Automa’s Factory work :) Can’t wait to try it with other players, but I can see myself playing this over and over for a long time to come. Thank you again for an incredible design.

  11. Hey Jamey, When does an “era” end for purposes of collecting a tapestry’s “this era” bonus? When you declare a new income turn or when the new tapestry is played? The timing can effect how a civilization bonus gets counted.

  12. Interesting situation arose during recent play. I played dictatorship during my income phase and locked the technology track. The next player was in era 4, only had coin resource available, and was tier 2 or above on all tracks. We decided that if unable to play an advancement turn you must take an income turn which prematurely ended his game. Was this correct?

  13. Hey there Jamey, great job on Tapestry, really been enjoying playing it!
    Just had a question on the first benefit of the 2nd Tier of the Military Track, “Standing Army”. It says, “Gain 1 worker and gain 1 VP per territory tile in your supply.” So if I have 5 territory tiles in my supply, does that mean I’d gain 5 workers and 5 VP, or does it mean gain 1 worker and 5 VP? Thanks!

  14. This must be obvious to everyone except me, but on some Technology cards that provide a landmark (e.g. Barn), there is a specific resource shown with a “neighbor” requirement symbol. What is the actual requirement condition necessary before being able to upgrade the card and gain the landmark?

    1. Just got this from the Tapestry FB group so answering my own question. “Breeding” is under one of the red income buildings on your income mat. So, you or one of your immediate neighbors have to have that uncovered for the prerequisite”.

  15. If you reach the end of a track on the main board are you allowed to pay the cost to reactivate the last ability once more or do you just have one less option to make?

  16. Question on the “Espionage” card… *POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT*

    If someone else has played a tapestry on top of another tapestry, is the tapestry card underneath valid as a choice for Espionage?

  17. 2 solo mode questions: (1) The rulebook mentions it is played exactly the same way as a 3 player mode, with only the exceptions listed in the solo rulebook. However, it makes no mention of replacing the civ cards with the solo civ cards and whether the Shadow Empire receives a civ card. I’m left to assume only the Automa receives a solo only civ card. Side question, if the solo civ card mentions a favorite track, does that supercede the prescribed science die roll? (2) During turn 1, I’m assuming the Automa takes its income turn, but does it flip decision cards that end up doing nothing (beyond marking the passage of time)?

  18. >>> it makes no mention of replacing the civ cards with the solo civ cards

    Step 1 in the Automa rulebook setup section is this: “Choose a color for the Automa. Give it the following components and nothing else:”

    Note the words “nothing else”. Since the normal civ mats are not mentioned in the list that follows, the Automa does not get one. Step 1d states that the Automa gets an Automa civ card.

    >>> and whether the Shadow Empire receives a civ card.

    This is covered in step 2 of the setup procedure: “Choose a color for the Shadow Empire. Give it the following components and nothing else:”

    The list that follows lists neither a normal or an Automa civ and so the Shadow Empire doesn’t get either.

    >>> if the solo civ card mentions a favorite track, does that supercede the prescribed science die roll?

    The science die roll determines what Automa civ card the Automa gets. See step 1d. The science die roll and the favorite track will be the same.

    >>> During turn 1, I’m assuming the Automa takes its income turn, but does it flip decision cards that end up doing nothing (beyond marking the passage of time)?

    The Automa does take the first income turn.

    The Automa doesn’t draw cards during its income turns except if tiebreaking is needed in which case the deck is reshuffled before the advancement turns begin and so there’s no passage of time in the form of card draws.

    I hope this clears things up.

    1. Thanks for the quick reply, Morten. It does. I missed the clause about the Automa Civ card. However, the rules do state under “A Bot Turn” #2 that the Automa draws cards, which could then trigger an “Income Turn” which apparently is a turn within a turn? It would be helpful if the rules clearly explicated that no decision cards are drawn in the first Automa income turn.

      Despite this, I will say you guys did a great job with the solo play! Allowed me to get all my f***ups out of the way before I teach my friends how to play!

      1. First, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them.

        Second, let me explain how the rulebook is intended to be read for the first bot turn.

        For human players you there’s a rule stating that you don’t go through the normal turn procedure in your first turn (bottom of page 1), instead you jump straight to the section on income turns.

        Since this rule is not explicitly overridden in the Automa rules it’s still in effect as described in this rule in the first column of the Automa rulebook: “Any rule not explicitly overridden here is still in effect”.

        We could have added a rule stating that the Automa goes straight to income, but that would have been a copy-paste of the same rule in the core rulebook and if we start copying rules from the core rulebook we should copy all of them (or players might come to think that since some rules are copied, those that are not are not in effect), which would mean that the Automa rulebook would contain the full core game rulebook. That’s something we don’t want to do for various reasons.

        If the bots did start by following the normal turn procedure instead of jumping straight to income the consequence would be that they’d take at least 3 advancement turns before taking their first income turn.

        I hope this explanation makes sense.

  19. If a player advances on the exploration track, the benefit is place a tile but the player has no unexplored hexes adjacent to a territory they control do they not place a tile?

  20. On the Lithium Ion Battery, how often can the square benefit be used? The Ref says once per turn. Is that supposed to be once per Era?

    The same icon appears on “Academic Research” on the science track, but the Ref says that is a one-time benefit.

    1. It’s once per turn (following the normal game rules of when you gain the square benefit). Basically, if you find a loophole that lets you activate that square ability and then activate it again on the same turn, you can’t do that. In the vast majority of cases, you will gain the square benefit once per game.

      1. I understand that one can only use the square ability of the Lithium-Ion Battery once per turn.
        But would it be possible to use Nanotechnology -> 1st upgrade Eyeglasses, score the victory pints for Tech cards, and 2nd score all Tech cards a 2nd time through the second ability of Nanotechnologies: ‘gain a square Tech benefit of one Tech card, i.e. Eyeglasses’?
        The reason I think the second case is possible because it gets score a max. of 2 times, where as with the Lithium-Ion Battery there exist the possibilities of an endless loop.

  21. INVENTORS civilization—If they put their token on a middle-row tech card and thereby upgrade it to the top row, do they then immediately take it? Or only when the owning player does an upgrade to the top row?

      1. Is there ever a situation where inventors promote another player’s tech from middle to top level by placing a cube and get the top row benefit? Does promotion from middle to top by any means always result in the card changing owners or do inventors sometimes get only the top benefit instead of the card?

        1. “Is there ever a situation where inventors promote another player’s tech from middle to top level by placing a cube and get the top row benefit?”

          Definitely! They can do that.

          “Does promotion from middle to top by any means always result in the card changing owners or do inventors sometimes get only the top benefit instead of the card?”

          Yes, always.

          1. Clarification questions on “Inventors”:

            If a tech card that currently belongs to another player gets upgraded from middle to top row because of “Inventors”, first the original owner of the card gains the benefit, then the player who played “Inventors” gets the benefit, and then the player who played “Inventors” gets the tech card (now with their token on it) and places it into its bottom tech row. Correct?

            Also, if the top row benefit is a landmark, this landmark only gets awarded once, i.e., to the original owner of the tech card if the card was in their middle row before “Inventors” was played. Correct?

  22. Here is a situation that happened to me. I had the same amount of Landmarks as another player. I took an Advanced Action from “Anti-Aircraft Defense” into “Nuclear Bomb” on the Military Track.
    Does the adding of the new Landmark happen simultaneously with “Gaining Explore VP” and “Playing another Tapestry Card” actions?
    If it’s simultaneously would I be able to put the new Landmark down on my Capital City and then do the “Playing another Tapestry Card” action to get the 12VP on the “Age of Wonders” Tapestry Card?

  23. With the missing Conquer icon on the space tile, is there a file or image of the icon I can download in order to make my own transfer? The Etsy option is great, but shipped to Australia it’s almost $7.

  24. Just finished playing our first game! Found an interesting combo that I want to know if we are understanding correctly. On my last income turn I advanced the Printing Press tech card to the top square, that allowed me to play a tapestry card. The tapestry card I had was Dictatorship. Because this is my last turn of the game, is everyone else locked out of the track I chose to use for the rest of the game since I don’t have a “next turn”?

  25. Beautiful game, guys, but tricky situation today.

    In one turn, I advanced to AI Singularity on the Tech track, then moved that cube to the military track. In the next turn, I advance to Alien Biology. I roll Technology on the science die. Do I gain 5 VP? Alien Bio says “would push you off the track”; AI singularity says the track counts as complete, but since I don’t have a marker there it lacks the potential to be pushed off.

  26. When playing with the Nomads, placing a building on an empty territory adjacent to one you control gives you control of that territory.
    When you consequently take a conquer action: do you get to place an outpost on a territory adjacent to one of your buildings?! (Rules clearly state you may place an outpost adjacent to a territory you control) Seems like too big of an advantage…

    1. By the way: thanks for yet another brilliant addition to the Stonemaier family! As much as we love Scythe, with its expansions and its campaign, we like Wingspan and an occasional between2cities and are we in love with the latest prodigy! Many thanks :)

  27. The neighbour symbol: you as a first when entering new era (big bloke in the middle). But the small ones (prerequisites): any one of your neighbours? Both? And/or yourself?

  28. Sequence question: when isolationists conquer neighbor, does their cube placement prevent the trap action, or does the trap action preempt the cube placement?

  29. Another Isolationists question: on their final income turn, do they have to have conquest towers on each section of their largest landmass?

      1. I may not have phrased the question correctly. If they have outposts on 2 of the sectors, but the land mass covers 3 sectors, does it count for three sectors in their special scoring?

  30. Hey Jamey,

    Wasn’t sure if you were going to do Tabletopia stuff anymore? Will this see Tabletopia? I’m disabled, and can not leave the house, so I use Tabletopia to play your games overseas with other disabled folks. We have a large (for us anyway) gaming group through facebook.

    We have your Wingspan DLC and it gets a tonne of play.

    Even if you aren’t planning on doing that anymore, thanks for providing us with hundreds of hours of amazing content.

    1. The Alchemist’s power reads: “Each time the final results of this ability would push you off the end of a track, gain 5 points.” So if you roll technology and don’t bust, you may move the cube that is no longer at the end of the track. In other words you don’t gain 5 points because the cube would not be in a position to move “off the end of a track.”

  31. I just bought the game in Spanish today.
    I thought that the misprint on a space tile wouldn’t be on the different languages editions but It seems I was wrong.

  32. I bought the Dutch version of Tapestry today! I have been really looking forward to getting my hands on this game. It looks amazing. Is there any reason why the image on the back of the maps and the civilization cards is printed upside down?

  33. When you advance into a new tier, do you have to place the landmark before taking the benefit (and/or bonus)? An asap answer would be nice, but i know its late on your side of the globe

    1. Here’s a quote from Jamey on BGG:
      “You gain the landmark first, as it happens as soon as your token advances to the new tier. Usually it doesn’t matter–I wait until the end of my turn to place it so I don’t slow down other players–but sometimes it might.”

      There’s a great community on Facebook in the Tapestry group if you ever need quick answers. :)

  34. Just received the game last night and have my first game planned for tonight! I have a question after going through the rules a few times. On the back side of the reference guide, the top row square benefit for Lithium-Ion Battery has the caveat “Use at most 1x/turn.” No other card has this same caveat. How would this be used more than the one time when it is upgraded?

  35. I noticed that when setting up the Automa game, there are a list of civilizations that are to be removed first. Would you recommend that these same civilizations be removed when playing a 2-player human game, or is there something that is unique about the Automa that makes these civilizations unplayable? Thanks :)

  36. When toppling outposts and gaining the achievment, is it necessary to currently have two outposts toppled, or to have two outposts toppled at one point in the game? A player used revolution to reverse some of his toppled outposts, and a second player lost his one toppled outpost; however, the second player later toppled again, never having more than one toppled outpost at a time. Should that player gain the achievment?

  37. Greetings from NZ. Played first game last night and really enjoyed it. We have a timing question. If you gain a new civilisation during phase 1 of income turn, can you trigger the new civs “at start of income phase” ability? The player had the Leaders civilisation.

  38. When playing “Marriage of State,”
    1. Does it affect every advancement on the specified track, or is it a one time effect?
    2. If the benefit is a choice between two (for us, science roll or science building), does the player with “MoS” have to take the same benefit or his choice? If the same (here science roll), does the player have take the same roll, or would he get another roll?

    1. 1. It’s a “this era” ability, so it’s for every advancement.
      2. The benefit is as stated (i.e., roll the science die), so the MoS gains the full benefit (they don’t copy the exact choice/result of the other player).

      1. We have played 3 times this weekend and two had this card and we played as you suggest and it totally skewed the game (because it was played for the final run for the end of track each time and so it is obvious what to pick and unless that person abandons their entire game strategy there is no defence). We are considering removing the card or making it was time as it is too powerful

        1. Same for us. Yesterday I played the MoS card in the last era and chose a player on the science track. He could have either decided to abandon his whole strategy and to loose completely or to go on. As he decided to go on I almost overtook the other players on the score track. We have now decided to remove this card from the game as this happened before.
          Nevertheless, we really like this game and we will test how it works without this special card.

  39. When you reach the end of the Technology track and remove your token to some other track, for the purposes of the The Chosen civilization, do they now become the leader on that track if they were second and then get to score it during income?

      1. @Mike, the Automa does not remove it’s token from the end of the track. The Automa only gets the benefits that are in the table on page 3 and the icons on space 12 of the tech track are not in the table and so the Automa gets nothing.

  40. Thanks for another great game! Two quick questions: 1. If a benefit moves me to another space, can I still take the bonus under it? 2. If I move to a space in a way that doesn’t allow me to gain the benefit/bonus, do I still gain the landmark on it? Thanks a lot!

  41. Hi. One questions: If I roll 4x dice (at the end of Science) and first dice is “Science”, what should I do with my token? Is the token out of track? When second dice is also “Science” I can get second time 5 points for crossing the border?

        1. Hi, love the game. Just had one small confusion with the rules.

          The income phase turn states you MUST play a tapestry card, but it seems to be possible to reach the income stage with no tapestry cards as the invasion section doesn’t restrict the defender from dropping a Trap if it’s the only card they hold.

          We’ve so far simply house ruled you draw a blind tapestry card off the top and immediately put it into play if you must play one and have none, but I thought I’d see if there was an official ruling on it.

          1. Karl: Thanks for your question! It’s actually noted on page 2 of the rules: “In the rare case that you do not have a tapestry card in hand, place the top card of the tapestry deck face down on your income mat.”

      1. A related question on reaching the end of a track and tokens “pushed off the track”:
        In addition to the last field of the science track, there are other situations that trigger the roll of the science die, other fields on the science track, and, I believe, various other situations that may lead to a token being advanced. What happens if a token is already at the end of the respective track so that advancing it would “push it off the track”? Does the owner of that token always gain 5 VPs? If so does the token remain in its position on the last field of the respective track and can the 5VPs be gained more than once?

        1. Alien Biology is a one-time action, not an ongoing effect. You can only gain the 5VP during that specific advancement action.

          1. But irrespective of “Alien Biology”, what happens if my token is at the end of the, say, Exploration track, I get to roll the science die, and it shows “Exploration” ?

          2. You cannot advance beyond the last step in the track. If that happened, the science die effect would be forfeit (no rerolls).

      1. I had the same question. Maybe in a further update of the adjustment sheet you could write ‘opponent’ instead of ‘player’? That would make it much clearer at least for me.:)

        1. ..Just saw that for the ‘The Chosen’ it already reads ‘opponent’, only for the architects its still ‘players’. So I really think it makes sense to Change that.:)

  42. Another one :-) In Solo Play with Historians, can i gives a token to the Shadow Empire ? If no, Can I Benefit the Historians’ Capacity When the Shadow Empire Gains a Landmark? (Because it gives the Landmark to Automa). Thank you

    1. Here’s what the Historians civ ability says:

      “Whenever any opponent with your token gains a landmark, gain all of these exposed benefits.”

      Here’s what the Automa rulebook says about the Automa/SE gaining landmarks:

      “If either bot gains a landmark, place it in the [landmark icon] box on the Automa’s income mat.”

      Note that the Historians rule says “gain” while the Automa/SE rule distinguishes between the Automa and the SE gaining landmarks. Thus, when the SE gains a landmark the Automa doesn’t gain it. The SE is kind enough, though, to loan the landmark to the Automa for income turn scoring .

      So, if you have given a token only to the Automa, then the Historians ability is not triggered when the SE gains a landmark.

      If you want the Historians ability to trigger when the SE gains a landmark you must give the SE a token.

      Hope this clears it up, if not let me know.

  43. Hello, I have a question: If I use the science dice without benefits/bonus to move to a place with a Landmark and I’m the first, I’ll win the landmark for being the first there or I’ll lose it because of I moved there with the dice without benefits?

      1. With Futurist do you gain all 4 landmarks at the start of the game when the tokens are move the spot 4 of each advancement track?

  44. Hi Jamey,

    Thank you for making such wonderful games. My friends and I were playing Tapestry last night and came upon an interesting situation. I had already finished my final income turn and was one space away from completing the technology track. My husband, just starting his final round, played Age of Discovery tapestry card, and potentially could have advanced me to the end of the track. Turns out he didn’t, but if he did, would I have gained the end of track achievement? Or is my game completely over, and I can’t gain any achievements?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  45. We have enjoyed playing the game a few times now. We still have one mental block that I’m hoping you can help clear up. We are all perplexed that tapestry cards & technology cards do not provide benefit for the remainder of the game. I was hoping you could give some context why it was decided that they would only be one time or only during a specific era. I am aware that you get VP credit for the count of cards but logically it seems like you would continue to gain benefit from your history (tapestry card) or invented technology (tech cards) on a reoccurring basis during the game. I’m sure that was an intentional design consideration. Can you help us get past this mental block?

    1. The reason I designed them that way is that they’re meant to reflect important events and periods in your civilization’s history. Like, consider Age of Steam. That was a specific period of history that only impacted period, as civilizations then moved on to other things than steam power.

      As for technology cards, you’re right that certain technologies are used across long periods of time. However, we found in playtesting Tapestry that if we gave players ongoing abilities to remember, they simply forgot to use them time and time again.

  46. Hey question, if we roll the science die (with benefits) and choose not to progress forward (or can’t). Do we still get to take the benefit/action of the space we are on. (I.e.End of track)

  47. Based on the red dots in my Capitol city and landmarks already built there’s no space to build a new landmark. Can I build over a red dot or do I not get to build another landmark?

    If I can build a landmark over a red dot, can I do that at any point even if there are other viable placements available?

      1. Thanks Jamey! My wife and I love your work. Scythe, Charterstone and now Tapestry are some of our all time favorite games.

  48. When a player draws space tiles, do they keep them face up so that they know what the benefit will be when they play one, or are they kept face down until played?

    Since the space on the exploration track initially has you draw three and play one, I wasn’t sure if the intent was that the exploration benefit is a surprise.

  49. There are four places for Tapestry cards on our income mats But we shouldn’t play Tapestry cards in final income turn and we don’t have Tapestry cards to be able to play in first income turn (we earn our first tapesty card in the forth stage of income but we can play it on 2nd stage of income)so do we have to only play three tapastry cards on each income mat or we start our game with a tapestrt cards?

    1. Hi Lili! You are correct that you start the game with an Income Turn which will give you your first Tapestry card in hand. Then everyone will play Advance Turns until they’d like to take another Income Turn, during which they’ll place their first Tapestry card in the space after Maker of Fire on your player mat. The game will continue until you have filled all the Tapestry card slots and you then you take your final income turn. Does that make sense?

      I often watch rules videos for new games when I’m learning them. I recommend this video to get the gist of how to play Tapestry:

  50. I was on the “Space Shuttle” space of the Exploration track, and had to roll the science die but without benefits. I got the exploration track, which moved me onto the “Instellar Travel” space, without getting the space tiles.

    If I then advance to the “Warpgates” space by playing two food, what benefit do I get? I didn’t pick up space tiles in the previous step, so how can I place them? Thanks.

    1. If you don’t have any space tiles to place, you can’t explore them with later steps. But remember, all advancements with the Science die are optional. So you can roll the die then choose not to advance without the benefit. :)

      1. Ah. Thanks Joe – I’d forgotten that I don’t have to take the advancement which comes from the science die. That solves the problem!

        Loving the game, by the way. Third play now, and a first win for me.

  51. Can the Isolationists conquer the center island with their special ability, thus making it so no one else can conquer it for the bonus 5 points for being second?

    1. That is correct. Isolationists may use their special ability to place a second token on the middle island if they’re the first ones there, “preventing that territory from being conquered in the future.”

  52. Do you get the landmark even if you advanced to that space by means where it says you dont get the effect or bonuses? I.e. You’re in the last spot of level 1 on exploration. You move up to the first spot on science, roll the science die and it comes up exploration. This moves you into the first spot on level 2, with the lighthouse landmark. Do you get this, or not because it says you dont get effects or bonuses?

    1. You always get the landmark if you’re the first person to reach that tier. An effect has to specifically mention that you do not gain the landmark for that to happen (like the Futurists). Gaining the landmark is neither a benefit nor a bonus. So yes, you would gain the landmark.

  53. If you get a futurist during the game, it’s too powerful for every track to go four levels. In that case, you will receive four levels of benefits for all tracks.

  54. “Unless otherwise specified in the reference guide, the benefits can be taken in either order.”

    This should be specified on the reference guide somewhere. As many of the actions specify “In any order,…”, it stands to reason actions that don’t state that must be followed in order. I don’t remember the exact scenario I encountered, but I believe it was the Nuclear Bomb. I scored by exploration track, then played a tapestry which was going to result in me advancing more on the exploration track. It was not clear that I could play the tapestry first if I wanted.

    1. For the example you provided, a specific order wasn’t stated on the reference guide, so per the rulebook, you could gain those benefits in any order. That’s the default–we don’t need to repeat it over and over on the reference guide.

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