Viticulture: The Strategic Game of Winemaking

Jamey Stegmaier & Alan Stone | Art by Beth Sobel

Old-world Tuscany awaits your winemaking skill and strategic cunning. You’ll plant vines, harvest grapes, age wines, and fill merchant orders to create the greatest winery in Italy!

1-6 Players | Ages 13 & Up

45-90 minutes | $60 MSRP

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The Viticulture Essential Edition (STM105) is the official (and most robust) version of Viticulture. It contains 154 cards at the 44x67mm size and 78 cards at the 63x88mm size (24 of which are for solo play). The latest printing doesn’t have the red seal on the cover.

You can play Viticulture Essential online via Tabletop Simulator or Tabletopia.

About Viticulture

You find yourself in rustic, pre-modern Tuscany, where you’ve inherited a meager vineyard. You own a few plots of land, an old crush pad, a tiny cellar, 3 workers…and the dream of owning the best winery in Italy.

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Your job is to allocate your workers and helpful visitors to complete various tasks throughout the year. Each season is different on a vineyard, so the workers have different tasks they can take care of in the summer and winter. There’s competition over those tasks, and often the first worker to arrive at each one has an advantage over the rest.

Using those workers and visitors, you can expand your vineyard by building structures, planting vines, and filling wine orders as you work towards the goal of owning the most successful winery in Tuscany.

Here are full details about the Essential Edition: the official, primary, and best version of Viticulture.

Viticulture Expansions

Tuscany Essential Edition  Moor Visitors  Visit From The Rhine Valley

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224 Comments on “Viticulture

  1. Hi I am from Sydney Australia. The game is currently out of stock everywhere. Is it being reprinted? Will it be better for me to order directly from you guys?

    1. Hi Leonard! It’s only a matter of time until distributors have more in-stock to sell to retailers at your location. But if you’d like, you could certainly order from us and it would ship from our Australian fulfillment center in about a week.

  2. Hi! Can I ask a question? In this card: The taster – Discard a wine and get 4 lire. If it is the most valuable wine (without a tie) in all wineries, earn 2 victory points. What is more valuable a red wine of value 9 or a rosé wine of value 8? Thank you very much!

  3. Hello Jamey,
    I received the field and automa cards today, but was missing the mamma and papa cards. Will there be a separate package coming, or should I send another request? Thanks again!

    1. Hi Michael! If I forgot something in a replacement parts request, go ahead and fill out another form with what you’re missing. Sorry about that!

  4. Hi Jamey! I am Joel from Portugal and i just bought the base game of viticulture. I am a bit of a collector when it comes to board games that i love and viticulture (and scythe) is one of them. But, since we lost a bit of content from the old version of tuscany compared to the ee, i am trying to get, at least, the arboriculture and formaggio expansion. I also know that we will have another viticulture expansion for 2021. So, my problem is, is that new expansion related at all with that content that i just mencioned? Because if it is i will try to save the money and wait for the expansion! :)
    Thank you so much for your games, those two are just wonderful!

    1. Hi Joel! I appreciate you asking about this. The only way to get Arboriculture and Formaggio is the official print-on-demand version from Print & Play Games, as any expansion we make won’t include past content.

      1. Ok, nice Jamey! Thank you so much for your quck answer. I am so excited about that next viticulture expansion! Keep up the awesome work :)

  5. How do I order replacement cards for my Just opened box of Viticulture? My loving child just spilt my beer all over the entire stack of cards I was getting ready to sleeve? 😥

      1. Thanks Jamey! It was a Sam Adams Octoberfest, not a mundane everyday beer. But then again, I was opening the game and prepping the cards by sleeving them. I promise to have a full wine glass at the start of my first game. I can’t guaranty that it will stay full for long after we start though!

  6. Hello there, I’m new to boardgames and had some trouble choosing the right game to start with, and just wanted to say that I’m really happy with my choice, even tho I have only played solo, and i’m thinking about getting the expansions. And wanted to ask if scythe is a good choice for mainly playing solo? Congrats and stay safe from covid.
    Love from Portugal.

  7. We are new at worker placement games. Questions: 1) Do we have to move our workers at each turn, on can they stay on the same place and repeat the action from turn to turn? 2) How does that work if we place more than one worker during a season? Apologies ahead of time for these simple questions but we read the instructions multiple times and could not figure that out.

  8. Hey, I played this for the first time with my wife and sister-in-law this past weekend, and they enjoyed it a lot! EXCEPT they both complained that they had trouble reading the cards. I know some of that (recognizing the symbols for example) will come with experience but it seems to me that a set of larger cards would be greatly appreciated by folks with older eyes and other vision issues. Any chance of offering “full-size” decks of the small cards as an add-on? I’d be happy to pay extra and don’t care if they don’t fit on the board – they would be very much appreciated!

    1. Vince: Thanks for the feedback! I considered this a few years ago, and the polls I used to gauge demand didn’t seem to indicate much interest in them. And at this point it would involve reprinting quite a few cards, as there are hundreds of cards with text if you combine Viticulture, Tuscany, Moor Visitors, and Rhine Valley. But it’s still something I’m open to doing someday.

      1. I too would support this and also willing to pay for them. I wonder if Board Game Extras that prints the Arboriculture and Formaggio Expansion might entertain this if it were promoted! I think Viticulture is maybe the only game that I don’t get annoyed with mini cards, maybe because the info is pretty straight forward and you don’t spend much time looking at the cards. That said, I can see this being a “hangup” for people that might have trouble reading the small print.

  9. Bought all expansions — I see the cards does not have marking on them, indicating which one is base, Tuscany, Moor and Rhine. How am I suppose t know which is which? Looks like I am going to have make a list of cards name so I know which one came from. Unless you guys made that list?

      1. @Jamey — Really? Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me. I checked again — comparing to the base game, I see:

        –Tuscany has it own color cards, none is the same as base.
        –Moor has exact same cards (yellow & dark blue), no marking indicating the difference.
        –Rhine has same color cards, but different background picture like you said.

        I see the artworks on dark blue cards — black prints on dark background was a bad choice. What a little icon indicate the difference between base cards and Moor cards? I see both are exact the same. Unless I am missing that little icon somewhere. Mind tell me where it is?

          1. Wow. I do not see that marking on my Moor Visitors cards. I guess I have the misprint copy? I got the expansion from this online store. I see @2016 STM107. Since I cannot post pictures in here, I am sending them to your Email address. Does the other expansion suppose to have any markings on them?

          1. @Joe — Ah, the replacement cards were placed front, which did not have the “MV” marking on them. I didn’t know the first card (before opening the deck) is the replacement card. Perhaps you should have the replacement cards in the back, so we can see the expansion cards with marking on them. (Laughs)

            Since I opened the deck, now I do see the rest of cards with “MV” on them. Okay, all is good now. Unfortunate is it really hard to see black “MV” on the dark blue cards. Perhaps should have the “MV” in white ink.

  10. hi SteoneMaier team! is it possible to share in PDF file the cards from Tuscany EE expansion? i have the base game in Brazilian Portuguese and my expansion is in english, but my game group doesn’t speak english (my parents in law for eemple) they love the game. But can’t enjoy the expansion wiht them.
    So, i would like to have it to make paste up with the same art of the cards to make a paste up in PT_BR to easily play with them :)

    thank all for this and others incredible games that you made and i love.

    1. Alzerni: Thanks for asking about this! While those files aren’t something we can provide, I would suggest that you sleeve your cards and translate the text into BP on pieces of paper to insert into the sleeves (overlapping the English text). I’ve heard other people say that works great! :)

  11. Since this game has “Essential Edition” printed on the box, does that mean I don’t need to get that Essential Upgrade Pack?

    1. You don’t “need” any expansion. Moor Visitors adds more cards to the base game deck. Compare that to Rhine Valley which adds alternate decks of visitor cards. The choice is up to you!

  12. Hey guys,
    I would really like to get the Arboriculture & Formaggio prints but the site does not offer shipping in Canada. Is there another alternative for me to get them?

  13. I had this game ALL WRONG! This game climbed my list so far over the last few weeks. I had a horrible experience with this game about 3 years ago. let’s just say I spent 3 hours with 2 other people trying to play/learn this game from a person that shouldn’t have been tasked with teaching the game. From that experience I had no desire to play this game again. A few months back I noticed the Essential Edition was put out that fixed a couple problems that I was aware of along with a solo mode for a reasonable price, so I picked it up, and boy am I glad I did. After playing through the solo mode a few times and getting the hang of the game. I decided to give this game a whirl with my wife and daughter. All they want to do is play this game now. We have played 10+ times with the 3 of us in the last couple of weeks and still every game feels and ends differently with all of us realizing different ways to win. If you ever had any doubts about this game, I can’t recommend it enough to give the Essential Edition a second look. The replay ability is rare in other worker placement games of this weight. The game feels well balanced and there are different paths to victory, Once everyone in your group understands how to play; Viticulture is a surprisingly quick game to play given the amount of decisions that are left to you to make. Every other (what I would call) medium weight worker placement game that I could compare Viticulture to starts to feel the same after the 3rd or 4th play, however, the experience I get from Viticulture is at a level of it’s own! Thank you Jamey & everyone with Stonemaier Games for #1 creating this game and #2 putting out the Essential Edition!

    Side note If you want to teach this game. I was determined not to ruin it for my family so I did it like this and it worked well. First, play solo a few times if you have never played (no joke takes 15 minutes by the 3rd time you play). I took 10 minutes to explain the game by going through each season and talking about each of the cards,rules,and structures as I got to them. I told them upfront, don’t get hung up on any one thing. We then played 3 practice years (pretty much no move was a wrong move) not allowing anyone to get more workers or purchase a cottage (which would make the practice rounds longer). Then reset the game and start it up. To be fair, Explaining the game and the practice rounds combined took just over 30 minutes, but I can tell you from experience, the outcome was much better than stumbling through an elongated 2-3 hour game that somebody at the table doesn’t understand until 3/4 of the way through when it’s to late.

    1. Thanks so much for giving Viticulture another chance! And that sounds like a great way to teach the game too, assuming your players have the patience. Have fun!

  14. Just bought a copy of viticulture essential edition and when I opened it noticed the board was damaged. Any way ri get a new board for ot?

  15. Two quick questions:

    When playing with Arboriculture, does playing Mama Grande also make the workers unhappy?

    When playing with an Apprentice and Mama Grande, can Mama Grande be played as a bonus when the Apprentice is played?

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Are there plans to include Visit from the Rhine Valley expansion in Tabletop simulator Viticulture DLC? I have hard copy of it and it’s shame that I cannot play it over TTS.
    I’ve seen that there is community additions in workshop for scraped Tuscany modules, and Visits from the Rhine Valley could be easily added in same way. It is only two deck of cards that would make many people happy in this ‘interesting’ times.

  17. Hi! Are there any plans to make the two expansions Arboriculture & Formaggio available in a non-print-and-play format? What I have read of these two sound like they would be fun additions to the game. Seems a shame that they are not being printed and sold…

      1. Right. That is the print-and-play. I was asking if these will ever be available in a non-print-and-play format (i.e., pre-printed, boxed up, and in a game store). Sorry if that was not clear.

        1. I understand what you’re saying, but the terminology is incorrect. A “print and play” copy of a game is just the digital files–it’s up to you to print it at home. The version available now is the “print on demand” version, which means that the manufacturer makes each copy as it’s ordered by customers. That’s the only version of these non-essential expansions that will be made, and then fit in the Viticulture or Tuscany box, so no box is needed. They use the same quality of components as the mass-produced versions of the game and other expansions.

          1. Oh! Well that is a horse of a different color, then isn’t it? Thank you so much! That makes perfect sense now.

            Thank you for the clarification.

          2. My girlfriend and I just got a chance to play with all of the Tuscany expansion modules — and we loved it! It is a much more complicated puzzle to solve with them, and that is just wonderful! Thank you so much for a wonderful game!

          3. I have ordered the Arboriculture & Formaggio expansion. I have received an email telling me that it will be here in the very near future. Looking forward to trying those out as well. Thank you for your patience with me, and for answering my questions.

  18. I finally got Viticulture to the table with 3 other players and the Tuscany Essential Edition. It was great and I loved having the 4 seasons board to take actions on, the orange structure deck, and the mama’s and papa’s workers. Those were fantastic updates to the original game!

    One question we ran into and I was not able to find a rulebook ruling…on the buy/sell and field action in the Summer we could not figure out how much to buy or sell a field for. I think there are some cards to place over a sold field but I do not have those as far as I can tell. I looked on forums and struggled to find a clear ruling. Am I missing something in the Tuscany Rules or perhaps an expansion piece I need?

    1. Sury: Thanks for checking. I’m not sure if it’s legit, but we do sell copies of Tuscany to distributors in Australia, so it makes sense for it to appear on The listing is incorrect, though–the publisher is Stonemaier Games, not Greater Than Games (they are our broker).

  19. Had a quick question, I have viticulture 2.0 and Tuscany Essential Edition + the two expansions in order to have everything all proper. Do I need the stickers? Also the I don’t need the viticulture upgrade box because it is included in the Tuscany Essential Edition? I’m just a bit confused and any clarification would be great.


  20. Is it possible to get a replacement piece? I got this game for my husband and before our first game his friends kid managed to grab and lose one of the pieces! I’m so bummed cause we love the game and it’s my favorite color. Not essential but still a bummer.

  21. Hi

    I just got the print and play for Arboriculture and I can’t tell from the rules how to sell apples, what you get for them or how they benefit you. Thanks

  22. I just noticed on a Meeple Source kickstarter that there is a second set of special worker cards available. They said specifically that these are available through Stonemaier Games. Are these cards available through this website or was this some kind of limited promotion? Thanks


  23. Hello everyone!
    First of all a bit of context. I’m playing campaign mode with a friend. The modality we play is the agressive variant (normal difficulty) on the Tuscany board with the 3 expansions (special workers, structures and influence map). So far we have exceeded the first 3 levels. The next level of the campaign says we have to start with – 5 points. Since we are playing the aggressive variant we have to get those 5 points during the first year to not lose the game (automa starts at -1 point in the first year). After thinking for a while we have found a way to get it. The way is the following:
    We have to wake up in row 6 to get 1 point.


    We do not place workers


    We put a worker in the trade box to get a point in exchange for money or cards (What we should have of Papas or Mamas cards).

    We put the next worker in the flip box to sell a piece of land and get a point.

    We put the big worker in the same box to buy a piece of land and get a point and use the bonus grape to get an extra point.

    With this we get 5 points but for this it is necessary that no automa worker is placed in any of these two positions during the summer, but this happens in 11 of the 24 automa cards.

    So here are the questions.
    Are we missunderstanding something ?
    Are this level compatible with the agressive variant?

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hello Jose

      The campaign in Viticulture: Essential Edition is not intended to be played with the aggressive variant. The issue you point out is one of the reasons for this.

      On a related note, the campaign is made for Viti EE and is not intended to be played with Tuscany.

      If you want scenarios like those in the campaign to play with Tuscany, I’ve made two that you can find here:

      – Morten

      1. Thanks for the answer!
        I forgot to mention that both viticulture and Tuscany are EE. I should suppose that the answer will be the same right?

  24. Hi there, quick question. I bought Viticulture thru Amazon because it seemed Stonemeier games were selling it. I paid for it so it would just be shipped when ready. It says pending because not available but I don’t see anything on this site to say when it’s available. A friend of mine said they looked also and it appears that you can buy it now on this site. So my question is. Is it available to buy? Should I cancel my Amazon order since they don’t have it? I’ve checked the newsletter and saw nothing at all that I could find about it. I know when O originally went to purchased it on this site it said sold out. I’m so confused

    1. Olga: Amazon is a retailer, so we’re several steps removed from them: We sell through a broker to distributors, and distributors sell to Amazon and other retailers (and some of those retailers sell through Amazon). So while I can’t speak to your Amazon order, I can say that we have Viticulture in stock at our warehouse right now.

  25. Hello there,

    We are from the UK and are looking to purchase a copy of Viticulture (essential edition) but to no avail. Would more copies of the game be released soon?

    Best wishes

  26. We Have had several arguments in the game that we cannot resolve and it’s hanging over our heads. Can you help with these 2 issues?
    1. When we are to take blue/ yellow visitors cards between spring and fall, do we take them whoever grabs them 1st or is there an orderly way to do it.? Whoever is 1st player takes the 1st card, then 2nd player 2nd card etc.
    2. If you have the yoke purchased, and you’ve already placed the little worker there, can you also place your big worker there?

    1. Thanks! You’ll be able to purchase both separately in 2 months. We don’t like the big box concept, as it often results in people buying stuff they don’t want or don’t need, and it makes a produce more expensive, meaning that it’s available to fewer people. We prefer to give people the freedom to pick and choose what they want. :)

  27. I need a little help, as well, figuring out what exactly I have and what I need to round out my copy of Viticulture.

    I definitely have Viticulture Essential and with credit earned at my FLGS auction, I purchased the Moor Visitors expansion. Do I only need Tuscany Essential and the Visit from the Rhine Valley to max level up my copy for maximum VC enjoyment? I just wasn’t sure if there is something duplicated along the lines of what I have and intend on picking up.

    …and thanks for making such great games that my, not as prone to game with me, wife even enjoys playing (

    1. JayC: That’s almost correct. :) Tuscany Essential, Visit from the Rhine Valley, and the metal lira coins will complete the Viticulture suite without any overlap. Thanks!

  28. I love your realistic resource tokens- I use them in most of my games… but I am wondering if you’re ever going to come out with an upgrade pack for Viticulture? It would be buildings instead of resources, but that would be so cool…. and your tokens are the BEST!

    1. Thanks Wren! At one point we considered making special buildings, and our sculptor even designed them, but our surveys indicated there wasn’t enough demand for a full print run.

  29. Can you please help me identify which version of Viticulture I own, and how to update it to the current version? It is not the Essentials Edition, it DOES have the Grande worker, but does NOT have the sell a field mechanic the rules, nor the cards for fields nor for Mamas/Papas. Is there a way to update the game rather than buy a new one? I heard something about an out of print update pack from my local game store. Was thinking to buy Tuscany but that is only available in Essentials now, without mamas/papas etc.

    1. Jason: I’m happy to help! It sounds like you have the second edition, so you’re looking for the Essential Upgrade Pack, which has the property cards, Mamas and Papas, and all Essential Edition visitor cards. We sell it on our website, and you can find it in stores too. It’s just $15.

  30. Hey Jamey,

    would you like to talk about the new Visitors for Viticulture, what’s new from the Rhine?
    Is there a visible feature to differentiate the new one from the standard and first expansion visitors?
    Can I reset the game easily back to the original state?


    1. Thanks for asking! I haven’t announced that expansion yet, but I’ll talk about it in an upcoming e-newsletter. You will easily be able to differentiate components in this expansion from other expansions.

  31. Hello! First of all thanks for a great game!

    There´s only one issue which “bugs” me a little; it´s about picking up the grape cards; Is there a way to make this process a little less “luck influenced”? I appreciate theme in boardgames and this game has tons of it, but, in real life, if I wanted to plant grapes, I would know exactly what type of grape. In BBG there is a suggestion to separate red and white cards so at least you can choose. Can that be done without messing around with the game?

    I´m totally OK with the visitors being random, you never really know who´s visiting so I thing that´s perfect the way it is.

    With regards to the orders cards, could it be possible to have say 3 cards out in the open so one can actually choose an order? Once a card is taken, another card is put in its place. The aim is once again to enhance theme…


    1. Well, you’re asking the designer if the game should be played differently as designed, so I don’t think you’ll get the answer you’re looking for. :) You’re welcome to play with house rules as you wish!

  32. You’re welcome. Last one, which is also minor and similar to the structure mentioned above.

    Viticulture Automa.

    “At the beginning of each season where you are to place workers, first draw 1 Automa card from the deck. Then place either 0, 1, 2, or 3 Automa workers on action spaces on the board in the current season as indicated on the Automa card. ”

    Suggested fix:

    “When you are to place workers draw 1 Automa card from the deck. This show’s where to place Automa workers. Place Automa workers on the board at the indicated action spaces, but only for the current season. This may result in 0 to 3 Automa workers being placed.”

  33. Yes it is mentioned in Summer and Winter, but the first time we played I forgot and flicked back to the worker placement section for a reference when placing our first worker and it was not there. I though we were not alone as I seen it asked in the frequently asked question (How many workers can I place during my turn?). Maybe that was just a filler question. Anyway, another guideline in “The Elements of Style” is putting the important information, or the purpose, of the sentence at the start unless you are going for a drama. The following failed on this:

    “All information on a player’s vineyard mat as well as available workers, amount of lira, and number and type of cards is public informaiton and cannot be concealed.”

    After “All information” you are making the reader wait to find out what the purpose of this sentence is until “type of cards”. I suggest the follow t fix this, or should I say To fix this I sugget the following:

    “The following information is public information and cannot be concealed: a player’s vineyard mat as well as available workers, amount of lira, and number and type of cards.”

  34. Typo on that last rule :) It should say

    # In a 3-6 player game more spaces are available for each action. You may place a worker on any unoccupied action space, even if you placed a worker on that action zone during a previous turn.

    1. Thanks! While I’ve never heard of anyone having trouble with this (I think due to the paragraph about summer on page 6 where it describes either placing 1 worker or passing), I like the clarity of your suggestion, and I’ll make a note for the next printing. If you caught other things you’d like to share, please let me know!

  35. I just got Viticulture Essentials the other day. It’s our favorite game now. In hindsight the rules are perfect but the WORDING of one the Worker Placement rules in Viticulture Essentials caused a big problem for my wife and I before our first play. If you are ever going to make another run I made a suggestion below. Before that I’d like to say that Viticulture feels wonderful to play. I rate it as a 9.5, but I rated as 10 on BGG as it wont allow a 9.5, so it’s my first 10 rated game on BGG. It is very different to most games we have played, it has so many mini-achievement moments per round/year. The mechanics matched with the theme also really draws you so much that you can sometimes forget about the reputation points, and just be happy planting, crushing, and making wine. Of course I do pull myself back and get those points big points by filling orders, the first game was 14-25 to me, second 11-26 to me, and on my third game I played against the automa on hard mode with the aggressive variant and won with 23 points. I am going pack my backs and move my family to Italy as I obviously have a calling for winemaking, but first I have to find a Mama and Papa to help with the initial funding.

    The wording that cause a problem was:

    “A player may place multiple workers on the same action in subsequent turns if there are open action spaces.”

    We read the 2000+ word (maybe more) of the rule book and everything seemed understandable but when we went to place the first worker, we thought better double check just in case. The Worker Placement section doesn’t say anything about just placing 1 worker, but it does say you may place multiple in some confusing way. (I did re-read the book after our game and it does mention 1 worker in other sections but not the worker placement text). Eventually we solved it but it delay things by about 20 minutes, we still didn’t understand that line, we solved it by ignoring it. Then half way through the game I got the meaning of that line. It mean’s with a 3+ player game there are extra (open) action spaces. We were reading the rules with a 2 player mindset and there was no indication on that rule that is a variant rule based on player count. Plus if you are reading the text first time, the Worker Placement are before the part that explains scaling the game. And when you read 2000+ words the first time without playing you only get a gist, all the words don’t get stored in long term memory. I made the decision when starting the game that placing multiple workers would destroy the balance, so we went with placing 1 worker (as I found out later is the case) and the game was great. When I re-read the book after our first play it all went to long term memory and in others parts of the rule book (not he worker placement rules) it does say place 1 worker. But that “place multiple workers” was so jarring it made us think maybe this is a unique mechanic of Viticulture, as in you can place multiple workers. The subsequent turns and open action spaces made that sentence SEEM like a contradicting puzzle. Can 1 player have subsequent turns so they can place multiple workers, and then the next player have subsequent turns. I could not get over that it says you can place multiple workers, and if you go first placing multiple workers there will always be open spaces. I know now it refers to a 3+ player game now, and maybe this rule is why your FAQ for Viticulture has “How many workers can I place during my turn?”, because that is not in the Worker Placement section, that is excluded and replaced with “place multiple workers”.

    Many writers including Stephen King recommend “The Elements of Style, by William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White”, which is only 85 pages and it says to omit needless words and make sentences short if you can. Sometimes you need to turn 1 sentence into 2 or more to make it clearer. Clarity tops 1 sentence it says. You’re writing on the blog and 99% of the rules in Viticulture are easy to understand, and you do a fantastic job on that and that confusing sentences does make perfect sense on hindsight after playing the game. But if you want to eliminate this confusion on the most important part and make it easier for people new to Viticulture to get it first time I would suggest changing that sentence to the following 2 sentences/rules:

    # Place 1 worker per turn on any available action space, or pass until the next season.
    # In a 3-6 player game more spaces are available for each action. You may place a worker on an available space even if you placed one on that action in a previous round.

    This was a major one, I did find only 2 other minor ones in the rule book. If you’d like me to take the time to write about them let me know and I will. If you don’t that is also fine as it will save me time. I am happy to help as you help so many with your articles.

  36. Hi Jamey,

    With all the Tuscany cards, I have kind of lost track of which visitor cards I should/shouldn’t use. Is there a definitive list? Can I/should I try to map to what is in the Essential Edition?

    Also, is there a list of cards that can/should be pulled out for solo play (some cards are obviously for playing with other people).

    Finally, do you folks sell the misprint stickers?

    Thanks — love your games.


    1. Thanks Matt. A list of all visitor cards (divided by set) is here:

      The solo rules say, “Remove any visitor cards that only give you a benefit if another player takes an action. Altenatively you can keep them in the deck and just redraw when you draw one of them.”

      You can request a free set of misprint stickers here:

  37. I love this game but don’t always have someone to play with. Any word on an app for iPad? I thought I saw it was in the making/being planned for so I became an ambassador to hopefully test it. Now I don’t see that anymore.

    1. Rebecca: It’s taken a lot longer than we thought, and it’s currently in development with the same company that’s working on the Scythe app, so I don’t think they’ll be able to prioritize it until after the Scythe app is complete.

  38. Hi Hi, a week ago I put a diamond ring inside the bowl full of wine tokens; and when my girlfriend asked for her first token I took the bowl, got down on one knee and proposed! She said “Yes!” (btw); then pretended to grab for a wine token instead of the ring, lol.

    Thanks so much for bringing such a fun game into our lives; we both love board games and I couldn’t have chosen a better game to propose with :)

  39. Jamey, I wanted to thank you and your staff for the outstanding customer service your team provided. I was so excited for Viticulture Essential Edition to arrive that when I found pieces missing I was disappointed. But! After submitting a ticket to replace the pieces, and 8 patient days, I am happy to report I now have a complete inventory. Thank you again!

  40. Are there likely to be any more expansions? Can’t play this game enough! It is so good and thematically rich (although I do drink trappist beer instead of wine while playing)

      1. Yes I have the collectors edition V&T, Moor visitors and the extra worker cards and love this game so much. Also play with the dystopian cards every time. We have a lot of games but since we got the game 2 years ago we hardly play any other games as this is so much more enjoyable than any other game out there (that we’ve tried). Would so love it if there was more coming – I’d be first in the queue to buy it! We’ve even tried 2 play with both arboriculture and formaggio to make it feel like we have another expansion!

  41. Jamey, is there any place to get replacement worker meeples? It looks like I lost one of the orange workers (my favorite color!) and I’d like to replace it so we can play with 6 players. Still love this game after 2 years of playing it; one of my all-time favorites!

  42. Question! I like to get EVERYTHING but I am seeing that there will be overlap if I get the Essentials Edition and Tuscany, meaning duplicates of expansions. I am willing to do that if the Tuscany Lite will not split the difference. My question is, will the Tuscany Lite, combined with Essential Edition, give you all the components as if you purchased the 2nd Edition and Tuscany? Will some modules be missing if done this way? If so, I will just buy the Essential Edition and Tuscany now. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions!

      1. Awesome! Wow that is so close to launch – well, I ended up buying the essential edition, tuscany and the moore expansion!!! I love everything about your game so far and can’t wait to play! Thank you for the response and good luck with all your future endeavors, you guys rock!

  43. Hi, just opened the Essential Edition box, watched a couple of solo videos – one has three cards outlining difficulty of the Automa player – these cards are not in my box.

  44. Hi Jamey
    Great Game!
    Any news about the planned german version? Release Window? Publisher?
    Thx for a quick update.

  45. Is there a lot of text-based understanding going on in the game or does it function with a low grasp of english? Considering this as a present for my mum and step-dad, the latter of whom speaks english well and could translate in a pinch.

    1. @Berthold: Because of the visitor cards, there is a fair amount of English in the game. We have some translated files available (see the Rules page), but if you think it might be an issue, could you let me know which language your mom and step-dad speak? We’re planning new printings in French and German.

  46. Thank you. I spent some time blowing up photos on boardgamegeek trying to find the location, but did not look on the faq. Duh. Oh, there’s my corkscrew.

  47. I just received Tuscany. I already had the First Edition Viticulture. Where, exactly, are the update stickers supposed to go on the original Viticulture? And by where, I mean on which board (I presume the crush pads) and where on that board?

    I really enjoyed the original Viticulture and am looking forward to playing Tuscany. Now where did I put my corkscrew?

  48. Hi Jamey, I’ve just received my copy of Tuscany + Viticulture since i am an early backer…and components are really amazing!! The table of Tuscany is the best I have ever played with and cards are really refined..especially Mamas and Papas ones…Really a great job! Now i can’t wait to play it with my wife :-). Greetings from Italy!

  49. Hi. I received the game from a pre-order on your website a while back and it’s quickly becoming a favorite to play with other couples! I was wondering if you knew were we could get different colored glass stones for the red/blush/sparking wines. The ones I can find from the game, craftstores and on-line are all a bit big. Does where you got your smaller clear stones carry that size in different colors? I can’t wait for the Tuscany expansion to come out too!

    1. Bill: Thanks for your question. Originally that’s how we envisioned Viticulture, but with the mixing of wines, we found it cumbersome to handle multiple colors of glass tokens. Also, we found that the tokens refract light based on what’s under them, so a clear token becomes red/white/pink/etc based on where it’s placed.

      However, if you’d like to try using other glass tokens, the place where I got them for my prototypes is

  50. Is their a chance to get this game complete in a german version? I ask you because i know that “Euphoria” now is in a complete german version available, so i hope that the same will happen with viticulture and tuscany.

    1. An Dre: I’m really sorry, but I missed your comment when you posted it a few days ago. Someday (perhaps in 2015) we hope to release a German version of Viticulture through our European production partner.

      1. Hello.. First of all, the game is wonderful.. I bought it before few days,but I have a problem.. The orange rooster was broken in the package… The store told me to sent you this email to tell me if there is any solution..
        Sorry for my bad English… I am waiting your answer in my email
        I am from Greece… Thank you..

  51. Hai Jamey, another comment from me :)

    Played my third 2 player game, this time without the Grande worker. I know that in the 1st edition there wasnt a grande worker. I read/ watched some reviews and some of them mentioned that they found the game to tight or something (for example rahdos runthrough of the 1st edition). So I was curious if that was the case.

    I must say, I really liked it. I find that the game becomes more tactical, especially the first player spot. You really want to take the first spot because you want youre plan to work that round. With the Grande worker I could always take a lower spot because I had the Grande as a backup plan. Without the Grande for example I bought the Yoke earlier in the game so I could always harvest.
    Maybe you should include in the rules that for a more expert game the players could use the rule to play without the Grande worker?
    But im no expert, you designed the game :) What do you think?


    1. Hi Roy! Thanks for your question about the possibility of excluding the grande worker for an “expert” game. My perspective is that I think games are better when they have lots of interesting choices. As you pointed out, the grande worker offers an additional interesting choice that you don’t have without him, so I think he creates even more of a puzzle for expert players when included than when he’s excluded.

      For now, I would say that you should wait until you unlock the special worker expansion in Tuscany. That’s the true expert version. :)

  52. Played a 2 player game two times. Really really like it, and the friend I played it with liked it also. Scoring was so close both times, with just 1 vp difference. I Like how you can score vp not only with filling wine orders but also with buildings and the specials cards. Sometimes you are a bit unlucky with low vine cards but then you get a real good visitor card and score some vp quickly :)
    The second time we played we went for more workers in the beginning, but we noticed thats not always helpfull because the available spots are so tight and if youre blocked from a spot that you really need (and the grande worker is already used) then you got no use for those extra workers.

    Now its time to play it with more players, looking forward to that. Now i am extra curious for the Tuscany expansion :)

    1. Roy: Thanks for your comment! I’m glad you enjoy the 2-player game. The low vine cards aren’t always a bad thing–typically you can plant them earlier than the big ones and start harvesting, and they’re good later in the game when you’re close to your vine limit on a certain field you’d like to enhance a little more.

      Yep, you found the exact reason why more workers aren’t necessarily better. They are a little better in 3 and 5 player games when the ratios are more in the favor of extra workers. :)

  53. Hey Jamey, just received the 2nd edition! What a neat box, so small :) Just ordered it last week from your site and delivery from fed-ex was quick.
    Cant wait to play it.

  54. Thank you for such a quick respond. Just a quick extra question. Is it smart to buy the expansion pack with the nromal game. Or should I wait and first and get to know Viticulture itself, and then buy the expansion(as I am sure that I will like this game)?

    1. Lars: Thanks! I would recommend buying Viticulture first to see if you like it and want to expand upon the game. I really love all the different things that Tuscany adds to Viticulture, but if you’re not a fan of Viticulture, you probably won’t like Tuscany. :)

  55. Is the second edition any better then the first one? Do I need the second one or the first one? Or both? and does it takes extra money if you live in europe.

    1. Lars: Absolutely, the second edition of Viticulture is better than the first edition (though it retains the high quality of art and components). The first edition has been sold out for a long time, so the only option is the second edition at this point. There is a small shipping charge to Europe, but the games will ship from France while they remain in stock, so it’s a low cost. Also, you should be able to request the game from your local game store in a few weeks and they can order it from distributors.

      1. Is the essential edition going to deprecate Tuscany? Is there going to be a new version of Tuscany to go with the Essential Edition?

        1. Elliot: If anything, the fact that 4 of the expansions in Tuscany are guaranteed to go out of print as soon as we sell out should actually depreciate it. We’re not considering a new version of Tuscany (Tuscany Lite, containing only the extended board, structures, and special workers) until the original sells out.

  56. […] The latest episode of the Strange Assembly podcast is now available for download. The crew takes a look back at the games and gaming last year, including naming our unofficial ‘Game of the Year’ from 2013 – Viticulture. […]

  57. Oops. Check the second line of text on this page. It refers to a different game! Hoping to buy Vit when I’m reemployed.

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