Tuscany Expansion

Tuscany Essential Edition

Jamey Stegmaier & Alan Stone

This expansion to Viticulture includes the extended board, special workers, and structure cards.

1-6 players | Ages 13 & Up

25 minutes per player | $30 MSRP

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Tuscany Essential Edition (rulebook) features 3 expansions to Viticulture Essential:

  • 1 extended board (matte, double-sided) and 36 wooden stars
  • 6 structure mats and 36 structure cards (44 x 67 mm)
  • 11 special worker cards (63 x 88 mm) and 2 special worker meeples per player (plus 2 generic)

There are also 9 special worker promo cards (63 x 88 mm) that are available from Meeplesource.


How do the Hard and Very Hard difficulty levels work in Tuscany Essential?

  • Hard: The Automa must place at least 1 worker per season.
  • Very Hard: The Automa starts at 30 points and must place at least 1 worker per season.

Removed Expansions: Which expansions were removed from the original version of Tuscany and why?

The clickable graphic in the sidebar shows in yellow and red the expansions that were removed from Tuscany. Some of them are now found in the Viticulture Essential Edition, while others are going out of print.

We’re cutting the expansions in red (and, not shown on the box, the structure crossover bonus pack) because they’re not essential to the Tuscany expansion experience, and including them would double the price of Tuscany Essential. You can download the non-essential expansions here (and French download for Arborilculture) or purchase pre-printed versions here.

Rules: Are there any rule changes between Tuscany and Tuscany Essential?

The only overarching change is that Tuscany Essential is intended to be combined with Viticulture all at once (or as modules to pick and choose), while the original Tuscany expansions unlocked one by one. If you have Tuscany, you already have everything (plus a lot of other stuff) that is in Tuscany Essential.

The only component change from Tuscany to Tuscany Essential is the new extended board is matte instead of glossy.

Also, the Tuscany Essential rulebook now lists an official variant (recommended for 2-player games) in which the influence map on the game board does not contribute to end-game scoring.

Other questions about the original Tuscany are answered here, and various versions of the original rulebook are here. Reviews of the original Tuscany are here, and a gallery of images is here. There’s a list of videos about the original Tuscany here, and the BoardGameGeek link is here.

Compatibility: Is Tuscany Essential compatible with any edition of Viticulture?

Viticulture Essential is recommended for use with Tuscany Essential, but older versions of Viticulture will work fine too. There is no overlap between Viticulture Essential and Tuscany Essential. The Viticulture Essential Upgrade Pack is a cost-effective way to upgrade your second-edition copy of Viticulture to an Essential Edition.

Meeples: Why doesn’t Tuscany Essential include all of the original special worker meeples?

As we budgeted for the Tuscany Essential Edition, we realized just how expensive 66 large, silkscreen printed, custom wooden meeples are. Including them would have increased the MSRP of Tuscany Essential to $50, which is too expensive.

The gameplay of the special workers expansion is exactly the same, as there are still 11 special worker cards. It’s just that there are only 2 types of meeples to represent those abilities. There are 2 in each color (one man [former Farmer] and one woman [former Innkeeper]), as well as 1 of each in grey. The 2 grey workers will be assigned to the 2 special worker cards drawn at the beginning of the game so players know which worker has the corresponding ability.

Other Questions: Where can I ask them?

Please post questions in the comments below or on the Viticulture/Tuscany Facebook Group.


Why did I pre-order this instead of waiting for retailers to receive Tuscany Essential?

The main reason is that you might be waiting quite a long time for the next print run if you didn’t pre-order. We expect nearly all copies of Tuscany Essential to go directly to participating retailers. Those retailers will fulfill their pre-order customers right away and then wait for the official release date to sell to other customers. After that, we may or may not make another print run–it all depends on demand. Also, if you pre-ordered during the campaign, you got the 9 promo cards for free.

Here’s a detailed explanation of how this system benefits both customers and retailers.

Other Products: Can I order Moor Visitors or Viticulture Essential? What about the metal coins?

Depending on the retailer, they may offer Moor Visitors or Viticulture Essential. The metal coins are only available directly from us here.


How to Buy Tuscany Essential

If your favorite retailer (online or local) isn’t on the following list, ask your preferred retailer to carry Tuscany Essential.

United States
















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118 Comments on “Tuscany Expansion

  1. Jamey,

    I have a player who plays Viticulture with me, but doesn’t like the Visitor cards, and therefore doesn’t have interest in continued plays. I want them to keep playing with me, so I need to make a change.

    We play with the Tuscany EE board with structures. We both prefer this.

    If we play without the summer or winter visitor decks, what would you recommend as replacement actions for the “Play a visitor” actions in summer and winter?

    For the Cottage, I was thinking of making it “Draw any card” (green, purple, or orange). Same for the yellow and blue card draws on the wake-up track.

    1. Timothy: Thanks for asking about this! For house rules, could you post in the Viticulture Facebook group or on BGG? As the designer of the game, I think the best way to play Viticulture is by the rules, but I’m open to players discussing house rules among themselves. :)

  2. Hi, Great games both but I’m new to Tuscany & have a query re playing of ‘Influence’. My instinct is that you should be able to play more than one influence on the same area from the start (ie. Turn 1, Arezzo Turn 2, Arezzo) but I’ve noticed some players think you have to play one on each area before ‘Moving’ them strategically for the end game bonus.
    I cant see anything in the rules either way.
    Can you clarify please Jaime? Cheers, Richard
    PS. I have Essential Viteculture & Tuscany (Expand the World) rules.

  3. Hello,
    I have two questions on Tuscany EE Structure cards:
    1) Action structures: Can one places a worker there, not being able to do the action but only to get the bonus on the action space?
    2) Enhancement bonus: Can the bonus be triggered more than once in a year?


    1. 1. For any action (on the board, on cards, etc), you must take the action. It is mandatory.
      2. Yes, ongoing enhancements can be triggered more than once per year.

      I’m getting deja vu–I think you may have posted these questions elsewhere too. :)

      1. Thanks Jamey!

        I think I have posted the same question on this site about a week ago but it seems to have disappeared!

        Sorry about that :)

  4. Hi Jamey,

    In the Tuscany EE do the victory points from the influence map count towards the 25 victory points to end of the game or do they only count after a player has already 25 victory points, excluding the ones from the influence map?

    – Player 1 is leading with 23 victory points.
    – It is the end of the winter.
    – Player 1 has more stars on “Arezzo” (2VP)
    – Does the game ends or they should continue playing the next year?

    1. They’re accounted for during end-game scoring, and the game can’t end until someone reaches 25 VP. So whenever that happens during the game, finish that year, then look at the map to gain end-game points.

  5. Hi Jamey,

    In the Tuscany expansion for the star action, it recommends the variant for two players of not scoring points at the end. Once a player has placed their six stars can the star action in future allow them to move their star and gain the bonus beneath the name? We were not sure because otherwise you can only move the stars for no purpose.

  6. Is there anyway to get the 9 special worker promo cards? Ive looked high and low for these.

    I have everything for the game except these. Even the original tuscany and its extras.

    I cant find these promo cards anywhere. I love the special workers. Theyre so much fun

  7. I have a question about formaggio. The first cheese expert. In the rules it says sell one cheese token to gain one VP on the “sell one wine token”

    Where is the space that says sell one wine token?….
    I see fill orders. Sell and trade grapes. But never sell wine.

    This is extremely confusing and there are no forums or questions on this. Ive looked.

    How does the cheesemonger work Jamey? Thank you :)!

    P.S. loving viticulture. I have everything minus the 9 promo cards. looking for them. And no metal coins.

  8. Jamey,
    Thanks for the quick reply! That’s what I thought. I wonder how many are aging wine as well on the wake up chart?

  9. Jamey, I’m just getting into Tuscany EE and loving it! One question – on the wake up chart, does “Age Grapes” mean just that? i.e. wines are not aged? I’m thinking only grapes, as your rules wording is usually very precise. Thanks and thanks for the great game! Chris.

    1. Thanks Chris! You’re correct–the special bonus on the wake-up chart is only for aging your grapes. It’s below the chart (during end-of-year cleanup) that you age both grapes and wine.

  10. Is there any plans on re-releasing the arboriculture expansion again? The wife and I just got the essential edition and Tuscany expansion but would love another expansion!

      1. Already have as well as the metal coins (which are awesome BTW). Thanks for the quick reply. I guess I shoulda read up top before asking lol. Keep making great games, we love Viti, Scythe and Charterstone! Cheers!

  11. I have to report that the Italian version of the manual available online is plagued by typos, basically looking like it lacked any proofreading. I count three on the first page alone, with a lot more after. It probably is just a draft of the final cut (the file has been last edited in june ’16, after all), but in case it isn’t, please be sure to fix.
    Looking forward to the expansion! :-)

      1. I have the question, because there are more posibilities on the new board. These posibilities are not on the Automacards, how does it works? I didn’t find extrarules for the sologame.

          1. Hi, thank you for the answers, I have vergotten to say I have the German game from Feuerland, is it also posible? I like the solomodus very much and often played it.

  12. Jamey,

    Just completed a 6 player game of the Tuscany E.E. expansion (without the structure cards). The winning player didn’t plant any vines or fill any wine orders. They sold all of their fields, had a tasting room from their papa card and relied on visitor cards, tours and the trade action to buy victory points. Seemed like a legit play/win, according to the rules, but it broke the experience (and spirit) of the game from my perspective.
    Did this come up in play testing? Did you consider creating a negative modifier or cost to having all of your fields mortgaged?
    Could have been a one time lucky thing (right cards at the right time) – definitely going to try again. Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Mike: Sure, there are lots of ways to gain reputation while running a vineyard. We did test such extremes, and they’re a viable way to play. I personally prefer to make wine, and I generally fine it’s more effective than circumventing that process.

  13. Hi Jamey ,

    the only way to have :


    I have to buy the old version of tuscany ? or you will make available those expansions soon in any sort of kit expansions ?

    best regard

  14. Hi,
    I am wondering new rules about “End of Year Upkeep”. I’m inclined to house-rule retrieving workers after everyone passed out of winter. Because removing them in middle of other players turn seems a bit “asymmetrical” compared to other seasons. I feel like winter isn’t rewarding first player on wake-up chart enough (or punishing players that choose to go later), it’s rewarding one with most workers.

    So my question.. Is there something that came out during play-testing that I’m not aware? ..or is it put that way just to simplify upkeep rule?

    Thank you for the answer.

    1. Davor: There are several reasons why I would highly recommend you not house-rule this. First, it’s intended to be a balancing mechanism between waking up early and waking up late. Players who wake up early get to go first each season, and with the Tuscany board having 4 worker-placement seasons instead of 2, that’s a big deal.

      Second, one of the major pieces of feedback I got about Viticulture was that because a huge part of the game is about building up to a big payout the last year (or during crucial years). That can create a big stopgap in the winter, creating situations where players will really need to fill orders, but they’ll be unable to do so.

      Third, the Tuscany board is all about an even flow from one year to the next. A game manager isn’t needed to tell everyone to retrieve their workers like in Viticulture–it’s simply built into what each player does when they pass out of winter.

      I completely understand house rules that can make a game less frustrating, but this house rule will make the game MORE frustrating, which I would prefer you not do. :)

  15. Hi, I have the Complete Collector’s Edition from the kickstarter. Is there a way to get a copy of the special workers promo cards?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Aaron: Yes, Funagain should have sent them to you if you pre-ordered in before November. Sometimes they’re in the courier packaging and people missed them, and sometimes they’re just missing. If you contact Funagain, they’ll send them to you.

  16. Hi Jamey,

    Were the 9 promo cards supposed to be in the box or a separate card pack? Asking since I preordered from Miniature Market and didn’t receive the promo cards.

    1. Chris: They’re in a separate pack. We sent them all to Miniature Market, and they should have shipped the cards with the game. If you poke around in the package and can’t find it, just contact them and ask for the missing component.

  17. Begin to say how much I like this game and with Tuscany Essential it flat out awesome! In my humble opinion the best expansion ever made!

    Just three questions:

    1b. With the Apprentice; Does it mean your Grande has to be among your available workers or do you pull him from an actionspace you have already used him at in current or previous seasons?

    1b. If the actionspace taken by your Apprentice had a bonusaction on it, does your Grande receives that aswell meaning you’ll get a double bonus?

    1c. Say you do get double bonus and the actionspace you recieved twice is one that grants you a card, can you use the lira, VP or whatever you got from the first card to fulfill the requirements of the second card given to you by your Grande?


    1. Thanks Simon! I noticed you posted on YouTube as well–you only need to post in one place, as I’ll take care of it. :) Here’s the answer:

      Thanks for your questions! The Apprentice reads, “After taking an action with the Apprentice, you may immediately place your Grande Worker on the same action (not on an action space).” Your grande worker needs to be available (i.e., not already placed) for you to do this. Any worker only gets a bonus if it’s placed on a bonus action space, so in this case, because the Grande Worker must be placed “not on an action space,” you can’t get a bonus.

      As for general rules for getting bonuses, you can gain the bonus before or after you take the action (or not at all–the bonus is optional).

      1. Given your answer above, please can you clarify the idea/purpose of the apprentice?
        Is the advantage offered the ability to allow the Grande Worker to duplicate an action on your home board that would not usually be a legal move?

        1. It’s one of a few times in Viticulture where order of operations may be beneficial to you. That is, doing the same action twice in a row might be better than taking that action on subsequent turns.

  18. Hi Jamey,

    will there be a german translation of Viticulture Tuscany Essential Edition. My attempts to get an answer from Feuerland-Spiele, who translated Viticulture Essential Edition was unsuccessful, as they only referred to the original Tuscany Edition.

      1. That’d be really great. I got Viticulture EE as a birthday gift and badly want the Tuscany EE, too. It would be really nice to have them both in the same language version (I wouldn’t mind English, but I already got the base game in German, so I prefer having the expansion in German, too.)
        Thank you for talking to them!

  19. Please tell me that the box format would be the same as Viticulture Essential! This boxfront with equal sides scares me that I’ll have to take this box away from it’s basegame. THX

  20. Hi
    Just wondering what the card sizes are, for sleeve purposes.
    – 36 structure cards
    – 11 worker reference cards

  21. Hi Jamey,

    I have to make a complain here, that contact from PORTUGAL is not working. Or its ignoring requests.

  22. Am I right in thinking that I need Viticulture essential, Tuscany and Tuscany essential to have all the expansions? If so, where to buy all 3 at best price? Or what do I need? :)

    1. Jasmine: Thanks for your question. To have all the expansions, you need the original Tuscany and Moor Visitors. 5 of the expansions in Tuscany (which are expansions that some people use, but we’ve deemed them non-essential) have been removed, so Tuscany Essential only has 3 expansions.

      So you could either hunt down Tuscany (I don’t know who has it) or you could get Tuscany Essential, which I think will satisfy the expansion desires of most people. And then get Moor Visitors if you want more visitor cards. :)

  23. Hi Jamey.
    I want to play all rules.
    But, I don’t get some rules with Tuscany Essential Edition and Viticulture Essential Edition.
    Will you reprint these rules in some form or other?

    1. Ken: Tuscany Essential will come with the Tuscany Essential rulebook, which complements the Viticulture EE rulebook. If you’re looking for a specific rulebook, we have them all on our website.

  24. Hi there, I’m trying to follow your instructions for the Pre-Order of Tuscany Essentials Edition but I also see there is a date range that starts in July.

    Is that when the pre-order will be available to be made at the online retailers?


      1. Jamey, thank you for the heads up.

        I have one more question and I apologize if I missed this detail.

        The board for the Tuscany Essential edition, will the board be the new matte board like with Viticulture Essential Edition and have some of the rule updates applied to the board? Or will it be the exact same board that I have with my current Tuscany board (shiny with some older rules)

        Thanks again in advance for such a quick turnaround on a response! :)

        1. I recently order Viticulture Essentials (didn’t have the original Viticulture) and a copy of Tuscany from a user on BGG.

          I noticed that Viticulture EE has some nice rule changes that Tuscany seems to be missing. So I’m curious if I should donate Tuscany to a friend and go with Tuscany EE; if the new board with Tuscany EE is going to be updated to the nice matte finish with the new rule changes. If it’s going to be identical to the existing Tuscany board then I probably will just hold onto it to keep Formaggio and Aboriculture.

          I’ve read the Tuscany EE page and have seen the differences but what mostly I’m interested in is an updated board (and matte?) haha

          Are the changes I’m interested in going to be in Tuscany EE (if you can divulge the answer).

          Thanks :)

  25. Hi Jamey,

    I can’t wait to get this and the Essential Edition Upgrade Pack! I was reading the Tuscany Essential Editions rules and I wasn’t sure if this was a typo or not.

    Under “End Game” it says:
    “…add in victory points from patronage cards…”

    Should that be removed from this rulebook since from what it seems, the Patronage cards won’t be included? I assume this was probably just copied over from the regular Tuscany rulebook =)

  26. I don’t understand anything that’s going on with the various names for Tuscany. Say I want the base game and all the expansions, what do I need to get and is it possible? I can’t seem to find Viticulture anywhere.

    1. If you want the base game and all the expansions, you’ll need to buy Viticulture, the original Tuscany (which is very hard to get), and Moor Visitors. Viticulture is in stock–just ask your local or online retailer to stock it for you.

  27. I agree with Eric — I already have Tuscany, but it would be nice to have a way to get the 2 grey special workers.

    1. It looks like the players’ special workers in this set are the same as the Farmer and the Innkeeper in Tuscany. Thus, as Jamey said, anyone with Tuscany already has those pieces.

  28. For the promo cards any way we can get the new 14 meeples the 2 grey and 12 male/female player colors to just be the new type in our game. That way if you do more roles in future we always have a unique character for those. Be willing to buy them from you directly or geek store

  29. I will say no more, but expect completionists (like me) to hound you over the gray workers as a separate purchase or with the promo cards.

  30. Also, for those with regular Tuscany, when we but the new promo cards, will be be able to buy the gray workers with them?

  31. Do ambassadors get a preview of the 9 new special workers? I guess I will be exapnding my Collector’s Edition again (this is not a complaint).

    1. Eric: Are you on Facebook? I posted a preview of the cards on the Viticulture/Tuscany group there a week ago. The promo pack will just be a set of cards (it’s much easier to package and ship that way). For people like you who have the original Tuscany, in 1-5 player games you can just assign the another color of worker to the cards. In a 6-player games, you’ll pile up each worker type on the special worker cards as a visual cue. So really the only difficulty will be if in a 6-player game if all 6 players train all of their special workers, but by that time players should know which is which.

      1. I have heard about facing books, but the view out my window is much better. :) I’ll try to scope them out.

  32. Looks like previous posters have picked everything up. Just to echo Brandon though: I too looked for a sidebar on my phone and had to do a bit of scrolling around. But apart from that it renders well on a mobile device. :-)

  33. The statement “All other expansions in Tuscany are out of print.” makes me think that the expansion elements from Tuscany not included in the Essential Tuscany have at some point been available separately. It might be better to say something along the lines of “We have no current plans to reprint Tuscany in it’s entirety”, or “We have no current plans to reprint the ‘non essential’ modules of Tuscany.”

  34. Presumably the box art in the main photo at the top of this page is going to change? If so, it would be good to make this clear.

    A couple of other small things: (1) It would be good to update the formatting of the title ‘FAQ’ to use heading 2 or 3 and not just in bold like questions; (2) You could hyperlink your email address in the ‘How to Pre-Order Tuscany Essential’ paragraph.

  35. The first thing that came to mind for me was based on the fact that I accessed this site via mobile. The page states:

    “Which expansions were removed from the original version of Tuscany and why?

    “The clickable graphic in the sidebar shows in yellow and red the expansions …”

    However, the sidebar is more of a “bottom section”, as it is actually well below where I’m currently typing this on the mobile page. Small thing, but I definitely searched around the top of the page for a bit before I scrolled all the way down.

  36. Agree with the major points above. Slightly confused by the dash before the 20 minutes per player/ $30 MSRP. It looks like the expansions reduce the game length – I am sure most people will understand but ….

  37. Hi Jamey,
    Some proofreading notes for you to use or not:

    1 Can I order metal coins for Viticulture/Tuscany? In the answer, there should be a space in between ViticultueEssential

    2 Are there any rule changes between Tuscany and Tuscany Essential?
    Second paragraph: “that says that” should probably be replaced with “in which”

    3 Why doesn’t Tuscany Essential include all the original special worker meeples?
    Second paragraph, third sentence: add the word “are” to become “There are 2 in each color”

    4 Which expansions were removed from the original version of Tuscany and why?
    Second paragraph: remove the comma in “they’re not essential to the Tuscany expansion experience, and…”


  38. Also, the board you pictured does not include structures. You might want to mention that the reason the board is two-sided is to allow one side for structures and the other for no structures.

  39. “Pre-ordered copies will include 9 special worker promo cards which will also be available through the BoardGameGeek store. All other expansions in Tuscany are out of print.”

    These should probably be in separate paragraphs, or in the opposite order. Right now it sounds like the 9 special promo cards were a part of Tuscany.

    Speaking of which, you should probably say whether these 9 special cards represent a sub-group of the 11 (presumably printed differently), or a different group of cards, or something in-between.

  40. Hi Jamey (I’ve sent an email with screenshots for your reference)

    1) The “Original Tuscany Expansions: Where Are They Now?” image quality is poor. You can barely make out the titles – let alone the subtext under each.

    2) Perhaps make the “Original Tuscany Expansions: Where Are They Now?” image clickable – so the full image loads in a separate tab/window

    3) Wondering if it’s better to say “We’re removing the expansions in red…” rather than “We’re cutting the expansions in red…”

    4) I noticed when you click on “Subscribe for Launch Notification” the capitalisation of the subscribe form is inconsistent. ie Email Address, Country, full name.

    Looking forward to the preorder campaign!


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