A complete list of all visitor cards in Tuscany is here. The Formaggio and Arboriculture expansions are available here.

What’s the difference between the various versions of Tuscany?

All versions of Tuscany include all the same game-related components and all stretch goals. So if you buy the retail version of Tuscany (STM300), you’re getting the exact same thing that Kickstarter backers received at the $45 or $79 reward levels. Here are each of the different SKUs:

  • STM300: Tuscany retail
  • STM301: Tuscany Prima (same as above, except with metal lira coins in the box)
  • STM302: Tuscany Prima w/Update (same as above, except with Viticulture update pack for those who own the first edition of Viticulture)
  • STM303: Collector’s Edition. This includes STM301 (Tuscany Prima) and STM100 (Viticulture) in a numbered slipcase. You cannot buy the slipcase by itself, but you can put your name down to buy a Collector’s Edition if we have any leftover after all backer rewards have been fulfilled.
  • STM305: Tuscany Essential Edition. This edition, to be released in late 2016, will feature 3 expansions: the extended board, structure cards, and special workers (14 meeples instead of the 66 in the original Tuscany, but gameplay is the same). All other expansions in the original Tuscany will go out of print.

Is there a misprint on the property tiles?

There is a mistake on the property tiles (not a misprint–it’s my fault, not the printer’s). Each of the lira amounts on the property numbers should be the same on the front and the back. For example, you can sell the 5-lira property tile to gain 5 lira, and then you can buy it back later if you want for 5 lira. However, the punchboard got flipped, and the back of the 5-lira property says that it would cost you 7 lira to buy it back. The situation is reversed for the 7-lira property tile. You can buy the stickers for $1 on BGG or request the stickers on our replacement parts form, or just remember that the numbers should match up. It’s very rare that a player would buy back a property after selling it, but it does happen occasionally.

Is there a misprint on the Harvest Machine card in the Structure Expansion?

Yes and no. It probably should be 2 lira, but itt is fine to play with this card at cost 0, as you still have to use a worker to build it in the first place. In future reprints we will put the 2-lira cost back on the card, but both versions are legal. The correct Harvest Machine card is include in Moor Visitors.

Is the victory point on the new sell grapes/flip property tile available for 2-players?

No, that’s an error in the rules (originally we did make the VP available for a 2-player game, but we changed it in playtesting).



Are there some missing words on the left side of page 5 in the Tuscany rules?

Yes, the following sentence is incomplete: “Visitor cards that refer to your fields only refer to the fields you currently own.”

If I got the stickers to update my first-edition Viticulture vineyard mats, where do the stickers go?

See below for the second-edition vineyard mats to see where to place those stickers.



Where are the promo cards from the original game?

The 4 promo cards are now in every copy of Tuscany in the Arboriculture expansion. They’re not tied to Arboriculture in any way–you can put them in the game from Game 1.

Official Variant: Influence Map

Before the game begins, players may decide to not score any points for stars at the end of the game (stars still give you cards/lira during the game). We recommend using this variant for 2-player games.

Official Variant: Structure Cards

If you’re not playing with the extended board, you can draft structure cards at the beginning of the game. After selecting Mamas & Papas, draw 4 structure cards, selects 1, and passes the others to the player on your right. Proceed until each player has selected 4 cards. These cards count towards your hand size.

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58 Comments on “FAQ

  1. Hi we played Tuscany EE for the first time yesterday and we are loving it! We have a few questions:

    Structure cards:
    1. Can you put a worker on your action structure to only get the bonus even if you can’t perform the action?
    2. Enhancement Structures – it has an ongoing bonus, does it mean that the player might be able to get the bonus a few times per year/ season? (E.g. not limited to once per year like the action structures.)

    1. Thanks Chloe!

      1. For all actions, you must take the action (otherwise you can’t place a worker there).
      2. Yes, it’s possible to benefit more than once per year for certain structures.

          1. How do you decide who chooses their rooster placement first if no one chose 7 the previous year?

          2. When you use your turn to pass out of the winter, you immediately do the “end of year upkeep” (page 3 of the Tuscany EE rules). The last step of this process is to choose a wake-up position for the upcoming year.

  2. I mixed all the Viticulture essential and Tuscany essential visitors together. Is there any way to know which ones are which so I can seperate them again?


  3. Jaime – what is your current opinion on the influence board point scoring being ignored at 2 player? I recall you had mentioned you personally still score points. Curious if that opinion has changed over the last couple of years.

    1. Connor: I must admit I rarely play it with 2 players, so I understand that people who do play often that way may have different opinions. I did test it quite a bit before we published it with 2 players, though, and I enjoyed the interactions and end-game scoring on the map.

  4. Guest Speaker Winter Guest:

    If the Guest Speaker is played after some players have already passed in winter, moved their cocks back to Spring selecting their new turn order, and have already collected all their workers; and then they opt to buy the extra worker from Guest Speaker what is that worker’s fate. Does he go on the board where normally generated workers sit and wait until the NEXT time that player collects their workers (end of next winter)? Or, does the extra worker magically teleport itself into the player’s pool ready to go to work immediately once the Spring turn starts?

      1. Hmm Ok, fair enough. It does seam to be in contradiction to other strict adherences to play order and timings. Like players drawing cards in player order and such.

    1. Seon: On your turn, if you haven’t passed, you can place 1 worker. So you could feasibly place all of your workers in the same season by using multiple turns, but you wouldn’t have any remaining workers for other seasons.

  5. In the upcoming Tuscany Essential Edition will there be Mamas and Papas? When is the estimated release in Europe?

      1. I see. So you still need a copy of Viticulture or Viticulture Essential ed. to play this one? I’m about to buy myself into the Viticulture realms so just want to make sure I get the right stuff.


  6. @Jamey: Seems obvious, what threw me off is that the “cost” described in the rulebook is a benefit in most cases.


  7. We are thinking about adding the Structures, but I don’t get the rules for the action structures: What is the difference of the effects within the action space, and the one below the action space?

  8. Finally starting on the expanded board in Tuscany. There doesn’t seem to be a “sell grape token” spot on the board. Does the new “Trade one for one” spot take the place of selling grape/wine tokens?

  9. Will there be a Tuscany Essential Edition that exclude the Tuscany addons already included in the Viticulture Essential Edition ?

  10. I mean that worker, that is mentioned on rules page 24 first row, last line (The Campaign Method). If this worker comes together with one more worker from Mamas ans Papas you start with 5 workers.

    1. Ah, I see what you mean. That seems exceptionally rare. In that case, if the player who got the papa card that gives them the choice of an extra worker decides they want that extra worker instead of the money, they would only be able to make 1 special worker during the game.

      1. To clarify how to use special workers, I received promo pack of 9 extra workers with my Tuscany EE so that I now have 20 special worker cards. I shuffle those together and randomly pick only two that can be trained through an entire game regardless of number of players?

        1. Beth: “I shuffle those together and randomly pick only two that can be trained through an entire game regardless of number of players?” Yes, but EACH player can train those workers. So by the end of the game, all players may each have both special workers.

          1. Ahhh, yes that makes perfect sense. Hence the neutral color meeple (the black one) placed on the worker cards. Then when they purchase it, they own it in their player color. I knew you put the neutral one on the cards but for some reason was thinking each one could only be purchased once. Thanks so much!

  11. But what, if you start with 2 regular worker 1 grande worker + 1 regular worker (Mamas & Papas) + 1 regular worker (Campaign). Is it then impossible to get 2 special workers????

    1. Only one question mark is needed. :) The max is always 6 workers. What is the “Campaign” worker? Are you referring to the gray temporary worker that you can get on the wake-up chart? He doesn’t count as 1 of your workers for the 6-worker max since he’s only temporary.

  12. Hi Jamey,
    another question: when I first train normal workers and have already 6, can I afterwards train again to get special workers instead?
    What happens, if i get two workers more at the beginning (Mamas&Papas/Campaign)? Can I train only one special worker?

    1. Jurgen: You can have a total of 5 regular workers and 1 grande worker. If you’re playing with special workers, you can have a total of 3 regular workers, 1 grande worker, and 2 special workers. The max is always 6 total workers.

      When you have Mamas and Papas, you ignore all of the previous starting guidelines and only look at the Mamas and Papas. Almost all Mamas and Papas have you starting the game with 2 regular workers and 1 grande worker. Then, during the game you may train up to 2 special workers and 1 regular worker. Again, the max is always 6 total workers.

  13. Hi Jamie,
    when playing Tuscany we yesterday had questions.
    There is a card, which allows to make two wine token without having the suitable cellar.
    What happens to this tokens at she end of the year?
    Do the age or not?

    Second question: Can the chef kick off a special worker, which is placed in a future season, when he wakes up before the future placed person?

    By the way: Yesterday we made the first cheese and Friday we take the Mafia in.

    1. Hi Jurgen: Thanks for your questions (and congrats for getting so far in Tuscany!) The wine tokens created with that card still age. The only restriction is if you place those tokens in the medium cellar area and you don’t have a large cellar, they could not age into the large cellar area.

      Yes, the chef can kick off a messenger. The messenger can be used as a regular worker or placed again in a future season.

  14. Do the apples from Arboriculture do anything other than help the morale counter, or can they be sold for coins or even earn victory points?

  15. Just a small note about placement of the “Available Worker” sticker. The “Gain 1 VP” printed under the Tasting room on the original player mat is slightly in a lower spot on the card. If you match the “Available Worker” sticker to the exact placement in relation to the new player mat the sticker will cover part of the “Gain 1 VP”. I found it easier to align the bottom of the sticker along the top edge of the Cellar roof, this gives you a reference to place the sticker level compared to the cellar, and does not cover the “Gain 1 VP”.

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