All of these questions are answered in the rules, but they are sometimes confused. If you have additional questions, please ask them in the comments section or on the consolidated FAQ on BoardGameGeek.

We also offer a quick-reference guide created by BGG user Nersi Nikakhtar. First-edition errata are listed here, and a full list of all visitor cards is here.

Viticulture Essential Edition

See details here.

The current printings don’t have the red seal on the cover.

Why aren’t my vineyard mats and game board double sided?

We only print double-sided boards if we’re combining a printing with an international partner (one side is in English, the other in a different language). Several of the more recent printings have only been in English; however, we failed to update the components list to remove the words “double sided”.


How many workers can I place during my turn?

Just one. On your turn you can place 1 worker or pass. When you pass, you cannot place other workers until the next season.

When can I place a worker on the middle action space in a 3-6 player game?

Each action has a bonus associated with one of the action spaces for the 3-6 player game. If you place a worker on an action space that has a bonus, you must take that action, but the bonus is optional. You may take the bonus before or after you take the action. When you place a worker, you may choose any of the action spaces available in the current season (and for the spaces available based on player count)–that is, you don’t have to choose action spaces from left to right on any action.

Can the grande worker be placed on a private action space (i.e., the yoke)?

The grande worker can be used as a regular worker on any action space. However, if you wish to use the grande’s special ability (the ability to place it on a full action space to take the action), you can only place the grande on the game board.

Can I play a visitor card even if I can’t do everything the card says?

You must be able to do the minimum requirement on the card. For example, there is a card that asks you to give a card to each player, and you gain 2 lira per player to whom you give a card. If there are 4 other players and you only have 3 cards to hand out, you can’t play the card. If a card says “up to” (i.e., Plant up to 2 vines), you must fulfill the card to some extent. In that example, you must actually plant at least 1 vine.

If a visitor card has multiple things to do, in which order do I do them?

Unless the card specifically states an order of operations, you can play out the stages on the card in any order.

Does my vine card stay on the field when I harvest, or do I discard it?

Yes! Your vine cards stay on the field when you harvest–the rules note that you cannot move vines once they are planted (unless you intentionally uproot them). Just as if you planted a vine in real life, when you harvest grapes from that vine, the vine itself stays in the ground. It’s only the grapes that come off the vine, which are represented in Viticulture by glass tokens that you place on your crushpad.

Can I harvest the same field more than once per year?

No, you can only harvest each field once per year. If you take the bonus action space for harvesting a field (it says “x2”), it means that you get to harvest 2 fields instead of just 1.

How many wine tokens can I make when I crush grapes?

This action has been changed from “crush grapes” to “make up to 2 wine tokens.” Thus you may make 1 or 2 wine tokens of any type of wine (each token may be a different type of wine). If you place a worker on the bonus action space, you may make an additional wine token.

How do I make blush or sparkling wine?

To make a single blush wine token, you must combine one red grape token and one white grape token. You add their values together to determine the value of the blush wine token. Similarly, you make sparkling wine by combining two red grape tokens and one white grape token (it might seem odd, but that’s the most common way of making sparkling wine). You cannot combine two same-color grapes (i.e., you can’t add a 1-value white grape and a 2-value white grape to make a 3-value white wine).

How does the “Hire Out Extra Workers for 1 lira” (this is simply “Gain 1 lira” in the second edition) action space work?

This action space is on the board to help players when there are no other actions to take in the summer or winter (or when you need an extra lira). You use your turn to place one worker on that action space, and you gain 1 lira. You (and other players) may place any number of workers on that space over the course of a year–there is no limit.

Do I get my workers back at the end of summer?

No, you don’t get your workers back until the end of the year. Thus you need to plan ahead each year if you need to save some workers for the winter.

When I use the bonus middle action space to play 2 visitor cards, what is the order of operations?

You select and play them one at a time, resolving the effects of the first before selecting and playing the second.

Can I build a large cellar before I build a medium cellar?

Nope. Good try, though!

Can I combine wine tokens when filling wine orders (i.e., if a wine order asks for a 5-value red wine, can I use a 2-value red wine token and a 3-value red wine token)?

Each wine symbol on wine orders requires exactly one wine token of equal or greater value. Thus for a wine order requesting a 5-value red wine, you need to provide exactly one red wine token worth at least 5.

What does the money on the bottom of the wine order cards mean?

When you fill a wine order, you gain victory points right away as noted on the card. You don’t take any lira, though; rather, you move your wine bottle token up 1 or 2 levels (depending on the wine order) on the residual payment track at the bottom right of the board. At the end of the year, you gain money equal to your level on the residual payment track. The residual tokens only move when you fill a wine order–otherwise they never increase or decrease (i.e, if you fill a wine order and move your token up to 1 lira, you don’t move it again in any direction until you fill another wine order, and in the meantime you gain 1 lira at the end of each year).

Why do players choose their wake-up times clockwise, but the first-player token rotates counter-clockwise?

In Viticulture, the first player only matters when choosing wake-up times in the spring. Otherwise for the rest of the year, player order each season is determined by the wake-up chart. So every spring, players take turns choosing their wake-up time in a clockwise manner. However, at the end of the year, the first-player token is passed counter-clockwise. The reason for this is so that the the last player at the beginning of the game (especially a larger game) doesn’t have a disadvantage compared to the other players. For example, in Year One of a 5-player game, Player A goes first and Player E goes last. At the end of the year, if the first-player token were to be passed clockwise, Player E would go second to last–they’re still near the bottom in terms of selection priority. And so on each year. By having the first-player token passed in the opposite direction as wake-up selection order, the game is more balanced for all players.

Do I have to draw 2 of the same type of visitor card if I have the cottage?

No, you can draw any combination of 2 visitor cards. You must draw them at the same time, though–you can’t look at the first card before making a decision about the second.


For all visitors, to play a visitor card, you must be able to play all aspects of the card. You may take the actions on a visitor card in any order. Some of these descriptions might refer to old versions of the visitors from the first edition.

Handyman (original): You do not lose vines you’ve planted if you use the Handyman to upgrade, say, a Trellis into a Large Cellar. You only need a Trellis to plant vines. Once a vine is planted, it stays on your field permanently (unless you decide to uproot it). You cannot upgrade a medium cellar to a large cellar using the handyman.

Uncertified visitors: All uncertified visitors let you spend victory points instead of money. As you can see on the game board, it is possible to have as low as -5 victory points. Thus you can spend victory points even if you are at or below 0 as long as they don’t take you below -5.

Mentor: Each player individually chooses the type of wine to make when the mentor is played. Each player may make as many wine tokens as they can for the wine type they choose.

Crusher/Crush Expert: When playing a card that says, “Make any or all types of wine,” you may make as many wine tokens as you like.

Some visitors ask you to “choose 2.” For those visitors, you must choose two different options.

Viticulture Second Edition

Why is there an extra Merchant card in the box?

When you open your copy of Viticulture, you’ll find a loose Merchant card and a Merchant card packed together with the other winter visitor cards. When we were almost finished producing this print run of Viticulture, we realized that the Merchant card had a typo, so we quickly reprinted the correct card and slid it into the box. The correct Merchant card is shown here (the other one should be torn up and tossed to the wind). There is only one version of the Merchant card in the Essential Edition, as it is correct in that edition (it’s the “advanced” version of this card).

If I got the stickers to update my first-edition Viticulture vineyard mats, where do the stickers go?

See below for the second-edition vineyard mats to see where to place those stickers.


In the Box

What’s the difference between the retail version of the first-edition Viticulture and the full Kickstarter version?

The full Kickstarter version of Viticulture includes the following components not included in the retail version: 4 promo visitor cards, 1 scorebook, 8 wine coasters, 1 wine crate box sleeve, 1 custom art print, 1 set of stickers to customize the game, and the Arboriculture expansion (6 player mat extensions, 18 arbor cards, 6 grande worker meeples, 6 morale tokens, and 1 rule book).

What type of cards sleeves do I need for the game and how many?

If you want card sleeves for your copy of Viticulture, the sleeves you want are for “Euro mini” cards (the cards are 44x68mm). They need to be clear on both sides, and you’ll need 3 packs of 50 (there are 140 cards in the game). Important: If you have Viticulture Essential, there are 154 mini cards, so you’ll need 4 packs of 50 sleeves.

What are the stickers for?

There is a sheet of stickers in the box with all of the different icons in the game and different numerical increments. This was a Kickstarter stretch goal that is not actually needed for the game, but after you’ve played the game a number of times, you might want to customize your copy by changing some of the numbers on the cards, board, or player mats. Perhaps you might have a Risk: Legacy-style house rule that allows the winner to change one icon on one of the player mats. The player mats are double sided, so you can always keep one side the same, and the back side could be different (like the different player mats in 7 Wonders).

What’s the story on the art print?

I had my artist create a piece of art that contains every Viticulture Kickstarter backer on it as a way of thanking you all for making this dream a reality.

What’s the surprise in the box? I couldn’t find it!

I hinted at a special surprise for all backers back in March…but I didn’t exactly say it was going to be IN the box. Rather, the surprise is a special, Kickstarter-exclusive box sleeve that makes your game box look like a classic wine box. This was a stretch goal if we reached 1250 backers. We ended up with 942, but we like the idea of exceeding expectations even if it costs us more, so we made the box sleeve anyway.

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337 Comments on “FAQ

  1. Hi! We just played the Tuscany expansion recently, and have a question that I cannot find the answer.

    Here it comes. The new orange card “Tavern” says “when you play visitor cards (yellow or blue)”, does this mean when you do this action, or does it count for every card you played?

    For example, if someone with Tavern stands on the bonus spot of playing yellow card and so can play two yellow cards, and if he is able to discard 2 grapes for each card he plays (so total 4 grapes), will he score total 3 points * 2 = 6 points? Or, he can play two yellow cards but the Tavern can only be triggered once, meaning, he can only discard two grapes and score 3 points?


  2. Hey there, Viticulture EE is our first worker-placement game and we are in love!

    A couple of cards that came up in our first play through that I would love clarified are:

    1) VOLUNTEER CREW (or any such cards) – where it says “all players may plant 1 vine card”, I’m assuming that the players who wish to plant the vine card this way still need to observe the structural cost of the vine e.g. trellis and/or irrigation?

    2) GUEST SPEAKER (winter visitor) – where it states that “all players may pay 1 lira to train 1 worker”, would you need to wait until the next year to use that new worker as you would if you had used the train worker action? Or are they immediately available for use? I’m also assuming that when you train a worker using a visitor card this way, no further workers (besides the one placed to play the visitor card) need to be placed at the worker training action site?

    Thank you so very much!

    1. I’m glad you’re enjoying Viticulture, Justin!

      1. Yes, everyone must follow the normal planting rules, including structure and field limits.
      2. A newly trained worker is available the following year. No need to put a worker on the “train a worker” action spot if it’s being trained through a Visitor card.

      Generally the answers to these questions are: “Follow the normal rules unless specifically told you can break the rules.” For instance, there is a Visitor card that says you can plant and ignore structure requirements. Have fun!

  3. Hello, I don’t fully understand the Importer card. Are the opponents forced to combine to give me 3 cards? If they are not but for some reason they want to do so do I have to wait for them to discuss what combination of cards they have to give me?.

    For example if I’m playing a 3 person game and I play this card, my opponents agree it’s better that they give me some cards because they each have a card that is pretty useless for all players involved, but then they don’t want to be the one that gives the third card away. Can they agree to decide who gives the third card randomly by flipping a coin for example? There are some weird game theory scenarios that can happen here I guess.

    We just found the card extremely confusing and basically played it as a draw 3 winter visitors card so I would love some clarification on the matter.


    1. Hi Guillermo! The Importer card says “Draw 3 [Winter Visitor Cards] unless all opponents combine to give you 3 visitor cards (total).” So when you play this, your opponents have a choice. Either they all work together to give you three visitor cards of any type, or if they can’t agree on that, you draw 3 winter visitor cards from the deck. Your opponents can decide however they’d like.

  4. I am not clear as to whether a Grande worker can be put on the same action space as one of my other workers – i.e. to allow me to repeat an action

  5. I love this game! I’ve a questions about the Uncertified Oenologlist (VC: EE).
    Card reads: “Age all [winetoken] in your cellar twice OR lose [VP] to upgrade your cellar to the next level.”

    Do I age all my wines right now, or at the end of the year?

  6. Hello! I apologize if this is a repeat question; however, I have not been able to find the answer. If I understand correctly, in the base Viticulture Essential Edition, a grande worker placed in the summer cannot be retrieved by playing the Motivator in the winter. However, if 2 of 3 players in a game have already placed all of their remaining workers in the winter (i.e., including their grande worker) and the 3rd player plays the Motivator, do the first two players get to retrieve (and replay) their grande worker? Or, since they have already placed all of their workers (i.e., effectively ending their worker placement for the entire year), have they “passed” and are ineligible to retrieve their grande worker?

    1. Talking about the base Viticulture: EE. You actually can retrieve a grande worker from summer. Essentially on your turn you have two option, play a worker or pass (once you’ve passed you can’t come back into that season). So if players have placed all their workers but not taken an additional turn to pass, then they could retrieve their grande (from summer or winter) and play the grande on their turn that they would have otherwise had to pass. But if a player passes and then an opponent plays the Motivator, the passed player cannot retrieve their grande worker because they’ve already passed and could not play any more workers anyway.

      Does that make sense?

      1. Hi Joe – Thank you very much for your reply! I think I was misunderstanding the rule book (page 11): “Opponents who have already passed their turn for the season are not eligible to retrieve their grande workers.” So, for base Viticulture: EE, I understand your explanation to mean that: if players have placed their grande workers in summer, passed in summer to move into fall, and then a player plays the Motivator in winter, anyone who placed their grande worker in summer (or winter) would be eligible to retrieve it…as long as they have not already taken an additional turn to pass (i.e., an obligatory “pass” since they have no more workers to place) in winter. Am I understanding correctly?

        As a side note, this is a BRILLIANT game! I have the Tuscany: EE expansion and will be trying that out soon!

  7. Hi,
    I have a question concerning the solo campaign of Viticulture, episode 6 (“You don’t score VP during the game”)
    I suppose it means you don’t even the 1 point from position 6 in the wake-up chart ?
    And you can lose points from the visitors cards, but you can’t gain points from them ?
    Thank you

  8. Hi ,
    after a game with friends last week i have 2 questions :
    1. for the “Taster” visitor , a player said that “the most valuable wine token” is certainly of 1 kind (red for example), because it’s more difficult to make sparkling than red, so “the most valuable wine token” means “the most valuable wine token in RED” or “in WHITE” ? On the opposite i said it is whatever the kind of wine , what version is correct ?
    2. we played with Tuscany, we had the messenger as special worker, and we played with the friendly variant, where we can’t use a space with a bonus without being able to take it, but how should we use that with the messenger, that allows to put our special worker in a future action ?
    (sorry for my english, i’m french)

    1. 1. The “value” of the wine refers to the number underneath the token within your cellar. To get the 2 extra VP, it must have the highest value number out of all types of wine.
      2. It would be difficult to play the “Friendly Variant” with the Messenger, because you can’t always know your future situation. Perhaps you can try your best to predict, or decide that the Messenger is exempt from this variant rule. It’s up to you.

      1. Thank you for your confirmation i was right for the 1st point.
        For the messenger case we’ll have to figure out how to deal with it..

  9. Hi!
    Three of us played Viticulture for the first time last night. Loved the game!! We have a question that we could not reconcile from the rules or FAQ. In summer or winter is each person allowed to only place 1 worker that season? If so why would we want more that 2 workers and allowed up to 5?

    1. Each turn a player can only place one worker. But you may have as many turns in each season as you’d like. So you can place all of your workers in summer, but if you do that you won’t have any workers leftover for winter!

  10. Just played the first game of freshly bought Viticulture with my wife. We both enjoyed it a lot, awesome game!
    However, there’s a tiny minor and non-critical dissapointment – in the set of tokens of one color I’ve got additional wake-up token instead of Yoke token (obviously accidentally mixed up during assembling my russian version of the game). I think I’ll just laser cut and paint missing Yoke token later to make the game totally perfect))

      1. I reached local Russian distributor and today I’ve received the missing part. Thanks for advise.

  11. Hi Jamey! With some of the papa cards in EE, you have the options for a cellar. The picture makes it seems like the large cellar, eventhough you can’t build it without the medium cellar. Do you get the medium as well, or should it just be the medium cellar? The choice with extra Lira makes it seems the latter, but the picture the first…
    Thank you for your time, service and the awesome game!

  12. Love viticulture 2nd edition. Question about worker placement. Can you place two of your workers on the same space?

  13. Finally got to play this game for the first time and loved it! Although I did notice, there’s a Papa Morten and a Papa Alan but no Papa Jamey… What’s up with that??

  14. Hi,

    First of all, I’m loving your game and am now playing the solo campaign for the first time (which is very welcome way to pass the time in these social-distancing times).

    I have a question about campaign challenge 6. Do you still get to age the wine tokens at the end of the last year?
    I’m at 20 points prior to aging them at the end of year 7 and would have 22 if I get to age them…

    Kind regards,

  15. Hello! My boyfriend and played our second game of Viticulture + Tuscany EE, and we were not sure regarding one aspect of the TRADE ONE FOR ONE action.

    When trading 2 cards for other 2 cards, must the newly selected cards be of the same type as the discarded ones?
    e.g. If I discard 1 green + 1 yellow card, do I have to pick ones of the same color, or can I grab different ones (1 purple + 1 blue)?

    Thank you a lot in advance for your help and for especially for delivering us such a phenomenal game! :)

  16. Hi! I just asked two questions over at BoardGameGeek dealing with two of the promo special worker cards. These questions can be found here:

    * https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/2382818/salesman-clarification
    * https://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/1956314/martyr-and-storyteller-clarifications

    These two questions are:

    1. (Martyr) — a player is limited to six workers in Viticulture / Tuscany. If a player trains the martyr, then sacrifices it per its special ability, is that player limited to five workers after that, or could they train a standard worker in its place, going back up to six?

    2. (Salesman) — the Salesman reads: “After using the Salesman to fill a win order (on the “Fill One Wine Order” action or a visitor card action), you may pay [2 lira] to fill a second wine order.” Is this ability limited to the two items in parentheses — i.e., the “Fill One Wine Order” action or a visitor card action — or are these just examples? I ask because special workers that are limited to spaces on the board all actually have the phrase “on the board” in their descriptions; this one does not. Thus, I am asking: can the Salesman be used with the Shop (for example) to fill multiple orders out of season?

    Thanks in advance. Just have to say, I love this game!

    1. Thanks, David! But in the future, there’s no need to post questions in multiple places. I’ve answered your questions at the links your provided.

    1. You may retrieve your own grande worker, but you only gain 1VP for each opponent who does this. So you do not gain 1VP for picking up your own grande worker.

  17. On the crush pad in the space between the grapes and the wine cellar there are 3 orange lira looking circles with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 and words around them about selling grapes. I cannot find an action on the board to sell grapes. Have I overlooked this section in the rules? How and when can you sell grapes?

    1. Hi Kenny! On the Viticulture board, the “Sell at Least One Grape or Buy/Sell One Field” action space is in the middle of the board, during Summer. If you’re playing with the Tuscany extended board, this information on your player mat is irrelevant because the new action “Trade One For One” replaces this idea entirely.

  18. Scenario when using Tuscany:

    Player ‘A’ passes out of winter season and retrieves his workers. One or more of those workers had been on an action space with a special bonus. If player ‘B” still has a worker available during the same winter season, when they place their worker in an action space formerly held by a now retrieved worker ‘A’, do they also get to take the special bonus?

    Basically, can a bonus be used multiple times if retrieved workers make that action space available, or can a bonus only be used once per season, even if the space is made available by retried workers?


  19. This game has been a Christmas hit in our household! We have one question though. Some summer visitor action cards let you harvest a field. I assume that you can’t then use the winter action to harvest that field again (or indeed use the yoke or a winter visitor action card to harvest that field). Is this correct?

    If so, it seems there’s no way to show that a field has been harvested that year – with everything going on, it can be hard to keep track of which players have harvested which fields! We’re thinking of putting a grape/wine token on a field to show it’s been harvested, but maybe the game should have three coloured tokens (one per field) for this. Thoughts?

    1. Robert: Correct, you can only harvest each field once per year. I’ve never had a problem remembering this, but if you do, you’re welcome to put a token on the field to show that you have or haven’t harvested it.

  20. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the Merchant card shown in the above FAQ is actually the incorrect one?

  21. Hello Jamey,

    We recently purchased VITICULTURE and my wife and I played a two-player game last evening.

    We had a question about the Winter Visitor Card ZYMOLOGIST: (Make up to 2 [(Wine Symbol] of value 4 or greater, even if you haven’t upgraded your cellar).

    I had the following grapes on my CRUSH PAD: Red – 2, 3, 4 and 5. White – 2 and 4. I only had the SMALL CELLAR.

    Placing a Worker on the PLAY VISITOR CARD (in Winter), I played the ZYMOLOGIST card. I used the RED 2, RED 3 and WHITE 4 from my CRUSH PAD to make a SPARKLING 9 wine. I also used the RED 5 and WHITE 2 from my CRUSH PAD to make a BLUSH 7 wine.

    Is this a legal move using the ZYMOLOGIST Winter Visitor Card (i.e., making wines in either the MEDIUM and / or LARGE CELLARs without actually having built those structures yet)?

  22. Hi Jamey, we are a little confused about 2 visitor-yellow cards in the Essential Edition: One is the Harvest Machine. Why is there a 2 Lira coin at the top and a 1 Victory Point sign at the bottom of the card? Second: with the Uncertified Arquitect card, the third option “lose 2 VP to build any structure” means that I can build let’s say the Tasting Room without paying any of the 6 Liras value and only losing 2 VP? Thanks a lot for your answer! (By the way, it is one of the few great games with no dices very well planned for 2 people!!!!)

    1. The Harvest Machine is actually a structure card–it goes with Tuscany (it replaced an older version of the card that was misprinted).

      For the Uncertified Architect, that’s correct–you pay VP instead of lira. Have fun! :)

  23. Hi Jamey, can you use the “Sell one wine tocken” of Tuscany even if you can’t fulfill the action, i.e. even if you don’t have wine to sell to block another user from using it?
    Thanks a lot!

  24. Questions about using all workers:

    1. If I use all my workers by say the spring phase, do I have to immediately pass through winter or can I at least choose to wait until the end of that season in order to block special spots my workers may be on?

    2. If the answer to #1 is yes, do I move my workers off the board immediately after placing my last worker or on my next “turn”? In other words, place my last worker, all other players take turn, next time to me I pass through winter.

    Sorry if this was asked and I missed it.

    1. 1. On your turn in a worker-placement season, you either place a worker or pass. So if you place all of your workers in the summer, on your next turn, you’ll pass. Then when it’s your turn in the next worker-placement season, you’ll pass again.

      2. If you’re playing with the Tuscany board (and only then), it’s only when you use your turn in the winter to pass that you retrieve all of your workers.

      1. Thanks. We were passing through winter immediately after running out of players, not treating it as a separate turn.

  25. Hi Jamey,
    Went through this FAQ and haven’t found the answer to this question.
    The text for the ENTREPRENEUR summer card can be translate to (I bought the French version): Choose 2 options: Gain 1 VP, build a construction, or plant. When one of the choice is “build a construction”, the player must pay the price of the building choosen, he doesn’t build for free, right?

    Thanks a lot for the clarification.

  26. Oups ! another question… I’m sorry ;)
    I have read in the FAQ that I can place the grande worker even is this is one of my workers who blocks the action. Right ?
    So if for my previous question (paying a token to get a bonus even when I have to place the grande worker) the answer is Yes, does this means that I can get the bonus for the worker places on the action + 1 bonus spending 1 token for the worker + 1 bonus spending one token for the grande worker ? And if this is right : can I choose between the bonuses the one I want to get ?

    1. Yes, there is no instruction in Viticulture that has you distinguish between your workers and other workers in terms of where you’re allowed to place your regular or grande workers.

  27. Oh… a last question : playing Viticulture solo or playing Tuscany solo, can we pay one token to get an action bonus when we have placed the grande worker because Automa is on the action ?

    1. I’m not sure about that–I’m the multiplayer designer, and I don’t know Automa well. If you post Automa questions in the Viticulture Facebook group or on Board Game Geek, you’ll get an answer quickly.

  28. Hi Jamey,
    I enjoyed playing Viticulture this week-end and I have just received Tuscany today. I tried it in solo game but there is something that is not clear for me.
    Rules say “When placing a worker on an action with bonus actions you
    can as usual spend one bonus action token. This allows you
    to take one of those bonus actions, though if the worker was
    placed on one of them, you can’t take that one again.”
    What I understand is ” when you place your worker on a bonus action you get it for free but you can spend one (and only one) token to gain a 2nd bonus action” The 2nd bonus action has to be different from the first”. Is this right ?
    Thank you.

      1. Thank you very much Jamey.
        I have an other question : is it possible to get the Special Workers Promo Cards ? Where can I ask for them ?
        Have a nice day

  29. Hi,

    i have bought the moor visitor expansion and have study all the card. But i am not sure how the Truss harvester works.

    The card mentioned that harvest X fields then age X grape once each. Where x is the number of field you harvested.

    I DO NOT UNDERSTAND how do you define the number of X. does that mean if i have 3 FIELD. i can harvest them all. And age 3 grape by 1?

    Please kindly explain how this card work. thanks.



  30. Hi Mr. Stegmaier,just got the Viticulture Essential with the Tuscany Essential and can’t wait to explore this board game! But as i was counting the components of the base game i found that i have only 17 field cards (the one missing would be a 7 i guess). How would it affect the game play? How could i get the missing card? Thanks a lot!!!

    1. Thanks Hugo! I’m sorry about the missing card. It’ll only impact gameplay if you play with the full 6 players–if you think that’s likely, feel free to fill out the replacement parts form on the last page of the rulebook and we’ll send it to you.

  31. Hi Jamey, I have viticulture essential edition. The cards include one purple order card, with a “syrah” vine on the front end. Is this a known error?

    1. Eric: It must be an anomaly in your copy, as this is the first time I’ve heard of that. If you determine that you’re missing a card (or two cards), feel free to fill out the replacement parts form as noted on the last page of the rulebook.

      1. Thanks for the prompt reply. This is excellent customer service, very much appreciated!
        Yes, looks like the anomaly resulted in on purple card and one green card missing… Filled replacement form.
        Love your games! Can’t wait to get Wingspan once it hits our local store, and looking forward to your other games this year.

  32. can i play tuscany essential editionm, the solo campaign mode of viticulture essential edition?

  33. Hello,
    Viticulture Essential Edition-Producer Card.
    If you draw the Producer card in the fall can you retrieve workers from summer actions and then use them again for summer actions? Or can the retrieved workers only be used for winter actions?
    Thank you, greg

      1. Wouldn’t that be kind of like travelling back in time? It’s fall now and you want to go back to summer…

  34. Hi, I have a questions about Bonus Action Tokens of automa. In rules I read: ” You may spend 1 of those tokens per turn when you place 1 of your workers on the board. Discard a Bonus Action Token and in addition to taking the action, also gain the bonus action of that action”. If I play on the base (original board), there is no any bonus on the left space so the bonus tokens are not used there? Or I couldn’t play with automa on base board?

      1. Thank you. And two more questions, please:
        1. If I have two type of space bonus on the action, can I choose which one to take?
        2. If automa hold one of space with bonus could I take this bonus (not in the middle action space) if I use my grande worker?

        1. 1. You can’t use the glass token to choose a bonus that you’ve already taken with the worker you just placed, but if there are more than two bonuses you didn’t take, then you get to choose (this can only happen with the grande worker on the Tuscany board).

          2. Yes, you can.

  35. Good Morning, Jamey!

    We continue to play Viticulture a couple times a week and are truly enjoying it!

    We had a question arise last night: if one has no cellars at all built, the Zymologost seems to us to imply that a wine cannot be made in one’e large cellar (only in one’s medium cellar) when this card is played. Is that right?

    Cheers, Howard

    1. Howard: I don’t have the Zymologist in front of me, but I think that visitor card lets you make a wine token even if you don’t have the corresponding cellar. If that’s correct, then the wine token could be placed anywhere on your vineyard mat based on the corresponding value, regardless of which cellars you’ve built.

  36. Can you please tell me, in Viticulture Essential Edition: 1) if I play a Blacksmith, but I only have 4 lira, can I buy a Windmill? (That is, do I have to have the 5 lira the Windmill costs before I can get the 2 lira discount the Blacksmith gives?); and 2) if I play a worker on the bonus-action-spot of “Build One Structure”, thereby earning 1 bonus lira, do I have to have 4 lira or 5 lira before I place that worker on that spot in order to buy a Windmill (because you must be able to fulfill the action before you’re allowed to place a worker on that action-spot, right)? … Thanks!

    1. Howard: I think someone else in your group asked the same question in a Facebook message. :) The answer is yes and yes. A global rule about bonuses is that you can gain them before or after the action (usually it’s before).

  37. I just bought the Essential Edition of Viticulture and have some questions that I could not find answers to in the rule book:
    1) Can I take my summer or winter actions in any order? E.g. I need 3 Lira to build a structure. Let’s say I have one worker on give a tour (2 Lira), one on the cart to gain 1 Lira, and one on build a structure. Can I take the money making actions before I build the structure?
    2) Can I place my grande worker on an action where I already have a regular worker? As an example, let’s say I want to earn 4 Lira, can I place a regular worker and then my grande worker BOTH on “Give a tour”?

    Thank You!

    1. Jacqueline: Thanks for your questions.

      1. I think there might be a different confusion here. On your turn, you place a worker on an action in the current season and immediately gaining the benefit. It sounds like you may be placing a bunch of workers and then gaining the benefits, which is not correct.

      2. Actions in Viticulture do not care at all about the player of each worker. This is not a limiting factor in the game.

  38. Hello Jamey!
    Today we have a confusion in Russian version of Viticulture.
    So for examle we are playing in a winter side, I have only 3 liras. I want to train new worker, so can I put my worker on a +1 circle and mean that +1 is discount? Or I mandatory should have 4 liras to train worker and 1lira is only bonus and not a discount?
    Thank you in advance.

  39. Hi Jamey, I’ve a question about blush wine. The only way to produce a blush wine is join a red grape with a white grape if the sum of both are more or igual the minimum value of blush wine? For example, white grape value 1 + red grape value 3 I can produce blush wine, but if I’ve white grape value 2 + red grape value 1 I can’t produce? I got the portuguese version and the translation isn’t clear about this.

    1. Elvys: Thanks for your question. You are correct that the minimum value for a blush wine is 4, so the sum of the red and the white grape must be at last 4. You must also have a medium cellar.

  40. Hi Jamey!
    I have a question about the Viticulture Tuscany Edition +1 on the trade one for one action. The rules say you can make an additional trade. Does this mean that I can trade 2 cards for $3 and then trade 1 point for another $3 OR does it mean I can trade 2 cards for an additional dollar equalling $4 dollars?

  41. Hi Jamey!
    Finally got Viticulture/Tuscany to the table Easy to see why IRS been so highly rated. An instant hit. Thanks for creating such great and enjoyable games.

    Quick question: On the wake up track, after the 7 spot goes first and no one chooses the 7 spot in a subsequent round, does the wake up track order stay the same? We house rules it to the person with the lowest wake up order placed first then proceeded clockwise.

    Also, I have the Rhine Valley and Moors visitors, can these all be added in together or should they be played in place of the originals?

    1. Thanks David! It sounds like you’re playing with Tuscany, so I’ll answer for that. When a player passes out of winter on the Tuscany board, they follow the steps noted on the board on the left side in order. One of those steps is to choose their wake-up order, and they can choose any available slot in the far left column (except the restrictions on the 1st and 7th slots). It’s a choice for every player, every year–it never remains the same by default.

      Moor Visitors cards can be shuffled into all the other visitor cards in the base game. Rhine Valley must only be played by itself–the backs of the cards are different (for that reason).

  42. Hi!

    I just wanted to double check, when your rooster is placed on victory point bonus wake up position, does this mean that you get a victory point every time you place a worker?

    Thank you! We love the game!

  43. HI!

    When your rooster is placed on the bonus that gives you a victory point, does this mean that you gain a victory point every time a worker is placed?


  44. Hi Jamie — just finished a first game — what a great game! Real quick, when you make wine, can you take a value 3 red grape token and a value 2 red grape token and (assuming you have the middle cellar completed), make a 4 or 5 wine token? Or, must they be exactly corresponding space if available (i.e. a 3 wine token and 2 wine token)? Could you devalue a grape token to a lesser wine token, i.e. take a 6 red grape token and make a 4 or 5 wine token? On a slightly different note, can you devalue a wine to make a blush wine token — take a 6 value red and 1 value white grape and make a 6 or 5 value blush? Thanks much. Peace. Andy

    1. Andrew: You actually can’t add together same-color grape tokens to make wine. However, if you were making blush wine of value 6 and there is already a token on the 6, you could devalue it to 5.

      1. Thanks much Jamie — we saw that in Tom Vassel’s video review so thought we missed something — roger on the blush wine question as well. Peace.

  45. Hi
    First of all, really good game.
    I wanted to be sure about the harvesting machine.
    When i build it may i immediately harvest all my fields ? (I mean without placing any other worker)
    Or do i have To place a worker on the harvesting action slot ?

    Thx from Reunion Island

          1. Wooo this card was already awesome to me but now it seems broken
            So no matter wich action spot i get on the harvesting action slot (regular or with +1 bonus or if every spot is taken with my grande worker) i may harvest every fields i have???

  46. Finally I have received my copy of both Viticulture and Tuscany, and I just want to play it more and more! :)

    I do have some rules I would like clarification of, though (I do admit that all of these questions Should be self-explained, but I just wanted to double-check):

    1. For the Surveyor, you gain 2 lira for “each empty field you own”. We assume that a field you have sold is no longer in your ownership, and thus does NOT count towards this total, correct?

    2. For Governor, each opponent chosen Has to give a yellow card if they have at least one, correct? There is no choice to keep it and let the player benefit of 1 victory point?

    3. According to the FAQ on BGG, temporary workers counts for Uncertified Teacher. So that means, if I play in a 2 player game, and my opponent has trained all of his/her workers, and then places his/her rooster on 7 to get the temporary worker, I will get 0 victory points now from the visitor card?

    1. Rickard: Thanks for your questions! My answers are below. I’d also recommend the Viticulture Facebook group for questions–you’ll probably get the fastest answers there. Make sure to quote the original card text, as we don’t have them memorized. :)

      1. That’s correct, if you’ve sold a field, you do not own it.

      2. That is also correct. It is not a choice.

      3. You’ll still get points. The intent of the card is that they have at least 6 workers, not exactly 6.

  47. 1. I’d go with “may”. We could argue that the cottage’s effect is like a bonus on an action space and that’s mandatory.

    2. The FAQ trumps the rulebook. I think that “past” should not be read as being past 3, but instead should be read as actually passing 3 i.e. moving from 3 to 4.

    3. I think that it takes 2 weeks from arrival of a game till it hits retailers.

    1. From Jamey in a thread on BGG about Viticulture EE:
      “it’ll be back in our warehouse in mid-August, and it takes a few weeks to get it to retailers.”
      I think that it’s about the same for us in Scandinavia.

  48. I have a question regarding drawing visitor cards. When fall arrives, each player must draw a visitor card, but if you have the Cottage, do you have to draw additional card or is this optional? The rule book says on page 12 for the cottage explanation that “they WILL draw a visitor card”, but later, on the very same page, it says “Any player with a cottage MAY draw a summer or winter visitor card”.

    I do realize this is a rare case, since it’s almost always benefitial to do so. But I imagine there could be cases where the deck runs out and the discard pile is so small that it would be better to not draw a card since the next player then would be forced to draw a “bad card” that you can determine from the previous discard pile.

    Also: Another contradiction in the rule book, but which I found clarification for, is on page 17 where it says “Wine tokens can only be aged past the value of 3 if the medium cellar has been built”. Technically, aging from 5 -> 6 is aging past the value of 3, but that is possible even without the medium cellar, according the the FAQ compilation, if you have created a wine with the Zymologist.

    Lastly: I want this game! After the new print run is in (soon, I hope), do you know if it will be available at retailers soon afterwards? I live in Sweden, and the game is out of stock everywhere!

  49. One question regarding motivator: if I use my grande worker as a regular worker to play a winter card, can I use the effect of the motivator to retrieve the grande worker I just played? Thank you very much for this awesome game.

    1. Jamey is at GenCon and I’m acting as his stand-in so I’ll take my best stab at this one :-)

      I can’t see anything in the rules that prevents this and for the Producer visitor card that also retrieves workers both the card and rulebook explicitly says that it retrieves _other_ workers while neither the card nor the rulebook says the same thing for the Motivator (which is covered in the rulebook).

      So, I’ll conclude that yes you can retrieve the grande in your scenario.

      I’m happy that you like the game :-)

  50. Hi Jamey,

    Are the bonuses for the wake-up chart received once per year when players select their time, or are the bonuses received at the start of each season in which players take actions (e.g., at the start of summer and winter in Viticulture EE)?

    Pretty basic question, but I did not find anything in the rules or FAQ that addressed it.

      1. Thanks. The Spring rules indicate that’s when the wake-up times are selected but don’t actually say when the bonuses are received. Not having played yet, I could have seen it going either way and don’t want to unbalance the game one way or the other.

  51. good day everybody! Is it possible to build the large cellar before the median cellar through some visitor’s letters? (for example the architect, uncertified architect or the stonemason)

    UNCERTIFIED ARCHITECT: lose 1 vp to build a 2 or 3 Lira structure OR lose 2 vp to build ANY structure.

    STONEMASON: Pay 8 Lira to build ANY 2 structures (ignore their regular cost)

    Thanks for your help! Love the game!

  52. Hi, I can’t find answer for this: in my first solo campaign scenario I drew 30:30 with Automa. Does it mean I won and can go to scenario 2 or I lose and have to play again first scenario?

  53. Hi Jamey

    I have the EE edition of the game and I just have a few questions regarding the rules.

    1. When harvesting from one single field, I have 2 red vines with values 1 and 3, do I place one token on value 4 red crush pad OR do I place 2 tokens one on 1 and one on 3 value crush pad?

    For completeness sake, could you also provide the answer if the vines were on separate fields but are harvested at the same time?

    2. We start the game by randomly choosing the first player. When the wake-up order is determined and one player actually picks row 7, this person will be the first player for the next year. What happens when in the subsequent year no one picks row 7…does the first player token gets rotated counter clockwise or a new randomisation takes place?

    3. The lira payment dial does not reset at the end of the year correct? And the limit is only 5 per year. That means at a certain point fulfilling wine orders will only be about gaining VPs correct?

    4. You can place your worker on the yoke (or any other structure on your board) in any season correct?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Bella,

      1. You’ll place one token of value 4 on the crush pad. If those vines were on separate fields and you harvested both, you could place one token of value 1 and one token of value 3. There’s a detailed example in the rulebook if you want a visual.

      2. This is a rule that only applies in Tuscany, in which there is no rotation of the grape token–you just always follow the current order on the track.

      3. Correct, it never resets, and you can’t have a residual of more than $5.

      4. That is correct.

      1. We had the same question for #2 above, but I’m still confused on the answer. Can you explain more thoroughly? When I play on the #7 wake up row, I am required to wake up first the next year, correct? But then when the wake up order is chosen for that next year, if no one plays on the #7, am I required to stay on the #1 wake up row every year until someone plays on the #7 row?

        Also, what does “current order” mean?

        1. On the Tuscany board, if you choose #7 this year, when you pass out of winter, you must choose #1. That’s the only way a player can occupy the #1 row.

          The current order on the track is the turn order–I’m #2, Sam is #4, you’re #6, etc.

          1. Ok. That makes sense. So now I’m in the #1 row and everyone else chooses their positions. If no one chooses the #7 row, how is next year’s wake up order determined?

  54. Dumd question: does the exporter card allow you to make up to 2 wines and fill 1 order? Or are those two separate possible actions?

        1. We all thought it was pick one of those three things but one player thought it was make two wine and fill an order or discard 1 grape to gain two VP

  55. The VOLUNTEER CREW card says “All players may plant 1 vine. Gain two lira for each opponent who does this.” Does this mean that we can plant a vine without expending a worker? I’m guessing that I have to spend a work, since a vine can’t plant itself. It looks like I’m answering my own question. The advantage of this card to second or subsequent players is that if they are beaten to the plant space they are granted this special dispensation allowing them to plant anyway, and they don’t have to use the GRANDE worker either.

    Am I right?

    Thanks for this great game!

    1. Yes, when you play visitor cards, you don’t use a worker to take the actions described on the card (the only worker you use is the one you placed on the “play a visitor card” action). That’s still the case for cards like the Volunteer Crew–that ability is for all players to use, and no one needs to place a worker to use it.

  56. Hi Jamey. We recently had a major argument in our group over the Grande Worker’s function and I can’t quite figure it out by reading the section in the rule book (essential edition). Can the Grande worker go into an occupied bonus slot and take the action with the bonus? Is it different if the non-bonus space is unoccupied as opposed to occupied? The wording of the rules confused me but the example seems to suggest that placing it on the art means you can only take the non-bonus action. Thank you.

    1. John: A grande worker can be placed on an action space (the dotted oval) just like a regular worker (adhering to the normal rules for a regular worker), and just like a regular worker, it would gain the bonus. If the action spaces are full, you can use the grande worker’s special ability by placing it on the art for the action. It doesn’t get any special bonus then, as it’s not on a bonus action space.

  57. Hi! This game is really great! Thanks for creating it. It is by far our favourite!!! Question: When playing a two player game, can I place use my grande worker on an action to repeat an action that I have already taken with one of my regular workers? Thanks!

  58. Apoligies if this has been discussed or if the rule book clarified this…I just havent found it. If I were to place a worker on the “fulfill wine order space” and take a purple card…what happens if I cannot fulfill the order of what that card provides on that turn? Do I keep the purple card in my hand until I can fulfill the order on another go (thus again having to go on that space again to play that card, or can i fullfill it when ever i have the right amount that it specifies) or do I dicard that purple card to the discard pile?

    This leads me onto the question as to what happens if I can keep the card when I dont fulfill that order, and end up with multiple wine order cards in hand, do I still take a new card when I place on that space, or do I have to fulfill the order of the other cards first/ or pick?

    Thanks in advance !!

    1. Jordan: When you place a worker on the “fulfill wine order space,” the action is not that you take a purple card. The action is that you discard a purple card from your hand, along with the wine tokens needed to fulfill it. This is described in detail on page 16 of the rules.

  59. Hi,
    I’ve looked for any rule that might clarify my question and can’t seem to find anything on this. So, when playing a visitor card that lets a player retrieve a worker that’s already been placed and the retrieved worker frees up the middle bonus space of an action, can that bonus be received again by placing a worker on the freed up middle space?

    Thanks for the great games,
    Creston Wilson

  60. When using the importer card, are ALL opponents required to participate in giving the card issuer the total of three visitor cards or could a single opponent give all three cards and fulfill the obligation?

  61. Hello Jamey,
    A player who owns the cottage draws two cards (of same or mixed type) in the fall. We played it such that the player reviewed BOTH cards and chose one to play as their fall action. Please confirm or clarify. Thanks!

    1. In the fall, you only draw visitor cards–it is not a time to play visitor cards (the ONLY way you play visitor cards is on the “play a visitor” actions in the summer and winter). If you have the cottage, instead of drawing 1 visitor card, you draw 2.

      1. Thank you for your answer.
        I now have a 2nd question. When using the importer card, are ALL opponents required to participate in giving the card issuer the total of three visitor cards or could a single opponent give all three cards and fulfill the obligation?

  62. Hi Jamey, I thought it best to post this here rather than on the main Viticulture page.

    Last month I signed up to become an ambassador. Is the following too much information or is this level of detail what you want in rule-book readers and play-test feedback?

    On the first page of the Automa instructions it mentions placing the VP marker of the Automa at the end on the track. When the track positions are mentioned on the next page it uses the blue and white icon. IMO for consistence the END icon (or 20 icon) should be used on the previous page instead of the words “the end space”. Just for consistency as The START icon is used on the board game setup. And the END icon should also be used at “END GAME GOAL AND TIEBREAKERS” section.

    1. Anthony: It sounds like you’d like to share your proofreading skills with Stonemaier Games, and I appreciate that. I can explain the best way to do this if you just contact me directly (as much as I like public comments and questions, it makes this a little more complicated than necessary to have a bunch of different observations and revisions spread out over different comments–we use a much more streamlined method). My email is contact@stonemaiergames.com. Thanks!

  63. One more question regarding solo play: after choosing 7th row at wake-up chart do I have to choose 1st row in the next year ?

  64. Hello Jamey, thanks for a great game :)

    Anyway please help me with some doubts:

    1) bonus action tokens in solo play – examples:
    a) I put worker on most left action space at “harvest one field” – I take regular bonus as harvesting one more field. So can I spend my bonus action token to take a second bonus (from middle action space) which is 1 lira ?

    b) most left action space at “Harvest one field” is occupied by Automa. I put my grand worker near Automa’s one. I don’t receive a regular bonus as the most left action space is already occupied. But if I spend bonus action token may I receive it ? Or may I receive the second bonus from a middle action space like 1 lira ?

    c) confirm please: I can’t take the same bonus twice – both regular bonus plus bonus thanks to bonus action token – correct ?

    What about Mama&Papa cards – may I first look at cards I receive from Mama and then make a choice from Papa’s card or should I take everything at once ?

    And last question is regarding orange cards. There is written in the rules that You must pay cost to activate the private action space on an orange card. But if I have a star as a bonus on private action space and below is commend “Fill 1” – do I have to fill vine order to receive this star bonus ?

    Thanks for Your help.

    1. Thanks Oliver! I’m hesitant to ever call a game “complete,” as there’s always the possibility that someone will think of a really cool idea or enough people will request something special. We are planning a small expansion in the vein of Moor Visitors for 2018, but that’s the only thing in the works.

  65. Hi Jamey, I have a question about the Grande worker.

    From the rules: “Multiple players may place their grande workers in this way”….in the same location?

    ¿Does this means that, let say in a 6 player game, a location may end with 6 workers (3 standard and 3 Grande ones)?


  66. Hi Jamey,
    compliments for the boardgame.
    I have a question: can grapes be devalued to make blush or sparkling wine of a specific value the player wishes? For example, a player has a 3 value red grape, a 4 value red grape, and a 3 value white grape. Can these grapes be devalued to make a 9 value sparkling wine?
    Thanks for your time and for answering

  67. Hey Jamey,

    Could you help me with understanding this:

    Planner in Viticulture: ”In base Viticulture this card refers only to the summer season”.

    Does mean that “a future season” here is summer (so that visitor card is to be played in winter only) or quite the opposite (and the card is played in summer only, while the future season should be winter)?


    1. Tatiana: I think that’s a typo, and I’m sorry for the confusion. It should say that the only future season the Planner refers to in regular Viticulture is winter (which on Tuscany’s extended board, there are 4 full seasons, so a “future” season could be fall or winter when you play the Planner in the summer).

  68. Hi James,

    What happens if you harvest a field with 1 white and 1 red grapes but you already have the tokens on your rushing pad? I am assuming you cannot simply take the action. Or can you still take the action but need to discard the tokens?

  69. What a short transatlantic answer !
    Thanks a lot. May I abuse a while?
    Two short questions :
    1- on a solo game, when I start the game at spring choosing a glass token according to solo preparation of the setup, do I gain the bonus linked to it ? E.g. If I choose the 7th raw do I gain an extra worker + the glass bonus token ( to use later) ?
    2-if I play a card wich allow others players to retrieve one or more workers already played on previous turns or seasons, could those players play an another turn with this “neo-new” worker even il they had passed. In case of not, what is the main goal or the card ? Free slots for the current player?
    Merci pour le jeu et l’ambiance…no need to translate…

  70. Hello Jamey
    Sorry for my broken english…
    Just one question : suppose we are on a 2 players game.
    I place a worker on a summer or winter possible action ( with Only a single slot available). May I use my grande worker to make this same action on the subsequent turn because it is written a grande worker can do the same action even if the slot is occupied?
    I think I can’t…Am I right?

    1. Saintjust: You may do that. Actions in Viticulture don’t care about how many times a player uses them. Like, in a 6-player game, if no one else takes the action spaces, you could even use 4 turns to place workers on each of the action spaces of any action and then place your grande on the art near the action.

  71. If you harvest two different fields, during winter, with a one value white vine on each field, will you then only get one white grape token, with the value of one?

  72. Mr S, thanks you for your patience. I wasn’t sure about that rule and now i can play the game correctly. Cheers

  73. Thanks. I missed that I will collect the residual every year. So when I sell a wine (purple cards) for 1 lira, every year from now I will collect 1 lira, and so on if I complete other orders (maximum 5)./ Another question. I play as first player my first turn in summer. I want to place one worker on “draw vine card”, with the thought that if I am lucky enough to draw “Malvasia”, I will put my second worker on “plant”. Is that right? Or I am obliged to put my workers to tasks, before I draw the vine card?

    1. Yes, that’s correct about residuals.

      On your turn, you place a worker and take that action OR you pass to the next season (and wait for all other players to pass). Then the next player takes a turn. And so on. So yes, you could place a worker on the “draw 1 vine card action” and immediately draw 1 or 2 cards (if you placed on the bonus space). Then on your next turn you could place a worker on the “plant 1 vine” action.

      These are some core concepts of Viticulture. I would highly recommend watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5fcDctkFFE

      1. Thanks. To be honest I got confused with “On your turn, you place a worker”. I have seen the video 2 times already and this is how I bought the game. So in my turn in summer, let’s say i am the first player: If i want to place 2 workers, I will place them (all) before the second player, and in my example I will draw a vine card (malvasia) and immediately plant it. Ok?

        1. sav: My previous comment explains that you definitely cannot place all of your workers before the next player takes a turn. Can you please reread it carefully?

          Here’s what a normal summer season looks like:

          You take a turn (place a worker).
          Player B takes a turn (place a worker).
          Player C takes a turn (place a worker).
          You take a turn (place a worker).
          Player B takes a turn (place a worker).
          Player C takes a turn (passes).
          You take a turn (place a worker).
          Player B takes a turn (passes).
          You take a turn (passes.

    1. A residual is when you receive lira at the end of every year. So the Noble is saying you can pay a coin now to receive a lira at the end of every year from now on. The residual track is the dial at the bottom right of the game board.

  74. I think I read this somewhere, but please can you advise. Is 1 lire the absolute minimum for building a structure, despite visitor cards such as Draughsman or Homesteady that may offer a discount greater than the original cost of the structure?

    Btw, a phenomenal game. Such a polished design and an absolute joy to play.

  75. Hello! I’ve been playing Viticulture EE with my friends both with the physical copy and the virtual copy on Tabletopia. A question was raised after a play on Tabletopia where each player only has nine grape/wine tokens in their respective color. Is there a limit of how many tokens a player can use to harvest grapes or make wine?

    I checked through the BGG forums and couldn’t seem to find an answer. Perhaps I overlooked this in the rulebook, but since the glass tokens in the physical copy are color neutral, my group has always just assumed there was no limit to how many grapes you can have in your crush pad or wines you can have in your supply, assuming you have the space.

    1. Ben: Thanks for your question! There’s no limit to the grape/wine tokens. In the real game, they’re clear glass tokens–I’m guessing Tabletopia made it that way for digital use (visibility and setup).

      1. Thanks for the clarification, Jamey; that’s what we thought. We appreciate the Tabletopia versions of your games. Gives us more opportunities to play with friends that otherwise couldn’t make it to our physical gatherings due to proximity limitations or general adulting. Keep up the great work!

  76. When playing tuscany with special workers, and a summmer card says retrieve 2 workers from previous actions, can you take back the special workers or the grande worker back, or do you have to take back regular workers ? The card shows the symbol of the regular worker.

  77. OK. Definitely one of our faves. Was teaching Tuscany EE to some experience Viti players last night and we hit a VIti rule hitch. I am not sure where or why we were under the impression that exact grape types cant be duplicated in same field. When questioned we could not find it in rule book. Not sure where we got this idea from but we had all though tit was that way.

  78. Hi Jamey

    when will the reprint be in stores in Europe ? Preffered Belgium. It’s been sold out for a while now and the retailers can’t answer this question.

    thx in advance for you reply !

  79. Hi Hi! I have a huge collection of board games and Viticulture Essentials is our number one most played and enjoyed game. My girlfriend and I are slowly going through the Solo Automa Campaign each (we have a score board on our mirror).

    I came to the end of a game where I could only win if I did two fill actions (one normal meeple, and a grande) and on each I used a bonus token to get the bonus victory points (2 actions, 2 bonus tokens, 2 victory points). This placed me at a total 21 victory points, but am I allowed to use two bonus tokens on the same action (in this case “fill”, considering the bonus position was theoretically taken by one of my meeples)? And in that case are you allow to take a bonus token action if the Automa has taken the spot and you place a Grande down? Or are bonus tokens a completely different commodity?

    Looking over the rules it says “You may spend 1 of those tokens per turn when you place 1 of your workers on the board”. Does turn mean year, season, or action (worker placement)?

    Your clarification would help heaps! Cheers. (and great game btw)

      1. Wow thanks for replying so quickly. What I was trying to say was that in that case, I took two turns during that last season on the same position, one turn placing my normal Meeple on the fill position (using one Bonus Action Token, and claiming the bonus victory point), and the second turn placing my Grande worker on the same fill position (using a second saved Bonus Action Token, and claiming a second bonus victory point).

        Given that placing 1 worker is considered a “turn” would that mean it was valid of me to claim a Bonus Action Token on each turn?

  80. We played the Essential Edition for the first time last night and really enjoyed it, but we had a minor dispute about the wording of the Counterfeiter winter visitor card.

    The card says: “Gain $3 OR fulfil 1 wine order even if the type of wine doesn’t match the order (values matter)”. It comes down to how you interpret the “values matter” part. If you have an order for 3 red and 2 white, can you fill it with a single 5 red, or do you need to fill it with exactly 2 wine tokens?

  81. If a player removes all of the workers from the board, and a grande worker was used by another player to repeat the action, is the initial action available for use again? Or must a grande worker be used?

    1. MB: If an action space is open, anyone can use it with any type of worker (presumably you’re talking about playing with the extended board, which has each player retrieving all workers at the moment they pass out of winter).

  82. Complicate one here!
    We are in Winter, I play my last worker (the grande) on Play Visitor card.
    My action was the Manager, that allow me to execute a Summer’s action.
    I execute the Producer, that allow me to pay 2 and retrieve 2 workers from other actions.
    Other players argue with me that I can’t remove my Grande because it was the action I play so I can’t remove it, because the card say “retrieve 2 workers from OTHER actions”

    What do you think?…

    1. Martin: When you play the Producer, the action you look at (to determine what an “other” action is) is the “play one summer visitor” action. So as long as your grande is on another action, you can retrieve it using the Producer.

  83. Hi – advanced professor text indicates vp if “have” 6 workers. If I am training my last worker, do I “have” six?

      1. Thanks for this swift clarification – here’s how close our game was last night with first three Tuscany expansions: 20 / 20(now 22 w points related to this card) / 22 / 23 w 8 lira and no wine in cellar & 23 w 8 lira and a 5pt wine in the cellar! :-)

  84. Minor FAQ correction: Viticulture EE actually has 154 mini euro cards (42 vines + 36 orders + 38 summer visitors + 38 winter visitors). So, you’ll need 4 packs of 50 euro mini card sleeves.

      1. Oops! I saw Viticulture Essential Edition at the top of the page, and didn’t notice that it was just a link. Thanks for updating anyway! Also, I noticed on the EE FAQ, you wrote there were 164 mini cards. I just recounted from my box, and it’s definitely 154. Might as well fix that before it stresses out some fans!

  85. The instructions for the Yoke are very confusing and spread throughout the manual. Is this a correct summarization of the rules?

    1) Only one worker may be placed at the Yoke per year, either regular or grande.
    2) The Uproot action may be taken in either summer or winter.
    3) The Harvest action may ONLY be taken in winter, respecting 1 harvest per field per year.

    1. Jay: Here are the correct rules for the Yoke. They’re all dependent on you haven’t built the Yoke.

      1) The Yoke provides a private action space only you may use.
      2) Only one worker may be placed at the Yoke per year, either regular or grande.
      3) The Yoke may be used to Uproot or Harvest in either summer or winter (or any season when using the Tuscany extended board).

      1. Thank you! Using the Harvest action in summer is definitely not described well in the instructions (2nd edition). That is how we played it based on what is printed on the vineyard mats but after the game we reviewed the rules and thought we had made a mistake. Very fun game (but I may be biased because I won).

        1. It’s described best on the quick-reference guide (which is consistent with the rules, but better worded for specificity): “Take either action (Uproot or Harvest) by placing a worker on the yoke. This may be performed in either summer or winter but only once per year.”

  86. David: Yes, that’s correct. If you’re not playing with Mamas and Papas, you start with $3, 2 regular workers, 1 grande worker, 1 random summer visitor card, and 1 pinot vine card (the cards are in your hand).

  87. Can I just clarify to be absolutely sure, sorry if already answered I have looked hard for answer: the two page Rule Summary and Reference in the Second Edition (and also found in the Tuscany box) does not mention the 3 lira starting resource in the Setup section, but that is correct yes, assuming not playing with Ms&Ps?

  88. Hi, Jamey.

    I had a question about the one-player, Campaign variant. For the 1st challenge, it reads that you begin the game without a Mama card. Does that mean I begin the game without the two regular workers, and with only the grande worker that my Papa card gave me?

    ~ Isaiah

  89. Isaiah: That’s correct, there is nothing the prevents you from aging grapes all the way up to 9 value. Unlike the cellars (of which there are three different cellars), there’s just one cohesive crush pad.

  90. Thank you for the reply.

    I suspected as much, but wanted to check anyway. I must’ve totally missed the rule on page 7. Haha, thanks.

    I have one more question. Even though you cannot age your wine past the limit your cellar allows (e.g., a medium cellar cannot age wine past 6), do your grapes continue to age up to 9 with no limit (e.g., can I age my grapes past 6 even if I do not possess a large cellar)?

    ~ Isaiah

  91. Isaiah: Thanks for your question. Indeed, there is no restriction as to how many of your workers can go on an action (other than the limited number of action spaces). See “Worker Placement” section (page 7 of the Essential rulebook). Same goes for the grande worker, whether or not you use his special ability.

    So, for example, in a 3-player game, you could place a worker on a “give tour” action space, then on a future turn put another worker on another action space, then on another future turn put your grande on the art near that action.

  92. Hello, Jamey.

    With many other commenters, I too enjoy this game very much!

    I have a question about worker placement that I did not see asked by any other commenter. Are you allowed to place one of your workers on a space that is already occupied by a worker you placed earlier? For example, if I placed a worker on the bonus space of the “Build Structure” action in a 3-player game, can I then place another one of my workers on the one remaining non-bonus space of that same action, such that I can build twice in the summer of a single year? I don’t see why not, but I want to make sure I’m playing the game correctly.

    Somewhat redundant with the first question, can I place one of my grande workers on an action space that is already occupied by one (or more) of my regular workers? For example, if the “Build Structure” space is occupied by one of my regular workers and by another player’s worker in a 3-player game (such that no more regular workers can be placed there), can I then place my grande worker on that action space to build twice?

    I appreciate any help you can give!

    ~ Isaiah

  93. Firstly, Thank you for all the work you (Jamey Stegmaier) and your teams has put into Viticulture! The game has been an amazing discovery into the mechanics and social interaction with my gaming group. Tons of fun. I only have one little peeve and that is the player boards where slightly warped and this makes the glass droplets fidgety, slightest tiny bump moves them all… (Curious if there is a solution to this without damaging the boards?)

    In terms of the game play and mechanics, the money in the game becomes kinda obsolete late game… More it seemed so to my game group. (only 3 play-throughs so far) Is the money buildup late game intended to purely be used as a tie breaker? I can imagine when the group becomes pro at the game that almost everyone could reach 25 VP… I get asked every time what the point of the money is late game and if they have all their workers….

    Again, Thanks for the game! I will be getting Tuscany soon.

    1. Stef: Thanks for your question. Sure, the vineyard mats are easy to flatten if you just bend them the other way a little bit. They’re sturdy–you won’t damage them! :)

      Right, the goal of the game isn’t to have the most money, so it’s only a tiebreaker. We did add some things in Tuscany to give players a few ways to convert money into victory points throughout the game.

  94. We just played the game for the first time and loved it. It played well and everyone picked it up very quickly. Thanks.
    One query that came up was concerning the bonus for Harvest field. Is this 2 separate harvests or 2 fields at once? So if one field contains 4 white and 2 red and a second contains 3 white and 3 red does this give you 3 & 4 white and 2 & 3 red or a 7 white and 5 red?

    1. Thanks for your question, Paul, and I’m glad you enjoy the game. If you take the Harvest bonus action, you get to harvest 2 different fields instead of 1 field. You take grapes off each field separately (they’re separate actions, one after the other), so you would end up with 4 grape tokens from the harvest you described.

      1. Hi Jamey, Thanks for the clarification. Nice to hear we were doing it correctly.
        PS. I also bought the metal coins and they were a huge hit. A few more games and we’ll dive into the Tuscany expansions.

  95. This may seem like an awfully stupid question, but if I use a worker to play a visitor card that says I need to fill an order in order for xyz reward, do I have to also play a worker on the fill an order space or is the card used in lieu of that? Other than that – this is quickly rising to become one of my favorite games!

    1. Pete: It’s not a stupid question at all! :) Thanks for asking. The visitor serves as the worker–you only need to place one worker on the “play a visitor” action (no additional workers need to be played).

  96. You can’t harvest a field more than once a year? So if I place a worker on the harvest action and harvest field #1. And then place the Grande Worker there, I can’t harvest field #1 again? Or if I use the Yoke. It has to be a different field?

  97. So if you are unable to do the action, eg. Fill a purple card, does that mean that you can’t get the bonus? ie Morale point

  98. Must you fulfill the action to get the bonus? Eg. You get 1 morale for filling a purple card. But if you are not able to fill a purple card, do you still gain the morale?

  99. When 3 or more person game is played, can the first person to use the action place the normal worker on any of the available spaces so that the first person there can take the bonus space, or does the first person to use the action have to take the first space available (usually the space that does not have eh bonus space)?

    1. Lawrence: Players can place workers on the action spaces in any order (there is no left-to-right order or a set order). Thus the first player will, in almost every circumstance (especially since we’ve removed the “friendly rule”), take the bonus action space.

  100. This last weedend I introduced Viticulture to our local gaming group (made up of hard core gamers) and taught the rules (playing with 2nd edition rules). Although I messed up a couple of rules in the beginning, the game played out well and the group had some constructive feedback of the strengths and weaknesses.

    I have a question about the winter visitor card “Master Vinter”, “Increase the value of a wine token by +2 and fill 1 wine order”. The situation was a person had 6 value wine token in a medium cellar, but had not build a large cellar yet. She played the card and said the wine did not need to be “aged” to the large cellar but just increased the value by 2 (which made the wine a virtual 8 value) and was able to fill the order that required a 8 value wine from her medium cellar.

    Was this the way to resolve this winter visitor card or was she suppose to have a large cellar built to be able to increase the value of the wine token to 8?

    1. Bogusgig: Thanks for teaching Viticulture to your local gaming group. The wine cellars represent the value of the wine, so if you don’t have the large cellar, your wine tokens can’t have values of 7, 8, or 9. Thus the player could not have used the master vintner in that way.

  101. When playing a 3 player game here, is it *necessary* to use the first and middle action spaces if they are available? That is, if a space is open, could a person use the grande worker on the art as a choice and leave the first space open? That would benefit a player that does not have an available grande worker–see what I mean? We are thinking that you must fill up normal action spaces first.

  102. I came across a group at a convention this weekend just getting started learning how to play Viticulture. When I told them how great it was, they asked for my help getting it rolling. I was happy to walk them through the rules, but we came across one issue that I had never encountered before. The player had two fields each with a 1 value for white grapes and placed their worker on the 2x space for harvesting. So, after one 1 grape goes onto the white crush pad, what happens to the next one? I’m assuming you just lose it, because there’s nothing below 1 to downgrade it to. Does that seem right?

    1. Good question (and thank you for teaching the game!) Indeed, because the grape goes to the next lowest value if it’s blocked, and if there is no next lowest value, no grape token is placed. This is an element of strategy that new players will have to learn–you don’t want fields that produce the exact same grape values.

  103. Yeah, getting 3 points a year from moral only, plus possibly a few other points here and there (spring bonus, selling grapes, visitor cards)…
    you could possibly reach 20 pts in 5 turns…not producing a single bottle of wine…

    So its a good thing the rules prevent this :)

  104. I’ll definitely be experimenting with the 2 and 6 player games when this gets to the table. Saw a few variants on BGG that included things like steve mentioned.

  105. We got this as part of the Euphoria kickstarter, and my wife and I have played the heck out of it since getting it (we’re well into double digits playing just two player, plus we’ve done a number of games with 3+). Some comments:

    3 player is by far the most exciting game. (5 player is a close second). Getting the extra worker space keeps you from feeling like you can’t accomplish anything this year! 4 and 6 player games are pretty fun too, but not as fast as a 3 player game.

    However, the 2 player game can feel frustrating when both of you are trying to accomplish the same things . We stole an idea from your grande worker, and implemented a house rule for 2 player. That house rule is: One (and only one) time a year you can place a second worker where one has already been placed (either one of your earlier workers or your opponent’s). That way if you want to build and they’ve already built, you can too – but if they beat you to crushing, well there’s always next year! We found that it didn’t make the game ‘too easy’ but kept you from getting mad at your partner. :)

    We’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth out of the game – and it’s clearly a labor of love that shows in the quality of the board, components, the way the trays take sleeved cards and everything fits in the box without squishing it! Great game!!!

    1. That’s a clever innovation, Steve! It’s very similar to the new grande worker ability–your example makes me think that change will work. Thanks for sharing!

  106. the 2, 4, and 6 player games seem to be a bit problematic, the grande’ worker seems to help the 2 player game to some degree, and i’ve read about a variant that would say the grande meeple could be placed in an area that is already used up, but i’m curious where we can track discussion on ‘official variants that are being considered.

    1. Hobbes–I’m actually posting a Kickstarter update for Viticulture tonight. Any official rules changes will be noted on the Rules page on this website.

      1. Jamey, awesome. That’s great to know.I think it’d be wise that what ever changes you make, could possibly be ‘bought’ or used as an add-on/upgrade pack when you do the next viticulture expansion. Which would include the new rulebook and grande worker. You’ll have around 1500 or so copies without the grande worker, or new rules. I do understand a certain number of those already had the full KS version, but they’ll also be complicated by the fact that the expansion will already include an expansion they already have. Just trying to offer suggestions as to how your next KS might move forward for this. Maybe a expansion that doesn’t include Arboriculture, then have a more expensive full expansion that includes Arboriculture, along with the grande worker. Then have an add-on for the printed rulebook for 1st edition users.

        1. Yep, that’s exactly what I’ll do. I don’t want anyone to have to buy anything twice, so there will be various versions of the game so people only get what they want/need.

  107. Hey Jamey. I started looking at the Arboriculture Expansion and I was wondering about the Morale Track. Do we get/lose a VP every time we hit the +1/-1 spot on the Morale Track? Thus, for example, I could have the morale at the top just before end of the year, have it decrease due to end year, then increase by one by gifting/discarding an apple and gain a VP? Due to this mechanism, I could conceivably gain 1 VP every year from this alone (plant an apple tree, build a yoke, get the morale up to the top using Summer/Winter Visitor bonus morale functionality, then always use a worker on the yoke to harvest the apple and gift the apple at end of the year). Do I understand that correctly?

    As a side note, I’m starting to think that the Play 2 Visitor card spots is really powerful and makes the cards a bit more overpowered, so replacing with the heart at least slows it down a bit. Why? Because of this most insane combo: Going first. Wedding Planner (5 VP in a 5 player game, although there are several cards that can get you 3 VP) + Entertainer (4 VP) for summer action. Merchant + Marketer (Potentially 2 VP + 2 Wine Orders) for winter action. That’s potentially game over right there (You could get up to 23 VP right there). I wasn’t THAT lucky and only managed 14 VP, but… yeah…

    1. Vinson–It is a really powerful spot. I think it’s fun to play combos, but it might be too powerful.

      As for your first point, yes, if you actively work on your morale and get it up to the top and ensure that you have the tokens to donate to it, you can get 1 VP a year from the morale track.

      1. Jamey,

        Yeah, combos are fun, but it does allow a person to jump way ahead a bit too easily. I’m going to see if I can try the Arboriculture Expansion this weekend to see how it plays out while introducing the game to new people~

      2. About the Moral Track, are you allowed to use the Leisure, or the Moral Boost (Visitor Card Action Bonus) even if you are already at the top of the track to get a point ? If so, you could possibly gain 4 points a year from moral, 2 with both visitor action bonus, 1 with the Leisure, and another when giving an item (wine, apple, tomato sauce or Olive Oil). Thanks !

        1. Jean-Philippe: Feasibly, yes. It would take a token, two workers, and a grande worker to pull that off.

          1. I re-read the rules and they clearly state that the Leisure can’t be used if already at the top of the Moral track…
            same for the Visitor Card Action Bonus, you can’t use the middle space if you are at the top of the track…
            and I guess you don’t benefit from the bonus if you its the last space available…

            So, you could get 1 point from moral the first time you hit the top of the track, and 1 point at the end of every year if you manage to give a token to your workers…

          2. Good catch, Jean-Phillipe! I’m glad we included that in the rulebook. The other way didn’t seem right.

  108. In answer to a question above, you say: “When you crush grapes, you place wine tokens on your cellar and then add +1 from the middle action space bonus.”

    Does this mean that if you are making red wine with the +1 bonus, and the 4 red wine space is occupied, a value 4 red grape turns into a value 3 wine, not a value 5 wine?

    1. Klaus–Well, it depends on the value of the grape token. If it’s a 4-value grape token, it would become a 5-value wine token before it reaches the cellar, so you’d end up with a 5-value red wine token. If it’s a 3-value grape token, you can’t even choose the +1 space because you’re not gaining any benefit from it.

      1. Hi Jamey, this sounds a bit repetitive, but I love the game. However, your answer to this question seems a little inconsistent, or else I am just missing something. With respect to crushing wine using the +1 bonus… I’m sure you’re tired of addressing these questions by now… but..

        In the FAQ you state that you place a new wine token in the cellar first, and then add +1 to it (in response to the question about creating a 4 blush from a 1 white, 2 red and +1 bonus; However, in your response below you state that the wine gains the +1 bonus before reaching the cellar… (a 4-grape into a 5 wine, even if there is already a 4 wine in the cellar). I’ve generally been playing using the latter ruling, but are the two statements inconsistent, or is there a differentiator that I’m missing?


        I pasted the original question and your response below…

        [In answer to a question above, you say: “When you crush grapes, you place wine tokens on your cellar and then add +1 from the middle action space bonus.”

        Does this mean that if you are making red wine with the +1 bonus, and the 4 red wine space is occupied, a value 4 red grape turns into a value 3 wine, not a value 5 wine?

        Jamey Stegmaier
        Jul 7, 2013 at 4:27 pm Reply

        Klaus–Well, it depends on the value of the grape token. If it’s a 4-value grape token, it would become a 5-value wine token before it reaches the cellar, so you’d end up with a 5-value red wine token. If it’s a 3-value grape token, you can’t even choose the +1 space because you’re not gaining any benefit from it.]

        1. Gordon–That’s a great question, and you’re correct that it’s inconsistent. The reason for that inconsistency is the new first edition rules errata. The rules for crushing have actually changed, rendering my previous answer null and void. Fortunately the new rules leave less room for confusion when it comes to making wine. You can see the errata here: https://stonemaiergames.com/second-edition-viticulture/

  109. When playing 2 visitor cards due to a bonus space or grande worker:
    option 1) do you play and resolve one visitor card first, drawing new cards or visitor cards from its effects if any, and then choose and play another visitor card from your hand which could be a newly drawn visitor card?
    option 2) or do you play out 2 visitor cards first, then resolve them one by one?

    1. H4–Thanks for your question. You select and play them one at a time, resolving the effects of the first before selecting and playing the second.

  110. Tomy–Can you please send me your mailing address at stonemaiergames@gmail.com with your request for a replacement part? I’m happy to take care of that.

    As for the oenologist, “upgrading your cellar” means building the next level of cellar. You start the game with a small cellar, and you can then build a medium cellar for 4 lira and then a large cellar for 6 lira. The oenologist cards let you build the cellar using that card for a discount in the winter (normally you can only build things in the summer).

  111. Jamey,
    Two items we encountered on our first play:

    1. I did not receive a white rooster (I got a second large cellar instead).

    2. On the oenologist cards, what does it mean to “upgrade your cellar”?

  112. Never mind I think I just answered my own question. Can’t have white and red grapes in a field if you don’t plant different vines. Might be an interesting variant though if you could only have one type of vine in a field

      1. Since its your starting grape plant it and use it til it lost its necessity or treat it as wild and combinable with any vine set in a field

        1. Just to clear up a few things here, you can plant any type of vine card on a field (by itself or on top of other vine cards of the same or different types). There are no grapes until you harvest, at which point you follow the rules for harvesting as listed in the rules and near the top of the FAQ.

          1. Yeah looked closer and even though wasn’t explicitly stated in the rules I was like oh wait this would be quite difficult otherwise so you must be able to.

  113. When planting vine cards does each field have to be composed of only similar vines or can you plant different vine types as long as the grape value does not exceed 6?

  114. Hello (last entry … for now)

    Question #8

    I received my Viticulture game the days before Fathers Days (in Canada). It was a very nice present to receive as a gift on Saturday but my wife force me to wait on Sunday to open my new gift!!!

    Unfortunatly for me, i was unable to reach my Email for more then a month beauce of presonnel reasons. So I miss by one day the opportunitly to enter your latest KickStarters entry for your next game Euphoria.

    Is it possible to subscrip for this game or my cat is dead (expression in french meening that it’s over and i am doom) ?

    Francois B

  115. Hello again (author point of view)

    Question #7

    The ARBORICULTURE expansion : the bonus for the “Play Summer/Winter Visitor” Action

    The GAME RULES says –» those tokens (heart) replace the normal bonus.

    Option #1 (from the author …) –» We play the normal game bonus (plays 2 summers / Winter visitors card) and forget the heart bonus

    Option #2 –» Players have the option to choose between the 2 possibilites (Play 2 visitors card or play the heart option)

    Option #3 –» In a 5 to 6 players game, the first player you play this action (Play Summer/Winter Visitors) can choose one of the 2 possibilites. The second players you play this action can choose the bonus not taken by the first player.

    Option #4 –» In a 3 to 4 players game, the first player you play this action (Play Summer/Winter Visitors) can choose one of the 2 possibilites. The second player is left with the normal play (no bonus)

    Am I correct for option #1 ?

    Is option #2 is in the spirit of the game in the author view ?

    Is option #3 is in the spirit of the game in the author view ?

    Is option #4 is in the spirit of the game in the author view ?

    Thanks for the time you take to respond to my multiple questions.


    1. That’s a good question about the Arboriculture expansion. I think all of those fit into the spirit of the game.

      As for your last question about Euphoria, I’m sorry you weren’t able to access the campaign. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter version is only available through me during the campaign. However, Miniature Market purchased a number of games through the campaign, which you can now order through Miniature Market. Other backers will be sure to sell their extra copies in December too if you’d like to wait until then.

  116. Hello again

    Question #5


    5.1) We are in a 5 players games. I am Player A. I have 9 liras. I want to play the WEDDING PARTY Card. So I give 2 liras to players B,C,D &E (the total cost is 8 liras) and I get 4 VP.

    Am I correct in playing the card that way?

    5.2) We are in a 5 players games. I am Player A. I have 9 liras. I want to play the WEDDING PARTY Card. My gold is to get 2 VP by giving 2 liras to players B & C. It’s not in my intention to give something to player D or E, because they are leading the game.

    Am I correct in playing the card that way?

    5.3) We are in a 5 players games. I am Player A. I have only 5 liras. I want to play the WEDDING PARTY Card. My gold is to get 2 VP by giving 2 liras to players B & C. I cannot afford to pay more ?

    Am I correct in playing the card that way?

    Question #6

    The QUEEN Card

    6.1) We are in a 5 players games. I am Player A. I have 7 cards in my hand. I want to play the QUEEN Card. So I give 1 card to players B,C,D &E and I get 8 liras.

    Am I correct in playing the card that way?

    6.1) We are in a 5 players games. I am Player A. I have 7 cards in my hand. I want to play the QUEEN Card. My gold is to give 1 card to players B & C (my cost is 2 cards). It’s not in my intention to give something to player D or E, because they are leading the game.

    Am I correct in playing the card that way?

    6.1) We are in a 5 players games. I am Player A. I have 3 cards in my hand. I want to play the QUEEN Card. My gold is to give 1 card to players B & C (my cost is 2 cards) and keep the other card to use later.

    Am I correct in playing the card that way?

  117. Hello again

    Question #2

    The CRUSH EXPERT Card or the CRUSHER Card

    If I play one of these 2 cards –» It is like doing a normal CRUSH Action

    Am I correct ?

    Question #3

    The MENTOR Card

    We are in a 5 players games. I play the MENTOR Card.

    I am Player A. Player B, C and E crush some grapes. I can now draw 3 cards from the deck of cards (Green / Yellow / Blue and/or Pink) of the board. Can I choose two (2) cards from the same deck?

    Am I correct ?

    Question #4


    If I play this card, I can build the YOKE (2 coins) and the IRRIGATION (3 coins) for 2 VP

    Am I correct ?

    1. The crusher and crush expert card let you make multiple types of wine, which is different than the normal crush action, which only lets you make one type of wine.

      With the mentor you can choose any type of card to draw.

      Yes, the uncertified architect applies to the Yoke, Trellis, and Irrigation.

      For the Wedding Party card (and any other visitor), you must fulfill all requirements on the card to play it. So if you do not want to or cannot give lira to all other players, you can’t play the Wedding Party. Same with the Queen.

  118. Hello Mr. STEGMAIER

    Question #1

    The CRUSH Action

    Let’s say that in my Crush Pad I have :
    – 3 Red (5,4,2)
    – 4 White (4,3,2,1)

    If I choose the CRUSH Action, I can do one of the following :
    – 3 Red Wine (5,4,2) or
    – 2 White (4,3) or
    – 2 Blush wine (2+3 = 5 & 5+2 = 7) or
    – 1 Sparkling wine (4+2+1 = 7) or (4+2+4 = 9)

    however, I can’t do either one or the other of the following :
    – 2 Red Wine (5,4) and 1 White (4) or
    – 2 Red (5,4) and 1 Blush (2+5=7)

    So, my conclusion is –» We can do any number of wine from the PAD but only one of the four types (Red / White / Blush or Sparking)

    Am I correct ?

    1. Francois–thanks for all your questions. I’ll answer them one by one. For the first one, yes, that is mostly correct, except that if, for example, you decide to make red wine, you can red wine equal to 5, 4, and/or 2. So if you only want to make 1 or 2 red wine tokens, that’s fine–you don’t need to make all of them. Also, you need to make sure you have the proper cellar.

  119. Klaus: When you crush grapes to make one type of wine, you can make as much or as little of that wine as your grape tokens allow. So if you have 3 white grape tokens on your crush pad and you choose the “crush grapes” action, you can move 1, 2, or 3 of those tokens over to your cellar to transform them into white wine.

  120. I am a bit confused about crushing grapes.If I make e.g. white wine, must I use up all my white wine grapes, or can I leave som on the crush pad?

  121. Played this with my dad for Father’s Day. It was a real hit, even though he’s by no means a regular board game player. (He’s actually excited to invite his wine buddies over to play with him.) Thanks for delivering before Father’s Day!

    Anyway, I had one question about the Arboriculture expansion with respect to the “Play Summer/Winter Visitor” spots. When playing with the expansion, the middle-spot bonus for these actions is now *only* a morale bonus and *not* the ability to play 2 cards. Do I have that right? And the tokens that go on the middle-spots stay there throughout the game? Just checking.

    1. Hi Matthew, that’s great to hear about your dad!

      To answer your question, yes, those tokens replace the normal bonus. However, we really debated their inclusion. The game works fine without them (and in some ways can be more exciting without them since playing two cards at once is a lot of fun).

  122. The sum of the values on the vine cards on a single field cannot exceed 6. Mentioned in Note 1 on page 5 of the rule book.

  123. I have a question: is there a limit on the vines you can plant on a single field? In the manual I see up to three, but I haven’t found a mention of a limit, if there is one.

    Love the game, love this FAQ page! Thank you Jamey!

  124. Matthew–Indeed, that was our subtle nod to St. Louis. :) I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the game!

  125. We played yesterday for the first time, and it was GREAT! Looking forward to trying it with the Aboriculture expansion next time.

    My wife, a graphic designer and WashU alum, insists I ask you about the Viticulture logo. Knowing you’re based in St. Louis, is the “V” supposed to look like the Gateway Arch upside-down?

  126. SuperG: Ah no, the Handyman is awesome if used well. You only need the trellis to plant the vines, not the maintain them.

    Looks like you all were a little crush-happy. :) The timing of crushing is pretty key.

  127. Well, we just played our first game and I wish I had read this first as I tossed the Handyman right after I drew him thinking that I’d lose my vines if I yanked my trellis.

    On the upside, I still won. :P

    I believe we were crushing wrong too as we would crush whites and reds at the same time to make both red and white wine on the same turn. Whoops!

    I’m looking forward to more plays in the near future!

  128. ohhhhhh wait. Workers, do I not move the same workers from summer tasks to winter tasks? or once on a summer task they are not available for the rest of the year?
    That would explain why you may pass early. Im going to fill your comment board ;)

  129. Now my wife has a question. In winter, worker 1 she used on the harvest a field action. Can she use worker 2 to crush that same harvest since technically at worker 1 you place tokens on the pad, and therefor available for worker 2 when your turn comes up?

    Clarity on yoke. Are you saying I can’t use it AND the action space to harvest two instead of one field in the same season play?

    1. Right, you can crush whenever you have tokens on your crush pad, even if you just harvested those tokens that winter.

      You can harvest each field once per year. So if you have three fields, you can use your yoke to harvest one of them, and then you can use the harvest x2 space to harvest each of the other two fields.

      And yes, you may only use each worker once per year. :)

  130. Hi Kevin, thanks for your questions. The brown bag is for money or tokens (storage). There are 3 hearts, but you only need 2. They go on the middle action spaces for the “play a visitor card” action spots when you play the Arboriculture expansion.

    Just like workers you place on the board, if you place a worker on the Yoke in the summer, he stays there for the rest of the year. If you use the Yoke harvest spot, you can harvest 1 field (if you have another field, you could harvest it using the normal action space on the board on another turn).

    You must add the value when you harvest. It’s not like the vine has more grapes–it has better grapes. :)

    We’ll do metal lira for the Viticulture expansion.


  131. Slew of questions after playing a couple times.

    What is the brown bag for – Money bag?

    I only have three morale hearts for arborist. I got one from the bottom of each lira punch out card. Where are the other three?

    If I have a yoke and choose to use it in summer to uproot, does the worker stay there for the year or just the season? If the year, do I get to use it again in the fall for harvest? if I use the harvest action spot, and I own a yoke – do I get 2 fields harvested?

    At harvest, must I add the value or can I choose to take a 1&2 white value and place both a 1&2 token on crush pad vs a 3 on crush pad.

  132. Matthew–That’s a good question. “Gain 1 lira for help” is a truncated version of hiring out extra workers (I can see why it’s confusing).

    The Yoke phrase is correct in the book. If you put a worker on that actions pace to uproot in the summer, you can’t use that space to harvest in the winter.

  133. Looking at the rules, one thing that seems confusing has to do with the section “Gain 1 lira for help” in Summer Actions and “Hire out extra workers for 1 lira per worker” in Winter Actions. Are these things the same action? They seem like the same action, but the wording isn’t completely clear to me, since the latter seems to refer to the former (“See Page 6 for details”). If they are the same, it seems like the name of the action should match more closely.

    Also, in the Yoke description in the Structures section, it says “If the player uses the Yoke action space for the year”, should it say “season” instead of “year” here?

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