Scythe: The Wind Gambit

Scythe: The Wind Gambit

Jamey Stegmaier and Kai Starck | art and worldbuilding by Jakub Rozalski

This expansion for Scythe adds 2 expansions: airships and resolutions.

1-7 players

90-140 minutes

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Scythe: The Wind Gambit contains two modular expansions: airships and resolutions. The airship module was originally created and shared in the Scythe Facebook group by Kai Starck. Jamey read over the rules and was impressed both by what the airships added to the game and by the effort Kai had put into the expansion through writing the rules and playtesting it. So Kai, Jakub, and Jamey collaborated to hone the airship module.

In the airship module, 2 airship tiles are randomly paired at the beginning of the game (1 passive and 2 aggressive; there are 16 total tiles). Each player’s airship miniature (a new type of unit; 1 big miniature for each of the 7 factions [the sculpts are identical, and the bases are different colors to match the factions]) has those abilities, as well as the core ability that airships are free to move onto any territory (land or water) and across rivers. Each player starts with their airship on their home base, so they can start moving out of their home area right away.

In the resolution module, resolution tiles add a twist to the way each game ends. There are 8 of them, and 1 will be used each game. They often have an impact in the decisions you’ll make throughout the game.

We’ve spent the last few months blind playtesting The Wind Gambit. Thanks to over 700 playtesters, the expansion has been tested over 450 times, and it’s currently in the hands of our graphic designer.

Scythe: The Wind Gambit will be available in Q4 2017 (hopefully at Essen). We’re still working out the production details, so we don’t know the exact cost yet, but it should be around the $25 MSRP of Invaders from Afar.

We won’t be running a Kickstarter or pre-order campaign for this expansion–you’ll get your copy from your preferred retailer in English or any of the languages Scythe is published in (close to simultaneous release).

Depending on how you organize your Scythe box, The Wind Gambit may or may not fit. If this is a concern for you, you may be interested in a “big empty box” option we’re exploring.

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