Art compilation, music composed by Michał Woźniak:

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  1. One question about Scythe: How to move workers from mat to board? With Produce Action, I can move one worker to the board, then up to two territories gain resources too? As the leftside red area of worker is empty, does it mean the first worker is free, but the second one costs one power as it has power sign?

    1. Hi Nima. Hopefully I can help you out. When you produce on a village hex, you will produce workers, removing them from your player mat and placing them on that village hex. You’ll first pay the cost to produce (if there is any) then you’ll place those workers. So you don’t have to pay a newly uncovered cost on that turn. An easy way to remember this is that you’re taking the actions from top to bottom, first cost, then produce (then bottom row actions).

      1. So, only on villages, I can only move workers from mat to that hex after paying the cost under that worker if there is any? Right?
        What if I finish money during game? Can I get money according to the chart on board during game?

        1. You do not pay the cost underneath the workers. You pay all visible costs and then move the workers onto the village hex that produced them. I’d recommend watching a How to Play video like this one:

          That might answer some of your more general questions. The Scythe Facebook group is also very helpful. If you run out of money, you can gain some by taking the Move/Gain action and choosing to Gain. The chart next to the Popularity Track is only for end of game scoring.

          1. So for example after moving first worker, as underneath is still empty, then I want to produce oil, this is still free too, right?

          2. I’m going to try to interpret your question: “So for example, after producing your first worker, because there is no cost underneath, the next time I want to produce [anything], this is still free, correct?”

            Yes. When you choose to take the produce action, you pay all visible costs on the produce action. Then you produce on all the hexes you are allowed to produce for that one cost.

          3. As of the very first action of Produce, is it possible to produce resources without producing leftmost worker first, as there are already two workers by setup? Or producing at least the leftmost worker as the first action of produce is a must?

    1. Andrew: It’s a fair question, but here’s what I can say for now: All copies of the game include all 25 miniatures, 200+ custom wood pieces, tons of cards, etc. The full game–as you requested–is $59, and it includes a $15 shipping subsidy within that amount. As a UK backer, your additional shipping fee will be $8.

        1. Shipping to Brazil is quite expensive, unfortunately. The shipping fee is $35. However, on the project page you’ll see that we do have a partner in Brazil that you can learn more about–it should help save you some money.

          1. Thanks for the quick reply! This game is probably going to be my first kstarter, despite the dollar/real exchange rate!

  2. Looks absolutely amazing! If you were able, I’d have you put me down for one now! I’m looking forward to the kickstarter.

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