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For all Scythe-related art, Jakub’s showcases it on Artstation, and you can buy prints of his work here.

These images are copyrighted content and may only be used with written permission of Stonemaier Games. Please attribute credit to Jakub Rozalski, Scythe, and Stonemaier Games.

Game Artwork

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Spoilers: The Rise of Fenris

Video: Wojtek and the Machines

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40 Comments on “Art Gallery

  1. hello, first i have to say thank you for over 2 years me and my friends, play scythe we have all the expanstion and we love thae game its amazing so thank you inventing it.
    second thing, is there a posiblity to buy or to get a high resolution file of enounter 26 i love the painting and i want to hang it on my wall

  2. Would you provide us with a PNG of the Scythe logo for unauthorized use? I’d like to make a 2″ round sticker with the logo on it for my playmat tube but I’m having trouble finding a suitable picture online…

  3. is there any art of the whole world map? i’d be curious about the boarders of the other four nations from the expansions

  4. Bought this game this year, I could not afford the KS, so I have to wait, but man! Totally worth it, THIS IS MY FAVORITE GAME EVER!
    Totally, there is no point of comparation with my other favourite games.
    And the automa solo mode!!! Wow, I thought solo boardgames were so boring, but this is the first game I enjoy so much, I’m running the Rise of Fenris by myself (I’m also running the Rise for 3 group more, 4 people each).
    Thanks for this game!

    1. Thanks for your enthusiasm, Abdan! I’m glad you like Scythe, and hopefully you’ll give some other games a chance too–there are some amazing games available from a number of companies these days. :)

  5. I was reading your kickstarter lessons (thank you so much for these by the way) but I did not realize you made a game with Jakub Rozalski ! What an awesome idea !

  6. Unfortunately I didn’t pick up on this game in time. Is it still possible to buy the collectors edition or Art Connoisseur edition?

  7. Jamey, I have carefully crafted a scripted Scythe Mod in Tabletop Simulator that shortens set up substantially (steam user: Shaul Tzuar). If you have TTS on Steam I’d love you to check it out and tell me what you think.

    It works like this: A player changes the state of the player mat to the one drawn randomly and then all the Technology Cubes, Workers and Structures click into their places automatically. Also, the Character and Initial workers pop into their proper spots. Finally, the Popularity Token and correct Starting Monies slide into position as well. I have pre-set the Power Tokens on the Power Track so that only the ones not being used must be removed.

    The only thing needing to be done is auto-dealing Combat Cards and Secret Objectives.

    After that players can set up their factory cards and start playing.

    Simplifies teaching the game in TTS.

    1. Paul: That’s awesome! It sounds like a great way to start the game. Could you contact TTS directly with your mod? I would be happy for them to implement it, but I’m just a middle man–they’re in charge. :)

  8. Hey great game that I just discover today, my question is, i live in south america Uruguay, you can send the game until here? Thanks!!

  9. I really like the game but I’d love to have it in Italian. I know there’s not much to read but my gaming group is a little grumpy with non-localized games.
    Is there a chance there will be an Italian version in the second run?

      1. So it is arguably that the second KS run scheduled for the early 2016 won’t include the italian in the languages available? That would be very important to know because I could go for the english version then.

        1. This is the only KS run of Scythe we’ll ever do. There might be future retail versions in other languages, but they won’t include the promos, coins, extended board, realistic resources, or art book.

          1. My bad. I misread and thought where would be a second, international KS run.
            Well, in this case, I already pledged for my art conoisseur copy and a toast! ^_^
            Again, congratulations for this amazing job!

  10. Hey there,
    First “pardon my french”, not really fluent with english language !
    Nonetheless, and even if I’m totally convinced that gameplay and game design prime over everything else, I must confess the artworks and the general artistic direction of Scythe is so amazing it just made me pledge to the max without a second thought.
    Can’t wait to play gigantic mecha and neo shamanic wariors in a Renoir/Bruegel atmosphere !
    If you hit 50 times your goal, do you intend on proposing a “deluxe” box, wooden or something like that, with engraved picture on it ?

    1. Michael: The first print run will just be in English, with international-language guides available for download from our website (the game is 90% language-independent). The second print run–which will start early in 2016 (pending Kickstarter success) while the KS version is being printed–will be in French and other languages.

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