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Scythe Digital Edition: In association with the Stonemaier Games and Asmodee Digital, the Knights of Unity are making a full-AI, digital version of Scythe the board game. Currently available for Steam (other versions to follow). Here are some reviews and playthroughs of the digital game:

Tabletop Simulator: Explore the world of Scythe via this official version built by Berserk Games. You can also download and print the special player mats created by Berserk Games for this digital version (make sure you have a big table!)

Tabletopia: Move pieces like you’re at a real tabletop by using this physics-driven 3D rendering of Scythe (also on Steam).

Books: Official Scythe art book and anthology of Jakub’s work (Howling at the Moon)

T-shirts: Meeplesource sells Scythe t-shirts.

Art Prints: Jakub sells art prints from his work at Society6 and Displate.

Iron Harvest: Iron Harvest is a video game set in Jakub Rozalski’s 1920+ universe that has no connection to Stonemaier Games or Scythe the board game. 

World of 1920+ Puzzles: Jakub sells puzzles based on Scythe art through (no association with Stonemaier Games).

Premium inserts: The Broken Token, Meeple Realty, Daedalus Productions, Basically Wooden, Tower Rex, Gozer Games, and Insert Me Here.

Apps: ScytheKick is a third-party companion app (view info on FacebookiTunes, and Android). There is also an iOS scoring app created by Jane Idelson and a faction/player mat selection app on Google Play by Ary Othaz.

Painted miniatures: Four Realms of Chaos, Mini Painting Studio, Justin Barnhill (Meeplesource)

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