Animal Tokens

These realistic animal tokens can be found individually at Top Shelf Gamer (US) and Board Game Extras (Europe), as well as other retailers.



These tokens are available through Top Shelf Gamer (US) and Board Game Extras (Europe).

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72 Comments on “Animal Tokens

  1. I picked up a bunch of animal tokens from Top Shelf Gamers, and they are awesome! We played Agricola All Creatures with them and had a great time. The sheep are my favorite, love the wool texture. And the cow spots I’m much happier with for the final production, they got rid of that ‘pointy’ artifact in the prototype pics.

    My only regret is that they don’t sell the dog piecemeal. I don’t have any games that need 10 dogs. But I have several games where for thematic fluff it would be cool to have a single dog, I would’ve bought just one (along with my ~$60 order of all the other animals!).

    Anyway I’m thrilled to have a nearly fully-pimped-out Agricola All Creatures set (just need realistic reeds – and then some stone walls and wooden fences :-) )

    1. Hi johnnydollar,
      This is Chad from Top Shelf Gamer. Great to hear about your experiences with your tricked out Agricola! We have soon-to-be-released game bundles for the Stonemaier tokens. What games do you see needing one (or a few) dogs? On our radar we’ve got Robinson Crusoe (1 dog), Betrayal at House on the Hill (1 dog), and Caverna (20 dogs). Please let us know about any other games and we will work to make it happen.

  2. So will these be sold in a chest or will they only be sold separate like Top Shelf has done? Also will there be a Canadian friendly retailer for them?

      1. The boxes are beautiful and I love how they look on the shelf. There’s no chance they will be included in a future Treasure Chest? I’m sure customers would be happy to support an animal chest via KS, no?

        1. Sorry Sean, there’s no chance. We no longer use Kickstarter, and Kickstarter is used to create something new—we’ve already made the animal tokens, and they’re available for you to buy today.

  3. Was there a pre-order for an Animal Treasure Chest? I noticed at Top Shelf Gamer they have pre-orders for “sets of 10” of four different animal types with a release date of early December. I don’t recall a pre-order notice in any of the newsletters, but maybe I missed it?

    +1 for Donkeys!

    1. Mark: Indeed, they just launched the pre-order recently, and I’ll share it on our upcoming e-newsletter. All of the animal tokens we’re currently making are already in production (no donkeys).

  4. I agree about the need for a donkey. Painting the horses grey just wouldn’t be the same – they’d just be grey horses. A donkey would have longer ears and the mane would be different.

    Great idea! I was excited when I saw this.

  5. My one nit-pick on the new photos is the spots on the cow. They all have a weird little pointy part that doesn’t look realistic, it looks like an artifact of how the spots were applied – especially since it seems like all the spots have that. I liked the spots better in the earlier prototype photos. Hopefully the “spots” will be improved for the final product.

    Looking forward to using these in Agricola!

  6. I saw your post on FB, awesome! Looking forward to these.
    Are you still thinking of larger ones to represent multiples, along with the smaller? Or just smaller?

    I’m glad your going with the original designs in the above pics…

  7. Out of interest, what do you sub the crates for in Agricola?
    Ah, I see from the comments you’re doing what I was next wondering about – a straw type one for the reeds in Agricola. Damn you and your e-vil money extracting schemes!

  8. While in the abstract I would pick “cutesy” over “realistic” because “realistic” would make me feel like playing with toys rather than a board game… in the case of YOUR tokens, the pics you’ve shown, I prefer the “realistic” ones.

    Partially because you’ve done a good job making the realistic ones just a little bit cartoony. I like that. They’re not TOO real.

    Also, I love the scale – you can fit so many of them in the allocated areas of an Agicola board, for example.

    Looking forward to this treasure chest!

  9. These look amazing, I am a little confused on what will be the final size of these animals … in the picture it looks like two different sizes for each.

  10. Any chance for Camels (for Marco Polo)? Your Resource chest’s Bag and Cloth work for Marco Polo’s Pepper and Silk, and the Treasure Chest gold bars are perfect for the gold bars in Marco Polo… just need the camels. :)

  11. How about a Reed resource in the future? For Agricola and All Creatures Big and Small, you’ve every resource (and soon to have every animal) covered except the reed. The completionist in me wants reed! And if it’s generic enough it could double as a wheat resource for other games. Just sayin’.

    1. Marco Polo Expedition (different game than Voyages) also uses camels, although they’re different colors to denote different players.

    2. There are at least two other games using camels but calling them popular would be a stretch. And I can’t remember what they are.

      1. Ah, yes, Samarkand was one of the ones I was thinking about. There’s another one which is a deduction game in which camel caravans are subjected to nighttime thievery.

  12. I love these tokens! I think a different paint-job on the pig could make it more into a boar-pig. Something brown, or brown spotted. Any thoughts on maybe a mule? (Basically a horse with big ears.) That could cover both horse and donkey. Lastly why a dog and not a goat? I could be showing ignorance, but I don’t know of a game that would use a dog token.

    Love all the work you do, can’t wait for more.

  13. Just wondering, what are the size of these? It’s hard to tell from the picture. Are they roughly the same as the resources from previous treasure chests?

  14. I agree with other opinions that we need a donkey for Caverna, but we also need a wild boar for that game. I love these sculpts, except I also agree that the pig needs to be smaller, or shorter. I can’t wait to purchase these!

  15. Neat idea, I’d be a bit concerned that the legs would snap off easily if the bits are stored together and are jostled, or are simply mishandled. Would have liked to have seen something other than a dog in this pack since i don’t think many games have a use for 10+ dogs. Other than that, I think these would look pretty good at scale since they’re not much bigger than other treasure chest bits.

  16. Sorry – mucked up there – I do realise that they “can’t” be to actual scale… Autocorrected to “can” which is totally different and not my point.

  17. Something that struck me right off is the scale. It is disconcerting having a pig the size of a horse or cow even bigger than a sheep! I think some idea of scale needs to be considered even if they may not be used together in the same game. If you were using them in a game together then it really would be a bit weird. I realise they can be to actual scale but making the pig smaller than say the sheep would be a good idea. Likewise with the dog – smaller than the sheep. And the sheep somewhere bigger than a pig but smaller than a horse.

  18. Eyes on sheep and cow should be more of like dog’s. And eyes on horse needs to be higher on head and also be like dog’s. Jamey, I’m going email you an edited picture of this.

  19. These are fantastic. If we’re doing animal tokens, though, they have to work with any game from the king of farming games, Uwe Rosenberg. That means we need donkeys for Caverna. A simple solution would be using the horse sculpt and painting it gray.

      1. I would agree, the horse and sheep have eyes that are too human like. They should be further apart for both and a bit further up the face for a horse. Great looking sculpts though based on how small they must be.

        1. Yes, I asked my GF who is a massive animal geek and she says (and I agree) that on the realistic versions the eyes of the horses, sheep and cows, plus a little with the pigs should be more on the side of the head.

          Prey animals tend to have their eyes more on the side of their heads so they can see most of the way around themselves to keep alert for predators, whereas predators tend to have them on the front for better depth-perception.

          The cutesy ones it doesn’t matter so much with (and I think they look fine on the front)

    1. I really like the more realistic animals for the games we play. The cutesy style would be a pass for me. I think they are well done but do not fit the resource themed game that I would like to use them. I love the creativity and perhaps there could be a market for the cute version in a separate offering. Excited about these I think they could be a big hit. Burky

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