Token Trilogy & Metal Coins

Token Trilogy & Metal Coins

Jamey Stegmaier, Scott Wadyko, and Beth Sobel

These treasure chests include realistic resource tokens for dungeon crawl, sci-fi, and Cthulhu board games.


The tokens found in these treasure chests are now available individually from Top Shelf Gamer and from retailers worldwide who buy from Top Shelf.

We’re excited to offer 22 new types of premium, resource tokens to enhance your favorite games. All tokens come pre-painted in the following configurations (no customization):

whats in the box


Most of the tokens are resin, and a few of them are made of metal (tool, cleaver, magnifying glass, and the axes). The token quantities are calibrated to match the most popular games that use these token types, as shown on this Google Doc.

Metal Coins

Thanks to the large demand as expressed on our Future Printing Request Form, we’ve decided to reprint the special metal coins associated with Viticulture/Tuscany and Scythe:



Status and Details

  • Estimated Delivery Date: We anticipate that the Token Trilogy & metal coins will be shipped to backers no later than November 2016.
  • Limited Availability: We’re only going to make enough of these chests and coins to satisfy the pre-order demand (1500 minimum per chest).
  • Updates: We will use the e-mail addresses we collect at checkout to update you on the status of the project during production. You can update your address at any time.
  • Expectations: These tokens are hand-painted, so there will be minuscule variations between some of the tokens. If that doesn’t sit well with you, these tokens may not be a good fit.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Within one month of receiving your rewards, you can send them back to us for a full pledge refund and return shipping fees, no questions asked.
  • Why Not Kickstarter? On this blog post I go into detail about why we’re running this pre-order campaign here instead of on Kickstarter.

friendly shipping

Buying Custom Quantities

Our supply chain is based on creating one cohesive version of this premium product, making it affordable for you, and shipping it to you quickly and cost-effectively. However, our friends at MeepleSourceGame TrayzTop Shelf Gamer, and Board Game Extras will sell individual tokens at a premium price (~$1/token).


Discussion and Community

To talk about the realistic resource tokens, discuss ideas for future chests, and share photos of the tokens in use, please join the Treasure Chest Facebook group!

If you’re not on Facebook, you can ask questions on this page or on Twitter. Private inquiries may be sent to Jamey at

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109 Comments on “Token Trilogy & Metal Coins

  1. Hello.

    I know there was a recent reprinting of the viticulture metal coins (November 2016), but they all seem to be sold out in Canada and many international online retailers (though shipping them from international stores can be quite prohibitive). I was wondering if there was going to be another reprinting of the coins in 2017? They don’t seem to be on the Future Printing Request Form…


    1. Chris: Thanks for your question. We received the latest reprint just a few weeks ago, and it’s not sold out yet–it’s in stock. If you tell the retailers you want them to stock it, they can definitely get it from distributors. Thanks!

  2. Finally opened the Adventurer’s Atlas for Xmas. GOOD JOB. The potions and two sets of scrolls are obviously too large for 28mm, but the other tokens are *very* good for 28mm. The fur piles will be great for orc and goblin bedding (they gotta sleep somewhere!), and, afaik, there are NO miniatures for such things, unless you want to pay for unpainted metal $5 figures. The bedrolls are useful for adventurer’s campsites, and tavern inn common sleeping rooms. Chests, shields, and weapons are 28mm. I think you should get some feedback from roleplaying gamers about the tokens. I don’t think you need two different scrolls, and should add swords. Too bad these are in low supply, because they’ll be useful for boardgames and RPGs, and are actually a good price compared to miniatures (which have an even lower print run and are unpainted, unless I can find a dollhouse miniature of a bloody axe!).

  3. Hi Jamey
    Have the Metal Lira Coins be sent to Board Game Extras in the UK? I ‘m having difficulty in getting a response on the status of my pre-order.


    1. Chris: The original pre-ordered batch of metal coins (for this campaign) was sent to Board Game Extras a month ago. If you ordered from them in November/December, you’re ordering from a restock that BGE is still waiting on.

  4. We’ve had customers ask about seeing what’s inside this gorgeous box – anyone you can put together a nice display of items that we can print and put on the back? I’m graphic-art illiterate. :-)

  5. Hello, how would one go about buying some viticulture coins from you? I’ve only just stumbled upon your site, and am based in the U.K. Any options? Thanks and regards, nige.

  6. Just received an email with tracking from Richmond BC. Could this be the Viticulture coins.. anticipation is killing me.

  7. Pre-ordered the metal coins at least a week or two ago and still have not received a confirmation of any kind, Dunno if this is normal because I was charged but haven’t received an email like it said I would. Were none sent out yet? Just have no way of reviewing my order. Any info would be awesome, thanks

    1. Michael, all orders received are followed by an email confirmation from Celery. If you didn’t receive such an email, it probably means that there was a typo in the email you gave Celery, as we did receive your order.

      1. Huh that’s odd, never done that before but I suppose it could have happened cause I just checked again and nothing from Celery. Is there a way I can fix this problem to make sure all the other details are correct? (They likely are but now I’m worried) Any advice on how to proceed to check my order details would be very helpful. Thanks for your quick response as well.

  8. I wish you’d make 10 and 20 lira coins too- for use with Rokoko! (I’d love a lace token but I doubt it would be useful with any other game- the yarn tokens are already in the treasure chest of resources)

  9. Looks like I’ll be using the tokens in lieu of the Massive Darkness wound track, and the coins instead of the experience track! The tokens will also be useful to strew around my 3D Game Tile board as “dungeon decor” in the “lit” rooms. Thanks a bunch for the tokens and coins — and low shipping costs!

  10. Jamie: delivery date is the same for the Tuscany Essential too? Or is that a totally other project? How should I manage my order if I would have both? THX

  11. Is there any chance to pick up a Metal Lira coin pack and a Tuscany Essential at Essen Spiele this year? Thank you!

  12. Hi Jamey,

    I’ve only come to know about Stonemaier Games since the Scythe Kickstarter, and I must say the quality of your products and your professionalism is incredible! Ever since, I have been trying to get all of your other games and accessories.

    Question: Would there be a chance for us to get a slipcase to keep the previous 3 treasure chests (food, energy and resource)? Or would you be designing a storage box (or something along that idea) so that we can keep all of the tokens in one container?

    1. Sean: Thanks for your question. I’ve talked about that concept with backers in the past, and the problem is that it’s the opposite of cost effective to print and ship an empty slipcase. That’s why we haven’t done it and don’t plan on doing it.

      If we make more treasure chests after this (we have two more tentatively planned), if we can find a way to sell those two chests and also sell a comprehensive container to hold previously sold tokens, we’ll consider it. :)

      1. I am really impressed by the promptness of your replies. Meanwhile I guess I will just check back regularly for future developments. Thanks!

  13. Ordered – thanks for this you’ve killed my KS budget for the next few months, worth it though. Can’t wait for these to arrive.

  14. Hey Jamey,
    15 $ shipping to Germany is a little to expensive for my taste. Will the lira be available in german shops?
    The Moor visitors expansion I ordered at arrived a few days ago. A similar procedure for the lira would be terrific!
    Cheers, Mirko

  15. I would love bar codes for all products if possible. This will allow us to set up efficient pre-order, and fast. The SKU is the second best choice. As always, thanks for your commitment to supporting the good ole; B & M stores. You set an example for others to follow.

    1. John, here are the bar codes:

      Adventure Atlas: 653341026804
      Gadget Guide: 653341026705
      Terror Tome: 653341026606
      Token Trilogy: 653341026903
      Viticulture Coins: 653341026507
      Scythe Coins: 653341025500

  16. Bought the three previous chests. Liked all the pieces, except the gems. Not interested in any of the pieces in the new chests, but ordered the Scythe coins. Wish you would have completed the Puerto Rico pieces and made sugar and tobacco.

    1. Sablefox: Either way, we’re committed to making a minimum of 1500 copies. We’ll continue to sell the extra copies via pre-order (at a higher price than the campaign) and to distribution if needed.

    2. Ah, found the answer on your blog. I assumed you meant you needed 1500 orders to produce a chest, whereas you mean you are going to make at least 1500 of each.

      1. Ah, I just saw your blog post about this (link at the bottom of the page). Also, I had already ordered along with the coins. :) Looking for Viticulture and Tuscany in Canada. Tough to find. $80 each is cheapest I can find. I didn’t think I would like the game, but a friend got it and now it’s a must have. I should have known. I bought almost everything else you produced.

        1. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed Viticulture/Tuscany. Tuscany is out of print at this point, but retailers are currently restocking Viticulture, so you should soon have a much better price than that.

  17. Do you have a scale pic of the tokens with a penny, dice, or miniature? I posted a link to the preorder on Dakka, a wargaming and miniature painting forum. These tokens will make great objective markers and bits for miniature basing — no need to paint!

      1. Good question. Maybe the weapons and chests, but I’m sure many sf gamers would be interested in scale of the gadgets. Thanks!

  18. Hello, I get an ‘unknown error’ when trying to pay via Paypal… is there anything I do wrong? Or does the Paypal connection contain errors?

  19. There’s not much I can really use here for my games either, but my mancrush on Stonemaier Games compels me to order everything anyway. It’s the cromulent thing to do. Looking forward to another great product. Thanks. See you at Geekway hopefully. (Still waiting for the Stonemaier Games themed socks Kickstarter)

    1. Most shipping rate decisions are made by frostbitten bears and irritated reindeers. You can easily add a 5 oz. package to a 10 lb one and be bumped up to the next shipping tier. Pretty annoying, and small companies can’t do anything about it.

  20. @Angel, shipping prices went up quite a lot this year, but I wouldn’t have expected it to go up more than 300%.

    1. We actually haven’t changed the shipping fees at all–there’s just less of a shipping subsidy built into the reward. The previous campaign featured a $10 shipping subsidy and a $9 added fee to Greece ($19 total), and the current campaign offers a $4 shipping subsidy and a $15 added fee to Greece ($19 total).

  21. Hi Jamey! I backed all previous treasure chests. Really nice all of them. Now, last three were 89$ these are 99$. Ok i can understand that. But shipping cost from 9$ to 30$? WoW! Too bad i cant understand that…

    1. Angel: Thanks for your comment. These chests are considerably more expensive to make than the previous chests, and the slipcase adds additional cost.

      That said, it appears that you’re in Greece, where the shipping fee is $15, not $30. Perhaps you’re in a different country now?

  22. Was pleasantly surprised to wake up to 4 emails this morning about the coin reprint (3 from MeepleSource and 1 from Stonemaier). Ordered a set directly from your site!

  23. Would it be possible to have a mix-and-match-any-3 option that retains the $99 price point for a set of 3 but would allow us to specify the sets we want? That would be useful for those of us who need multiple of some sets and none of others and are not particularly attached to the slipcase, which would save you money not having to print the slipcase while still charging the same for a set of 3 boxes!

  24. It’d be nice to know what we’ll be paying before we actually have to hit “pre-order”. Could you list those prices on this page?

  25. Hey Jamey, I hope you did not answer this yet — But if I am interested in getting the metal Lira (brand new to Vitaculture) are you able to ship it with my Scythe kickstarter? Or would the logistics for that be too much of a nightmare? Thanks a lot!

  26. Hi,

    It looks like the country select on the checkout system you’re using doesn’t work in firefox (It doesn’t for me anyway).

    Not a huge deal as it works in chrome, but wanted to let you know.


  27. Jamey, as much as I would love to support the company, there’s just nothing here for me, man. :/

    I have Scythe, so the coins are mine.

    Lira don’t stack. :(

    I don’t think I have any games that can use these resin tokens.

    The title of the pack is v. brilliant. High five. Wish the other treasure chests were available for cheap.

    1. Don’t worry. SG will get to your wallet some other way. (:

      Myself, I have enough games in the closet that I’ve only bought the tokens. I wouldn’t mind seeing a postcard set of the Encounter cards, with the text!

      1. Yeah, I know :-)

        But the photos only show three types of tokens for each of the token packages. E.g. from the Adventure Atlas ( there’s (from what I can tell) no photo of the axes or the bucklers.

        Instead there’s a drawing ( where they’re all included, but I think that a photo would be nice.

        Also there are no photo’s of the coins in the side bar.

        Hope this makes sense :-)

        1. Yes, as noted in the ambassador update, “The page isn’t quite final–it needs photos of all tokens instead of just some of them”. The missing samples are arriving this morning, and I will update those photos before the campaign goes live.

          The coins have a big photo in the body text of the project page.

          1. Ah, sorry, I missed that in the ambassador update.

            Regarding the coins, then personally I’d like a photo with just two of each coin placed without overlap. One of each type should have one face up and the second should have the other face up.

  28. “Estimated Delivery Date: We anticipate that the Token Trilogy will be shipped to backers no later than November 2016.” – What about the Metal Coins?
    In the picture for the Scythe this list states values in $. Do the coins have $ sign on them?

    1. Thanks for the proofreading and questions! The metal coins will be delivered in November as well. In Scythe, the values are listed using the $ sign, but the actual iconology on each coin is different (see photo).

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