Food Crate, Energy Box, Resource Vault

Many of the tokens originally found in the Resource Vault, Food Crate, and Energy Box are available individually Top Shelf Gamer (US) and Board Game Extras (Europe), as well as other retailers.

This is a list of games that use these resource tokens.

Food Crate: meat, coffee, crate, bread, grain/sand, corn/vegetable
Food Crate: meat, coffee, crate, bread, grain/sand, corn/vegetable
Resource Vault: water, wool, barrel, bag, cloth, steel
Resource Vault: water, wool, barrel, bag, cloth, steel
Energy Box: fire, gas, oil, uranium, coal, trash
Energy Box: fire, gas, oil, uranium, coal, trash
advance copies (cat not included)
advance copies (cat not included)

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73 Comments on “Food Crate, Energy Box, Resource Vault

  1. Are you going to do something like this for the buildings in between 2 cities? I was just thinking I would love to use those buildings to upgrade power grid or other games. They are great looking buildings.

  2. Hello Jamey. I am extremely impressed by all of your realistic resource boxes. The Treasure Chest one in particular which is very interesting to me for one of my board games, Gold West. That game has gold, silver and copper pieces as well as stone and wood. The gold bars, stone and wood pieces fit perfectly but I was wondering if there was a way perhaps in a future set or some sort of possible add-on that you can make silver and copper bars as well. I would for sure pick up a box if you can possible do that. Thank you. :)

  3. Is the cat an addon if we get all 3 of those chests?

    Would the energy one meet all the needs for Power Grid? Would they fit in the frames from Broken Token?

      1. Thanks. They are frames to keep things from sliding around. It would depend on how large these are compared to whatever is in the game by default.

  4. I’m new to your brand, but these are amazing. I’m curious…how did you come up with the number 28 for each in the box? I’m assuming it’s a cost/size ratio thing?

  5. Hi Jamey

    I just discovered this, and it looks amazing! When do you expect non-backers to be able to purchase these boxes?

    1. Christian: We only have a few left, and most of those will go to retailers. We’ll have a few spare copies for direct order–I think we’ll announce that on our November 1 e-newsletter.

  6. Really I don’t understand
    Is these collections had been backed on kick-starters or not yet? If so, is it available on the market?

    Why I’m asking? Because I didn’t see these collections either on your page on kick-starter neither on Amazon. The only collection I had seen is the one of the main resources (Gold – Wood – Ore – Stone – gem)

  7. Jamey, does that include Amazon? Being from Canada, it was super convenient to be able to order from — don’t have to deal with a sub-par exchange rate and qualifies for free shipping.

      1. Hello!

        Do you know if these Treasure Chests will be available at Snakes and Lattes? The cost for me to purchase all 3 of these would be $200 by the time exchange and shipping is taken into account :-\

  8. When will the 2nd wave of resources be available at retail? I backed the campaign for several resource kits but ended up miscounting the total number of resources that I need for certain games, so I’ll need to pick up some additional boxes.

    1. Sean: We’ll release the remaining copies to retailers in November, and I’ll have a few extra copies for direct-order. Also, Game Trayz will be selling individual tokens in case you don’t need a whole chest.

  9. Can wait for this one… FINALLY my chest arrive in Brazil!!! (my friend take for ever to bring me my 5 boxes!!)…
    Anyway… i will take 1 one each!!! Amazing work and from my friend Jamey anything that he prints… i will take it!!!
    Best luck on this!!!

  10. I would love a Settlers of Catan Box. That would be 5 primary (Basegame) and 3 secondary resources (Cities&Knights)
    Most are already in the original Treasure Box, but it was missing wool and the new resources from Cities&Knights.

    1. Thanks for the idea, Frank! Our treasure chest series isn’t meant to address specific games; rather, each one is meant to assist a lot of games. So we wouldn’t create a box specifically for Catan, but as you noted, you can combine several boxes to have those resources. :)

    2. Missing what the point would be for Catan… A big part of the game is not knowing what resources your opponents have.

  11. A possible work around for the fur problem could be just making the cloth bundles a more earthy brownish tone so it could double for cloth and animal skin. It wouldn’t be as eye catching as the blue but I guess it’s something that could be voted on if there was enough interest.

  12. I’m not sure how you keep wool, coffee bean and other round objects like that from rolling about. Even a slightly flat side might not be enough. Also it can’t be too smooth or small that it makes it hard to pick up. Really looking forward to this KS

    1. Heather: That’s something our sculptor took into account–he actually tested every token to make sure that it won’t roll around. Even the tokens that look like they would easily roll (the cylindrical tokens) have at least one aspect to them that prevents them from rolling continuously.

  13. Jamey, for fur perhaps a pelt or a coonskin cap or whatever it is they call it? Also I second the motion a beer bit would be awesome for a future treasure chest. For anyone who wants something to hold all their upgraded bits I would suggest a plano box. I know the visual isn’t optional but the storage of all my bits and coins from minion games in 1 box is super convenient. Can’t wait for this to go live Jamey!

    -Dan of Gaming Nonsense Uncensored (@GNUPODCAST on twitter)

  14. I would love to get the energy box for my husband’s birthday on October, he is a big Power Grid fan. Please add me to your mailing list so I know when the Kickstarter for this chest happens.

  15. Only glaring omission I see is that there are no livestock options. Cows, pigs, sheep. All of which seem to be far more common than many of the tokens in there now.

    1. Kaleb: We considered livestock, and there’s a good chance we’ll do them in the future. They just felt a little different than typical resources. Also, MeepleSource has great wooden livestock.

  16. I bought the first treasure chest and let me say it is perfect and it is the best kickstarter I have participated.
    However, I would suggest for the these three chests you offer an additional box which allows to store the pieces of the first chest and the new ones together in only one.
    I would like to have each chest separately in similar boxes of course, but to have the option to join the four chests in only one too. Maybe it is a good idea for a streech goal for example.

    1. Mike: Thanks for the idea! I actually ran that concept by the backers of the first campaign a few updates ago, and I asked them to vote to see if they would be willing to pay extra for something like that, and unfortunately it was heavily voted down. I think there are a few reasons for that: One, there’s a very good chance that we’ll make more treasure chest tokens in the future, so it’s tough to make a “complete” box until the series is truly complete. Two, it cost money to make bigger boxes and a new insert, and while some backers wanted it, they didn’t want to pay for it. And three, I think one of the features of the treasure chest is that it’s small and portable. You can throw it in your bag with a bunch of other games, no problem.

      1. Thanks Jamey! I did not see the updates in kickstarter website. Now I understand reasons why a big box is not recommended :)
        However, if you would add the option to acquire a big box separately in your web or in the kickstarter campaing, I would buy it. I expect the price for a separated big box will be high, and the effort to produce a few numbers of boxes (for a few amount of people) could be unadmisible, but I want you know I am one of this kind of people.
        Finally, sorry for my english. I am writing with a phone without languaje correction.
        Thanks a lot!

        1. Thanks Mike, it’s helpful to know that. The challenge is that the minimum print run for any component is 1500 units, so we would need 1500 people to do this.

          It’s something we might consider if we ever know that we’re producing the final Treasure Chest. At that point we might make a box to hold all of the tokens.

          1. If you ever make a final treasure chest, would it be possible to have the packaging for sale? I plan on buying all the treasure chests but I would be really annoyed if there was a “final treasure chest” that could keep all my treasure chests together but I couldn’t buy it without having to re-buy EVERYTHING…

          2. J: Right, it depends on the box, but we would find a way to sell it by itself. I think. It would be quite hard to ship an empty box. And quite expensive for what it is, given the shipping. If I’m confident we can make it and ship it without it being damaged, I’ll consider doing it at some point.

  17. I like the idea that someone is finally using real product (resource) pieces to use in board games. I think it would be GREAT to have MONEY/Currency included as well. I know many board game geeks that would be willing to pay for a treasure chest that could be brought out to replace the pieces of the other game pieces that are just blocks or colored tokens of a certain resource/commodity etc.
    I’m wondering if it was ever considered to make a layered treasure chest trunk? The first layer/sections being resources like corn, wheat, wood, iron, stone, ore, steel, brick, pumpkins, etc….The second layer/sections animals like fish, birds, cattle, sheep, dogs, horses, goats, donkeys, cats, maybe things like glass, rubies, gems, rugs, papyrus, indian, canoes, water, beer, milk, and finally another layer/sections for all the types of money, Gold, silver, copper, platinum, also things like oil, and also different types of terrain, trees, sand, mountains, forest, clouds? I know I would be willing to pay decent money just to have it all organized in one container and that way everything for so many games would be using the same pieces

    1. Michelle: I’m sorry, I completely missed your comment back in January! Thanks for these ideas for future treasure chests. I do think (see comment below) that we’ll continue to limit treasure chests to three types of tokens per chest, but I love your ideas for those tokens!

  18. First let me say I LOVE the distribution and approach for upcoming kickstarter. I will definitely be getting 2 of 3. My only complaints/desired changes would be:

    *Paint the wool a white or off-white color
    *Definitely prefer the ‘steak’ sculpt for meat vs the ‘drumstick’ sculpt shown in recent KS update
    *Would REALLY like to see a fish token and would definitely prefer over coffee or even meat or grain in that set
    *Agree that Fur would be a great addition and would prefer over Water or Steel

    1. Chris: Somehow I missed your comment back in January–sorry about that. Thanks for your suggestions, and we’ve taken two of them since your comment. We’ll have a fish token in a future treasure chest, and perhaps fur, though I’m not quite sure how to represent that.

      1. I think the easiest way to make a fur token would be to shape it like a deer pelt; like what you see when people have a stretched-out pelt on their wall or floor.

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