How to Post a Facebook Live Video on YouTube

15 July 2019 | 10 Comments

For 18 months now, I’ve been hosting weekly, one-hour Facebook Live sessions on the Stonemaier Games FB page. It’s my preferred method of live video. However, not everyone wants to watch videos on Facebook (live or otherwise). Plus, there’s an element of permanent discoverability on YouTube that Facebook just doesn’t replicate (it’s why I’ll only send review copies of games to livecasters if they also post the video on YouTube).

I previously tried to transfer a FB live video to my YouTube channel, but I was unsuccessful. But now, thanks to Dusty at The Mill, I know how to download a Facebook Live video (and then upload it to YouTube–that’s the easy part). It doesn’t result in a high-definition video, but that’s fine–it actually makes the whole process a lot faster, as the video isn’t too big.

Here are Dusty’s instructions on how to get your Facebook Live video onto YouTube (with some edits by me):

1. Open Chrome web browser (I’m guessing there’s a way to do the following on other browsers, but some of the commands may be different on them)

2. Go to your Facebook page.

3. Click Videos on the left sidebar.

4. Click the weekly livecast that you want to download.

[UPDATE: This is where–thanks to Phoebe’s suggestion in the comments–you can just copy and paste the URL on or and skip the remaining instructions.]

5. In the browser toolbar, change the www. to m. (You should now be in mobile view.)

6. Press Ctrl+Shift+C. (This opens web developer tools.)

7. Click on the video itself. When you mouse over it, you should notice that it turns blue.

8. In the code gibberish on the right hand side, you should notice that you’re now seeing the content of a <video> tag. In that <video> tag you’re going to see a line that says src=https://scontent… etc. etc. Right click on that scontent src link and select open in a new tab (or copy and paste).

9. The video will now open in a new tab, but you’ll see three dots vertically aligned on the video in the bottom right hand corner. If you click it, one of the options will be ‘download’.

10. After the download is complete, you can upload the video to YouTube as you normally do. Thanks to a tip long ago from Ed Baraf at Pencil First Games, I like to add my own image for the video instead of a default thumbnail, especially for a low-res video like this:

That’s it! Big thanks to Dusty for walking me through these steps–I really appreciate it. Perhaps there’s a more automated way to do it–if you know of a way, feel free to share in the comments!

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10 Comments on “How to Post a Facebook Live Video on YouTube

  1. I use DownVids to download Facebook videos, and it’s super easy.

    You can just go to and copy in the link to the Facebook video, then click download and there’s no messing around with the source code!

  2. I’m really glad it helped, Jamey. And I hope someone comes through and goes ‘oh my gosh, there is a much easier way!’ .. so long as it isn’t a questionable website or browser plugin. :)

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