3 Quick Thoughts About Exposure, Pricing, and Logistics

25 November 2019 | 7 Comments

I have a random assortment of links and thoughts to share today!

“Let’s Make a Deal” Pricing

Cody Thompson shared this interesting technique that he observed on ClickUp’s website:

Instead of simply accepting their cost, they give you the option of proposing something different. I like how this opens the door to someone who originally balks at the stated cost.

Board Game Arena Exposure

Nick Bentley wrote a recent article about how he put a few of his prototypes on Board Game Arena and was pleasantly surprised by the sheer number of players they attracted. Not only did he get great playtester data, but he also got a huge amount of exposure compared to the number of people who may have learned about the games from his website or a convention.

This is specific to tabletop games, but if you’re a designer looking to get more eyes on your games, I think this sounds like an excellent option.

Early Black Friday Deals

Megan and I noticed today that a number of companies appear to be running special deals for this entire week instead of just on Black Friday. Perhaps this has been going on for a while and I just haven’t paid attention, but I find it interesting.

My theory is twofold: One, I think online companies in particular may struggle to ship an influx of orders received on the same day, so they find it easier to spread them out a bit. I may need to find a way to do that for future preorders from Stonemaier Games!

Two, if you have a good deal now, you might entice customers to your brand before competitors have a chance to act. This makes me think of how tabletop Kickstarter creators might gain a competitive advantage by launching on Monday instead of Tuesday (Tuesday has somehow become the go-to day for tabletop game launches).


What are your thoughts on these strategies?

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7 Comments on “3 Quick Thoughts About Exposure, Pricing, and Logistics

  1. Hi Jamey! Thanks for all the information you put out on the internet. I was doing some research with regard to the amount of tax, sales tax, shipping charges, replacement part and all the other additional costs of running a campaign (assuming its successful) on Kickstarter. I’m currently working on a games that I think will do well and am about to start play testing (running a board game club helps). All the hidden costs have really dulled my desire to run a KS campaign, but I would have no other means of producing my game other than taking it to an already established producer (something that I am also hesitant to do). What, in your professional opinion would be the best course of action? If you have already covered this topic elsewhere, forgive me, I’d be grateful for any advice or information you could direct me to. -Matt

  2. I’m familiar with both Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator, and I’m aware of Board Game Arena. I’ve uploaded various games for different publishers to both of the aforementioned platforms but not BGA. I may look into that process and see how BGA, TTS, and Tabletopia all handle designing and playing a game as well as the various features offered.

    Now I’m curious which one is the most popular and useful as a designer to get eyes on a prototype or published game.

  3. I do believe that companies that get out with early ‘Black Friday’ deals may have a edge as most gamers have a somewhat set budget for games so if they buy your deals first,…

  4. These are some very good strategies, I’m definitely interested in the Board Game Arena exposure.

    Of course conventions are still one of the primary strategies for development and bringing a prototype to attention but everyone would appreciate even bigger exposure of his project and potential e-newsletter subscribers as one of the main goals in a project.

    I’m also entertained by the Black Friday idea, just need to structure that the best possible way. I was just wondering, do you still suggest Tuesday as the best possible day for launching? Should we definitely make Monday a launching day if the project implements Early Black Friday deals?

      1. Apologies Jamey, my conclusion mixed up with studying your blog and what i read on many occasions on the Tabletop Game Kickstarter Advice FB group. Some publishers suggested Tuesday for few reasons and having read the same day on your Kickstarter lesson 9, that stuck in my mind.

        Anyhow, i definitely understand the idea and would consider Monday as launching day in case of having Early Black Friday Deals.

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