9 Backer Projects Worth Your Attention

11 October 2012 | 2 Comments

At the end of my Kickstarter campaign, I told all 942 backers that if they ever ran a Kickstarter campaign for a passion project of theirs, I want to support them in some way, whether it be a pledge, a post, feedback, etc.

Because many of my supporters were people who started Kickstarter projects during my campaign, I already have 9 projects backer projects to which I’ve pledged. All are currently live, and I wanted to mention them to you today. I’ll list them below in order of how soon the campaigns are ending and mention my favorite thing about the project.

If you’re intrigued by any of these projects but need more convincing, I would highly suggest that you either click the “Remind Me” button under the project video or back them for $1. The $1 pledge is ideal because you’ll get all the project updates in your inbox from then on so you can make an informed decision.

Sword of Fargoal 2 (ends on October 13): My favorite thing about this retro video game project is the responsiveness and supportive nature of its creator, Jeff McCord.

Stick Peeps Oracle Cards (ends on October 20): My favorite thing about these oracle cards (which I honestly know very little about) is that despite the fact that the creator is drawing stick figures, the art is feverishly intense.

Fudge Boys Expansion Project (ends on October 22): My favorite thing about this project, as I mention in a lengthier entry on my personal blog, is the creaminess of the fudge. Particularly the chocolate walnut and chocolate peanut butter fudge.

Julia Fae: Young Adult Fairy Novel (ends on November 1): My favorite thing about this project is that I really want to read this book. 

Salem Board Game (ends on November 1): My favorite thing about this project is that the game has been tested over 300 times by upwards of 200 different people. That says a lot about the quality of the game.

Owney the Postal Dog Graphic Novel (ends on November 4): My favorite thing about this project (which I write about more in detail here) is that the artist is the same person who did the art for the Viticulture game board. He’s an extremely talented, kind man.

Mommy, How Many Numbers Are There? Children’s Book (ends on November 8): My favorite thing about this project is that it’ll be the perfect book to share with all of my baby-making friends (seriously, I think everyone in the world got pregnant 9 months ago).

The Wardenclyffe Horror Graphic Novel (ends on November 15): My favorite thing about this project is the spread of beautiful illustrations. The creator, David, was particularly helpful with my campaign.

Pint Craft Board Game (ends on November 25): My favorite thing about this project is that many of my backers asked me if I would be making a beer game in the future to accompany my wine game, and now they don’t need to wait for me to make one!

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2 Comments on “9 Backer Projects Worth Your Attention

  1. Thank you for mentioning our project, Jamey! Our book, I have to confess, is a perfect baby gift. There is a sweet twist at the end that makes everyone go “AWWWWWW”. I imagine often, going back in time to that glider chair we had in Chicago, holding baby Jack and reading our book to him. Impossible, of course, since 4-year old Jack asked the questions that WROTE the book! But a sweet fantasy anyway.

    Thank you!!


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