Euphoria Cards: Glossy vs. Linen

10 June 2013 | 8 Comments

As you can see on today’s Euphoria update, we’re using a fantastic cardstock called ivorycore in Euphoria. It’s a very sturdy cardstock that should hold up for a long time without card sleeves.

I learned from my manufacturer that we have the option of getting ivorycore as glossy or linen-embossed cardstock. You’ve probably encountered both types of cards: Glossy cards are the smooth cards found in Dominion or Settlers of Catan (or Viticulture). Linen-embossed cards have a texture to them that you’ve felt on Bicycle-brand playing cards (most poker/blackjack cards have a linen finish).

We can use either finish, so I figured I’d put it to a vote. Let me know which you prefer in the survey below.

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8 Comments on “Euphoria Cards: Glossy vs. Linen

  1. I missed the poll, darn. Would have voted glossy. Linen cards impart of an *feel* to a game…and this is a game about the future!

  2. Too late to throw in glossy now it seems :)

    Wouldn’t had changed anything, but it’s better it has been there at least! :)

  3. Totally linen, nicer texture and can take real play without marking up. If they’re good linen cards, I won’t even sleeve them. How I love quality cardstock.

  4. The components are going to be amazing, but please take all the time necessary to get the rules and play to the best possible level. If fatal errors or imbalance slips in, the components won’t mean anything. I can wait, as long as the product is great.

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