Euphoria: Stats Edition

7 July 2013 | 25 Comments

I love spreadsheets and stats, and I love transparency (when it comes to my Kickstarter projects, not clothing). So I thought I’d share with you various stats from my Euphoria Kickstarter project today, along with some links to past Kickstarter Lessons that I attribute to certain aspects of these stats.

Let’s start off with a quick overview of Euphoria project numbers:


Below are the stats that fellow creators will find the most useful: Shipping. If you want a full explanation of shipping, please see this post. All shipping costs per unit include freight shipping and individual package shipping. “Deluxe” and “Supreme” were the two different full-Kickstarter versions of the games.


I actually thought there would be a greater increase in international backers compared to US backers for Euphoria, given the free shipping, but it was only a 12% increase.

My lesson learned from these numbers is that free shipping is great, but I might need to break down “EU” a little more. On Euphoria, all shipping to the EU was free, but as you can see, the shipping costs to the EU from greatly differ. My Kickstarter philosophy is to find the best possible shipping option for backers and then to charge those backers for what they’re getting. I didn’t quite follow through on that philosophy for Central EU backers, whom I didn’t charge for shipping beyond the $12 I included in their $49 pledge.

Backers per Day

Pledges per Day

Kicktraq does an amazing job of tracking Kickstarter stats by day. Euphoria had a fairly standard progression for a second project–big Day 1 and 2, big final two days, steady in the middle. The key is that we attracted a steady stream of backers every day–we didn’t hit a stagnant period. It’s hard to attribute one overriding factor to that, but I think a lot of it had to do with blogger/reviewer outreach and having an effective project page and reasonable reward levels for all the backers who stumbled upon the project from Kickstarter or BGG. Also, I think the personal contact I had with backers throughout the project and the exciting stretch goals gave backers good reasons to share the project.

Video playsThe project video had a decent number of completed plays. I’d really like to get the project video closer to 2 minutes, but it’s hard to pack in all the necessary content!

I’ll end with a long screenshot from my Kickstarter dashboard that shows how backers discovered the project. Now, keep in mind that these stats are far from perfect. Kickstarter has a way of changing the referrer from the actual blog or website to Kickstarter. But hopefully you’ll find some utility in these numbers. Rows in green are Kickstarter related.

Backer Referrals


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25 Comments on “Euphoria: Stats Edition

  1. How much did it affect your shipping cost to break it up into multiple locations worldwide? Were there multiple Boat fees? Obviously multiple OTR shipping fees. Multiple Warehousing fees.

    1. Jason: Sure, you’ll want to check out these posts for in-depth answers to those questions:

      In short, we’ve used this method for all of our projects now, and it’s a great way to keep fees low (for me and for backers). You do have to pay for each freight shipment. Warehousing is minimal for Kickstarter rewards because they’re only in the warehouse during fulfillment.

  2. Hi Jamey, I was wondering if you could post the distribution of backers within the US?

    I’m going to launch my own Kickstarter soon and it would be very helpful to get precise quotes.

  3. Hi. I love this post thank you very much for that. I would like to ask if the costs in the table at the top are those you had after using the Amazon service or before? Because after checking their site I would expect it to be lower much lower. Also I do wonder if the Amazon service has any minimal limit of products they deliver for you per region?

    1. Konrad: Thanks for your comment. The numbers in the chart are based on my experience with shipping Viticulture through Amazon (the calculations were almost identical for Euphoria based on weight). If anything, the prices are a bit low.

      To my knowledge, Amazon does not have a minimal limit of products delivered to them. You just have to make sure they’re packed correctly in cartons or on pallets per their specs.

  4. Am I missing something or did you lose money on all shipping destinations where shipping costs were more than $49? I mean, the deluxe pledge level was $49 worldwide, but your shipping costs alone for more than 500 copies were $60 each. Didn’t you lose money on those? And maybe even many more since even without shipping you don’t have $49 profit from a $49 pledge.

    1. Erik–We didn’t offer free shipping worldwide. We offered free shipping to the US, China, the EU, and Canada. Everyone else had to pay extra (check out the reward levels). The exception is for bulk games. For example, there is a bulk Pacific level for $490 (10 games). Since I included $12 in the price of the game, that’s $120 shipping built in for the group of games.

    2. You definitely don’t want to lose money on any copy of the game. Find the most cost- and time-efficient way to ship games to backers and charge them that amount, deducting any amount you’ve built into the price for “free” domestic shipping.

  5. Hey Jamey, I wonder if you superimposed when specific pledge levels were hit on your pledges/backers per day charts if something interesting would come to light. Granted, your biggest days were the first two and final two, but if you looked at all the other days, was there a point at which you got a larger-than-expected incremental gain from folks who thought “I’ll pledge when they hit that sixth player”?

    1. JT–I would be curious to see that. I did a lot of promotion for the the game, though, and people don’t always read articles or listen to podcasts the day they’re released, so it’s tough to pin it on one specific form of promotion.

  6. I would imagine it’s because things get send to distribution centres in UK & Germany so it’s in-country shipping, whereas to other parts of Europe it’s going from the distribution centre and hence are hitting cross-border shipping costs. Just an assumption though!

    1. 1111–I know, right? I’m still learning. :) I’ll charge the right price the next time around.

  7. BobTHJ: Ha ha indeed, I’m glad I get to keep the house. :)

    Aurelien: I’m curious about that too. It’s’s pricing model.

  8. I am amazed at how expensive shipping is. I really wonder why it costs so much in Western and Central Europe when UK and Germany is only $13.

  9. Great info! $75K on shipping!! – looks like you were well prepared though.and planned in advance. Guess you get to keep your house :) Way to network – it appears a significant number of backers came by reaching out to the board gaming community. I look forward to my copy of Euphoria.

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