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19 September 2012 | 6 Comments

I see every pledge that comes through on Kickstarter, but as far as I have found, Kickstarter doesn’t share backer stats. At the end of the project, I get to send out one e-mail to all backers to get their address and any other information I need, but until then, my main communication channel with backers are the updates, which are e-mailed to all backers. Unless, that is, they’ve unsubscribed. I currently have 500 backers, but I have no idea how many of them still actually subscribe to the project.

I’ve been trying to compile information that can help me as I order all the different components I’ll need to ship these games and wine glasses. Hopefully I’ll have a fulfillment company help me with most of the orders, but I’ll definitely be taking care of the international shipments myself, as well as the glasses/corkscrews. Plus, I’m losing money on the shipping cost of international shipments because I’m only charging $20 (however, I truly do adore my international backers–that’s why I kept the price low!) So it would be a big help for me to get a rough idea of where everyone is. Plus, you might be curious about your fellow backers.

So if you’re a Viticulture backer or you’re following the campaign, please vote on the poll below.

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6 Comments on “Kickstarter Poll

  1. I’m following this project for already half a month and so I am quite sorry to say, but the actual fact why I didn’t back the project yet is the shipping price. I know that real shipping prices to Germany where I live would be even higher at about 40$, but still it would increase the money I would want to spent (39$ for the normal game) by 50%. Regarding that it even is a struggle for you to keep those shipping costs on that level makes it even more unprofitable to spend anyway. What would be the actual and effectiv shipping price to europe?

    1. ElFluppe: Well, just to make sure we’re on the same page: I’m losing money on shipping when I ship abroad. As you pointed out, shipping to Germany is about $40, and I’m only charging $20. I’m doing that because I want to get the game in the hands of international backers, and I’m not losing money overall if I end up selling the overhead (I’m ordering more games than those that are pre-ordered on Kickstarter).

      So my point is, no matter how much the actual shipping price to Europe is, you only have to pay $20 over the normal Kickstarter reward price. Do you think that’s fair?

      1. Fact is: let’s say I’ll back 39$, I increase it by 20$ to get the shipping and now we have a total backing of 59$. Effectively only 19$ will go to the financing of the project. Therefore I think it is very very fair. I’ve seen lots of Projects that raised the full 40$ Dollars for international shipping and it really is very kind of you to give some support back to foreign backers. Still there is so much money lost to things that don’t support the game at all. But well, I have 18 days left to decide and I’m quite sure I will end up as a backer anyway. :)

        1. I definitely see what you’re saying, and I really do appreciate your desire to have some of the funds go to the project, not FedEx. :)

          I’d like to find a solution for this in the future. If there is a printer that could do small, cost effective print runs in Europe, they could work in tandem with my printer (which is in China).

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