Summer Visitor #18: Vendor

24 November 2012 | No Comments

It’s interesting how the ratios evolve when you’re designing a game. In early versions of the game, there were visitor cards that allowed you to draw 3 cards, or even draw 4 cards and discard 2 (the latter really slowed down the game, so we removed that mechanic). But we realized over time that drawing 3 cards with a single card was too powerful.

I say that, and yet if you look at today’s visitor card, you’ll see that we found a loophole. Sure, you get to draw 3, but each other player also gets to draw 1. That might not mean much in a 2-person game, but in a 6-person game, that means that 5 other cards are being drawn. At least you have control over which type of card they have to choose.

I really like cards like this that give other players something to do on your turn. Turns don’t take long since you’re only playing one worker before moving to the next player, but in a larger game in particular, it can be a minute before it gets back around to you. This gives you a choice to make during that down time.

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