Summer Visitor #5: Peddler

11 November 2012 | No Comments

Today’s summer visitor is the Peddler, a fellow who is eager to take two of your cards…so eager, in fact, that he’ll give you four cards in return. Sometimes you’ll get stuck with cards in hand that don’t work towards your strategy, so this is one of the ways to exchange them for cards that might serve you better.

There are four different types of cards in Viticulture–vines, summer visitors, wine orders, and winter visitors. Originally this card read, “Discard 2 cards and draw 1 of each type of card.” However, we realized that with the Arboriculture expansion and other expansions, that could potentially mean that you’re getting much more than the 2:1 value we intended. So on this card and a few others we added a maximum to keep the return on investment in check.

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