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7 August 2013 | 5 Comments

This seems like a good place to post a photo of the first game I ever designed, Medieval Quest (I was 8 years old).
This seems like a good place to post a photo of the first game I ever designed, Medieval Quest (I was 8 years old).

Usually when an interview or review is posted online about Stonemaier Games, post the link to the Viticulture or Euphoria media page and mention it on Facebook. I’m not into self-promotion, but I love to share the various websites that have taken the time to converse with me or write about my games. Plus, I try to share information in interviews that other people will find interesting and insightful (I try. I don’t always succeed!)

But today I’d like to use this space to post a special interview that went live this morning. I was approached by an e-commerce company called ShopLocket a little over a month ago about the opportunity to share the Stonemaier Games story on their blog. A cursory glance at their interview series revealed that they take these interviews quite seriously–they format them on the level that you’d find in a magazine like Inc. or Fast Company.

So I accepted their offer (how could I not?), Skyped the interview, reviewed the transcript last week…and now it’s live. I have to say, all due respect to other blogs that have been gracious enough to interview me, but this is the most beautifully formatted printed interview I’ve ever participated in. I hope you can view it on your computer, not a phone, so you can experience the full glory of it.

Formatting aside, the interview tells the full story of Stonemaier Games, which is coming up on our one-year anniversary. It also talks about building a tribe, how to create a successful Kickstarter project, and how to sustain that project as a business after the campaign is over.

You can view the interview here.

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5 Comments on “The Interview

  1. I am a late bloomer when it comes to the world of Kickstarter, but I have had it as a goal of mine for about a year now to meticulously go through and read your whole blog (I still have a way to go). I also bought your book which I finished not to long ago.

    Anyways, I came across this entry, and i got excited to look more into the history of Stonemaier Games, but I am sad to see that it looks like ShopLocket got purchased and shut down?

    1. Paul: Indeed, Shoplocket is no more. I didn’t know that the link to the interview was lost too! That’s too bad. The formatting of it was really nice. :)

      Thanks for checking out my book!

  2. Haven’t seen an interactive interview like that before. Great stuff (both the format and the content). Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have to say that interview was exceptionally well done, both the content and the layout were magnificent! Thanks for sharing your lessons and experiences as well Jamey.

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