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10 August 2012 | 2 Comments

“Finalized” is a nebulous term for a fledgling company that can easily change anything at any time, but it’s nice to say that some things are finalized (for now). Thus, today we finalized our Stonemaier Games logos!

So, we have a secret…we’re not a German board game company. Surprise! Nor do we want people to think we’re a German board game company (in case you don’t know, some of the best board game companies in the world are in Germany, where board games continue to be extremely popular).

However, we do want people to associate the quality and enjoyment of Stonemaier Games with German games. Hence the name. And hence the look and feel of the logo–this is German engineering at its best.

We went for classic colors and a bold, construction-yard feel to the S (for Alan Stone) and M (for the “maier” in Jamey Stegmaier). Also, we wanted an iconic gaming symbol in the logo, hence the hexagon. If you’ve played Settlers of Catan you’ll always associate hexagons with board games.

What do you think? Wish us luck tomorrow as we film our Kickstarter video!

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2 Comments on “The Stonemaier Games Logo

  1. I have recently discovered your blog and read quite a lot already but scanned over the others to see if a topic might have been touched and i haven’t seen it yet. I am curious as to your timeline early on during your creation of your website and company. Looking at these early blog posts, it seems that you are doing a lot of play testing and creating logos right before the kickstarter launch. How long prior did you create your website and company? Did you go through getting trademarks/copyrights and make company email/social media accounts long before that? I just want to make sure i am prepared when i get to a kickstarter launch one day and have everything in place. Thanks in advance.

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