Viticulture Backer Poll: Victory Coins or Double-Sided Board

12 September 2012 | No Comments

After a tepid response to my announcement that I had added a stretch goal for victory coins–tangible rewards that you get when you win a game of Viticulture (see details here), I started asking backers what they would rather get as the $35k stretch goal. A few people mentioned the idea of having a double-sided game board instead. The flip side of the board would be a “clean” version of the board with little to no words–it’s the side you could use after you’ve played a few times and know what all the actions and cards are.

Just to put it out there, people have asked if I could switch the victory coins to actual metal coins that you can use as currency in the game. However, out of respect and gratitude for those who pledged to have their names on the coins in the game, I can’t include metal coins in their place (it’s prohibitively expensive to put names on each of those coins).

Both options for the $35k stretch goal are significant expenses, so I can only do one at that stretch goal…so I’m going to let you decide. If you’re a Viticulture backer, please vote once below. I’ll tally the votes this Saturday evening.


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0 Comments on “Viticulture Backer Poll: Victory Coins or Double-Sided Board

    1. I LIKE the idea of a cork board for the game board but doubt it could be a “normal-sized” cork game board and fit into a “normal-sized” game board box. So – what about 6 cork coasters for the 6 players in the game?
      I’m not a big fan of the Victory Coins but the double sided gameboard (as presented) won’t add ANYTHING to the gameplay. It will be the same (artwork, gameplay, etc.) – minus some wording. WHAT -is the attraction? It is CRUSHING the coins on the voting and we’re getting NOTHING new. At least with the coins we have some interesting mementoes of the success of this KickStarter game, if nothing else. TheVictory Coins don’t HAVE to be handed out – they COULD be hoarded like pirate gold.

      Now – if the second side of the gameboard allowed for an alternate style of play or incorporated a built in expansion or alternate rules – THAT would be something else entirely and DEFINITELY worthwhile and worthy of this fine game.

      1. D.J. and Red–Interesting points about the cork. I’ll see what I can do.

        Andrew and D.J.–If we hit the goal for the cheese expansion, I’ll probably need to use the back of the board for that purpose, so that’s an option.

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