Viticulture Logos Are Here!

8 August 2012 | 1 Comment

When we asked our graphic designer, Maria Burke, to make a logo and a wordmark for Viticulture, we only had a few guidelines:

  • Keep it classy and classic
  • Make it clear that this is a wine/vineyard game
  • Make it clear that this is a game

Maria exceeded all of our expectations by creating the logo you see to the right. My two favorite subtle touches are that she made the focus the curve of the glass–which looks like a curved V–by putting the grapes in it and that the curved glass looks exactly like the upside-down Arch. Stonemaier Games is based in St. Louis, so it makes sense that our most prominent landmark would be a part of our first board game.

Maria also created a wordmark for Viticulture, as you can see below. It’s simple, distinct, and it uses the special V with the grapes to start off the word. I love it.

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1 Comment on “Viticulture Logos Are Here!

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