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The Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig rulebooks (including a number of different languages) are available for download here.

You can also watch a full rules video by Watch It Played.

If you have rule questions, please post them in the comments on this page, create a thread on BoardGameGeek, or ask them in the Between Two Castles Facebook group.

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3 Comments on “Rules, Translations & FAQ

  1. Suggestions for a future printing if any: Change the score of Anna Grace and Peter’s castle to a higher number (67 perhaps) to make it clear that the best castle in the game isn’t owned by the winner.

    The same suggestion applies to the original game but I can’t remember if the players are the same.

  2. I am in my eighties and wear glasses – and I would appreciate the icons on the tiles being a bit larger.

    Now, I paid for early delivery and am I ever happy I did that. I run a Friday evening meetup and my copy came in on Thursday. The first Friday playing was so popular that I played a second time with other people – and everybody loved the game. I was at another Meetup on Sunday evening and the game got played another two times with everybody really liking the game.

    I can see needing at least one more pad of score cards one of these days.

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