The primary FAQ for Charterstone is being updated on Facebook by Dave Armstrong while the development is in progress. Here’s a quick summary of some of the most-asked questions:

Will Charterstone be Kickstarter game?
No, and here is why.

Will Charterstone be a pre-order game?
Not through Stonemaier Games, but many retailers have pre-orders available. If your retailer doesn’t have it, just ask them to accept your pre-order anyway.

Is Charterstone like any other games?
It has building similarities (both in how they’re built and how they’re used as action spaces) to Lords of Waterdeep, Caylus, and Ora et Labora.

When will Charterstone be released?
We’re on target for a late October/early November 2017 release.

What time period does the game take place in?
Light-fantasy medieval

How many people can play the game?
The game scales from 1-6 players.

Do you have to keep the same group every time you play?
No, you can add or drop people as you play the campaign, though the optimal experience will be to play with the same people. After the campaign, you can use any player count (1-6).

Will there be a deluxe version of Charterstone?
Every version of Charterstone will be quite nice (including 36 metal coins), but if you want our special realistic resource tokens, you can get them from Top Shelf Gamer.

How different will the end-of-campaign games be?
Very different. There are 100+ buildings and only 36 spots for them on the board. There are also hundreds of permutations for the decisions made throughout the campaign.

Does that mean some final versions of the end-of-campaign games will be better or worse than others?
They will be different (some vastly different), but one copy will be just as functional and fun as the next. There is no “correct” or “optimal” version, just different economies (e.g., in your game, pumpkins might be more useful than my game).

Will there be expansions?
Almost definitely not, as this is a very hard game to do that with. We are, however, considering making a recharge pack for a second campaign. To voice your opinion, fill out this form.

Who did the art for Charterstone?
The cover art is from Mr. Cuddington. Gong Studios created all the buildings in the game (and the original announcement image).

How many games are there in the campaign?
There are 12 games in the Charterstone campaign, followed by infinite replayability (it is designed to be replayable).

Will Charterstone be published in other languages?

Yes, our first-run partnerships are for French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese versions of Charterstone (in addition to English).

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