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The My Little Scythe multiplayer rulebook, solo rulebook, achievement sheet, and translated rulebooks are available for download here.

If you have rule questions, please post them in the comments on this page, create a thread on BoardGameGeek, or ask them in the My Little Scythe Facebook group.

Rule Questions

If I win a pie fight as a defender, am I required to place a trophy token?

No, it’s optional.

If I’ve met the requirements for a Personality card, am I required to reveal it and earn a trophy?

No, you can wait until it’s best for you to reveal that information.

If my Seeker moves onto a territory with a Quest token, is it required to stop and see the Quest, or can I ignore it and continue to move another space (pending other movement rules?

Yes, you may ignore Quests as you move Seekers.

Are base camps treated like other spaces on the board?

No, base camps are not spaces and can never contain resources or quests.

For the Pie Cannon power up tile, do I get the bonus whenever anyone initiates a pie fight?

No, it’s only when you are involved in a pie fight as an attacker or defender.

For the Supply Catapult power up tile, when exactly is the ability used?

This ability can only be used after the entire Move action is resolved, including all pie fights and quests.

For the Portal Express power up tile, can my seekers jump to all portals within a single Move action?

No. A better way to phrase this ability is, “As a part of your Move action, your Seekers may each make one free portal jump between 2 portals.”

For the Help with Apples quest card, if I choose the “Donate Apples” option, where do the apples come from?

You must have 2 apples under your control on the board–it’s those apples you’ll donate to another player.

In which row of the Trophy Track does the Automountie place trophies?

When Automountie places a trophy because she has sufficient tokens, she places them left to right in the top row of the Trophy Track.

General Questions

What are the card sizes and quantities in My Little Scythe?

71 cards at the 57x87mm size.

Does the insert fit sleeved cards? Does it have room for expansions?

Yes, the insert fits sleeved cards (that’s a standard feature for all Game Trayz inserts). And yes, we’ve included specific slots for expansion content.

Some of my tokens come loose when I transport the game even though I’m organizing the components based on the instructions. What’s up?

We realized that it’s best to store the game board between the two trays. It will prevent any of the tokens from coming loose.

Is this just a reskinned kids version of Scythe?

Nope, not at all! It does have some streamlined versions of mechanisms in Scythe, but it is its own game, and it’s geared towards gamers of all ages.

Is it language independent?

My Little Scythe is about 80% language independent. There are quest cards and upgrade tiles that need to be read once, but there isn’t any text that needs to constantly be referred to during the game. If you have 1 English speaker at the table, you’ll be fine.

Will My Little Scythe be released in other languages?

Yes! Our partners will announce their versions when they’re ready. Spieleschmiede is publishing the German version, Matagot the French version, Maldito the Spanish version, and Ghenos the Italian version.

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83 Comments on “Rules & FAQ

  1. Are there supposed to be action tokens, pie tokens and friendship tokens for the foxes and owls included? it’s not listed on the instructions and i watched an unboxing video without any but in the game description it said, “and corresponding friendship/trophy/pie/action tokens.”

    1. never mind, i watched another unboxing that mentioned early copies were missing those pieces and i submitted a parts request. thanks!

      1. Thanks Andrew! They should have been included in the package (not in the game box, but in the package or given to you by the retailer if you picked up locally). But if you don’t see them, we can send them to you.

  2. Pie in the sky question:
    Eagle kingdom airship ability allows to move up to 3 resources to the airship space. If the space it’s already occupied by other player seeker, do you gain friendship for placing resources in his space?
    See “gaining friendship” under “Seek” section of base rules.

    1. Hi Patricio I apologize for the late reply (I don’t monitor this area often). To answer your question, the answer is no. Any airship-related abilities that may produce friendship are explicitly stated.

  3. There are several quest cards that say “Place a gem (or apple),” do those must come from tiles occupied by my seekers or do they come from the supply? There are also quest card that say “Pay an apple (or gem)” which is much clearer

  4. 2 Questions:

    1. When using the Move Action, if both Seekers move to activate a quest and initiate a fight, can the player choose the order in which to resolve these two activities?

    2. Regarding Portal Express:

    This happened during the Grand Finale:
    Player 1 is on a portal tile with 4 gems.
    Player 2 starts on a different portal and decides to use the Move action, but first uses Portal Express to transport to Player 1’s spot.
    Player 2 initiates a fight and wins, essentially gaining 4 gems.
    Because Portal Express is a free jump, can Player 2 then pick up the gems and make a delivery to the castle? And since this is in Grand Finale, and assuming that Player 2 has not earned the Pie Fight trophy or the Gem Delivery trophy, could Player 2 earn both trophies at once in this situation?

    1. 1. Pie fights must happen first. Under Quests in the rules, “After completing a Move action (and after any pie fights that ensue, even if they’re not on the same space as a quest), [you may complete a quest].”

      2. Portal Express, “As a part of your Move action, your Seekers may each make one free portal jump between 2 portals.”

      Since this free moment is part of your move action, when you enter a space occupied by an opponent’s Seeker, your movement ends. After the fight you would not be able to move further, so you can’t move into the castle to make a delivery.

  5. I just got “Pie in the Sky” and it looks great !

    It came with a little baggie with a the tokens and pawns that were missing from the main box but also came with an extra seeker card titled “Seek with Air Support” rather than “Seek – Pie Courier” like the six cards in the box. I can’t spot any other differences – what is this card for ?



  6. In dark magic quest. Can I pay a magic spell (blue box) if that spell has already been spent in a previous pie fight.
    Thank you. Love the game.
    J and R

  7. Seeker 1 and Seeker 2 are on separate hexes, both with one apple and one gem. Can they both power up (as one “move” per seeker)?

    Similarly, Seeker 1 is on a hex with an apple. Seeker 2 is on a different hex with a gem. Can a power up be gained as the team have the requirements?
    Many thanks for such a great game
    Mark from Kent

    1. All actions can only be done once per turn when selected. So you can’t Power Up twice in this way. Yes, each seeker could contribute one resource to the Power Up action, even if they’re on different hexes.

  8. My family and I are loving this game! So firstly thanks, it’s been a great go-to while we’re “sheltering in place”. Secondly, we encountered a unique situation and haven’t been able to resolve it – its the Grand Finale, so multiple trophies can be earned, my daughter is on a portal with one Seeker and 4 apples and 4 gems – can she deliver all apples and gems to Castle Everfree with the one Seeker and earn 2 trophies? Or can she only do one delivery with the one Seeker? It’s a big deal because if she can she’ll win the game, if not my wife will…

    1. Thanks Christian! Even in the Grande Finale, you can only make one delivery at a time (but if she has her Seekers aligned properly, each of them could make a delivery on the same turn).

  9. Hi there :)

    Can I ask that if someone successfully defend on a pie fight for the first time, the player will gain the trophy immediately? Because in my understanding is that the current pie fight turn is consider as the other player’s turn.

    There’s a game where my friend, A has gained 3 trophies and during my friend B’s turn he went and initiate a fight with A. And it turns out A successfully defend and he gained the pie fight trophy immediately. According to the rule after 4 trophies acquired, the finale round began but there’s still another friend C in between B and A.

      1. Thanks for the speedy reply Jamey.

        If that’s the case, how about the scenario i mentioned? Like when does the grand finale actually starts? Because there’s still another player between B and A.

        1. “When a turn ends with one or more players having earned their 4th trophy, the tournament enters its grand finale. Continuing in turn order, each other player without 4 trophies takes 1 final turn.”

          So in your situation, C would take a turn, then B, then the game would end.

          1. We had a 4-player game where player C got to 4 on her turn, and we were confused whether player D was just unfortunate to have gone last, or if we were supposed to finish the player turn cycle before starting the Grand Finale.

            This comment helped us understand that the simple reading of the rules is correct – later players are just at a slight disadvantage. Player B ended up winning!

  10. Hello! We love this game, and have a question.

    We understand that if you don’t control the needed resources to pay/place you can’t do the blue portion of a quest card. However, what about when you can’t execute the full effect of the red portion but still want to do it so you can complete the quest for a trophy? Is that allowed?

    For example: Can I still “Eat and Run” on the “Apple Party” quest if my opponent only has one or zero pies? Another example: Can I still “Run Away with Prize” on the “Test of Strength” quest if I’m already at zero friendship? And another example: Can I still “Cheat a Little” on the “Lots to Learn” quest if none of my opponents have spells?

    Thanks for a great game!

    1. Hi Rex I’m glad you’re enjoying the game. :) In general, even the red options on quest cards need to have their requirements fulfilled whether they involve items that belong to you or not. The only exception is Friendship. You will still lose that friendship—it’s just that it doesn’t drop lower than zero. Hope that makes sense. :)

      1. It does make sense, and thank you! We do have a follow up question as well:

        If you have enough resources to cover the full cost, can you use a single make action to make multiples? For instance, for a single make action can you pay 4 gems to get 2 spell cards? Or for a single make action can you pay 2 apples and 2 gems to get both lightning bolt upgrades at the same time?

        Thanks again!

  11. I enjoy Scythe. I picked this up so I could introduce my family, including my two grandsons, to the mechanics of the game without overwhelming them. We played our first game last night (5 player), everyone loved it, and they all want to play again. My question then is would there be something in the works for the future? An expansion?

    1. It’s great to hear that My Little Scythe was a hit at your table! There is an expansion in the works, but there isn’t any news to share… yet.

      -Joe at Stonemaier

  12. Hi !
    Just to make sure. If I get a move improvement tile, let’s say wings of friendship for instance. The special move is to be used instead of a regular one or in addition ?
    And, other question. If I get the catapult, can I move one of my seekers to the castle and then send him the needed ressources for the delivery ? Or does he need to have the ressources with him to enter the castle ? Thx a lot !

  13. The ”Friends in peril” quest card and The ”Send aid” option; ”Place 2 gems on a space occupied by another player. Gain 2 friendship and 1 pie” Is this 2 ”news” gems that should be added to the board or is this 2 gems that needs to be in possession of the player that has picked up the quest card? Thanks for a great game!

  14. Hi,

    I must say that you have made my daughter and me very happy :), this is such a great game.

    I would like to translate the rule book to Serbian language, so she can consult the rules when playing with her friends. What I can and cannot do, and can you provide the fonts used in the rule book?


    1. Thanks Dusan! You’re welcome to use the files you have available to you to translate the rules for your daughter and her friends. The only font name I’m aware of (that I think we used in this game) is Riffic.

      1. Hi Jamey,

        Riffic fonts are kind of hard to get. The fonts used in rulebook are Riffic Book, Riffic Light, Riffic Medium and Domus. If you can send me these fonts, it would be a big help.


  15. Hello,
    Can the Treasure Map quest be used to move an opponents Seeker to their home base if that is where their sibling is?
    Thank you in advance.

  16. And… Same question about “wings of frienship” improvement tile !

    And by the way, about the alchemist improvement tile : can I mix apples and Diamonds to make pies or fight cards ? Or shall I pay 2 apples OR 2 diamonds ?
    Thx !

  17. Hi ! About the “mecanic frog” improvement tile : if I move a seeker to another tile containing 2 ressources, can I bring ressources along with my seeker ? I assume that I can, as the balloon tile specifies that i can’t bring ressources along when i move straight to a quest tile. (sorry for the bad translation from french)
    Thx ! Great game !

  18. I’m uncertain about what a “turn” is, under “how to win” chapter.

    Does the Grand Finale start immediately after someone acquires 4 trophies, so after his turn, giving everyone else one more turn?

    Or do we go around the table until everyone had the same amount of turns, and then determine if the Grand Finale starts?

    Thank You!

  19. If I upgraded my MOVE tile(let me can move to a space contains a quest token),may I move two seekers on two different quest space,or I can only move one seeker to do this?

  20. Can a player gain more than 4 trophies at the end of the game? Or does it freeze at 4 then move to who has most friendship?

  21. Vincent: The most movement each Seeker has each turn if they’re carrying resources is 1 space. So if you move your Seeker onto a space with resources, that Seeker cannot carry those resources onto another space this turn (it stops there). It can, however, move to that next space without carrying resources.

  22. Hello

    When you choose to move. If you start on an empty tile you are granted 2 move points.
    If I stopped on adjacent tile with ressources, do I have to complete the last move point and collecting the ressource ?


          1. If you move one seeker (who is not carrying anything) one step, onto a hex with resources, can he use his second step to carry those resources out of there?

  23. I play MLS with my son and automountie as a third player. I read rulebook, BBG forum and stonemaiergames Q&A, though still i have some questions and doubts. I would appreciate your assistance:

    1. Do I get it right, that Automountie earns trophy only for:
    – the first 8 pies collected,
    – the first pie fight she wins,
    – collecting appropriate number of quest tokens for the first time,
    – collecting appropriate number of gems for the first time,
    – collecting appropriate number of apples for the first time?

    2. What is the intended interpretation of the rule ‘Automountie returns tokens from the primary Seeker first (quests first, gems second, apples third)’. Does it mean that:
    A) Automountie cannot earn trophy i.e. for collected gems until she earns trophy for quest tokens?
    B) at first I check the number of quest tokens, and if it is insufficient, I check the number of gems. If the number of gems collected is sufficient, Automountie earns a trophy and skips the rest of her turn.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Anka

      You’re completely right that Automountie can gain a trophy when she reaches 8 pies for the first time and when she wins her first pie fight.

      Automountie doesn’t gain a trophy for X of a specific kind of token. She gains a trophy for X tokens which can be a mix of gems, apples, and quest tokens.

      So if you’re playing on normal difficulty and she has:

      – Primary seeker: 1 quest token, 1 gem, and 1 apple.
      – Secondary seeker: 1 quest token and 1 apple.

      Then she gains a trophy and pays all the 3 tokens of the primary seeker and the quest token on the secondary seeker, leaving her with an apple on the secondary seeker.

      I hope this clears things up?

      – Morten

  24. If my friendship is at 3 and I initiate a pie fight (therefore lowering my friendship to 2) that I subsequently win. I assume I am unable to claim a trophy due to my low friendship status. An I able to claim this trophy as soon as my friendship is up to 3 again?

      1. Regarding “You cannot claim that trophy later.” Does that apply to all trophies earned when under your friendship is under 3?

        Also, if I meet the requirements for a trophy while my friendship is under 3, do I then need to “re-do” all of the requirements once I am back about 3? Or do I only need to complete one more of the requirements for any trophy? For example:

        I’ve completed one quest
        My Friendship falls below 3.
        I complete a second quest (now I have two quests, but do not earn a trophy)
        My Friendship goes back to 3 (or more).

        How many quests do I need to complete to earn the Quest trophy now?

        1. No, you just look at the current game state. A combat victory is fleeting–there’s no way to track that you won a battle. For other things you can look at the board to see if you meet the conditions of a trophy. If you do, and if it’s on your turn, you gain it (1 trophy per turn).

          So, in your example, you need 0 more quests to get the trophy.

          1. I had a situation where I had a pie fight and a quest on the same turn. Initiating the pie fight took me to 2 friendship. I won the pie fight but could not claim the trophy. The subsequent quest brought me up to three hearts again. Am I able to claim the trophy because it is still the same turn as the won pie fight, or not because pie fight trophies can only be claimed directly after a pie fight?

  25. If there are 2 seekers (same team) on a portal with no resources and another player with resources jumps on the portal, is there one pie fight or two?

    1. The rules make it sound like there would be a single fight, however the player with 2 pieces would be able to use 2 “magic” cards (extra pies).

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