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The My Little Scythe multiplayer rulebook, solo rulebook, and translated rulebooks are available for download here.

If you have rule questions, please post them in the comments on this page, create a thread on BoardGameGeek, or ask them in the My Little Scythe Facebook group.


Rule Questions

If I win a pie fight as a defender, am I required to place a trophy token?

No, it’s optional.

If I’ve met the requirements for a Personality card, am I required to reveal it and earn a trophy?

No, you can wait until it’s best for you to reveal that information.

If my Seeker moves onto a territory with a Quest token, is it required to stop and see the Quest, or can I ignore it and continue to move another space (pending other movement rules?

Yes, you may ignore Quests as you move Seekers.

General Questions

What are the card sizes and quantities in My Little Scythe? Does the insert fit sleeved cards?

71 cards at the 57x87mm size.

Does the insert fit sleeved cards? Does it have room for expansions?

Yes, the insert fits sleeved cards (that’s a standard feature for all Game Trayz inserts). And yes, we’ve included specific slots for expansion content.

Some of my tokens come loose when I transport the game even though I’m organizing the components based on the instructions. What’s up?

We realized that it’s best to store the game board between the two trays. It will prevent any of the tokens from coming loose.

Is this just a reskinned kids version of Scythe?

Nope, not at all! It does have some streamlined versions of mechanisms in Scythe, but it is its own game, and it’s geared towards gamers of all ages.

Is it language independent?

My Little Scythe is about 80% language independent. There are quest cards and upgrade tiles that need to be read once, but there isn’t any text that needs to constantly be referred to during the game. If you have 1 English speaker at the table, you’ll be fine.

Will My Little Scythe be released in other languages?

Yes! Our partners will announce their versions when they’re ready. Spieleschmiede is publishing the German version, Matagot the French version, Maldito the Spanish version, and Ghenos the Italian version.

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