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The My Little Scythe multiplayer rulebook, solo rulebook, achievement sheet, and translated rulebooks are available for download here.

If you have rule questions, please post them in the comments on this page, create a thread on BoardGameGeek, or ask them in the My Little Scythe Facebook group.

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    1. The rules make it sound like there would be a single fight, however the player with 2 pieces would be able to use 2 “magic” cards (extra pies).

  1. If there are 2 seekers (same team) on a portal with no resources and another player with resources jumps on the portal, is there one pie fight or two?

  2. If my friendship is at 3 and I initiate a pie fight (therefore lowering my friendship to 2) that I subsequently win. I assume I am unable to claim a trophy due to my low friendship status. An I able to claim this trophy as soon as my friendship is up to 3 again?

      1. Regarding “You cannot claim that trophy later.” Does that apply to all trophies earned when under your friendship is under 3?

        Also, if I meet the requirements for a trophy while my friendship is under 3, do I then need to “re-do” all of the requirements once I am back about 3? Or do I only need to complete one more of the requirements for any trophy? For example:

        I’ve completed one quest
        My Friendship falls below 3.
        I complete a second quest (now I have two quests, but do not earn a trophy)
        My Friendship goes back to 3 (or more).

        How many quests do I need to complete to earn the Quest trophy now?

        1. No, you just look at the current game state. A combat victory is fleeting–there’s no way to track that you won a battle. For other things you can look at the board to see if you meet the conditions of a trophy. If you do, and if it’s on your turn, you gain it (1 trophy per turn).

          So, in your example, you need 0 more quests to get the trophy.

  3. I play MLS with my son and automountie as a third player. I read rulebook, BBG forum and stonemaiergames Q&A, though still i have some questions and doubts. I would appreciate your assistance:

    1. Do I get it right, that Automountie earns trophy only for:
    – the first 8 pies collected,
    – the first pie fight she wins,
    – collecting appropriate number of quest tokens for the first time,
    – collecting appropriate number of gems for the first time,
    – collecting appropriate number of apples for the first time?

    2. What is the intended interpretation of the rule ‘Automountie returns tokens from the primary Seeker first (quests first, gems second, apples third)’. Does it mean that:
    A) Automountie cannot earn trophy i.e. for collected gems until she earns trophy for quest tokens?
    B) at first I check the number of quest tokens, and if it is insufficient, I check the number of gems. If the number of gems collected is sufficient, Automountie earns a trophy and skips the rest of her turn.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Anka

      You’re completely right that Automountie can gain a trophy when she reaches 8 pies for the first time and when she wins her first pie fight.

      Automountie doesn’t gain a trophy for X of a specific kind of token. She gains a trophy for X tokens which can be a mix of gems, apples, and quest tokens.

      So if you’re playing on normal difficulty and she has:

      – Primary seeker: 1 quest token, 1 gem, and 1 apple.
      – Secondary seeker: 1 quest token and 1 apple.

      Then she gains a trophy and pays all the 3 tokens of the primary seeker and the quest token on the secondary seeker, leaving her with an apple on the secondary seeker.

      I hope this clears things up?

      – Morten

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