What Exactly Do You Look at When Browsing a Project Page?

26 July 2015 | 8 Comments

We all have different answers for what we consider when looking at a crowdfunding project for the first time. I wrote about the top 10 things like to see here, but you might look at 10 completely different things. Daniel Zayas of the Meeple Mechanic, for example, has a rubric he uses when ranking tabletop Kickstarter projects.

So I’d love for you to tell me what you look at via the poll below. You can check as many of the options as you want, and feel free to suggest additions in the comments.

My goal is to learn about what backers look at so creators can make sure to focus on making those things as appealing as possible, while maybe spending less time and energy on things that backers rarely look at.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • All Categories: This is a generic list that applies to all project categories, so I’m not looking to add any niche options to the list.
  • Just Looking, No Qualifiers: This list just highlights what you physically look at when considering a project, not the qualifiers that go along with it.
  • Imprecision: Yes, I understand that this is an inexact science and an eyetracking test would be better. I don’t have access to that. Or maybe I do and it knows that you’re reading this sentence right now. You’ll never know.

If you need help remembering what you instinctively look for and click on when visiting a project, here’s a sample project and another sample project to look at before replying to the poll.

Word press has a limit to the number of options per poll, so I’ve broken it down into two polls: One for everything around the body of a project page, and one for the body itself.

Thanks for your help! I’m very curious to learn what you look at when you browse a project page for the first time.

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8 Comments on “What Exactly Do You Look at When Browsing a Project Page?

  1. I always take note of currency so that I have an idea straight away whether or not I’m likely to back (because of int shipping).
    I mention this because it’s a little different than funding total – but maybe you include this under Creator Location?

  2. I first check number of players required for game 1+ gets me the most interested. I then check pledge level prices and then shipping costs, if these are both reasonable I will possibly back it. I also check who the game is by if it’s Stonemaier games it will usually be an insta-back anyway as I know it will all be good.

  3. Great results so far :) I’ll be interested if anything surprising turns up! So far it’s about in line with what you would expect.

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