Winter Visitors #19 and #20: Oenologist and Uncertified Oenologist

10 December 2012 | 3 Comments

Here we are on the final day of the visitor card spoilers. We have two related cards, the Oenologist and Uncertified Oenologist (don’t ask me to pronounce them if you meet me…I will probably get it right, but it will take me a minute to make sure).

The Uncertified Oenologist is a card you play when you’re willing to sacrifice your reputation as a vineyard owner instead of paying money. The card, just like the Oenologist lets you expand your capacity to create higher-quality wines. This is typically something that you do using a summer action (“Build a Structure”), so being able to do so in the winter may be key as you try crush higher-value grapes, perhaps into a fancy blush or sparkling wine.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a poll on the blog!

Uncertified_Oenologist Oenologist

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3 Comments on “Winter Visitors #19 and #20: Oenologist and Uncertified Oenologist

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