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  1. I only have access to the files on iPad or iPhone. Whenever I try to download it. Even on the desktop site for box the file is always corrupted and copying across to either iCloud, iBooks or files it appears in its corrupted format.

  2. Hi.
    I’ve tried downloading the English rules. They display fine on the website but when you click on the ‘box’ link to download them the file is corrupted and on a couple of the pages the text is mapped on top of its self so it’s illegible. Is there another link to download the pdf?

    1. Nigel: Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I just tried to download them myself using the Download button in the upper right of the website, and it worked fine. Can you try it on a different browser?

      1. If you download it it works fine but opening it in a browser (I use Firefox) causes the problem that Nigel describes.

      1. Always welcome :)

        The translator’s name is Елизавета Зайцева (which could be Elizaveta Zayceva, but I guess, cyrillic version of her name looks better as it is precise).

  3. IGNORE that previous comment. I just looked through my paper copy and realized they ARE the same. Thanks!

    QUESTION to clarify Michael the Engineer: his card says “When you place a worker on a construction site, you may use any type of resource. If you use gold, gain 1 morale and gain 1 knowledge.”

    For many of the recruit cards, a period and new sentence indicates total separation from the previous statement and a separate persistent ability; but sometimes it doesn’t, and the sentence is informed by the context of the previous sentence…and so we’ve encountered some confusion for a few recruits.

    A debate in our game about Michael was that the gold sentence only activated or mattered when he used gold at constructions sites…and someone debated even that it only mattered if he used gold INSTEAD of another resource. I argued it was an entire-game, persistent ability.

    So for Michael, is it correct to understand the card as reading: “If you use/pay gold for any reason, gain 1 morale and gain 1 knowledge. When you place a worker on a construction site, you may use/pay any type of resource.”

    Would that be a correct understanding of how to interpret Michael’s ability?

    1. That’s for your question. In this case, the last sentence depends on the previous sentence. Basically, if you use gold at any construction site, gain 1 morale and gain 1 knowledge.

      1. Ok so his ability does not trigger if he pays gold in the Icarus star market, or at any constructed market that costs gold. Only for constructing the six markets. Good to know.

  4. Jamey, we are loving Euphoria! Could you upload the third printing rules to the PDF? I noticed the 2nd Edition rules aren’t the same (for example, they don’t have the Ethical Dilemma option as something you can do on your turn). I like having the updated rules PDFs of all my games on my laptop and phone, in case I need to search something or so they are more mobile. :)

  5. First off – huge fan of your games. First Euphoria, then viticulture and now Scythe. Great games. So, I just played Automata on Scythe – and it was a very fun play! I am hearing that there is an Automata version for Euphoria. Where can I locate this?

  6. I just bought one of the remaining Euphoria retail copies last month (June 2014), and you mentioned there is revision 2 of the rulebook.

    Have the rules in these latest remaining copies of Eurphoria been updated to Rev2?
    Did my game I just received have the updated Rev2 rules?,
    Is there any way to tell which Rev version of the Rulebook I have?

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