Rules, Translations, & FAQ

The Wingspan rulebooks are available for download. There is also a full rules video by Watch It Played.

The European Expansion rulebook is here.

If you have rule questions, please post them in the comments on this page, create a thread on BoardGameGeek, or ask them in the Wingspan Facebook group. The official Stonemaier Games response and solution to first-printing typos is posted here.

Rule Questions

Can you discard birds from your player mat?

No, once you play a bird, it’s permanent.

When I gain food from the birdfeeder, do I choose all of the dice at once, or one by one?

Choose dice one at a time. This creates the potential for you to reroll in between dice selections.

My bird card says ‘WHEN ACTIVATED: Gain 1 [food type] from the birdfeeder, if there is one.‘ There’s another bird card that says I can gain a specific food “if available.” Can I reroll if there’s only one type of die face in the feeder?

Yes, regular reroll rules apply whenever you have the opportunity to gain food (see “Managing the birdfeeder”).

When activating “migrating” birds that can move from one habitat to another, does the action token move with them? Can they move even if they’re the only bird in the original habitat?

The action token stays with the original row, as that’s the action you chose for this turn. And yes, even if the bird is the only bird in the original row, they can fly over to another habitat (the point is just that they can’t move if there’s a bird card to their right).

When a bird says that I can “repeat” another bird’s ability in the same habitat, how does that work?

Basically, it means that you can re-activate any other “when activated” bird in that habitat. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already activated that bird or not this turn.

Automa: Who goes first each round, you or the Automa?

For each of the 4 rounds, you always go first and the Automa always takes the last turn.

Is the percentage on the Omnivore Expert bonus card correct?

No, it should be 16%, not 10%.

Does “prairie” count as a term for the Cartographer bonus card?

Yes, it counts.

What does the Photographer score for 4-5 birds with colors in their names?

This is a typo. Instead of 2-3, it should say 4-5.

Should the Spotted Sandpiper be worth 5 points, not 4?

Yes, 5 is correct.

Is there a list of all bonus cards in the base game?

  • Omnivore Expert
  • Viticulturalist
  • Fishery Manager
  • Rodentologist
  • Bird Feeder
  • Food Web Expert
  • Visionary Leader
  • Ecologist
  • Historian
  • Forester
  • Prairie Manager
  • Wetland Scientist
  • Oologist
  • Breeding Manager
  • Wildlife Gardener
  • Nest Box Builder
  • Enclosure Builder
  • Platform Builder
  • Falconer
  • Bird Counter
  • Anatomist
  • Photographer
  • Cartographer
  • Large Bird Specialist
  • Passerine Specialist
  • Backyard Birder
General Questions

What are the card sizes and quantities?

There are 212 cards in the game, each at the 57x87mm size.

How do I know which printing I have?

Look at the number to the left of the panda icon near the bar code on the bottom of your box (English printings only). The update pack is only “needed” for the first and second printings.

This is what the first printing code looks like (1712-1764):

This is what the second printing looks like (1812-2078):

This is what the third printing looks like (19003):

This is what the fourth printing looks like (19014):

This is what the fifth printing looks like (19019):

You know you have the 7th printing or later (which include the swift-start pack in the box) if you see this at the upper right of the box bottom:

What are the plastic containers for?

Two of the containers are for the food tokens; the other two are for eggs (see the diagram on the side of the box bottom). When playing Wingspan, you can use both the tops and bottoms of each container, creating 8 separate piles of tokens so players can reach them easily.

Why are so many of the birds in Wingspan from North America?

These are the birds the designer knows best, so she focused on them for the core game. However, the plan is for each expansion to focus on birds of a different continent.

Does the insert fit sleeved cards? Does it have room for expansions?

Yes, the insert fits sleeved cards (that’s a standard feature for all Game Trayz inserts). The one exception may be if you buy really thick, premium sleeves, as the height of all sleeved cards may be too tall. The tray will be full of sleeved bird cards, so expansion cards will need to be kept in plastic bags (they’ll still fit in the box).

Is it language independent?

No, quite the opposite: Wingspan is heavily language dependent.

Does Wingspan only include birds from North America?

Most of the birds found in the core game are predominantly found in North America. However, each expansion will feature a different region: We’re hoping to explore Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and Australia/NZ.

Will the game be released in other languages?

Yes! Our partners will announce their versions when they’re ready. Currently the game has been announced by Feuerland (German), Matagot (French), Maldito (Spanish), 999 Games (Dutch), and Delta Vision (Hungarian).

Are there any unofficial Wingspan accessories or digital products?

229 Comments on “Rules, Translations, & FAQ

  1. When reading through the rules I noticed a typo on the pink cards.

    It says BETWEEEN instead of BETWEEN.

    Will this be fixed?

  2. If you need some more help on proofreading, I have done it for several games so far. I’m not the best on syntax and more advance grammar and such (as English is not my first language, but I’m sure you have a lot of English speaking proofreader already) but I’m great at finding all the small mistakes and differences/inconsistencies between cards, rule book and other things that were not changed everywhere even when found (so this applies to rule book but also all the printed material). So if you want my help feel free to reach out. Can’t wait to get my copy!

  3. If you need some more help on proofreading, I have done it for several games so far. I’m not the best on syntax and advanced grammar and such (as English is not my first language, but I’m sure you have a lot of English speaking proofreader already) but I’m great at finding all the small mistakes and difference between cards, rule book and other things that were not changed everywhere even when found. I can proofread rule books, but also all the printed material. If you want my help, feel free to reach out.

    On another note, can’t wait for my copy this week!

    1. The question about rerolling dice says “My bird card says ‘WHEN ACTIVATED: Gain 1 [food type] from the birdfeeder, if there is one.‘ There’s another bird card that says I can gain a specific food “if available.” Can I reroll if there’s only one type of die face in the feeder?

      Yes, regular reroll rules apply (see “Managing the birdfeeder”). Birds affected: Great Crested Flycatcher, Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Western Tanager”
      But this BGG post says for the indigo bunting, you cannot reroll due to the “if available” wording. Has this ruling changed?

      (Also, the formatting didn’t take in places, like [accordion] [toggle title=”Rule Questions”])

  4. Situation: I want to take 3 food from the bird feeder and there are only two available and they are differing types.
    Can I take one and reroll all the dice (all the same rule) or do I have to take the two and the reroll?

  5. you know, it’s nice to get replacements for the 2 cards with errors in the numbers, but the art mistake is just as important. just imagine if all the birds had exactly the same art. don’t you think it would affect gameplay? gameplay is not just rules (numbers) but also theme. the error in the art affects gameplay in the sense that it affects the theme. also, as a Champion, I would rather get a correct game later than an incorrect game sooner, and I feel penalized for actually being a Champion and getting a game with so many mistakes. I have noticed that you always listen to suggestions with an open mind, so I hope you will consider treating the error in the art of 1 card on par with the errors in the numbers of the other 2 cards, and find a way to get all 3 in the hands of Champions and other 1st edition buyers.

  6. I’m intrigued to know what the scores were like in play-testing. Now that people have received their games there seem to be some ridiculously high scores.

  7. I’m working on the assumption (hoping) that the first expansion will be UK/Europe. I just spent 10 mins on Facebook writing a post and adding a poll for people to suggest birds to you, unfortunately it wouldn’t post.
    Is there a way we can feed back to you what we’d like?
    Do you want that sort of input?

      1. Expansions would be awesome! More birds with new actions, maybe the new deck can add more die faces for food, like other fruit, flowers, lizards, or leggy bugs or winged bugs that can be played with more players. A board expansion to more rounds or an additional environment of higher perching birds, cave dwellers, or some other unique territory. Maybe a possibility of eggs breaking or raccoons or snakes eating them. Then a giant size game with life size eggs💕 so many awesome possibilities! Can’t wait:)

  8. What is shown on the little map of the world on each bird card? The region this bird can be spotted? Or the breeding ground? I have the impression that there are a lot of birds that I have seen here in Europe but Europe is not marked on the map for these birds.

  9. It’s a minor nitpick, but why were 4 plastic trays included when there’s 5 kinds of food to separate? Are they not supposed to be used for the food tokens?

    Would it be possible to order one more plastic tray? :P

    1. Please see the chart on the side of the box. It shows food tokens going in 2 of the trays and eggs going in the other 2 trays. The egg colors are purely aesthetic–they should all be mixed together, not separated.

      We do sell plastic trays on our webstore.

  10. First of all, sorry if this posted multiple times. The first time I tried to post, it led to a message the the site was down. I refreshed that page.

    One question says:
    My bird card says ‘WHEN ACTIVATED: Gain 1 [food type] from the birdfeeder, if there is one.‘ There’s another bird card that says I can gain a specific food “if available.” Can I reroll if there’s only one type of die face in the feeder?

    Yes, regular reroll rules apply (see “Managing the birdfeeder”). Birds affected: Great Crested Flycatcher, Indigo Bunting, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Western Tanager
    But this BGG post stated the bunting would NOT be able to reroll due to the “if available” wording. Has this ruling changed?

    PS some of the formatting isn’t being applied, like [accordion] [toggle title=”Rule Questions”]

  11. Sorry to revisit the typo problem again but when we get the British/European version can we have colour spelt properly!

  12. Just when I thought I’d got every rule worked out, along comes the Oologist.
    If I have one bird in each habitat with two eggs on each, is that two sets or does each set have to be achieved by being on different birds?

  13. I’ve seen a couple of posts about running out of eggs. Tonight we had a four player game and we finished 15 eggs short.
    Will there be a way to buy sets of eggs?

        1. Question from our maiden game: several actions include a “draw a [image of rear face of bird card]“ instruction. Does this include the bird cards that are placed face up on the card holder or only the stack of face down bird cards? When can the face up bird cards be drawn, only when playing the “draw a bird card” action?

          Is it correct that at the end of a round the bird feeder is not restocked with all dice / the dice are not re-rolled?

  14. It’s possible I’ve missed it but did we ever get an official resolution to the question about the House Wren’s ability?
    All the other birds with a ‘play a second bird in your ‘x’ habitat can only live in one habitat and only have one habitat quoted but this bird lives in two habitats and has an either ‘x’ or ‘y’ choice. In the case of the House Wren can we play the second bird in a different habitat to the first or does it have to be the same habitat?

  15. We’ve just had a game where someone used the cartographer bonus card. At the end they had the Greater Prairie Chicken but it isn’t in the list for cartographer. Is there a reason Sandhill, Savannah and Mountain count as geographical terms and Prairie doesn’t or is this an oversight?

      1. Hi Jamey, we had this same cartographer end game scoring query come up in a game tonight, did Elizabeth provide clarification?

  16. Can you clarify I’ve got this right please?
    I had one ‘move to another habitat’ bird and one ‘repeat a brown power’ bird in the same habitat.
    In a turn, If the ‘move’ bird has already moved then presumably the ‘repeat’ bird can’t repeat because the other bird is no longer in that habitat, but if the ‘repeat’ bird is the first to use its action it can move to another habitat.

      1. Hey Jaime!

        My question is in regards to resolve order on the Northern Mockingbird. Does the power “repeat” or “trigger” any brown power in the habitat? If The Mockingbird is the right most bird in the habitat, can it “repeat” a birds power to the left, even though it hasn’t happened yet? Thanks and LOVE all your games!!

          1. May I suggest that you use the word “copy” instead of “repeat”? How can you repeat of re-activate something that hasn’t happened yet? I was very surprised when I understood how you intended this rule.

          2. OK, I see that, but how about just saying “activate”? Then it should be clear that it is the other bird that is being activated, and it should be clear that you can activate a bird to the left that has not already been activated. Of if you stick with “repeat”, then add a comment about it in the appendix.

  17. Regarding the birds that have the “when played you may play a second bird from your hand, pay its costs as normal” ability, when it says a second bird is that an implied limit on the number of birds i am able to chain with these cards? For example if I have 3 birds in hand and 2 of them have the above-mentioned ability, as long as I can pay the costs involved with playing them, am I able to play out my hand that turn?

  18. 30 Automa games and I’ve encountered something new.
    The American Oystercatcher says ‘When played: draw cards equal to the number of players +1. Take 1, pass them on, each player selects one and passes them on. You keep the extra one.
    When playing against the Automa I have a few options.
    1. Draw 3, Choose one, give Automa A bird that fits his criteria (or face down if it doesn’t fit) from the remaining two and keep the last one. (This what I did)
    2. Draw 3, Choose two myself and give Automa the last card face up or facedown dependant on fitting his criteria.
    3. Draw 3, Choose two and give the Automa nothing.

    1. Thanks John! I’ve forwarded this to David, but just to let you know, by far the best places to post questions about Wingspan are on BGG or the Wingspan Facebook group. You’re welcome to post here, but I just wanted to let you know that your great questions will help more people if they’re posted in one of those other locations. :)

  19. Hi. Just a question about a card that says ‘when activated’ you take a certain piece of food from the feeder (when available) and you MAY keep it on the card. Now keeping it on the card will score you one point at the end. So the text suggests an the other option keeping the food in order to buy future birds or is the text just misleading and there is no option. We are playing a dutch version of the game so it could be a translation problem.

    Kind regards Patrick.

    1. If it says that you “may” place the food on the card, you have the option of either keeping the food in your supply (to later spend) or to cache it on the bird card (for 1 VP at the end of the game).

  20. Hi Jamey: Quick question, has “Wingspan” been translated in Traditional Chinese? Or is it just in English currently? Thanks!

      1. Thanks Jamey! Having the name of publisher helps. My sister found one and was wondering if it’s a counterfeit due to price different (~$70 USD) compared to ones we saw on Amazon ($104 USD). But after reading the press release here, I now understand the discrepancy :-P

  21. Hi Jamey, how does the game end scoring for birds work? Do you only count the points for birds placed on the mat or also points for birds which are still in your hand? I can’t find any hint on this in the rulebook. Overall I like the game idea very much, but the unprecise rulebook and a lot of typos and minor errors on both the cards and in the rulebook leave me with mixed feelings (I own the German translation by Feuerland?! If you need support with proofreading of the German translation, let me know).

      1. Hi, we are also confused about this, so only cards that have been placed in the aviary can be counted in the end, none of the cards in hand? It doesn’t state this in the rule book nor in the instructional videos.

        1. The rule book states all the different ways to earn end of game points on page 5.

          It includes this item:
          “Points [are earned] for each face-up bird card on your player mat”
          It does not say that points are earned for birds on hand. Thus, birds on hand do not earn points.

          1. You’re welcome! :)
            Curious what version of the rule book you have. Did you buy a Chinese copy ;)
            Anyway, the rules are available for download here (link from top of this page):
            As I said, end of game scoring is explained von page 5.

            Also, I watched the instructional video linked to at the top of this page and at 14:10, end of game scoring is explained. The narrator clealy says “add the points of the birds in your aviary.”

            Happy playing!

        2. Sorry for any confusion, Emielke. When the rules tell you to add the “Points for each bird card (printed on the cards),” this means only for the birds played on your player mat. Do not count the points printed on the card for any birds in hand or tucked birds. :)

  22. I noticed on BGG that people are mentioning they are receiving their replacement cards. Have they been shipped in Canada? Will they automatically come for those who ordered initially and/or champions?

  23. Hello Jamey,

    Would activating Anna’s Hummingbird and picking a mouse also trigger the bonus of the Loggerhead Shrike?

    We had a discussion about that in the last game.
    Player A played Anna’s Hummingbird in the woods.

    Player B had the Loggerhead Shrike.

    When Player A uses the “Gain Food” option and take a mouse Player B will get a mouse as well, no doubt.

    When Player A uses the “Gain Food” option and is taking a fish. Player B doesn’t get anything that’s clear as well.
    No due to the fact that Anna’s Hummingbird is in the woods it will be activated and each player will get another food token.
    If Player A takes a mouse now, will Player B get a mouse as well?
    or in other words is the activation considered to be still a “Gain Food” action?


      1. So, activating a move bird to another habitat ability is not the Play Bird action, so you don’t have to pay the egg cost for moving to a new column?

  24. Hi Jamie

    I absolutely love the game. I live in Spain with my girlfriend and we love playing wingspan. The problem is that not many people in the family talk English (we have an English copy). Having the rules and powers reference in Spanish would help immensely. As I’ve seen Spanish versions on the shelf here, I was wondering when you will have the Spanish PDF’s up?

  25. When the rulebook says that all powers are optional, what exactly does that mean for powers that affect other players? Take the osprey, for instance – its power is that, when activated, all players gain a fish from the supply. But the power is optional! Does that mean:
    a) the player who controls the osprey can – if they wish – choose not to activate the osprey, resulting in nobody getting any fish
    b) the osprey is always activated, but every player can choose whether or not they want to take a fish (obviously they will all choose to take one)


  26. I have a question about one of the Once Between turns card. I states “When another player’s (predator) succeeds, gain … What does ‘succeed mean?

    1. That’s referring to a predatory’s ability triggering for a positive result. Like, if a bird goes hunting for another bird and it fails (maybe the wingspan of the revealed bird is too big), that’s a failure.

  27. Question about one of the Once Between Turns card: If the card states “When another player’s (predator) succeeds, gain …” what does succeed mean? Thanks

    1. It means for example if someone else activates the hunter power that says “Look at a bird from the deck. If wingspan <75cm, tuck behind this bird" and it is in fact <75cm then you can activate that pink power. Similarly for the other hunter (like if they roll a rat/fish to cache one on their card, that means they succeeded and you can activate the power). Keep in mind that you can only activate the pink power between turns. So if multiple people's hunters succeed between your previous turn and the next, you can only activate it once.

  28. Does the insert fit sleeved cards? Does it have room for expansions?

    The answer is NO!
    The stack of cards will be too thick and therefore will never fit all in. Please update FAQ answer.

      1. Hi Jamey, i have several friends with the same problem. It’s okay, I mean there are alot of cards. But the stack increased 50% in size, with only space for approx 20%.

        Dunno where you’ve found those pictures. But I thought it would be nice to give some real advice.

        Anyway, thanks for the FAQ

          1. Sure, just keep the bonus and Automa cards separate and spread the bird cards over the 3 slots.

            Either way, I’ve adjusted the FAQ to note that sleeved cards may fit differently based on the type of sleeves.

  29. When playing a bird whose card immediately places an egg in every bowl nest on your player mat, do star nests also get eggs placed in them?

      1. if a bonus card says birds that eat grain – does a bird that eats worm + anything (the multi color circle) count?

      1. Right. I was hoping for “concise,” rather than sorting through 12 pages of posts. ;-)
        I believe I have the third printing, which corrects many errors, but still omits “Prairie” on the Cartographer Bonus Card, and has 10% vs. 16% on the Omnivore Expert Bonus Card. It’s difficult to know if there’s something else I should be adjusting.
        Thanks for the lovely game.

  30. Beginner here – when you pay an egg to play a bird, where does the egg come from? The board, from eggs you’ve played? Or the egg stock?

  31. When resolving the fishery Manager bonus is it *only* the cards that have the fish symbol that count or do the cards bearing the ‘any food type’ symbol count towards the bonus too?

  32. Hi Jamey, we just bought Wingspan and are playing through our first game. But we left the game out overnight and our dog *literally* ate the instruction book! We just downloaded it, but we’re sad because the original book was so beautiful! Is there any way for us to purchase an extra rulebook from y’all?

  33. We love Wingspan ! ! ! Please clarify: The Canada Goose says “When Activated: Discard 1 Grain to tuck 2 bird cards from the deck behind this bird.”. If I do not have a Grain token may I pay two other food tokens as a substitute for the 1 Grain token?

  34. Thank you for the quick response. We look forward to the expansions, especially for South American and African bird species.

  35. Hi Jamey, can the same star nest bird(s) count toward two end game bonus cards? For example, could I score both the Nest Box Builder and the Platform Builder bonuses if I had three star nests, one platform nest and one cavity nest in play? Thanks!

  36. WHEN ACTIVATED: Each player gains
    1 food from the birdfeeder, starting
    with the player of your choice.

    I take that as the player playing the card can choose to go first but the others playing say he would have to choose another player.
    Please clarify.

  37. When you have the yellow breasted chat and you move it to another habitat, do you continue playing your action piece to the left in the new habitat or the old one? (E.g. I play draw a card, get to the chat, and move it to the forest. Do I continue to move to the left in the forest or the wetland?

  38. Two questions from our maiden game yesterday: 1) once you choose to activate a bird’s powers, is it a one-time thing? Or if you place another bird to the right on a subsequent turn, can you use the same activation powers again? 2) once you have 15 birds on your board during the 4-part round, what happens if you have other bird cards along with the food and egg costs, but nowhere to put them? Thanks.

    1. 1. Every time you activate a habitat, you have the choice of activating each “when activated” ability from right to left.

      2. If you’re able to fill up your board with birds (which can happen, though it’s very rare–if it’s happening to you a lot, it’s possible you may be playing a rule incorrectly), you cannot play more birds.

        1. I’m referring to the 3 actions that are not “play a bird”. For example, if you use your turn to gain food, you gain some food from the birdfeeder and then activate “when activated” birds from right to left in the forest habitat.

  39. When taking the “draw bird cards” action, players may have the option to discard an egg for an additional bird card. Does a player need to decide at the beginning of his/her turn whether he/she wants to exercise that option (before having drawn any bird cards) or may he/she look at the drawn bird card(s) and then decide whether to exercise the option?

    (Similarly, when taking the “gain food from bird feeder action” and deciding whether to exercise the option of discarding a bird card for an additional food die.)

    1. A player may look at the cards they’ve drawn (you can select from the face-up cards or the top of the deck) and then decide whether or not to exercise the option. Same with gaining food.

  40. Hello!

    With the green end-of-round goals, how does it work with a 3 players tie?

    Let’s take an example:
    We are at the end of round 4 and three players have 5 birds in forests. Do they get (7+4+3)/3=4 or (7+4)/3=3 ?

    Thanks a lot!

  41. Question about sets of eggs in habitats for end of round goals. Is it just a count of eggs in each habitat, regardless of how many cards are involved?
    Example: Forest: 2 cards (2 eggs, 1 egg), Grassland 2 cards (2 eggs, 1egg), Wetland: 1 card (3 eggs).
    So, is this:
    3 sets (because there are 3 eggs per row)
    2 sets (because you’ve 2 sets in the first column, and none in the 3rd column)
    1 set (because you only count each bird once it has an egg on it).

    I’m interpreting it the first way, and a friend thinks it should be the 2nd way.

      1. Please clarify: In the example provided by Caracara, is the number of sets eggs equal to “2” since the first column bird card in the Forest and in the Grassland has exactly 2 eggs (even though the Wetland bird card has 3 eggs)? In addition, there is not a Wetland bird in the second column (therefore no Wetland eggs in Column 2). Thank you.

      2. So, I’m unclear now. In my example above, there are 3 eggs in each habitat (row). I thought the columns don’t matter, so please explain why it is only 2 sets.

  42. If the first bird I play in a habitat is a bird with the power, “if this bird is to the right of all other birds in its habitat, move to another habitat,” (so technically there are no other birds to be oriented to the right of) can I still move it? Or does it need to be at least second in a habitat so there is another bird that it is to the right of?

  43. When activating the Blue Jay’s effect – the way it is written seems like I gain a grain of available from the bird feeder – but then have the option to cache is or keep it as a food token. Is this correct? Or am I required to cache it?
    It says “you may cache it on this card”. So it seems like I have a choice to keep it and not cache it?

  44. If the last player in a round (e.g., Round 2) plays the Draw Bird Cards option and selects one (or more) of the three face up cards, do you replace the chosen card(s) from the deck before the remaining face-up cards are removed (and replaced) for the start of the next round?

      1. One advantage (?) of displaying the replacement card(s) before immediately discarding it / them at the end of the round is knowing which bird(s) will no longer be available to help achieve bonus card goals or end-of-round goals.

  45. I feel like this is a very stupid question (took three games for us to get most of the rules, we think): is it true that in a game you deal only ONCE on the first round? So cards are dealt once and then four rounds till the game ends with no new cards?

  46. When you take an action (eg gain food or lay eggs), and there are already birds placed in that habitat, how many foods, eggs, cards do you get? (a) the number in the original left most column; (b) the number under the last bird placed; or (c) the number showing in the rightmost place.
    Thank you!

    1. Abby: The number showing in the space to the right of the last bird in that habitat. So, if you have 2 birds in the habitat, the benefits you gain at the beginning of that action are in the middle column (the 3rd slot).

  47. Hello- just starting out – getting game play down before having family & friends join me-
    please, If a bird -when activated (and on the right) can move to another habitat- does the moved bird gain anything from the new position -as food, eggs, cards? Or is it just a shift in position? Thank you.

      1. Wow. Thanks for the super fast response! I think that I was hoping to use it to garner more supplies…is the moved bird still restricted to its designated habitats or can it go to any. (maybe all these are all ready indicated on all the cards that have this, but I haven’t looked through all.) I guess I haven’t played enough to see/understand any advantage to shifting position – except maybe to open spot for another more advantageous birdcard.
        Thank you. Gloria

  48. Hello Jamey,

    in our most recent game of Wingspan, we had a disagreement on the “Pink Power” of the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (ONCE BETWEEN TURNS: When another player takes the “lay eggs” action, this bird lays 1 [egg symbol] on another bird with a BOWL nest). I did not have any BOWL nest birds in play when my opponent took the LAY EGGS Option, but I did have two birds in play with STAR nests. I feel that an egg could be placed by my Yellow-Billed Cuckoo on one of my STAR nest birds. We reviewed the rules on Page 8 (Types of Nests) in the rule book and Page 8 (Egg-Laying Powers) in the Appendix, but still disagreed.

    Basically, the two questions that we need answered are:

    1) Specifically, can the Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (or American Avocet, Barrow’s Goldeneye, Bronzed Cowbird or Brown-Headed Cowbird) lay an egg on one of a player’s STAR nest birds when another player takes the LAY EGGS Option?

    2) In general, is there any situation (e.g., Bonus Cards, Brown Powers, Pink Powers, End-of-Round Goals) )when a STAR nest bird cannot be “used” instead of one of the “specific” four nest types (i.e., PLATFORM, BOWL, CAVITY or GROUND)?

    We’d appreciate your help.

  49. Hello Jamey !

    I am French and have a question about a basic rule in the game : the “when activated birds”.
    Am I obligated to activate the power of “when activated bird” or do I have the choice to not activate it ?

    The French translation is unclear for this rule point.

    I really love your game and I can’t wait for the European expansion by the way ! :O

  50. I bought a Japanese version of this game.
    I played it 2 times (first time with Automa, second time with my friends), and I truly love this game!
    Thank you for all people spent a lot of time and made a tremendous effort for this joyful, beautiful and wonderful game!

    Now, I hove two question about the rule.

    1. IF during someone activate the power “ONCE Between TURNS: When another player plays a bird [in a specific habitat], gain 2 [specific food] from the supply.” in habitat-A, another one play a bird with the power “Play a second bird in your [specific habitat]” in habitat-A and play a second bird, the first one gains 4 [specific food] or 2? (By the way, in Japanese version, the power is changed to “gain 1 [specific food]”.)

    2. When I get food tokens / eggs / bird cards from the 2nd, 4th and 6th column of the board, can I pay 2 or more bird cards / food tokens / eggs and gain 2 or more additional item?

    I’m sorry if my English sentences are incorrect.

    1. Thank you for your questions! I’m glad you’re enjoying Wingspan. For those questions: 1. “Once between turns” means only once. If a player plays two birds in one turn, only the first bird triggers your pink power. And 2. You can only pay to get food/eggs/cards a single time.

      I hope that answers your questions! If you’re on facebook, look for the Wingspan group there. It’s a great place to get rules questions answered quickly.

      -Joe at Stonemaier

  51. Thank you for answering my former question.
    I have some questions about the rule again.

    When I activate the power “Each player gains 1 food from the birdfeeder, starting with the player of your choice.”, can I choose myself for the starting player?

    If, during I activate Loggerhead Shrike’s power, someone gains food from the birdfeeder by activating another bird’s power, can I get a mouse from the supply?
    Or Loggerhead Shrike’s power means, only when someone gain food by normal food-gaining action in forest area, I can get a mouse?

  52. For the “once between turns” actions, if you were first player, do you have to wait for everyone else to play a second time and only get to activate this ability once as you have not gone yet? Or should you be able to activate it again on the second go around when your turn is “skipped” due to the first player marker moving clockwise?

    Or in other words,

    Player 1 goes
    Players 2-5 go, “once between turns” ability is triggered
    Round changes, player 2 now goes first
    Players 2-5 go again before player 1 gets another turn
    Does player 1’s ability trigger again during this new round? Or not, because player 1 hasn’t gone yet?

      1. Thank you! That’s even better, as if I’m understanding correctly everyone’s abilities can be triggered again once a new round starts!

      2. We’ve generally played that as soon as the trigger occurs, the player whose pink power is activated gets to take their action. We let that player take the action as soon as the turn is finished, but before any rounds can end. It says “once between turns.” It doesn’t say “Wait until your turn comes, and if the trigger happened then act during your own turn.” We assume the action can be performed in between that pink power owner’s turns, and the most convenient time to do that is right after the triggering player has finished their turn.

        Example: 1) Predation action happens for player 3, triggering a food reception from the feeder for player 1. 2) Player 1 can choose a food from the feeder. 3) Player 3 takes their turn (or if it was the end of the round, do end of round stuff and then the next “First Player” takes their turn).

  53. In the expansion, there are two new abilities that interact oddly. If I play the European roller sideways in the plains habitat and later want to play the common buzzard in the plaims, do I cover half of the bird to fill a plains slot or do place the buzzard sideways to cover the roller and take up both slots?

          1. Great! Thanks for the quick reply. I could see “golden” is, since it comes from the noun gold. Snowy is on the photographer card, but Snow (the noun) isn’t. Oddly enough, my opponent had all those three cards! He’ll be happy to know he won :)

          2. As an amateur ornithologist, I think that for this particular bird, “Snow” means the habitat where it lives. Unlike in Snowy owl, where I think it means it is white colored as in an “owl covered by snow”.

  54. I apologize if this is a repeat question. If the brown power says “when activated” do you have to activate it whenever you take that action? I’ll give 2 examples. Do you always have to move the birds with the move to another habitat power or can you choose to leave it in that habitat. Second example is a brown power that says all players lay eggs on a cup nest, can I choose not to activate it? So I don’t lay my 2 eggs (maybe my birds are full) but also other players can’t either.

    1. Okay I see that you already said you don’t have to activate. But I’d love if you’d clarify whether that means in an “all players” scenario that the other players can’t take advantage of the brown power too.

  55. Happy Thanksgiving, Jamey.

    A question came up during our most recent game of Wingspan (original version – no expansion yet). One of the players played a CHIHUAHUAN RAVEN in the Grasslands (When Activated: Discard 1 [egg symbol] from any of your other birds to gain 2 [wild food icon] from the supply.) . The next turn she played a NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD as the second bird in her Grasslands (When Activated: Repeat a brown power on one other bird in this habitat.). A few turns later she placed an action cube to get three eggs, which she placed on her various birds. Next she moved her action cube to the NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD and activated its brown power. We agreed that the brown power for the CHIHUAHUAN RAVEN requires the player to discard an egg from one of their other birds (i.e., not the CHIHUAHUAN RAVEN ), but wondered which bird could /couldn’t discard an egg when the NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD copied the CHIHUAHUAN RAVEN’s brown power. The three choices were 1) an egg from the CHIHUAHUAN RAVEN, 2) an egg from the NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD, or 3) an egg from some other bird (this is what she did to avoid controversy).

    The basic question is: When a bird’s brown power lets it “repeat” another bird’s brown power, should you play the “repeat” brown power as if you had two of the same bird? In this case the player would “pretend” that the NORTHERN MOCKINGBIRD was a second CHIHUAHUAN RAVEN for this turn, to determine which egg to discard. Thank you for any guidance you can provide.


      1. This came last night, regarding the raven power (When Activated: Discard 1 [egg symbol] from any of your other birds to gain 2 [wild food icon] from the supply.)
        What is the real meaning of “Discard 1 egg from any of your other birds”?. the way it is written enables 2 interpretations:
        If you have 3 additional birds with at least 1 egg on them.
        1) You can only pay 1 egg in your turn and needs to be from another bird. Pay 1 egg and get 2 food tokens.
        2) You can decide to pay 1 egg from each of the other 3 birds. Pay 1-3 eggs to get 2-6 food tokens.


        1. It should be 1 egg only. The Appendix says: “Discard the egg to the supply.” As it is, 1 egg for 2 foods already tips the game heavily towards the Raven owner. If you could do any number of eggs, each for 2 foods, the Raven would pretty much guarantee a win for the owner.

  56. When counting points after a round do you count the tucked cards also?

    Example: it’s the end of round 1 and you need to count all your birds in the forest (or all ground nest cards with an egg on top, etc). Do you then count only the TOP cards or tucked ones also (up to max 5 points)?

    Same question for counting the bird points (feathers) at the end of the game. When counting tucked cards as (feather) points, numbers add up real fast so I don’t think so but can’t find the answer.

  57. My Husband and I are debating the interpretation of the Egg-Laying Power on the European Expansion (Teal Round End) card…. ex: Dunnock

    “Choose 1 other player. For each action cube on their (X habitat), lay 1 egg on this bird”

    We are debating what the/an/a “Action Cube” is? Is it the colored block you use each time you have a turn…and then return to the habitat at the Left most after you have completed your play? Or something else?

    Please Advise?

    Thank you in advance…and Bravo on SUCH a beautiful game!

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