Tournament of the Apocalypse: Day Two

17 May 2013 | 5 Comments

volcano16 somewhat outlandish apocalyptic scenarios rise. All but 1 will fall. That final scenario will inspire the creation of several new recruit cards that will go in every copy of the Euphoria. They themselves won’t be outlandish–they will fit the tone of the game.

So let’s see today’s matchups. These will remain live until the end of the first round (about 4 days)–you can see the full bracket here and the first two matchups here.

Also, I’m very curious if anyone gets the sentient facial hair reference. It was one of Alan’s picks, but I had never heard of it. Global IQ reduction is also a specific reference, as is the internet disconnection. Can you guess them? Super volcano…well, that’s just an inevitable reality.

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5 Comments on “Tournament of the Apocalypse: Day Two

  1. “Internet disconnected” vs “Global IQ reduction” was a hard vote to cast.

    But in the end if you think about it they’re quite equivalent.

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