Tournament of the Apocalypse: Day 3

18 May 2013 | 8 Comments

IMG_1561 - Copy16 somewhat outlandish apocalyptic scenarios rise. All but 1 will fall. That final scenario will inspire the creation of several new recruit cards that will go in every copy of Euphoria. The recruits themselves won’t be outlandish–they will fit the tone of the game.

So let’s get to today’s matchups. These will remain live until the end of the first round (about 4 days)–you can see the full bracket here, the first two matchups here, and the second two matchups here.

Those are my cats in the photo. They claim that they’re not plotting to take over my condo and then the world, but I know better than to believe them.

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8 Comments on “Tournament of the Apocalypse: Day 3

  1. Look Folks, I’m fine with cat. I mean, I’m glad they let me live in their world and all, but the kiten revolution needs to be stopped. Isn’t it bad enough they contol us in THIS world already much less be the reason for our Dystopian fate?!?!

    I need to go now, before a cat witnesses me posting this…

    1. Who do you think is responsible for this games publication? Sleeping 18 hours a day? Most of that time is Global Telepathy. They know all.

  2. That’s my boy Biddy. Despite being half Biddy’s weight, Walter (on the left) somehow has the upper hand in skirmishes.

    1. It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch out for. :)
      And I’m a little shocked to not see pictures of “actual” kittens here.

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