Tournament of the Apocalypse: Final Matchups of the First Round

19 May 2013 | 1 Comment

Box Jellyfish16 somewhat outlandish apocalyptic scenarios rise. All but 1 will fall. That final scenario will inspire the creation of several new recruit cards that will go in every copy of Euphoria. The recruits themselves won’t be outlandish–they will fit the tone of the game.

So let’s get to today’s matchups. These will remain live until Monday evening, May 20 (CST). You can see the full bracket here, the first two matchups here, the second two matchups here, and the third two matchups here.

The jellyfish apocalypse is related to a friend’s theory about jellyfish and their tendrils. The chocolate shortage is a real concern–I’ve read that if we continue to eat chocolate at the current rate, there will be no more cocoa in about 50 years. Moon implosion is a reference to the recent movie Oblivion, and zombie hipster steampunk pirate vampire revolution is a wink towards many board game projects on Kickstarter. If all those genres got together, we’d be in trouble.

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1 Comment on “Tournament of the Apocalypse: Final Matchups of the First Round

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